Tales of Terror 4

by Paul G. Jutras

PROLOGUE:     It was Tuesday October 31st and Salem had gone from the office to the downtown bar. He had been friends with the bartender for years and sipped his beer slowly when he notice a raven haired beauty leaning over the pool table in a sparkling red evening gown. 

     "Hello Salem." She smiled as she walked over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He couldn't help but blush at the thought of such a beautiful woman paying attention to him. Especially a beautiful stranger such as this. 

     "Who are you?"  Salem asked.

     "The Devil!" She stared in his face while the pupil of her eyes glowed terrifyingly red. He backed up against the bar and wondered if he already had too much to drink. "This is Halloween, my night after all."

    "What... What do you want with me?" Salem stuttered when he notice every man and woman in the bar was now a mannequin. "What did you do to them?"

       "Just wanted to make sure you believe me and that we're alone." The Devil grinned as she pinned him against the bar top. "Here's the deal. I give you 10 wishes to live your life any way you wish and in return I get your soul."

      "Ten?" Salem gasped for breath.

      "Seemed more evil, somehow." The Devil giggled as they finished stripping and began kissing. He couldn't keep his penis from going erect as it pierced her vagina. Her erect nipples rubbed against his chest as they locked lips and rocked their hips up and down. He then passed out.



       "You okay?" The bartender asked as Salem opened his eyes and found himself laying on his back on the floor. "I'll call you a cab. You've had too much to drink." 

     "That must be it." Salem muttered as he was helped up and made his way to the back of a cab. A pair of red sculptured nails turned on the meter and Salem looked down on the face on the hack license and saw it was the devil girl from the dream.

     "Ready for that first wish?" The Devil asked from behind the wheel.

    "It was true." Salem muttered. "I can wish for that girl at work I like to love honor and obey me."

    "You got it." The Devil grinned.

     Salem then headed up some stairs, got into his best clothes and started to clean up his hair and breath. He went into the bedroom looking forward to see the blonde hair, blue eyed beauty. What he found instead was a silver plated woman laying on top of the bed. An electrical cord extended from her ass into the wall socket.

     "What is this?"  Salem muttered as he walked over to the figure and found how cold she was to the touch. That made him want to enter her forever open pussy even less as he noticed her toes were fused together. "Lana?"

     "Lana...bot... 2000... ready...to...love.. honor.. and ...obey..." The woman seemed to have to stop and think of every word she spoke.

     "This isn't what I wanted!" Salem cried out to the room. He turned to watch as The Devil appeared in a chair with her legs crossed in a gothic outfit.

     "What's the problem?"

     "What's the problem?" Salem repeated. "Lana is a damn robot! What did you do to her and why?"

      "You wanted her to obey." The Devil grinned. "I only took you for your word. This was the only way for her to completely obey your every command."

     "What about me?" Salem asked. "I don't want to love some cold body machine!"

     "This isn't what you wish for?" The Devil asked  as she looked over at the blue skin tone beauty that laid before them. Soon the sound of the girl's machine body got their attention. Out of curiosity, they turned their heads to see her body shorting out with some electrical sparks.


     "I wish I could work with Lana." Salem declared as the shock shot through his body, making him feel dizzy as the reality around him shifted. When he woke up he found himself starring at the ceiling.

    "What am I doing here after hours?" Salem thought to himself as he got up and started to make his way through the store. He bumped into the stiff plastic arm of a mannequin. When he turned, he came face to face with the plastic mannequin that Lana had now become.  With that, he reached up and ran his hands along her hard plastic shell of a body under a Sailor scout costume.

    "You the new window dresser." The Devil said as a pantyhose form expanded in size before transforming into the woman in red. This time looking like Sailor Mars. "You said you wish to work with her and now you can. You work with her ever night."

     "You like the costume?" The Devil asked. "Always did like how she shot fire from her finger tips in the show."

     "This isn't what I meant." Salem said as he lifted her up and off a metal display rod  that was up her ass. "I can love a hard plastic doll like this. She's almost as bad as when she was that robot."

