by Paul G. Jutras


     The day ended with Bert coming home to his roommate Samantha.  Samantha had her hair up in curlers, cotton balls between her toes while her nails dried and only wore a bathrobe. Bert just tossed his laptop on the table, ripped off his tie and glared at her.

     "Can you do something about your appearance?' Bert asked. "I have to live here too."

     "As long as I pay half the rent, I'll wear what I want, when I want." Sam said, while channel surfing.

     "Just keep the sound down while I work on the company's new video games ." Bert said as he opened his laptop. "I have to check it for computer viruses and such."

     "Did you say game?" Sam said stuffing her mouth with potato chips while getting up. She went over; shoved him aside, and sat down before the computer. As she touched the keyboard, an electrical shock made her jump back. "What was that?"

      "Sorry, the laptop keyboard's been acting up lately." Bert smiled weirdly. "That's why I'm checking it."

     "Let  me," Sam pleaded. "I love games."

    "Whatever you say."  Bert stepped back and went over to the television. As he changed it from Sam's movie to the game, she stared at the glow of the screen.  As she moved her computer character over the screen, Sam's fingers moved feverishly to keep the main character alive from its enemies. Her eyes seem to see everything and her fingers moved like they had a mind of their own.

      As Sam sat there, she didn't notice that her toes were fusing together into a pair of solid feet. Her toes pointed down and the back of her feet arched up like she was wearing a pair of invisible five inch heels Bert glanced over the back of the couch with a smile as he watched her skin take on a silver metallic color to it.  "Perfect," Bert thought to himself.  "You'll do anything you want while you're paying half the rent huh. Now you'll be paying in a different way."

     Bert glanced every now and then from the ball game and saw the chrome color climbing up Sam's legs, making them longer and well defined. As the chrome reached her crotch and caused her pussy to be forever open; along with her anus,  an orgasmic wave overtook her. Bert wondered if she would react to her body shuddering in pleasure. She just assumed she was getting so into the game she was playing, that it made her hot and wet.

     Samantha's breasts swelled up into metallic spheres and smoothened while her nipples totally disappeared. Not that she'd be able to see them under her robe. Then the chrome wave began to move up to her neck and down her arms. Sam felt very stiff turning her head, but didn't seem to care.

      It wasn't until the chrome moved down her arms and her fingers fused together that she stopped. "Wh-  What's gong on?" She suddenly cried as she tried to stand up, but her body wouldn't obey the will of her mind. "I can't move."

     "I infected you with a special  computer virus." Bert said as he got off the couch and walked over to her. She wanted to utter her protest, but the chrome had already moved over her head. As her hair fell out, it became a solid chrome plate and her facial features became less defined. "You now will do only as I say."

     Sam only stared in horror as she became nothing more than a passenger in her body. Only when Bert commanded her did she get up and lay flat on her back on the floor. He got a body suit and slid it up over Sam's metallic body giving her a human appearance and full head of hair. "Outside of pleasing me at night, you'll spend the day cooking, cleaning when I am here and standing still in the corner when I'm not.  When I get a male room mate this time, I'll let him be pleased by you too.



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