Valkyrie Warrior (revised)

by Brytestarion

20-Aug-2000 22:23
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7/15/00 1:28 am

   First off I posted something in the old ASFR DB but I received no responses. (sighs) So I'm going to try here. So on with the show.

   I've begin my search on the websites honoring androids of many types and I became more enthalled with the whole thing. I tried to
   find all I can even trying to contact the robotics department at nearby universities. I was devistated by all the negavite responses I
   received lucky for me they didn't call me insane. Oh I am getting ahead of myself name's Carl, Carl Wilson. I used to be a stock
   broker for a big company here in Detroit. However I made so much money even after I paid my required taxes I decided to go
   part time and because of my investment skills I was debating on whether I should go into private practice. But enough about that I
   want to talk about androids or in my case gynoids. Now I tried to build something but things just didn't work out I had some
   technical knowhow but let's face it the resources just aren't there. I also gave up until one day I decided to renew my gym

   Now youre saying "hold on you went to a gym before?" yeah and it was a disaster waiting to happen. First off I was disappointed
   that the gym had VERY few female clientale. The ones that did show fell way short of my expectations. So I decided to reapply
   for membership but the gym closed due to some legal action. From what I heard it was a harrasment lawsuit. The gym lost and
   went out of business after all the appeals were made. So I tried other gyms and got the same results. I was getting upset inside. It
   seems that I will have to wait until I was an old man. Then I decided to net surf and I found the Valkerie Gym.

   Carl: Valkerie Gym? Odd I never heard of this place.

   After doing some more checking I found the place and decided to pay them a visit...

   End of Part 1

   It seems that Carl has found something. Will furtune smile on him? Let's find out.


   When I arrived at this gym I noticed a couple of things it was in an affluent part of the metro area and two it was very well cared
   for. Inside was even beyond my expectations. There were more women than men in this gym. Mostly blonds but they are
   brunettes as well as redheads. What also suprised me that each person is extermely well developed physically. I looked at a
   nearby wall mirror at myself all 6' and 210 of me and sighed I knew that I missed my workouts. In the wall mirror I noticed an old
   man behind me. Popeye came to mind when I looked at him.

   Old Man: Can I help ya?

   Carl: Yes, I am interested in a membership at this fine establishment.

   Old Man: Well now I'm glad you choose us if you would come this way I'll do an intake interview. Oh by the way name's Victor
   Simms I am also the owner.

   So I followed his lead and introduced myself as well. I looked up at some cameras but then I focused on other things. The office
   was big, spacious and comfortable. One could if allowed, fall asleep in here.

   Vic: Please do sit down and I'll activate my computer. So Mr. Wilson what brings you here?

   Carl: Call me Carl and can I call ya Victor.

   Vic: Vic if you don't mind.

   Carl: Ok then. I found you thru the internet. Well It seems to be closeby to where I live I decided to try it.

   Vic and I got to the heart of the matter. We discussed membership plans as well as other things to me it seems that the more I
   understood Vic the more I feel at ease...

   End of Part 2

   Carl meets Vic the owner of Valkerie Gym. But is there more than meets the eye? Find out!

   Vic offered me a probationary membership. I accepted and he drew up the papers. We discussed at length about other seemingly
   unrelated issues.

   Vic: So you like Gynoids and Muscle Women?

   Carl: I don't admit it but I do. I even tried to build one but well..

   Vic: It didn't work out.

   Carl: 'friad not.

   Vic: Tell ya what I like you kid. Youre well established. So I'll let you in on something.

   Carl: Ok what is it?

   Vic: After you probationary membership is over then and only then I'll tell ya. Now let me get you a personal trainer. Now I want
   you to go to that screen over there and watch closely.

   Following Vic's instructions I want to the wall screen and watched as it roared to life. I saw the first 3D realistic image.

   Vic: Suprised? Well let's say that I too have something in common with you. Anyway I'm going to show you the availible trainers I
   have. Keep in mind that you can choose only one. After all too many cooks spoil the meal.

   I was disappointed I was given the first option of whether choosing a male or a female trainer. I was suprised but I decided to go
   with a female trainer.

   Vic: All the male trainers can only take one more. Well now that you have chosen let me show your selections.

   A list of names appeared on the screen

   One by one I looked at each and every profile. I then eliminated Gina and June from the list. I then decided to select Stella as my
   first choice followed by Vicki and Christine.

   Vic: Well done need I remind ya that this is a gym and not a dating service.