    "She can still feel everything a woman would fill." The Devil said taking a dildo  out and  slid it up into her sex. She really had to force it, making her feel even fuller. "You'll bring her many evenings of joy in the years to come. She should be pleased that she'll never grow old.

     "How can she be happy to be immobile like that!" Salem shouted. "I wish you'd stop changing her into these rigid figures."

     "Now you sure this is what you want?" The Devil asked as she leaned back with her legs crossed and started to file her nails. "She's not only a good lover this way but will also  mint you money for rentals." 

     "Sure I'm sure." Salem said.

     "Well if that is what you want." The Devil blew on her nails dry. She then snapped her fingers so that Salem felt like the whole room was spinning again. Getting dizzy, he collapsed on the floor once again with a sick feeling to his stomach. 


    "I've got to get use to that." Salem stood up as he got to his feet and stretched. He found himself laying on his back in bed, staring at a mirror ceiling. He noticed someone was in bed with him.

     "No!" Salem said as he grabbed hold of her other arm. "What happened this time?"

     Salem rolled over to find that Lana was now changed into an inflatable love doll. Her erect breasts had painted nipples on them and her legs were spread to allow access to anyone who wanted to use her. Her mouth was in an O shape for penis sucking as were her other body entrances.

   Salem turned away from Lana and cried. "This just keeps getting worse and worse." He ran his hand over her soft as skin flexible skin. She had no fingers or toes, just solid hands and feet. 

    "I guess you're not happy with this result either." The Devil stepped out from within the glass of a full length mirror dressed in a red Mary Marvel outfit from DC Comics costume. "Do I look good, or what?"

   "You're just trying to get me to use up my wishes so you can have my soul before Halloween is over." Salem grinned as she looked at the poor plush girlfriend. "You know this isn't what I meant about being more flexible."

     "That's the spirit." The Devil said as she put on some lipstick and fixed her face. "You're getting all fired up now. Are you ready to correct things with another wish?"

     "Oh no you don't!" Salem declared. "No more wishes. You're not going to make things any worst that it already is.  I know you'll do it too."

     "No problem." The Devil giggled as she kicked off her pumps and removed her clothes before him. She slipped off her nylons and undid her bra. As The Devil climbed onto the bed she pushed the love doll that was Lana onto the floor. "If you'd rather just make love to me, maybe we can do a real life, reverse version of Rosemary Baby."

     "What did you do that for?" Salem looked over the bed and saw her laying face down before him. "You have to remove your wish spell from her and make her human once more."

      "Does that mean you want to make a wish?" The Devil asked as fingered her pussy and shivered and moan with pleasure while waiting to hear it.

     "I... I guess so." Salem said she looked at the poor girl laying helplessly on the floor. "I wish that Lana was my human lover."



     As the night wore on, Salem found he wasn't bored at all. The dildo inside of Lana was pushed even further inside as Salem penetrated her with himself and they began to make love clad in S&M leather cat suits with spikes, collars and chains.

     "Having fun?" The Devil asked with a smile as Salem  notice Lana had froze up while she was in the room with them. Much like the time stop at the bar when their adventure had begun.

     "A lot more fun than with those other wishes" Salem admitted as he sat down, removed his shoes and rubbed his feet. "Even if the shoes were a bit small for me and this isn't really my style for love making."

     "That sounds terrific." The Devil said with a smile. "Perhaps you're not really as happy as you seem to be. I tried to make your wish of a lover came true with this bondage wish. You're not really enjoying yourself are you?"

     "I guess this type of love making just isn't me." Salem muttered as he twirled his leash chain before him. "I don't think this is how she really is either. Your magic is just making her enjoy herself."

     "All is required is another wish you know." The Devil said as she stood in a red leotard, boots, fishnet stockings and plastic horns on her head. "I thought I'd try being myself this Halloween. What do you think?"

    "It's fine." Salem muttered. "Can you change my little doll now?"

      "Amazing idea." The Devil  said as she pointed her pitch fork and shot sparks toward the two. The S&M dungeon changed into a little kids room filled with toys. The first thing he noticed was a punch clown where The Devil was standing and realized it was the devil.

