Unit 4219

by Agachak (agachak@hotmail.com)

I was careful to keep down, so as not to be seen.

The bushes up ahead still prevented me from seeing Jason.

Jason was my boyfriend, and had been for several months. We had gone out several times and suffered the taunts of our virgin class mates too immature to develop relationships of their own. I enjoyed the relationship and three weeks ago, we had sex for the first, and only time.

I didn't tell my parents, they would be horrified that their little girl was not so little anymore. Yet last night, Jason's parents came to me and accused me of leading their son astray. Apparently he went missing every night, I was shocked so much, that I decided to follow him and observe what he got up to in the evenings.

Jason was in the bushes up ahead and with someone.

'That must explain it.' I thought 'He has another girlfriend.'.

I was angry, extremely angry, yet I was shocked he was having sex with her. The groans from behind the bushes were clearly audible.

Strangely I felt guilty. Perhaps letting a fifteen year old boy have sex had awakened a lust in him? Was I so ugly he had to seek out someone better? Why
else did his change in behaviour start three weeks ago, the night after we slept together?

The groans stopped, and after a few moments the bushes parted.

Jason walked out with an older woman.

I was shocked. yet the evidence was there before my eyes. The woman was a lot older, almost my mothers age, and she made off briskly heading out of the park.

I remained down, hidden from view as Jason just waited.

Jason remained motionless facing me. I knew he couldn't see me were I lay. But with him facing me I can not leave without him seeing me.

'what the..' I thought as a beam of bright light fell from the sky and illuminated him.

Almost immediately, I saw and felt, a separate light surrounding me. I couldn't move!

My body stood up. I tried to control it but I could not!

Still surrounded by the light, I walked towards Jason. All the time trying to control my body, all the time trying to run away, all the trying being in vain.

Like a puppet I joined Jason in the beam of light, and together we were drawn up into the air.

'I cannot believe it. I must be dreaming.'. I thought. but it seemed so real, helplessly riding the beam of light into the air.

The light vanished. I found I now had control of my body and was able to look around. Jason was still with me, stood at attention and staring ahead blankly. I however saw that we were inside a large dark room, so large I could not see the walls.

Jason turned and walked towards a black pillar. Once there he reached down to his trousers and removed an orange organ. With a shock I realised it was his cock.

Jason placed the penis inside the pillar.

I was transfixed, mesmerized by what had occurred.

Once done, he turned to face me.

"The human's name is Susan, extracted sample number one.". said Jason. "She is known to this unit, My unit's personality duplication program must be at fault for her to grow suspicious and follow me.".

A light surrounded me and again I was paralysed.

Jason moved forward, in the process collecting some device, before standing directly infront of me. I tried to speak but was unable to do so.

I heard a hum, and felt a stabbing pain down my virgina. I could see John operating the device infront of my legs, causing me the pain. I tried screaming but was not sure if I managed it.

The device stopped its humming, and I saw Jason remove my Virgina. The pain strangely had completely gone, no doubt I was in shock.

"Who are you?". Jason said to me.

"I am Susan of course.". I replied, then it struck me that I could now talk despite the paralysing beam.

Jason then suddenly raised another device to my head. He pressed it to my forehead and I heard a crack and felt a stabbing pain, deep inside my head.

Removing the device he asked again. "Who are you.".

"I am Susan.". I answer, despite feeling very weird.

"Who are you?". again Jason asks.

"Unit 4219.". I reply.

The nanobots, just inserted, had not yet completed the reprogramming of the 'human's' brain, yet most of the job had been done. 'Susan' was my past, 4219 was my future.

"what is you role?". unit 3486 asked.

"To serve the masters, and collect the samples required.". I say.

Wordlessly I turn and approached the pillar. along with unit 3486 I collected a 'receptor' organ and installed it.

Running a program check I examine the personality matrix of 'Susan'. Unlike 3486 I will act inside known operating parameters to avoid detection. My mission, to obtain enough genetic samples for the masters, will occur every night without attracting to much attention.

The samples I obtain will be sperm. absorbed into the 'receptor' of my Virgina. This would allow the collection of samples from the male members of the social unit called the 'school'.

Unit 3486 would cover the female members of the 'school' with his penis 'receptor' forcibly extracting eggs, like he did to my host three weeks ago.

With luck I will obtain the sample required by the masters, So they can develop the biological weapon to exterminate humanity. I look forward to the day when my existence is terminated by that weapon.


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