   I was blushing when he said that. Vic pressed a button and asked for Stella to come in. I turned around as she entered and I felt
   my insides roaring like a lion. First off Stella was a couple of inches shorter then me and she was muscular as well but in a way that
   it didn't distract from her overall beauty. Her neck-length blond hair and her hairstyle made her look like a goddess. She was
   wearing a green two-piece spandex outfit. I felt like I was staring at her as Vic snapped me out of my reverie.

   Vic: Snap out of it kid. You will have plenty of time later. Anyway Stella this is Carl Wilson he will be your next client. He wanted
   you personally and chose you over Vicki and Christine.

   Stella's face just lit up her powerful deep blue valkerie eyes emitted great confidence....

   End of Part 3

   It seems that Carl's luck improved! Let's see what part 4 will bring.


   Stella: Please to meet you Carl. I'm Stella and I am glad that you chose me. My last client decided to move on because of what
   happened in his private life.

   I was lucky I looked back to Vic and he had a slight smile on his face. To him he made a match. To me it was more than that.

   Vic: Stella why don't you show him around while I take care of some other things.

   Stella: Ok M...I mean boss. Carl let me show you the men's locker room as well as our equipment.

   As soon as we left Vic was typing something I didn't find out until later what it was. Anyway Stella gave me a private tour of the
   place by the time it ended the place was emptied. I asked why there were so many doors marked "Private" and "Employees Only"
   I asked Stella about this at the time she told me that that they were only rooms for employees. I found out later the rooms real

   Stella: I'm sorry that we didn't have time to do our first session but we can set something up. Here is my number if you want to
   reach me at home as well as my e-mail.

   I thanked her as I left the gym and went to my car. In the rear view mirror I noticed that a pair of eyes glowed. At that time I
   shook it off and I went home. Stella was in my thoughts day and night. I seemed to be under a spell. I contacted the gym and left
   Stella a message.

   Unknown to me at that time Vic gathered all his employees for a nightly meeting.

   Vic: Ok everyone listen up. Our gym has been a success. Thanks to each and everyone of you things are going well as planned.
   Our male trainers have shown as much compassion as are female trainers. Now that I rebuilt this gym I knew that a robotic staff
   would do a better job then an organic staff would. Ok everybody I want you all to recharge and do your maintence routines I
   promised you all upgrades but I simply haven't gotten around to doing that yet. But on Sunday we'll close earlier and get the
   upgrades done by then. Questions?

   A woman with shoulder-length dark hair raised her hand it was Vicki.

   Vicki: What about new programming ever since you had our computers shutdown how are we going to get new programming.
   We lost our books to a fire that were never replaced are we gonna do normal learning our get programmed?

   Vic: Good Question Vicki. I got someone to upgrade our computers so that is set. I'm going to restrict programming for the time
   being so all of you can plug into the net for now. Anything else?

   A woman with the same hairstyle as Stella but a strawberry blond stepped forward and spoke.

   Christine: I take it that the anti "evil" filters are modified?

   Vic: That is correct Christie so no need to worry. Anything Else?

   No one else spoke as Vic dismissed them. Stella walked into her room but she was stopped by Christine and Vicki.

   Christine: Youre lucky Stella from the data I got of Carl Wilson he's seems dreamy.

   Vicki: Yeah my last client was a jerk I had to beg master Vic to reassign me.

   Stella: He's mine ladies.

   Christine and Vicky laughed as they went to their rooms. Stella entered her room. It had all the comforts of home. TV, Stereo,
   Game System as well as a desk and chair, computer and well as a human sized capsule. Stella pushed some buttons on the side of
   it and it opened she stepped inside as she begins her recharge.

   End of Part 4

   It looks like the Valkerie Gym's secret is let loose, however what will Carl do? Find out in Part 5!


   Meanwhile I was sleeping. The next morning I went to work and after an uneventful day I went home and got e-mail from Stella. It
   was about getting the sessions scheduled. So I decided that Wednesdays and Fridays were perfect. I wanted to go thru with this
   anyway my first few sessions were nothing to write home about however as my probationary membership ended I ended up
   seeing Vic again.

   Vic: So you how do you like Stella?

   Carl: She's good. I've decided to offically join.

   Vic: That's good to hear. Since you like the gym so nuch I'll give you a lieftime membership.

   Carl: I don't know what to say.

   Vic: Don't thank me yet. Why do you come in after we shutdown for the night and we can talk more at length.

   Stella was glad that I decided to join. When she couldn't make it Christine or Vicki eagerly agreed to assist me. They were
   goddesses as well. I took up Vic's offer and visited the gym after hours. Vic was about to reveal his secret.

   Vic: You know you told me that you like gynoids and muscle women. What if I can make your dreams come true?