         WISH FIVE:

      "Lana!" Salem called out to the room of toys and suddenly got a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach. He went over to the punch clown and hit it in the gut. She wobbled back and fourth while smiling. "What have you done with her?"

       "Not having fun?" The Devil giggled back.

     "Where's Lana!" Salem demanded.

      "In the dollhouse waiting for you to dress her." The Devil said.

      "Does that mean what I think it means." Salem asked as he ran over to the open back of the house and looked inside. A nine inch plastic doll laid against the wall naked. Her crotch was completely sexless and her erect breasts had no nipples.

     "That wish seems to be functioning correctly." The Devil said, turning her attention to Salem. Salem felt like he did when he was a little boy and his twin sister made him  dress in her clothes to play dolls. When her mother had caught him in her clothes he was made to wear one of his sister's best dress, nylons and shoes to Church to embarrass him.

      "This isn't going correctly." Salem said as grabbed hold of some of the dolls clothes. For Lana, the touch of his giant hand caused her craving pussy to explode into orgasm. That continued as he slipped a pair of ripped jeans over her buttocks and a tank top on her top. Seeing she couldn't stand on her pointed toes on her own, he slipped a pair of rubber toy heels on her feet. Even the clothes against her plastic skin continued to cause her orgasm to explode.

        "I'm sorry I got you into this, Lana." Salem sighed as his strong hands snapped one of her plastic arms off.  "Nooo!" Lana's mind screamed. She was lost between the pleasure of his touch and the pain of having her arm snap off.

     "There then." The Devil  said as she slipped on a pair of black pumps and matching leather skirt on her. Once Lana's arm was reattached, The Devil twirled around and made her skirt raise up to show her hose didn't have a cotton panel and allowed her sex to be showed through the material. "How about another wish?"

     "I don't know."  Salem said as he froze in his tracks. "What have you done?"

     "Just give it try." The Devil grinned. "What do you have to lose? You don't want to leave her like that, do you?"

      WISH SIX:

            "I guess I've always wish that there was move of her." Salem said as he hoped that he worded his wish right. He knew he didn't when he watched as Lana floated up against the wall, flattened into a one dimensional wall paper image. An image that copied itself all over the child's bedroom wall paper.

     "There won't be any luck today?" Salem said  as The Devil kicked her shoes off and  collapsed in a chair and rubbed his nylon encased feet between Salem's legs. A feeling that made Salem's penis go erect and start to cum.

      "You just made things worst and worst!" Salem moaned in pleasure as he found it hard on concentrate on how to word his next wish so that he could help his would be girl friend.  "I wish you'd put her back into one."


     "Face it,"  Salem said as he got to his feet so that she couldn't play with his cock anymore. Instead of multiple images of Lana on the wall's paper, she was now a single image on a calendar. "You know that's not what I meant."

         "I suppose."

         "You admit it?" Salem declared in disbelief.

     "Why not." The Devil asked. "I like taking credit for the work I do. The clothes you had dressed her in when she was a doll does make her a sexy image, don't you think?"

     "There must be a way to beat you." Salem grinned  as he paced the room while the devil  admired Lana's look in her transformation state. Even flattened, her breasts and hips looked as lovely as her painted face.

     "I'm not a killer." The Devil said as she rubbed the membrane of her right breast and moaned with pleasure. "I just like having a good time playing games with those paying with their souls." 

    "Oh, yessss." The Devil moaned as she hit an orgasm. "Maybe I should change you into a girl so you can feel this every night."

     "You better do something with her, now!" Salem demanded.

    "Like this?" The Devil asked as she took the calendar off the wall and threatened tear it into a paper jigsaw puzzle.

      "Not this time!" Salem smiled with a please look on his face. "I wish Lana and I was in another world. Another reality."


     When Salem  woke up, everything was black, but a spot light shinning down from above. A man in a suit stepped before him and he recognized him as his own body. He could speak and notice his own appearance in the mirror. His hair was swept up in a big heap. He wore an apron, over a pink and white checkered dress. His painted toes were in a pair of open toe high heels.

