Turnabout Trip

by Heather St. Claire

Another tale of Niki’s “Pleasure Palace”

 Patrick and Stephanie had been married almost nine years when they made their fateful visit to the Pleasure Palace, Las Vegas’ Mecca for techno-sexuals and lovers of all kinds.

 They were both approaching their 30th birthdays, and at first glance, both were still quite attractive. Stephanie’s long red hair was still thick and full and shiny; her green eyes still flashed with a sexual hunger; her 38 D breasts didn’t show a bit of sag; and there was not an extra pound around her slim waist.

 Yes, 999 out of a thousand men looking at her would see an exceptionally beautiful woman. But Stephanie’s own self-appraisal was more harsh; she felt that time was just starting to creep up on her. Like most redheads, her skin is was bit too fair, and was starting to show the effects of too much sun. And even though the makeup still could hide it, there were the beginnings of crows-feet around her eyes.

 What bothered her even more is that her endurance in bed as a 29-year-old wasn’t the same as it was when she was 19. She could still leave Patrick exhausted and begging for mercy after a night of lovemaking. But in the old days, she could have gone on and on from there. Now, she was tired too.

 She didn’t like it. Not one damn bit. And when she looked at Patrick, she could see the years beginning to catch up with him. Yes, he still had his wavy blonde hair, his chiseled jaw, his muscular frame; but too much hard living was taking its toll, inside, if not outside.

 The majority of visitors to the Palace were men, but they were used to entertaining single women and couples as well. In fact, it had been Stephanie’s idea to make it their primary vacation destination. She knew that the robotic women and men could provide them with sexual adventures they could otherwise only dream of.

 As they paid their money for a two-day ticket, Patrick wrapped his arm across Stephanie’s shoulders, and pulled her closer. “We’re not even inside yet, and I’m incredibly horny. You’re sure you won’t be jealous if I’m with other women?”

 “Not if you don’t mind me doing other men...and as long as we stick to the robotic ones.”

 “Why is that important to you? I thought we wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between the robotic people and the real ones.”

 “No, you can’t, but it’s just different somehow....I guess because this is the only thing they exist for, the only life they have. They aren’t part of the outside world...they just exist in this fantasy land.”

 “Well, I’m sure there will be enough robo babes and robo studs to keep us both busy.”

 At that moment, they found themselves greeted by an attractive, tanned blonde in a latex g-string, top and stockings, all in white. “Hi, my name is Julie,” she said. “I’ll be your hostess here at the Pleasure Palace.”

 The three of them sat down together while Julie (who had once been a man named Jeff) explained how things worked at the Palace....the choices of live or robotic people, the strip shows, the sex shows, how to navigate their way around....the choices seemed a bit bewildering, but extremely exciting. In the beginning, at least, they agreed to stay together.

 Eventually, they found themselves watching a live sex scene, involving a robotic man named Paul, and two of the robotic women, Mandy and Christine. Stephanie could feel herself quickly becoming aroused as they watched the trio pleasuring each other; from the bulge in her husband’s pants, she could tell the same thing was happening to him.

 As Paul headed toward his climax, Stephanie whispered to her husband, “mind if I see if I can handle two men at once?”

 He smiled and said, “I’m ready to do my part.”

 Soon, Paul, Patrick and Stephanie were in one of the private rooms. The married couple quickly disrobed, Patrick stretched out on the bed, and Stephanie dropped to her knees, and leaned over to begin sucking on his manhood. Suddenly, she felt Paul enter her from behind.

 Paul’s thrusts and Patrick’s moans of pleasure set up a kind of rhythm that Stephanie found herself entering. Soon, both men came, her husband’s love juice shooting into her mouth, the robotic man’s into her pussy. Her body rocked with orgasm after orgasm. The threesome spent several hours together, both men taking turns bringing her off with skillful fingers when they weren’t screwing her brains out, Stephanie experiencing a level of pleasure she hadn’t known in years.

 She did feel a pang of sadness as she watched Patrick waiting on the sidelines to rest up from time to time; his human body just didn’t have the orgasmic capacity of his wife’s human form or Paul’s robotic shell, which seemed to have an endless supply of artificial cum.

 The next night, Stephanie and Patrick agreed to explore the Palace separately. After watching some of the sex displays, Stephanie decided to seek out Julie. “Hi, Julie,” she said. “This place is really something. Is it true you used to be a regular human?”

 “Yes,” Julie said, smiling. “It’s true. And I’ll let you in on something else I don’t tell most customers...I used to be a man!”

