Very Real Dolls

By Rotwang (

"Matt ?"

Matt turned around and recognized it as that very special "Matt ?"

She wore a simple flowery dress and leaned against the kitchen doorframe with that delightful and irresistible smile of hers on her lips. She brushed a few rich deep brown locks out of her face and walked up to him.

"Iím busy washing up the dishes." Matt said.

"You can always do them later on. Itíll just take a few hours." She said and slipped her hand into his shirt.

He couldnít resist her teasing and chucked his hands dry.

In their bedroom, Andrea let the dress slip off her naked body. She was a slender young woman with nice features.

Mattís eyes lingered over her hairless body. She still smelled of hair-remover.

"Just lie down." He said and took a can from the closet, while she laid herself belly-down on the bed.

He poured some of the clear yellowish liquid in his hand and rubbed it between her shoulders. She sighed with pleasure as he rubbed the liquid over her back, shoulders, behind and legs.

Reluctantly she got up and raised her arms, so he could rub it over the front and sides of her body.

He lingered over the sensitive parts, rubbing them with extreme care. Andrea had her eyes closed and just moaned once in a while. He went lower, reaching for her abdomen and slipped his hand between her legs. Andrea giggled, but held her hands high as they were completely covered in liquid.

While Andrea was slick from the neck down to her feet, he went to the bathroom to wash his hands.

Andrea just stood in the middle of the bedroom and gently swung her arms, waiting for him to return.

Her eyes sparkled as he unfolded it on the bed in front of her.

He went up to her and with care, slipped a bathing cap over her head, sealing off her lovely hair.

"Ready ?" He asked.

She smiled and nodded.

He picked it up and gathered up one of the dangling bits. He held it and Andrea slipped her foot into it.

Matt adjusted the rubber foot over hers and made sure it was wrinkle-free.

He then did the other foot and with great care, slipped the tight rubber skin over leg.

Her toes wiggled over the wooden floor and just swung her arms held horizontal to some imaginary music.

Matt then pulled the suit between her legs, over her shaven crotch and rubbed it flat, purposely rubbing her sex.

She purred.

Once Matt had pulled one rubber arm over her own, Andrea could assist him in dressing up.

She adjusted the rubber skin over her own body and let Matt sealing the suit over her spine.

"Itíll take a few more minutes to dry." He said.

The glue that had lubricated her inside the tight suit, began to react with the rubber and dried, bonding it to her skin.

She wiggled her hands and toes for a comfortable fit and put her legs apart. She bowed all the way, her head between her legs, arms dangling over the floor.

Matt looked at a set of boxes, made his choice and picked one out of the closet. He then pulled out a rubber head. He put it down and removed the Styrofoam head inside. Andrea moaned passionately as he presented it to her.

It had Asian features and Matt already knew what the matching wig would be.

"Itís almost dry." She said and picked up the mask and ran a rubber finger over its features.

It was a young Asian woman probably Japanese. It had a very pretty face with glass eyes.

Matt held up a black pageboy haircut wig and Andrea nodded.


Andrea eased her face into the mask, adjusting the nose-tubes and her lips inside it, until her entire head was encapsulated. Matt sealed it for her, pulling it tight against her face. He then applied some more glue around the seam between the neck and the head and picked a plain black choker necklace. He glued it in place and waited for it to dry.

Inside the mask, Andrea was blind as the eyes were not transparent.

Matt helped the naked, hairless woman on the bed and waited for her to relax. He kissed her on the rubber lips and waited for the glue to dry.

He sat down besides her and waited for her respiration to slow down until it was barely perceptible.

Then he put the wig over her head and attached it to the little clasps embedded in her skull. He then slipped a plastic medallion over her head.

Moments later, his doll was ready !

He reached for her hand and lifted it. It fell limply on the bed again.

Matt lifted Aiko and held her upright as he adjusted her arms onto her lap. He pressed a little mark at the base of her neck and Aiko became stiff. She could now be posed.

He picked her up from the bed and put her down, adjusting her body in an upright pose.

It took a while to find her balance, but after he made sure she would not topple over, he reached for the closet and casting a look behind his shoulder, went for some clothes.

