by Mistress Christine Stephanie Charlemagne

set in "The Sorority of Delta Iota Alpha" universe.

The province high priestess, with eyes glowing blue, approached Sarah with the gold sash and said, "By the divine power and authority of our supreme mistress Dia, I name you, Sarah Epler, the High Priestess of the Kappa Sigma chapter of Delta Iota Alpha."

And with that, Brigham Young University had its first social greek organization ever. Before, the university had discouraged such organizations, because of the negative aspects that they carried with them, but they had allowed this one on certain stipulations regarding alcohol and promiscuity.

Sarah had been the primary motivator for this organization. Her mother, having been a high priestess before she graduated from college, and before her husband and children joined the church, required that Sarah, too, sometime during her college career, join a chapter of Delta Iota Alpha. And she had done more than that. She had actually worked to form such a chapter on a college campus that normally looked down on such organizations.

Tisha Foster, on the other hand, had different reasons for wanting such an organization. Being non-Mormon, she was glad to have a place to get away from Mormons for a while, even if it was still slightly under the influence of their rules. True that it was a cult to serve a goddess that had given them real power and had even made personal appearances, but if that was the sacrifice that had to be made, then so be it. ---

Walter Allen had lived in Utah all his life, was born and raised in the church, held the priesthood, was making plans to go on a mission and everything .

There was just one problem. He was a transsexual.

He and Tisha had been going out since the beginning of their freshman year. When he told her his secret, it came as a surprise to him when she said that it turned him on. Since then, she had been indulging him in his crossdressing fantasies by helping him with clothes, makeup, and so forth.

Tonight, she had a particular treat for him.

Tisha had for him a leotard which was supposed to conform a man's body to a woman's shape. When she told Walter about it, he was ecstatic and couldn't wait to come over to the house to try it on.

The night they had agreed on had come. Walter came to the house and rang the doorbell. One of the house residents opened the door, and Walter said, "Is Tisha here?"

"Yeah, Walter, come on in."

Walter stepped into the living room of the new DIA house which had just been built. It was very pretty, with decorations all over the rooms and the halls, as well as the furniture. Walter was amazed that they had gotten it fixed up so quickly and easily.

Tisha came down to the living room and smiled at Walter as she said, "Oh, hi. Come on back."

Walter remarked, "This is amazing! You fixed this place up really nice! How long did it take you?"

"Oh, just a couple of hours."

"That's it!? Gee, I guess when we get our own place, I need to have you do all the decorating!"

They arrived at her bedroom and she led him in. They had built the house so that they would have enough for each girl to have her own bedroom, plus a few to spare in case they had guests. Tisha closed the door, then she opened one of her drawers and pulled out a blue leotard. "This leotard was specifically designed to reshape your body so that everything will fit like it does on a real woman. Here, try it on."

Walter took off all of his clothes and put his legs through the leg holes and pulled the leotard up to his body. He then put his arms through the arm holes and then stretched the tight garment over his body.

"It feels so nice and smooth!" Walter exclaimed.

"So you like it?"

"I love it!"

The stretch lycraesque article moved with his body just like a second skin. In fact, it almost was a second skin. Walter could not feel any change in the garment when he moved around in it. However, when he looked in the mirror, he saw that he had a perfectly feminine hourglass figure, and the false breasts in the garment even appeared to be his own.

Tisha said, "Now, if you look this good with it on, let's see how you look with clothes on!"

Tisha pulled out for him a blue turtleneck, a blue miniskirt, black pantyhose, and blue pumps for him which he readily put on. He smiled at the way they went on him and said, "This is perfect! It's almost like you knew exactly what to get me!"

"Well, the leotard was designed to fit you in one specific size, so I did know what to get you. Anyway, let's see how you look."

Tisha and Walter looked in the mirror. Tisha did not seem surprised, but Walter was visibly amazed. He had changed. His body now had a female appearance in places that did not appear to be able to have been affected by the leotard. It was now that he noticed the void in his groin.


"Yes, Walter?"

"What is this?"

Tisha looked him straight in the eyes and said, "I guess I should tell you our secret. Delta Iota Alpha is not a regular college sorority. It is a cult that devotes its sisters as slaves to and servants of the goddess Dia. Our chapter, being new here, just had our house erected through the use of our power that Dia has given us. However, we do not have any statues of her worship. That is what the leotard is doing for you. I chose you because I knew that you harbored a desire to be female. Unfortunately, the only way for me to have made you a live woman, you would have then been required to join our ranks in slavery to Dia. Again, knowing you, you never would have accepted, nor would you have been capable of living up to such a commitment. Therefore, this was the best way."

Walter, now in a high alto voice, beginning to stiffen up, said, "You should have asked me first."

"What if you had turned me down? No one outside of our sisterhood may know our secret. Especially no man."

With that, Walter resigned to his fate. But first, he said, "Then tell me one thing. Do you love me?"

Tisha said, "It is not that I do not love you. But I love Dia more."

Now, beginning to stiffen up, almost unable to speak at all, Walter said, ""

Tisha looked into his eyes and said, "Walter Allen, yes, I love you."


In the sanctuary, all the women had their ceremonial dresses on. The sacredness of the occasion caused all of their eyes to glow as they had many times before.

Sarah bowed before the statue of Dia, which had the blue turtleneck, skirt, and shoes, but instead of a sash, had a black cape on its back.

"This sacred statue of our sacred goddess and supreme mistress stands in holy representation of the object of our affections. Sister Tisha Foster, will you offer the dedicatory prayer?"

Tisha knelt in front of the statue, looked straight up at its face and said, "Oh, great Mistress Dia, may this representation of your visage always stand to remind us of your supreme power, and continually inspire us to commit ourselves to your reign. We commit ourselves as slaves to and servants of you, oh Mistress Dia, amen."

All of them repeated in unison, "Thanks be to Dia. Our order will continue. May our mistress guide us in her will, and make us strong."


Now, what I plan to do next:

In all fairness, I intend to write stories for other new universes, one for Altered Fates, which seemed to enjoy a brief success, but seems to have died down lately. Then I will write for the Ace of Hearts universe, which sounds very interesting.

In the meantime, feel free to write your own stories for this universe!(hint, hint! :-) )

== Mistress Christine Stephanie Charlemagne-the sister of night

"Hey sister, come for me, embrace me, assure me. Hey sister, I feel it too."

Look very deeply into my lovely eyes. Feel the changes in your body. You are becoming a beautiful woman. You are now my slave.


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