Tales of Terror (3)

by Paul G. Jutras

[Continuing the previous anthology of short but sweet ASFR stories. They posess nothing in common except the author and the genre.  Ed.]

   Dennis The Explorer

    Gathering his stuff in his back pack, Denis headed out of his house and began to hike off into the woods. He took a sip of his bottle water and headed toward a fork in the road. From the time he was small to after he graduated from collage he loved to hike through the woods during his free time. Since moving to a new neighborhood, he couldn't wait until he could check out the new set of woods between his house and the building he worked in.

     "I didn't expect to see train tracks in the woods." Dennis thought as he notice how old and rusted they were. It was like they hadn't been used in years. A owl hooted from inside a nearby oak tree and a flock of bats passed over his head. "Wonder if they lead upto a factory."

     Dennis followed the tracks through the woods, wondering where they did lead. After a while he saw the roof the factory above the trees. "Maybe it would be faster to walk to work after all."

     "Let's see here." Dennis muttered to himself as he sat on a tree stump and pulled out paper and pen. Using a flashlight to see, he marked the path he traveled so far into the woods. As he continued on, he made sure to mark down the hill he traveled over and the train tunnel that he followed the path through.

      Just as he had thought, the tracks passed the back of the factory. As the moon came out from behind a cloud, the factory seemed a lot spookier that it had did when he went to work during the past week. "This place almost looks haunted," Dennis thought. "Good thing I don't believe in haunted places and know better from working here."

     Dennis crept up to the delivery entrance and peeked into a window. In the dark was three tall, skinny shadows.  "I see a light." He said, suddenly remembering nobody was with him. "I wonder who's working late."

   His curiousity getting the best of him, Dennis went to the door and finally rang the bell. All by itself, the door slowly opened. Dennis stared into the darkness and tiptoed inside. "Who's in here!" Dennis called out, but didn't get any answer except the door slamming shut behind him. Dennis nearly jumped out of his shoes.

     "Must be just the wind." Dennis thought as he saw the large painting of the company's founder hanging on the wall. As he took a closer look at it, the eyes appeared to move with him. Dennis moved closer and leaned up to get a better look at the painting when zooom. The wall spun around and caused Dennis to disappear.

     Dennis found himself in a dark secret passage. There were three naked mannequins leaning up again a nearby wall.  The light from the painting eye holes gave their plastic shiny skin and inner glow of their own.  He didn't know if it was his imagination or not, but they seemed to be coming toward him. A low moan came from their frozen lips.

      Dennis tried to push again the secret door, but it wouldn't spin around like before. It was then that he notice the eye hole lights also glowed upon the ring of a small door handle on the floor. "All right!" Dennis said with his heart beating in his chest. "A way out."

     Dennis jumped down a chute and landed in a large basket. Creepy spiders were crawling everywhere. Ceiling, floor and walls. It was at this point that Dennis had enough exploring. He just wanted to get out and go home. Seeing a nearby stairs leading upward, he headed straight for them.

     Dennis made his way to the top of the stairs and came across a heavy metal door. With all his strength, he pushed the door open and entered an old library. Gigantic bats swooped down from the balcony and all around him. When Dennis ducked to avoid being scratched, his eyes widen at the open book before him. "WHAT!"

                         THE FOLLOWING ARE REQUIRED...

     Dennis nervously turned the page but found the next one had been ripped out. "What is this?" Dennis asked as he backed away and bumped into one of the mannequins. Her arms dropped down and pinned Dennis' arms at his sides.

      "Let go!" Dennis struggled effortlessly as another mannequin walked over to him and poured a blue liquid down his throat. He tried to gag and throw it up, but it was no use. It was in his system and his joints were already feeling stiff. He just stared wide eye and helpless as the mannequins moved about him.

     The mannequins removed Dennis' clothes effortless as he couldn't do anything to stop him. As his skin first became molten plastic, it became soft to the touch. A touch that caused him to have orgasms like none he felt before.  Since the formula had dissolved his insides, they were about to remove his penis, add tits and reshape him body into a more female appearance without worry of him bleeding to death. Not only didn't he die, but having his penis torn sent more sensual waves through him than he ever knew could happen.

    His orgasms continued as he was soon dressed in a knit top, pleaded skirt and block heel shoes. The nylons that slid up his hardening plastic legs showed how surreal he had really become. Strangely he enjoyed the attention he got from the mannequins. He was surprise at how light he felt when they carried Dennis back to the loading area and nailed him in a crate.

