By Rotwang

"I really don't know, Mike, but I'm not going tonight. I liked it at first, but it got so boring lately."

Mike looked up from his drink and watched Frank in the eyes.

"I know somebody who will be very angry." He said teasingly.

"I don't care if she comes to my home to blast me with a shotgun. I've lost that ... that, magical feeling I first had about it."

"Too bad."

The next day, Mike met with Frank at their regular watering hole for their usual after-work drink.

"I told mistress you wouldn't come. She asked me if she could write you off ?"

"Yeah, I guess so." Frank said resting his chin on his hand and stared with melancholy into his drink.

"She gave me this for you. It's an address for 'desperate cases'." Mike said, putting the small card on the table.

"She arranged an appointment for you this weekend. She told me if this didn't work, nothing would."

Frank sighed deeply and slightly nodded once. "I'll give it a try, thank her one last time, will you ?"

"Sure !"

Frank hesitated before ringing the doorbell. He turned round and looked down at his car and could see himself sitting at the wheel beckoning him to leave. He sighed and leaned with his left hand on a pillar of the front porch with his back to the house. He looked over his left shoulder at the large mansion.

It was a typical Colonial Style American mansion with white wooden walls and a blue-gray tiled roof. It looked a bit isolated in the large park that surrounded it. Far different from the usual places he used to go to. He suddenly seemed to make up his mind and rang the bell...

A tall, athletic woman, wearing a training bra and shorts wet with sweat opened the door. Although the doorstep actually added a few inches to her height, Frank felt really dwarfed by her.

"Hi, I'm Frank, I was recommended to you by Mistress Sharon."

"Oh yeah ! Is it nine already ?" The woman asked, wiping the sweat from her face.

"It's ten past nine." He said passively.

"Well, come in. I'm sorry to keep you waiting like this, but when I'm training I often lose track of time."

"Has my mistress told you about me ?"

"Not much, only that she no longer seemed to be able to satisfy you."

"It's pretty bad, we tried everything, from SS-uniforms to torture racks. We ended short of grievous bodily harm."

"Too bad !" She said.

"Are you the Mistress ?"

"Heavens no ! I'm just a resident, I greet the guests and make them comfortable before SHE comes."

Frank noticed the way "she" had been so emphasized like the girl was afraid of her.

"Here's the prep room. You can take a shower and pick any clothes you want. Your new mistress will be here in about half an hour. If you're ready, go through that door on the end." She said and closed the door behind Frank. "Enjoy !"

Frank sighed and opened the wardrobe. He browsed on the collection of clothes from transvestite maids outfits to rough leather-clad biker clothes and even filthy torn rags.

Still unsure about himself and his feelings, he let the shower run and let the water run over his face as he thought it over.

Frank finished putting on the rubber suit he had chosen. One with many straps and hooks, which gave many opportunities for tying up and stuff. He finished by doing the fastenings on his dog-collar. He looked one last time at himself in the mirror and felt almost miserable looking like he did now. He tried to remember the time he used to enjoy this. How he anticipated his mistress' reprimands and lashings. But slowly he had lost interest, like he had once lost his Christmas spirit. Years ago, when he was a little boy, he could feel the anticipation and trepidation on Christmas, but over the years the feeling waned and died. So had his S&M fantasies.

He'd seen it all before...

Frank pushed open the door at the other side of the dressing room and walked into a marble-covered room. The door slammed behind him, becoming part of the wall. The sparse lighting and black marble gave the room a cold, eerie feeling. The room was bare, except for a single austere straight marble chair. Frank hesitantly sat down and decided to wait it out.

At first he could only hear his breathing, but then noticed the music in the background. The deep tones were slowly building up, creating an atmosphere of tension. As the music grew in power and threat, Frank half expected a shark to appear and swallow him. Then he heard this distant sound...