 The look of astonishment on Stephanie’s face was real. “You’re kidding!” she said. “How...why?”

 “Well, the how is pretty simple. They can remold your form in just about any way you want, change your gender, your race, just about anything. As to why I wanted to become a robotic woman...I don’t know how to explain it. I enjoyed life as a man...but I envied women, and the level of pleasure they seemed to experience during the act. It wasn’t a snap decision. It was something I gave a lot of thought to, and I’ve never regretted it.”

 “Well,” Stephanie said, putting her arms around Julie’s neck, “you certainly make a beautiful woman.” She felt a moistness between her legs as she kissed another woman for the first time in her life. The taste of their lipstick commingling sent a shiver of ecstasy up her spine.

 Julie looked longingly into Stephanie’s eyes. “I’m programmed to pleasure you in any way you want,” she said.

 “Let’s get a room,” Stephanie urged. “Can we get another robotic woman to join us?”

 Julie smiled, and reached for the pager. “I’ll get Jennifer. She’s the one who first got me started down this road.”

 Stephanie hesitated as they found themselves together, so the robotic women decided to show her what she was missing. Julie and Jennifer dived onto the mattress; their hands plunged between each other’s thighs. Julie pulled down Jennifer’s g-string, parted her lips, and went for her clit. Jennifer began to convulse, her back arching off the mattress.

 That was it. Stephanie tore off her clothes, fell to her knees and pressed her mouth to Jennifer’s throbbing pussy. As she watched Jennifer writhing with ecstasy, Julie came around behind her and started on her rear. Jennifer’s body contracted with her orgasm as her cunt worked against Stephanie’s face. At the same time, Julie was pressing and releasing Jennifer’s clit.

 The robotic women quickly changed positions, Julie moving from Stephanie’s anus to her clit. Jennifer began kissing Stephanie’s nipples, which had become huge. Stephanie seemed to be in a sexual frenzy, determined to match the intensity of the robotic women.

 Stephanie went straight for Julie’s clit again. To make sure she got what she wanted, she kept a hand hooked in Jennifer’s cunt as she squatted over Julie’s face. Their slightest touch excited Stephanie so much that her shrieks of joy would have echoed through the Palace, if not for the soundproofing in the private rooms.

 When Stephanie finally reached the point of exhaustion, Jennifer smiled at her and said, “Wow. Are you sure you aren’t robotic?”

 Stephanie smiled. “Not yet....but that might change.”

 At the end of that second night, they found themselves in a cab, delivered back to their hotel as dawn was approaching. They were too exhausted for a repeat of their acrobatics of the nights before. They slept, long and deeply. Only the mid-afternoon sun streaming into the room finally managed to wake them.

 As they sipped their coffee, Patrick said, “Man, that place is something. Part of me never wants it to end.”

 Stephanie saw her opening. “It doesn’t have to, you know.”

 “What do you mean?”

 “I’ve been doing some checking. Those robotic people...I found out that they’re not created in a lab or something, like I had thought...they’re real people who have been converted.”

 “You’re kidding! Who would choose to do that?”

 “Most of the people who work there, I found out. Think about it, Patrick! An endless life of sexual fantasy after sexual fantasy come true! No jobs, no responsibilities, no cares....”

 “I don’t know,” Patrick muttered. Stephanie could see she was getting to him.

 “No debts!” she said. She could tell Patrick was thinking of the thousands they owed on their credit cards, and could tell he was really wavering.

 She went for the clincher.

 “And face it! Our bodies are going to wear out...and a lot sooner than if we had taken care of them. These things,” she said, waving her cigarette in the air, “are no damn good for me, or for you for that matter...and think about the drinking, and the drugs....we aren’t the hell-raisers we were 10 years ago, but face it, we’ve done a lot of damage to ourselves....we’re going to be old before our time.”

 “O-K,” he said after a long silence. “Why the hell not? Let’s go for it!”

 She smiled, laughed, and threw her arms around him.


 They presented themselves at the entrance to the Palace late that afternoon. “I’m sorry folks, but your two-day ticket has expired,” the woman in the booth told them. “Perhaps you’d like to purchase a new ticket?”

 They explained why they had returned, and soon Jennifer was summoned. As they walked toward Jennifer’s office, both of them took in the sexual displays before them; both looked forward to their new lives, and felt no sense of regret.

 Perhaps Patrick would have, if he had known what Stephanie had been planning.

 Jennifer sat them down to explain the roboticization process, and gave them the necessary paperwork to sign. Stephanie was looking over the documents with care, but Patrick grabbed a pen and quickly scribbled his signature at the bottom of his.