       When dawn came, the crate was opened up by the factory employees and Dennis was carried out. "Your name is Dora huh," The visual merchandise said with a smile as the stock men helped carry Dennis into a large area with dolls lining up and down the shelves.

     "Oh, my!" Dennis thought as pure pleasure filled his new form when set up a display pole raising from a transparent stand. Loops of pleasure surged through his new body as another plastic hand touch his own. If Dennis could of turned his head, he'd of seen a little girl mannequin holding a doll was standing next to his own.

     "You will be a perfect new guardian my dear." The window dresser said with a knowing smile as she added make up and jewels to the mother and a wash off tattoo to the girl's upper arm. "When the store is closed and the sun goes down, you'll awaken like all the mannequins to guard this place from intruders. Then the sun will make you sleep again."

      "At least I'll be able to move about at night." Dennis thought as the hours pass. As they did, so did his want to escape his fate. By nighttime he was glad to guard the store from intruders and be put back on display in the morning.



     Lakeland was at the end of a small lake. Sarah Smith was a great window dresser for one of the small town's local shops. When the shop closed down, she managed to get offers from all over due to her fine window work in tourist season. When she got an offer from a place called Mannequinville she couldn't resist. The name in itself was too tempting.

        "Where in the world is Mannequin-ville?" Sarah muttered as she pulled her car to the side of the road and checked the map. Despite the mail instructions to the town, it didn't appear on any known American map. She was starting to wonder if the town was overseas when she notice a dust covered sign by the road.

     "With my luck it'll say I just crossed the boarder into Canada." Sarah muttered as she dusted the thick layer off it and noticed what it said: MANNEQUINVILLE 1 MILE.

     Sarah got back into her car and headed off the main road and down a dirt path. She began hacking up a cough from the dust kicked up when she entered what seemed a ghost town. She pulled into a nearby gas station when she saw a mechanic leaning into an open hood.

     "Excuse me," called Sarah. When she got no answer, she got out of her car and headed over to the mechanic. As she touched the cool, plastic arm of a mannequin, she jumped back in shock. She then moved the male mannequin away from the car and stared into its emotionless eyes and frozen body.

      "What the...?" she said to herself.  "What's going on here?" Sarah

      "That's what I'd like to know, Mac." The mannequin said as he straightened up and stretched. Sarah's mouth dropped open as she stumbled backwards.

      "That's what I'd like to know." she repeated.  So far, the conversation wasn't very enlightening.

      "This is mannequinville." The plastic man said as he walked about her and stared up and down her curves with a mysterious smile. "You do have a nice shapely figure for a being of flesh. I suppose you'd like some gas."

      "Uh, yes." Sarah gulped. "Fill er up."

     "Could you tell me where the nearest hotel is?" Sarah asked as she folded her arms under her breasts to prop them up. As she watched the mannequin women walk by she felt jealous of their firmness without bra support.

      "Plastic Arms." The man pointed down the street. "Go down the main road and take the right. You can't miss it."

         "What have I gotten myself into?" Sarah thought as she went to the hotel and registered. As she got to her room, she stripped down to her pantyhose and climbed into the tub. She loved the feeling of wet nylon against her flesh when she wanted to relax. She stretched out and wiggled her webbed toes. Reaching under the nylon, she fingered her pussy and played until she had an orgasm. She let out one soft moan after another.

     After the bath, she wrapped her hair and body in a towel. She sat down on the bed and turned on the TV. As she ran her stocking legs together, she felt the wonderful tightness of the nylons drying on her. The cool air caused her nipples went erect and a chill was felt down to her bones.

     "Excuse me?" A woman's voice came after a knock on the door. Sarah looked over as a female mannequin brought in her room service. She gave her a jealous look as she flashed her eyes up and down the woman's stiff body. "Here is the food you requested."

     Sarah took some bites of the food, wondering if the town's plastic women had to watch their figures or not. The food had a dry taste to it and made her want to drink the water even more. "I can't believe how thirsty this makes me." Sarah said as she noticed her finger nails now were the same skin tone as her hands. She knew at once that something unusual was going on. She started to feel frantic when she notice she wasn't able to wiggle her toes in the nylons.