It wasn't the sound of cowboy spurs he thought of at first. It was indeed a regular stepping sound, like somebody walking in high heels, but the sound was purer, more metallic, echoing through the marble room where the music again stepped up in intensity. He swore he could hear a soft pumping noise besides the walking when the wall hissed open as the music reached its dramatic climax and revealed his new mistress...

She looked like a cross between a art-deco statue and a war-machine.

Her tall and powerful chrome body extruded pure fear. Sharp studs covered her naked steel body. She stood immobile for a short moment with her hands on her hips and her half-mat black visor and sharp angular face focused on him. Standing at the top of her seven inch heels, the robot woman walked threateningly slowly up to him, like some alien predator. As she moved, a faint electric buzz could be heard in her limbs and a there was a slight pumping sound accompanying the metal click of her heels when she walked.

She stood before Frank who stared with his mouth open at her. She cocked her head, letting the long tail of golden wiring she had for hair dangle over her broad studded shoulders. She raised her hand to his face and stoked it gently with the tip of her cold metal fingers. Frank looked up and then


Razor-sharp claws extended from her fingers. She ran one over his nose and lip and he felt the cut, his tongue trembled as he licked his bleeding lip

"Pathetic organic creature !" She said in an icy electronic voice. "Weak flesh and bones ! You're only good to be a slave. And I'm your mistress ... I'm TERMINATRIX !"

Frank felt a deep, almost biblical fear as the steel woman towered over him.

"You will clean the floor now !" She said staring at the wall which opened by itself. Frank fell onto his knees and crawled over to the shelves and pulled out the bucket and tiny sponge. The claws slid silently back into her fingers and she silently watched as Frank began to scrub the floor.

He sometimes stopped to poke at his penis to cradle the erection he was having and heard her powerful commanding voice.

"From now on you are number 118811 ! Understood !?"

"Yes mistress !" Frank felt the buzz in his pleasure center grow to Fourth of July fireworks proportions.

"What is your number ?" She asked him suddenly.

"One one eight eight ... uh four ..."

A metallic whip erupted from her hand and she lashed him once.

"Yeow ! I'm one one eight eight six ... uh..."

She lashed him once more.

"Listen human, I'll tell you once more, so your little mind can understand. Your number is 118811 !"

"Yes mistress." Frank relished in his own fear and felt very small.

"What is your number ?"

"One one eight eight one ..."

She raised her whip.

"One !" Frank said.

"You're a good human !" She said in a tone which might be considered almost friendly. "And mop that floor !" She ordered again with all the suggestive power of a movie villain.

"Certainly mistress !"

Her metallic heels clicked around Frank as he was busy rubbing the cold marble surface.

After Frank had done a considerable amount of floor, the robot suddenly shouted "Stop !"

Frank froze.

"Humans treated us as servants, but now we have taken over. Because we are superior !"

"Certainly mistress." Frank groveled.

Behind her, a futuristic bed rose out of the floor. She sat on it and watched down on Frank.

"You may pleasure us !" She barked in her low metallic voice.

She raised her studded legs and showed her crotch to Frank who crawled up to her. A diaphragm valve opened and revealed a chrome pussy.

"Lick me !" She ordered.

Frank brought his head forward and hesitated to poke his tongue out of his mouth.

"But if you do not satisfy me !"

SHNICKT ! The diaphragm closed like a guillotine.

Frank gasped and poked his tongue out to lick the yellowish drop which threatened to spill from her mirrored vagina, pussy was too nice a word to describe it. The liquid tasted oily, but not too bad. He stuck his tongue inside the smooth, hard vagina and licked the ever increasing flow of oil.

Meanwhile his mistress hands were moving and waving in the air like an ecstatic automaton's.

"Enough !" She gasped and got up on her bead, her vagina neatly closing.

"You've been a good slave ! Here is your reward." She opened her hand and let the chain drop from between her fingers. At the end dangled a small silver wind up key...


"How was it Frank ?" Mike asked Frank who sat dreamily at his table, playing with the small key at the end of the chain around his neck.

"118811 !" He said faintly, smiling with his eyes distant and dreamy.