Transfer Letter

By Posyomismo.
Written in September 2015
Illustrated by MadBirdCZ
Proofreading by Leem, June 2020

The Administrative Board of
Plastic Angels Corp.

Dear Miss Johnson:

We send you this letter in response to your request for ascent and entry into the Administrative Board of this company.

We have evaluated your extensive experience in the internal structure of this company, and your dedication and commitment over the years that you have been part of the great family of Plastic Angels Corp. During this time you have passed through a wide variety of sections, ranging from simple saleslady on one of the boutiques of our property, the position in which you began with us, until your current occupation as “scout” of new employees for our stock of exclusive mannequins. Or through our R & D, not forgetting his great contribution to the design of systems creating unique sex dolls for our subsidiary, Love Latex Ltd. All this career has given you a great experience and value so you can join the administrative board.

Furthermore,we have also appreciated the enthusiasm with which you have performed your work since you began in your current charge, increasing by 80% the production of our exclusive mannequins, and significantly improving the quality of production with the acquisition of the models’ school, Fashion Dreams, and the subsequent smokescreen owing to the explosion of the boiler of its main building. Due to this “unfortunate accident” about a third of its students are now part of the showcases of the best boutiques in Paris, London or New York, or have been acquired by some of our collector’s clients, making, in a way, their dreams reality. Likewise also we highlight the great success that was the creation of the model of mass production CRL-01A through the “recruitment” of the international supermodel Carla Razhsnik just before her “unfortunate disappearance” on a plane flight in the northern Atlantic. This model of mannequin which, as you know, became our bestseller of last year, and the base “prototype” is properly exhibited in our museum, and not resting in cold waters among fish.

Unfortunately, we must also bear in mind that, right now, there are no vacancies on the board that you can take, so, to our regret, we must reject your request.

Under normal conditions we would have proceeded to increase the percentage of your salary as compensation, and put your name on the list of possible candidates in the event that, in the future, a free armchair would have appeared on the board.

Unfortunately, your actions of the last days, after which, due to an information leak (which we will proceed to investigate, and punish) you discovered we were going to deny your request, and in a fit of rage, you burst in yesterday without permission at a board meeting, showing bad education, no respect, and the worst thing you could have done: threatening to go to the authorities and uncover our system of “production” of the exclusive mannequin models, if we did not accede to your request, have determined that we should reframe your future in the company.

First of all, you should know that will not be fired, only “degraded” and “moved” to a different section and branch, in which we believe that, given the experience acquired over the years, you can fit perfectly.

Surely at this moment you have begun to notice a slight numbness in your body, as well as some difficulty in moving. Don’t panic, your body is merely adapting to your new position in the company.

The letter you are reading right now has been impregnated by a small amount of self-replicating and transmutative nanomachines (only a few dozen million) and similar to those that yourself have used many times with young women who have finished becoming part of our mannequin stocks, but exclusively programmed to detect your DNA, to avoid accidents. We fear that, since you touched the paper of the letter, and held it more than five seconds, allowing the nanomachines to penetrate your skin, your fate was sealed. So we encourage you to relax, and enjoy the process, just as you recommended to the new “employees” that you attracted for us.

You may think that still have time to make a phone call and ask for help, but foreseeing that eventuality, we have sent a recovery team, that has inhibited all electromagnetic frequencies used in communications that may leave or enter your home. As we have said, you will can’t change your future, and must bear the consequences of their actions.

In a few seconds, if it has not already happened, the nanomachines will take control of the areas of your brain responsible for controlling the voluntary muscles, eliminating your ability to move. From here, the process changes from that which you have used, so we proceed to detail it to you.