     To the plastic people of this town, they were the virtual merchandisers and she was the piece of property to be sold or given away like it was normal. Sarah knew that she had to figure a way to get to her car and out of town before she became too stiff to move at all.

     But Sarah could do nothing but lay back down on the bed. She found herself getting very sleepy.

      She awakened when the chamber maid opened the door to her room. She had ghostly white skin and she merely said. "Excuse me. Your 9 '0 clock appointment is here."

     Sarah was finally glad to see her new boss and found she was getting stiffer by the moment. She already found it easier to move only among what would have been the lines of a mannequin's detachable sections. She couldn't help but feel worried that it was too late for her.

     "I'm cold, Miss Amber." Sarah said, finding herself too stiff already to get off the bed and dress herself. Miss Amber, a cocoa skinned mannequin, just smiled and walked over to the dresser for some of Miss Smith's clothes.

      Leaning up against the pillows, Sarah stared in shock as Amber pulled her hose off and showed that Sarah now had a smooth, sexless crotch. As Sarah ran her plastic hand over it, an electrical spark shot through her body. Amber then took Sarah's hand and sat it on her leg. Sarah realized that even though she was stiff as a post, had no sex and erect nipples without support, her skin was still flesh instead of plastic. That gave her some relief in all the weirdness.

      "OOOooooooooooo!" Amber moaned she removed her own clothes and saddled Sarah's head like a horse. Her plastic, forever open pussy was over Sarah's mouth. Sarah could see the pussy and smell the juices inside; which made her heat inside. She was unable to relieve her burning passion inside.

      As Amber slid her plastic body down Sarah's frozen fresh, it was like someone striking a match. Sarah had continuous orgasms that brought on mental relief at least. "I know you needed that as much as I did, my pretty."  Amber purred at her.

     Like a life size Barbie, Sarah just watched helplessly as Amber dressed her in a pair of French cut panties and a matching bra. She watched as her fused toe nails were polished a bright blue; how light she felt when lifted to her feet. Once the nails were dry, her feet where fitted into a pair of four inch heels that were a bit loose, but kept her standing. Amber finished off by sliding a support pole up her skirt and into her ass. The dildo top vibrated as she was carried out of the hotel to the shop.

    Sarah soon gave up on any hope of escape. When the dildo was turned off, she was empty side. When it was on, she was in seventh heaven. Sarah especially enjoyed it once a month with Amber would change her clothes. Amber would bring a double ended dildo and lay her on her back for them both to have a evening that would nearly rock Sarah out of her mind with pleasure. Especially if the dildo up her ass would be left on at the same time. Sarah so much wish she could grind her hips like Amber. All She could do was lay there and take whatever Amber wished to dish out to her.

   "Well it's summer time, my dear Amber said with a smile. Removing Sarah's panties, she gave her crotch a slow rub. She then undid Sarah's bra and smiled into her face. "Bet it's a relief not to have that pressed against your frozen breasts."

      "It's a relief if I won't be modeling lingerie." Sarah thought to herself. The increasing tension  that caused Sarah to mentally beg for release was short lived. The bikini she was put in was as mentally torturing as the underwear.  She could only pray either for an early Fall or for Amber to feel an itch for some more romance.


     When Jay Tops returned home from his parents funeral, he knew it was going to be tough to liquidate and sell off the place he once grew up in. His best friend, Amy, had gone with him to say her last respects and went with him to his old bed room.

     "Your parents never threw anything of yours away, did they?" Amy asked as she kicked up her pumps and flopped on the bed. Stretching her legs out, she flexed her nylon enchased feet and notice a paper sticking out from behind the headboard. "What's this?"

      "What?" Jay asked as she handed him a drawing of a lovely girl that looked just like him. "She was my imaginary friend when I was growing up. Created her that summer you went to camp and I couldn't go due to my grades."

     "She's cute." Amy said. "A girl with your brain is someone's pants I could really get into."

      "If you want the photo for your lesbian pin up collection, take it." Jay chuckled as she got her shoes and took off. As Jay started to straighten up a little he passed a mirror. He didn't notice the reflection in it was a female one.

     After spending the afternoon dusting, vacuuming and polishing, he headed up for head exhausted. Without thinking, he went to his parents' bedroom and pulled out one of his mother's night shirts. He undressed, slipped it over his head, and climbed into bed.

