Universal Remote

by Captain-Harlock42

“Chris, any new leads on a new job?” my girlfriend Tina asked when she came home from work.

“Not yet,” I responded wryly.  “I had the two interviews I told you about today but I’m not too confident about them.” I finished.

She came over to where I was sitting on the couch looking at job postings on my laptop and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek.  “Well keep looking, you’ll find one that will pan out.”

“Yeah, I hope so.  I hate that you are forced to support us both while I’m unemployed.”  I said with a grimace.  “Oh, you got a package from your uncle today.  It’s on the kitchen counter.”

“Oh?  Sweet!  I haven’t heard from him for a long time.  I hope he sent me something cool.”  She said as she quickly went to get the package.

I heard her tearing open the package and then silence.  I soon forgot about what she was doing and was engrossed in looking at job postings again when she came bounding back into the living room and plopped down next to me on the couch.

“Chris!  You have to see this!” she said excitedly.

I looked at what she held in her hand.  It was a nondescript TV remote control.  At least it looked like a TV remote.  It seemed to have more buttons on it than a normal remote.  “Is that a universal remote for our electronics?”  I asked finally.

“Heh, funny you should call it that.  It will control our electronics BUT it will control other things as well!”  she finished coyly.

“Huh, what are you talking about?  What other things?” I asked.

“My uncle is a scientist that works on some pretty high-end stuff.  According to his note this remote taps into the ‘local quantum fields that surround all things.’” She said with air quotes.  “This remote can alter those fields transforming what ever you point it at turning it into whatever you program into the remote!”  She finished breathlessly.

“Haha, this isn’t April you know.  April fools was months ago.”  I said sarcastically.

“No, no!  I already tested it in the kitchen!  It really works!  Watch this!”  she then pointed it at my laptop and after a couple of button pushes, I felt the laptop vibrate in my hands.  I looked down at it and to my utter disbelief, it morphed into an iPad!

“Wha!!!!  I dropped the iPad in shock and stared at Tina stunned.

“See!  See?  can you imagine what fun we could have with this??”  She said hopping up and down.

“Whoa!  Hold on a second.  Is this thing safe?  This seems really weird...”  I finished at a loss of words to describe what I was feeling.

Tina then came in close to me and wrapped her arm in mine and leaned in close.  Tina is 5’8”, 135 pounds and all curves.  She was truly out of my league.  She was using ALL of her feminine wiles on me right now.  “Come on Chris, the thought of using this remote really ‘pushes all of the right buttons’ with me!”  She said is her throatiest, most seductive whisper.

“Oy” I groaned at the pun.  “Let's see what we can do with this.”

My laptop wound up being many other things before the night was over.  Intimate things that we used that night...

When morning came around I was still dozing in bed whale Tina was getting ready for work.  I was she had a smart looking business skirt suit staged.  It was a black pinstripe skirt suit with a knee-length A-line skirt and a white blouse.  I also noticed she had stockings and garters out instead of pantyhose.  That meant that she was still feeling frisky from last night and that tonight was going to be fun again!

She came out of the bathroom with her make-up done and started doing a reverse striptease while getting dressed!  she twirled her bra around before putting it on.   Same with her garters and panties.  My ‘little Chris’ was at full attention by the time she slid her dark gray stocking up her shapely legs and attached them to the garters.

With that, she paused and gave me a seductive, smoldering look and said.  “You have any plans today big boy?”

“Just more of the same, looking at the job posts,”  I said horsily, her routine had me really turned on.

“So, no interviews or appointments?”  She asked in that same seductive tone.

“Nope,”  I said.

“Good!  Then you are coming to work with me!”  She said as she held up the remote and pointed it at me!

“AH! Now, wait a minu...”  That was all I got out when I felt my form vibrate and melt.  I started shrinking and I could see Tina running up to the edge of the bed with a gleeful look on her face.  It felt really weird again when all of the sudden I felt my self split in two.

“OH.  MY.  GOD!  You came out perfect!!”  Tina squealed in delight.  She scooped me up off the bed and immediately slid me on her feet and went to her full-length mirror.  She stood there admiring me in the mirror talking to me but I didn’t hear a word she said.  I was too busy staring at what Tina had done to me.  I was no longer a human being.  I wasn’t a ‘being’ at all!  I was a thing.  A pair of things!  A pair of black four-inch heeled stilettos!!

Before I could fully wrap my head around what just happened she set the remote down on the dresser and scooped up her and headed off to work.  WHILE WEARING ME!

It was weird at first.  Walking on the carpet felt good and the flex of my material as she walked was exquisite.  When she stepped out of the house and starting walking on the sidewalk to the bus stop the feelings changed.  Being walking in on the concrete was jarring.  Not painful but different.  It was...pleasurable.  All of it.  I was fulfilling my new purpose, protecting Tina’s feet from the ground all while helping her look fantastic!