   Carl: Huh? What do you mean?

   Vic: I'll show you.

   Vic presses a button and asks for Stella to come on. She was in her activewear when she entered the office.

   Stella: Yeah Boss?

   Vic: I'm going to tell him the secret.

   Stella: Are you sure?

   Vic: I trust him. Stella show him your real form.

   Stella pressed something on her upper chest just below her neck. An outline of a panel is now seen then she removes it and
   underneath it I can see wires, lights and bioorgans. I was in shock I touched the wires within and they were cool to the touch.
   Stella was giggling a little as she replaced the panel as it disappeared just as quickly. I was in shock.

   Vic: As you can see this is no prank.

   Carl: Are you?

   Vic: No kid I'm the only organic here on the staff.

   Carl: Your entire staff are androids?

   Vic: Yes, You see I was a robotics professor on a new breakthru dicovery but I was laughed at. I tried to convice the board of
   directors about my plan but my funding was cut. I gotten some assistance from another source. I was able to complete my
   breakthru however my droids designs were stolen and a new war droid appeared much later. I had no choice but to counter that
   threat with my own Valkerie Warriors. The renegade droid was defeated. Stella is one of my Valkerie Warriors.

   I looked that Stella and she was smiling almost as if she was blushing. I decided to listen more to Vic.

   Vic: Look Carl I'll be honest with you. I have an incurable condition. I don't have long to live. Let's face it I don't want to see my
   gym destoryed as well as my research.

   Carl: Why can't one of you staff members take over?

   Vic: I thought about that but an organic like you would work best. My androids have no SSN, Birth Certificates and no drivers
   license. So it wouldn't work anyway. That's why I chose you. If you agree I'll have my lawyer draw up all the legal paperwork.

   I stood there in shock once more. First off my dream woman is a gynoid then Vic has an incurable condition now he wants to give
   me the gym?

   Carl: I'll have to think this over.

   Vic: Ok but my days are numbered. Please get back to me soon.

   I looked at Stella and then I left. After I took off. Stella looked at Vic.

   Stella: Do you think that he'll agree?

   Vic: He's my last hope.

   When I came back home I went upstairs I knew that I had to concider Vic's offer. An hour later I heard a knock at the door.
   Stella was there and she needed to talk to me. She tried to see it from Vic's point of view. Then she embraced me as our lips
   touched. I know now what I needed to do..

   End of Part 5

   OOC: Ok I know it's been awhile. But I'm back so let's get on with the story!

   Vic and I got the legal kids as time of the ownership transfer came near. "Popeye" as I called him was an excellent teacher and I was an excellent student. Also Vic's health was failing fast so time was of the essence. I went to his house and visited him. Todd and June were taking care of my mentor.

   Todd: Carl, This doesn't look good. The boss have less time then I realized. We took the liberty of making final arrangements.

   Todd and I made it up to his master bedroom. Popeye was pale as I later found out his condition. June looked up at us.

   Vic: Todd, Have you..

   Todd: Yeah Boss I did. I had the legal team they will be here in 30 minutes as well your doc and the staff.

   Vic: You did good my son.

   Son!? From what he told me in a private conversation that he had no family left. Unless Todd was built to look like a late relative. However for the moment it remained irrelevant. For now I looking into the fading eyes of Vic. Something within me stirred.

   A knock at the door was heard as Todd rushed downstairs first the staff came then the legal team followed by some others friends that I had no knowledge. But Vic's staff and myself were his family and we were there. No one else could claim that. Vic's Doctor, Green was his name. I can see now that he spoke his final words.

   Vic: Thank you for being here. I thought that I will night see this day. But now I know that I must go. Carl...

   I knelt next to him.

   Vic: It's your show now. The place was my soul. Please treat it and my family well.

   Carl: I promise Vic I promise.

   He then addressed everyone else. From Todd and the other staff members then Dr. Green as well as the legal team. Victor "Popeye" Simms closed his eyes for the final time.

   After the investigation was complete and all the legal ramblings finished, I assumed control of Valkerie Gym and its robot staff. I knew that after the funeral was over and yes I got formal outfits for everyone. I said a few words.

   Carl: I knew the late Victor "Popeye" Simms only in his last part of his life. But he gave me something that I thought I lost as a child. The power to believe once again. Now I along with the staff will continue on his work. I know that this is what Vic wanted. I know that until time will claim me I will continue his legacy. Thanks Vic wherever you are.

   Then a few of his friends and the other staff members spoke as the casket was lowered I knew that ready or not I will keep my promise. After the service I looked at the sunset and realized that another legacy will begin....

End of Part 6

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