     "Oh, my head." Jay muttered as his head pounded when he sat up. He wiped the sleepy seeds out of his eyes and couldn't believe what he was wearing. "I must of been more tired than I thought."

    "Not really." A voice seemed to come from the entire room. He looked around and even under the bed to see that he was alone. "You were never good at hide and seek when we were kids."


     "Guess again." The voice answered.

     "Who... Where are you?"

      "Check the mirror kid."

       Jay got up and went over to his mothers vanity. His eyes lit up when he saw the female face staring back up him. He then stared down in horror as his arms began to move about on their own. He couldn't stop them from putting make up on his face. He was like a robot being controlled by some outside force.

     "Remember me now?" The female reflection spoke without Jay uttering a word.


     "I know how you always loved Amy but never had the body to do it."  Betty smiled as Jay felt hot, found the room spinning and finally blacked out. When he came too, he heard the sound of a woman humming to herself.

     As Betty spun in front of the full length mirror in Jay's old bedroom she ran her hand over her bra cup and began to play with herself. "You make a good bra, Jay. I'll show you how much fun Amy can be in bed."

     "This has to be a dream." Jay thought as he felt so inhuman anymore. The feeling of Betty's nipples going erect and pushing his bra body out even more was even more erotic to feel. An erotic sensation that kept up with the very tit jiggles of the woman's movements.

       "Not a dream dear." Betty said. "Lucky I was your female twin. I just had to glue on a latex vagina, some breasts forms and a wig after I took over mentally to become the girl you wanted to be physically. The girl Amy wanted to make love to."

     "Jay are you home?" Amy asked as she knocked at the open door. She dropped the library book she was carrying when she saw Betty step out from the shadows and smiled at her. "Who are you?"

     "I'm Betty." She answered as she brew her hot breath over Amy's face. Joyful goose bumps washed over Amy as Betty took her new friend in her arms. "You took the drawing Jay once did of me home with you. Only now I'm real and Jay's imaginary."

     "That's impossible." Amy uttered as Betty reached into Amy's blouse and began to play with her breasts until she moaned.

     "Nooo!" Jay mentally cried. "Leave her alone."

     "I was thinking of going to the gym." Amy moaned. "Care to join me?"

     "Love to."

     When Betty went upstairs, Jay soon found the dresser filled with the outfits he used to imagine Betty in. She pulled out a leotard, undressed and slipped it on. In a mixture of agony and pleasure, Jay's soul was ripped out of the bra and into the leotard. He was glad to be in an almost human shape, and the pleasure of her movements in him was unbelievable.

     "What happened to Jay?" Amy asked as they fingered one another sex through the fabric on the way to the gym.

     "My imagination allows him to become whatever clothes I put on," replied Betty. "You're currently sending waves of pleasure though his new body."

       "That thought makes me sooo  very hot!" Amy squealed.

         The sensation Jay felt as Betty exercised at the gym made him feel like he was going to loose whatever mind he currently had. What he wasn't expecting was when they returned to Amy's house and Jay watched Amy begin to strip in front of them. When Betty began to strip, Jay's soul went straight to Betty's vagina.

    Jay felt constantly wet and hot. As Betty and Amy got into a 69 position with their tongues darting in and out of each others pussy it was like his body was cramping up with Betty's vagina tightened. Betty took Amy's foot and kissed it slowly and sexy, sucking on her toes. Climbing on top, Betty made her way across Amy's vagina and began sucking on her tits like a baby.

 "Hope you're enjoying finally fucking Amy." Betty's mind said to Jay's as they were both soon glittering in each other's juices. As Amy laid exhausted in bed, Amy found her legs widening and her arms going up in L position.

     "What are you doing to her?" Jay asked Betty as he watched Betty reached behind Amy's head and then watched Amy begin to deflate.

     "Can't let her go around telling anyone we switched lives." Betty said to her former playmate. "She'd be declared insane if she did anyway. It's best if she ended up just a blow up love doll for our pleasure while everyone else she knows just lists her as missing. It's notice like anyone would track a living girl to a plastic fuck toy."

     "You can't!" Jay protested.

     "Already done honey." Betty smiled. "This way you, or should I say we, can fuck Amy every night if I choose. Since I am the one in charge of this body now.  Let's finish selling your parents house and take Amy back to our place. You won't believe how erotic she feels with her body folded up like that." Betty though a moment as she ran he hand across her vagina. "Then again, as my vagina you just might."


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