     "She did it!" Salem cried with her new voice. "The Devil not only made me a girl, but the of us switched bodies.

     "I must of gotten and electrical shock that knocked me out." Robin said as he tried to balance in the heels. "This has to be a dream."

     "No it's no dream, Salem." The Devil said with a grin. "You know that my powers allows me to do anything. You have quite an active mind from all those TG and ASTR stories you read on the internet."

      Salem   always had a thing for Lana and so  hadn't dated much, but this Halloween there were helpless pawns. Lana being a bit curious about being on the other side carried her into the bedroom when they soon attacked each other like wild animals. Salem gave his former self a blow job and he felt the juices squirt out of his breasts as she squeezed them and licked his pussy. They didn't stop until they collapsed exhausted in one another arms."

      "At least you didn't wish to be a cartoon." Lana smiled as they held each other naked in bed. That was when The Devil appeared in the room dressed in a red and black pirate outfit. 

      "Did you say wish?" She grinned as she pointed a fencing sword toward the two of them. "Quite an interesting one that I can't resist either. I look forward to checking the Saturday Morning reruns on you two."

       WISH NINE:

     "This is just great." Salem said as he was still in Lana's body, only now dressed in a turtle neck sweater, skirt and pumps. "If my feet were killing me in these shoes before it's even worst now... that I have three toes." He kicked off his shoes and looked at the furry nylon encased feet in shock.

     "Better than me." Lana giggled as she was wearing only a sports jacket in his mouse body. She was twirling the mouse tail like a cane as Salem looked at the matchbox bed and melting candle light source.

   The two peaked out of the mouse hole and headed through the kitchen. "We can't search this whole house for away out on our tiny feet." Lana giggled as she stared at her former breasts. The sweater really made her rather small breasts stand out and it was even bigger from Salem's point of view.

               "We can take that." Salem pointed to a wind up. As Lana got in, Salem wound it up and hoped in before it took off. As they passed a sleeping cat, it opened one eye and started taking off after him. Around table legs and along the walls they chased either other. Being toons even moving upside down on the ceiling weren't beyond their abilities.

         "This has to be a bad dream." Salem moaned as he notice how wet in blood the front of his panties and hose were. He realized at once that it was that time of the month for Lana's body. "We've got to be able to be that monster."

     "I hope so." Lana said as she started to itch from all of her body hair. She wasn't sure it was the animal hair or the male body hair she was trapped in. He looked down at his arm and how thin it was. If he had his own muscles he might of stood up to the cat.

     "What's wrong?" Lana asked.

     "Nothing." Salem sighed. "I think I figured away out of here."

     As  some cartoon theme music seemed to play in the background, Salem turned the car toward the TV set and pushed on the gas pedal. The them moved faster up a Lego ramp and into the TV scream. They zoomed through a series of colored lights until their human bodies tumbled out of the TV screen in the toy filled bedroom.

      "Thanks." The Devil said to them as they rolled onto their back and stared up at her in a rocking chair.  Salem was still shook up trying to figure out how to beat her. The one thing he was glad about was to be in his own body when he looked down at himself.



     "Last wish my friend." The Devil asked. "What do you want now that you two are together. After all, when you say it...your soul is mine."

    "I wish there was a way for you not to take my soul." Salem said as he found himself staring at himself and Lana all of a sudden.  "What the?"

     "Curse you!" A voice came from Salem's body as it turned to dust and blew away. "The only way for me not to take your soul was if you were the one to get it. Now you're the devil and I'll take your place in Hell."

       "At least I have you." Salem said as his long red fingernails helped Lana over to the bed. She was always willing to try something new in bed and even as two girls it wouldn't be too bad.

       When the sun rose the next day the new Devil returned to her rule in Hell and Salem's former girl friend would indeed remain forever young as a display mannequin in Apollo Department Stores.  "The old Devil was right. She does look good like that. Don't know why I didn't see it before."




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