When she made to her office she sat down and went to work.  She seemed to be really fidgety. She kept crossing and uncrossing her legs and sighing deeply.  I was reveling in the feeling of her dangling my left half from her foot when she abruptly put me all the way on and rushed to the bathroom and shut herself in a stall.  She hiked up her skirt and started playing with herself through her panties.  After a couple of minutes, she snatched my right half off her foot and starting rubbing the toe part of me against her.    She moved faster and faster she finally stopped, pushing me hard against her folds and started trembling.  She just masturbated at work using me to get herself off!  I soon didn’t care as the sensations caused me to blackout.


‘Oh my god!  I’ve never done anything like that at work before!  I was so horny at the thought of actually wearing Chris as shoes that I couldn’t help myself!’  Tina thought as she was rinsing the half of Chris that she used to pleasure her self with.

She finished composing herself and calmly walked back to her desk.  She worked for a couple more hours until lunchtime and went outside to make a phone call.  She pulled her iPhone out of her purse and called her friend Beverly.

“Hello?” Beverly answered.

“Oh my god, Bev!  You are NOT going to believe what just happened!”  Tina said excitedly.

After a few minutes of reminding Bev of her uncle and then telling her about the remote and what she had done with it last night and today Bev said.  “THAT IS SO HOT!  Are you REALLY wearing Chris as your shoes right now?”

“Yes, I really am!  It’s so amazing!  I can't even tell that he was anything but a pair of shoes.  His soles even are showing scuff marks from walking on him!  I really want to find out how this is for him but I left the remote at home.”  Tina replied.

“I am SO meeting you at your house tonight after work Tina!  I have to see this remote in action!”  Bev said excitedly.

“Sounds good!  I’ll see you tonight!”  Tina said happily.

The rest of the day dragged for Tina as she was still really turned on wearing Chris.  She would frequently dangle him from her feet while she had her legs crossed.  She would lovingly stroke his shiny, patent material and his stiletto heels while answering phone calls.  When it was finally closing time she practically ran outside to the bus stop.

When Tina got outside she was surprised to see Beverly standing next to her convertible waving at her.  “Over here Tina!  I’ll give you a ride home!”  She said.

they made small talk on the way to Chris and Tina’s apartment.  When they hurried inside Beverly said.  “Where is this remote?”

Tina kicked Chris off at the door and ran back to the bedroom for the remote.  When she got back out to the living room Bev had one of the stilettos that were Chris in her hands tuning him over and over examining him meticulously.  “This is amazing!  This used to be Chris?” Bev asked.

“Still is Chris according to my uncle.  He’s just been rearranged.”  Tina beamed.  “Any chance you want to try it out too?”  She asked.

“Are you kidding!  Why do you think I’m here!  What do you have in mind?”  Bev asked expectantly.

Tina walked over and gently took the remote form Bev and said coyly.  “You will just have to wait and see now won’t you.”

Tina then pointed the remote at Bev before she had a chance to say anything and a big purple dildo clattered down on the floor in the spot where Beverly had been standing.

Tina slowly bent down and picked her friend now dildo up and without a word to it walked back to the bedroom with it.


Morning came around and Tina groggily turned her alarm off and slowly got out of bed.  She walked to the bathroom and started the shower.  She smiled at the purple dildo sitting where she had left it last night after using it to the point of exhaustion.

She got ready for the morning and picked out another one of her black work outfits so she could wear Chris again.  This time is was a black and grey pantsuit.  She went to her dresser and discovered that she didn’t have any more clean pantyhose.

“Hm, it looks like Beverly is going to be going to work with me today too,”  Tina said as she walked into the bathroom with the remote and walked out a few minutes later carrying the remote and a new pair of black pantyhose.  The dildo was nowhere to be found.

As almost an afterthought Tina decided to put the remote in her purse and take it to work with her.

Tina was just as horny today as she was yesterday only even more so since she was wearing two people instead of just one.  Both times she went to relieve her sexual tension in the bathroom she pleasured herself my rubbing her self with Chris though the soft nylon pantyhose that was now Beverly.  The thought of it being a threesome at work sent her over the edge multiple times.

At lunchtime Tina took her lunch outside to eat and spent the time checking her Facebook and Twitter.  All the while rubbing her thigh and dangling one of her stilettos.  When her lunch was over she stood up and tripped a little bit while sliding Chris back on her foot and her iPhone went tumbling to the ground, shattering the screen!

“Oh crap!”  Tina shouted drawing the stares of other co-workers outside.  She gathered up her broken phone and went back into her desk.

“What am I going to do?  I have insurance on my phone but with Chris not working we don’t have a lot of spare money to pay the deductible right now...”  Tina thought to herself while staring sadly at her shattered phone.

She started back on her work while pondering her broken phone.  After a while, it finally dawned on her that she had the remote with her!  She thought about that for a moment and went to the bathroom with her purse.  She went into a stall and pulled the remote out of her purse and took a moment to program it and aimed it at her broken iPhone.  Just before she pushed the execute button she a thought dawned upon her.

“Waaaiiit a minute!  I have a better idea!”  She thought as she glanced down at her stilettos with an evil grin.  