 “Why bother with the fine print?” he said. “We know what’s coming. Stephanie, Jennifer, why don’t you finish taking care of this...I want to go smoke one last cigarette.”

 “O-K, hon.” As the door closed behind him, Stephanie turned to Jennifer and quickly blurted out the surprise she had in mind. Jennifer, listened, smiled, and laughed. “Yes we can do that,” she said. “Oh, aren’t you the tricky little bitch...or stud.”

 They found Patrick, and soon the couple was led to the changing room. There, they met Tim, the technician who would guide them through their transformation. It was approaching 5 p.m. “Since the process takes about seven hours, you’ll be brand new people by midnight.” The devilish grin on Stephanie’s face seemed to be hiding something; Patrick briefly wondered what it was.

 But when Patrick learned that the side effect of the injection that would prepare him for the roboticization process was an enormous amount of cum--cum that would have to be emptied from his body. A broad smile crossed his face as he saw that Mandy, Christine and Melissa were all on hand to help with that “problem.”

 The process began, and soon, both their minds were inside the computer; although they were out of their old bodies and not yet in their new ones, they found they could communicate with each other in the void.

 “Kind of creepy,” he said.

 “I don’t know...I don’t think I’d want to stay this way, but it’s kind of a turn-on for a while.” There was a pause. “Honey, I don’t want you to be mad at me, but I’ve arranged for a little surprise when we wake up.”

 “Surprise? What surprise?” His question was met with silence; soon he drifted off back into unconsciousness.

 Patrick had no idea how much time had passed when awareness began to return. He could tell that his mind was no longer disembodied; he definitely felt like he had solid form again, though he couldn’t move or speak. “I must be a robot now,” he thought. Something, though, told him that things were not quite as expected. Suddenly, a wave of incredible pleasure washed over him. This was an orgasm, all right but it was different than any he had ever felt in his life.

 He found himself grasping for words to explain the difference. For some reason, he thought of a stone being tossed into a pond. Instead of the stone, he felt like the water, slow waves of residual pleasure rippling outward and through him.

 As the orgasm faded, Patrick realized he could open his eyes, and did. To his utter shock, he saw his own body staring back at him. Rather, it was a robotically enhanced version of it. He seemed to be about three inches taller, and he looked younger and healthier. He was wearing a silver spandex shirt and black leather pants, both skin tight that showed every ripple of his muscles and did nothing to hide the huge bulge between his legs.

 If he was looking at his own body, then who the hell was in it? And whose body was he in? With a feeling of horror, he realized he was looking up at himself; he must be at least half a foot shorter than he had been previously. It was then that reality began to sink in.

 Stephanie, occupying the robot version of Patrick’s body, had a huge grin on her new face.

 “Yes, darling” she said, “I arranged for my mind to be put into your robotic body...and vice versa. I’m sure you want to know why.”

 She paced back and forth, getting used to the longer strides that her new legs made possible. She stopped, rubbed her hand over her new crotch, smiled, and continued.

 “What it comes down to is curiosity. I’ve always wanted to know how it felt to have a dick and balls. It always felt so good to have a nice big one -- like yours -- inside of my tight pussy, that I wanted to find out if it felt as good from the other end.
 “Frankly, I never wanted to be a guy, but this was the only way to do it. I suggested the idea of a she-male; I thought I could really be popular that way, but even the management here wasn’t progressive enough to go for that. Anyway...I’m giving you a great gift...a chance to find out what life is like on the other side. I think you’re going to enjoy yourself as a woman; I really do, or did. There’s nothing better than a multiple orgasm.”

 Steven paused in his pacing. He seemed to be deep in thought as he looked off into the distance, then directly at her husband. “Let me try to tell you what it’s like -- imagine climbing a whole series of mountains! The longest, most difficult trip is up the first one; but when you arrive, you feel absolutely exhilarated to be there. You start down, but then, before you know it, you’ve reached the second mountaintop! And then they just keep coming and coming..., no pun intended” the smile on her -- or his, face was a wistful one.

 “Don’t worry, this won’t be forever. They’ve assured me it will be possible to switch us back. Remember, our brains are digitized. Think of it as sort of like taking a hard drive out of one computer and putting it in another. I promise you that will happen...whenever I get tired of your body. It might take a week, a month, a year, who knows? In the meantime, I hope you enjoy yourself, Patricia.”

 She aimed the remote at her husband and pushed in the key sequence to activate him.


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