Initially the nanomachines will cause you to take the proper pose in which you will be immortalized. Originally we thought to process you as a prototype for Latex Love Ltd., since they are developing a new model of inflatable doll that looks like an attractive mature woman, a role in which you fit perfectly. But the deputy director has reported that she has always felt that your legs are the envy of every woman, and very sexy: stylized, well contoured and shaped, more typical of a young model, than a woman of your age. Without forgetting your magnificent ass. Since the R & D department was also looking good specimens to create new base prototypes for new models of mannequins’ legs, we finally opted for this choice for you, thus prolonging your great service to the company, rather than despatching you to a subsidiary

Once you have been placed in position, the nanomachines begin to consume part of your mass excess to replicate themselves, increasing their number to make their future work easier and faster. While this stage occurs, one part of them will cover your brain and assimilate it. As you know, we don’t like that our acquisitions lose their consciousness during the process of change (Legally it would be too much similar to a murder, and we cover our backs, just in case at some time we are discovered by authorities). Since we use them as raw materials and models for our products, we give them a more simpler and happier existence, completely rewriting their minds in a more simplified version that doesn’t remember their human past, and that above all, they are extremely happy and satisfied being just an object, all of it copying their mental patterns in a microscopic artificial neural network extended by their new bodies. In your case, given the years of service to the company, we want to reward you the same way, by allowing remember who you were and you did, but also making happy you with your new existence as a property of the company to which he has devoted so many years.

As these tasks are complete, the nanomachines will proceed to solidify and polish your skin by a process of polymerization of the lipids from your body, giving you the characteristic plastic brightness of our mannequins. Later they will merge the toes, except the thumb (We want to be able to put sandals on you if necessary), will close your vagina, and smooth and seal the anal orifice. Once your legs are immortalized by polymerization, your brain, now digitized, will be reformed, moved, and installed in the plastic epidermis of the lower part of your body, simultaneously performing the functions of neural network and sensor, allowing you to feel touch on your body, while allowing rudimentary and delocalized senses of sight and hearing, so you can remain conscious of the environment in your new existence.

As your new neural network is operational, removing excess mass and body parts will start. Your head, arms, breasts, upper torso and inside their now solidified legs and hips, will be absorbed about your waist, and decomposed into simpler molecules that are released to the atmosphere, as water, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen, mainly. The calcium from your bones and other trace elements will be used as internal structural part of your new form, to give it greater strength, while small amounts of metals will be stored by the nanomachines. This stage is the slowest, as it can last about an hour, but you be fully conscious throughout the process, so you can appreciate it.

Finally, when your form is indistinguishable from a mannequin bottom of a female human body, the nanomachines will begin a process of self-destruction, will descend to the ground and will merge between them into a default form, creating the support bar to be introduced into your calf, and the base on which it will support your body to maintain balance.

Don’t worry, thinking that you will be alone for long. The team blocking the possible phone calls has been ordered to enter your house and collect you in a few hours. Also they will empty your house, and communicate to your neighbors that you have unexpectedly been transferred for work abroad and have moved, using the standard procedure that you yourself helped implement for our special acquisitions.

When you’re already in our factory, you will be scanned in 3D for our molding machines, as the base prototype for the series of parcial mannequin bodies for next year. In return for your years of service, you will not be sold as usual among our regular collectors once your model goes out of fashion, but you will be exhibited in our museum with our best prototypes and most successful models. An honor, to think that you will share room with top models.

And finally to end, this administrative board appreciates your service and dedication all these years, and hopes that you fulfill with your new role with the same enthusiasm that you’ve had so far in this great company.


The administrative board of
Plastic Angels Corp.

PS: For security reasons, the board has also to decided to move your niece and change her status within the company, from “employee” to “property”. Although her job is a simple bookkeeper, and in principle, it doesn’t make her aware of our activities of forced recruitment, the board wants to avoid risks in the event that you could have informed to her too much of our business. For this reason, while these words were written, we have proceeded to process to your niece, taking advantage of her beautiful figure, and now she is being a great torso for sports swimwear. To our knowledge, she has a boyfriend, so we proceed to simulate a car accident, to avoid uncomfortable questions by him. Moreover, as we have already mentioned, we have also rewritten her consciousness, in this case erasing all traces of her former human existence, so now we can assure you that she is extremely happy to be a torso. Again, in respect to you, she will not be sold, however she will used as base prototype, and will be exhibited with you in the museum. We hope that this resolution is compensation for your family having been involved in our activities.

Pantyhose Form by MadbirdCZ