The Perfect Mannequin

By Rotwang (

Valerie looked at the man. He was examining her letter and almost reluctantly looked at her. "You must understand that the Dream Agency does not condone something as drastic as this." "Does your company provide wish fulfillment ?" "Yes, but that's not the point ! What you're suggesting ..." Valerie looked at him. She was an older woman, but quite gorgeous, in a mature way. "Another ten years and I'm history anyway." She said. "I have no relatives, no friends worth mentioning. And my goldfish died thirty years ago." The man chuckled. Valerie smiled to defuse the situation. "I know you are the only people who can provide me with what I want."

A month later Valerie watched two men discussing and explaining the operations to come.

"We figured out a cryogenic implant would work best. It would slow down your mental process by a factor of about twenty." The bearded one said. "This also means a reduction of all vital functions by a similar amount." The bald one said. "From this we extrapolate that your intake, reduced to its simplest expression would stretch over two years with a single dose. We can furnish you with five doses, which would give you total life-support for ten years." Valerie lit a king-size cigarette and drew a long deep breath. "What about the exterior ?" She asked, smoke pouring out of her mouth and nose. "We polymerize the skin. That's the easy bit." "I want to be as real as possible." She said crossing her legs, showing off a hint of the lace trim of her stockings. "Well, we'll put you on display in one of our shops, with 24 hour surveillance, so nothing would go wrong." "But, if you're positive, we'd like to discuss you donating some of your organs, since you won't need them anymore."

Valerie removed her jacket and neatly folded it. Underneath she wore a low-cut, overlapped blouse with slightly padded shoulders. Over it, she wore a short black leather skirt held by a wide and tight, corset-like belt. Getting out of the blouse and standing in her underwear, Valerie went over her body. She had reached the point in life where her well-toned body could only start to decay. She could postpone the inevitable, but she just wanted to cheat nature. Freeze her beauty while she still had it.

She unclipped her silk stockings and stepped out of her high-heeled pumps. Then she undid her bra and panty and watched her naked body. Her skin had started to betray her age and she shuddered at thought of it aging, sagging, rotting ...

One final cigarette, while a nice young girl shaved her head and plucked her eyebrows and eyelashes.

And then the bearded man waited for her. "There you are. Just get on the bed and relax."

The long cycle of operations began. First the implants, designed to keep her alive. Brain surgery to implant the cryogenic systems and a set of replacement artificial organs, pumping blood through her new plastic veins into her brain.

Then she was carefully "slowed down", getting into a twilight slumber of slow, plant-like thought.

Every orifice in her body was covered or filled up. After surgery, her sex was covered with a smooth expanse of skin, making her a doll forever.

And then they plunged her into a bath with a strange red liquid for two months and when she came out, her entire body had been polymerized. A special agent was needed to make her body rigid, but another set of operations was needed before that.

With great care, the surgeons began to cut her in half, severing her waist and fitting metal discs and hooks on both ends. They did the same to her arms, allowing her to be taken apart like a proper mannequin.

Then she was put in the pose she wanted to be in and went into a "fixation" bath, making her stiff and hard like plastic. Even when tapped, she sounded like plastic.

The whole skin was sprayed with a special varnish and glass eyes replaced her own. "Mannequins should not be able to see" She had said. And then she was painted, touched up and make-up was applied. New, longer eyelashes were implanted and eyebrows finely painted in.

Full lips were coated with a fairly natural tone, keeping her fresh and youthful looking.

Plastic fingernails were implanted and she was finally assembled again. Four doses of nutrients were stored inside her shapely legs and one in her body, accessible through the metal disks. She could be taken apart and put on display like a Venus de Milo figure if need be for up to two years now.

Deep inside the doll, vaguely aware, Valerie knew she was the perfect mannequin now.

She was loaded in a truck and brought to an exclusive shop down some main street in a big city. There she was dressed in the latest fashion. Impressive short stiletto heeled boots, matching her tight and shiny leather pants. She was shaped into a sleek and tightly waisted figure covered by a leather-trimmed jacket, again emphasizing her waist and hips, the neck of her tight, high-necked sweater poking out of the leather collar. Matching shiny leather gloves and a handbag was attached to her hand. A few adjustments and Valerie was an unrecognizable mannequin. And then a very short blonde wig, combed flat over her head made her look twenty years younger.

The shop assistants took a step back and watched her light, slim figure with full hips incredibly long legs, clad in shiny leather. There wasn't a single fold on her tightly tailored jacket, which made her bosom come out to its best advantage.

She had chosen a simple pose, legs apart, slightly arched back and hands besides her body and her head looking slightly to the left. All as if the mannequin had paused for a second on the brink of walking on.

Valerie was on display now, young and beautiful forever...