Tina took her pants and the Beverly pantyhose off.  She typed in a new command on the remote pointed it at the pantyhose.  The pantyhose quickly morphed into an exact duplicate of the heels patiently waiting on the floor.  She put her pants back on and slipped the Beverly stilettos onto her feet instead of the Chris stilettos.  She pushed some buttons on the remote and aimed it at Chris.  Chris’ two halves merged back into one and started changing shape, shrinking even further until an iPhone identical to her real phone lay there on the floor.  Tina squealed in delight and scooped Chris up and went back to her desk.


“Whoa!  What’s going on now?  I was enjoying my time on owner’s feet and, wait... Owner??  Tina’s feet and then I felt like she changed me again.  In to what though.”  Chris thought as he was startled out of the almost non-thinking state he had fallen into.


Tina then started trying to use Chris like the phone he now was and nothing was working.  Chris powered on ok but she couldn’t make a phone call.  She just got a network message saying that her phone was not authorized.

Then it occurred to her. “Duh!  I need to insert my SIM card before he will work with my service...”  She thought with a grimace.


“OH MY GOD!  her drawing her fingers across me is turning me on!  Oh gosh!  I think she is calling someone!  I must be a phone now!  This feels amazing!”  Chris was in nonstop pleasure while Tina was moving through his menus and trying to make a call.

“Huh, she could not make a call with me.  that’s a bummer.  Wait did I hear her right?  She said she needs to put her SIM card in me?  What will happen to me?  Oh my!  Her opening my SIM ca....”  Chris’s thoughts were all over the place up until Tina popped his sim card slot open and then there was nothing...


“There, that’s better!”  Tina said after she hung up from the test call she just made.

Tina finished up the last couple of hours her shift in blissful ignorance that she effectively lobotomized her boyfriend, now iPhone.

The bus ride home was uneventful.  Tina spent most of the bus trip home surfing the internet and checking email on Chris.  She was disappointed that she did not have any of her apps at first but realized that made a certain amount of logic.  “Oh well, I’ll just load him up from my last backup.”  she thought merrily, turned on once again that she was holding her boyfriend literally in the palm of her hands!

Tina immediately plugged Chris into her computer and starting syncing him to her last backup.  She then took Beverly off her feet, grabbed the remote and went back to the bedroom punching in a new command into the remote.

After a few hours, Tina and Beverly were sitting in the living room chatting about the last couple of days.

“Tina!  That remote is the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced!”  Bev said with her arms around herself shuddering with remembered pleasure.

“I know right?  although I feel kind of guilty about Chris.  I didn’t exactly get permission to transform him.  I just sprung it on him by surprise.”  She said guiltily glancing over to her computer table where Chris was still plugged in to her computer, her information long since synced.

“Oh, he’ll be fine with it if the pleasure he felt was even a fraction of what I experienced!”  Bev said with a dismissive wave of her hand.

“I hope so!  I’ll promise him he can turn me into whatever he wants this weekend.  Well, I had better use the remote to fix my broken phone and turn Chris back to normal...”  Tina said, sad that the fun was over for the moment.

“Well, let me make a phone call and you can use me as your phone till this weekend or even beyond.  I’ll just let my boyfriend that I had a family emergency and will be out of touch for a few days....”  She said with a coy look.

“Ha!  You sure about that Bev?”  Tina asked.

“Give me five minutes.”  was all Bev said as she walked out of the room.


“..ard slot!!!  Huh? What happened?  everything in front of me is different.  Oh!  I feel myself changing again!”  Chris thought as he came back in to being.

A couple of seconds later Chris was back to normal.  “Huh,  THAT was an experience!”  He said as he looked a Tina.

She enveloped him is a big hug and gave him a lingering kiss.  “I’m sorry for ambushing you with the remote the other morning.”  She said contritely.  I was SOOO turned on I let my lust get the best of me.”

“Eh, i was all upset for about two seconds until you started walking with me on your feet.  Then  the pleasure I felt the rest of the time made me forgive you.”  I said returning the hug.  “Although, I think something weird happened when I was your phone.  I think I blacked out for most of that time.”  I said with concern.

She winced and said.  “Yeah, I forgot I pulled the SIM card that was in you out and put the one from my phone in it’s place.  I tried to transform you back to normal with mine in you and nothing happened.  I got really worried and started panicking until Beverly calmed me down and help me figure out what happened.”

“SO I didn’t black out then.  You essentially removed my brain.  That makes a certain kind of sense I guess.  So you put my SIM back in and I was able to be me again?”  I asked.

“Yeah, sorry you didn’t get to enjoy your time as a phone.”  She said.

That made me laugh out loud.  “HA!  even now that sounds unreal and ridiculous!  Did Beverly go home already?”

“Nope.   I turned you into my phone because I dropped mine and it broke.  She volunteered to stand in as my phone for the rest of the week!”  She said triumphantly holding up a shiny new iPhone.

“Wow!  Wait? she agreed to that even once she found out she would pretty much cease to exist??  I asked incredulously.

“Yep!”  Tina replied with a huge grin.  “Best friend ever!”

“So, What else do we want to do with this remote of yours?” I asked with a big grin.

“Welllll....  I have a few ideas.”  Tina said as she took my hand and led me back to the bedroom.