He heard a rumble and noticed the mannequin had toppled over, onto the bed; still as stiff as he had posed her. He then pulled her to her legs again and made sure she was securely balanced.

Although his first idea had been lingerie, Matt, holding his hands against his lips, picked a black and yellow training outfit.

With care, he tipped her, slipped it over her foot, and then did the same with her other foot.

He pulled the Lycra suit over her soft rubber body and eased her arms into the short sleeves.

After zipping up the back and adjusting the suit over her body, he picked her up and sat her stiff body onto an exercise bike.

He put her feet into the pedal straps and her hands on the handlebars. Crouching behind her, he grabbed her ankles and gently had them pedal. They gathered some momentum and the feet slowly began pedaling of their own accord.

Matt was aroused now. He sat on the bed and slipped his hand inside his pants.

Aiko was gently slowing down and stopped, becoming perfectly immobile again.

Mattís hand jerked up and down until he felt relief come over him. He held onto his dick and went to the bathroom to clean himself.

He returned a moment later and pressed the button at the back of her neck.

She almost limply oozed off the bike, but he caught her and carried her to the bed again.

Aiko was completely limp now and Matt had to put the cushions together to keep her reclined. He opened a drawer, took a pair of sunglasses, and slipped them over her head. He adjusted her black hair over it and stepped back. Nobody would notice Aiko on a beach like she was now, sitting in the sun.

He went back to her, decided to play with her, and picked up her right leg. He lifted it vertically and tried to balance it, but it threatened to fall. After trying in vain to balance her leg upright, he pulled it against her face and chest. He then switched with the other leg, trying to pose her in unusual positions.

He left her in a contortionist pose. On her chest, legs folded over her shoulders and arms supporting her face to grab a large bag. After he put her leg back, he picked her up and put her in the bag. He folded her arms and legs into the bag and cast a last glance at her pretty face before zipping it up.

Matt grunted as he lifted the heavy bag and carried it down the stairs.

He adjusted his clothes and grabbed his car keys.

The bag went in the back of the truck and Matt got behind the wheel.

After a fifteen-minute drive to the bus depot, Matt carried the bag inside towards one of the larger lockers.

He checked his pocket for the right change and opened the locker. He put the bag inside it and locked it. After that, he went to a bar where he was in sight of the locker and waited for fifteen minutes behind a sandwich and a coffee, bought himself a magazine and went back to take his bag.

Matt took it back to the truck and decided to drive to the mall.

He carried the bag and looked around for the bathroom. He went into a cubicle and sat down on the throne before unzipping the bag. He pulled out Aikoís arms and legs, splaying her within the restricted confines of the cubicle in front of him..

Aikoís pretty face stared unseeing at the ceiling. Matt rubbed a finger over her face and put her in a more upright pose while he had a quick pee.

After that, he stuffed her back into the bag and wondered what to do next.

He looked around at the various shops, the bag between his legs.

Suddenly, he caught sight of a movie poster and picked up the bag. It was a mid-week matinee and there were few people in the cinema. Matt sat all the way in the back and took out Aiko. They both watched the movie, but just before the end and lights would turn on again, he stuffed her back into the bag.

After the movie, he went home again. He lifted the bag, attached it to a peg on the wall, and went to the kitchen to finish the dishes.

After that, he grabbed the bag and carried it upstairs up to the attic.

He put the bag down besides a glass wall that cut the attic in half. He opened a side door and took Aiko out again. He pressed her stiffness button and sat her down on a cube inside the mock window. He posed her sitting down, legs apart and arms leaning on her legs. Her head was posed upwards like a mannequin. As he got out of the window, he pressed a large red button. He then walked towards a corner, grabbed a big aluminum suitcase, and opened it. Out came a raven-haired doll. He pressed her back and she became stiff. He pushed it again and she became limp again.

He smiled and adjusted the shiny black latex bodysuit with a zipper crotch and pop tit holes. He then began to pose and stretch her, jerking her in all sorts of submissive poses and then tied her up on her face and knees, her sex and behind poking out vulnerably. Matt undid his trousers and eased his penis into Dianne. He rammed hard into her, sitting on her and causing her to collapse.

"Bad doll !" He shouted and grabbed the bag. After untying her, he stuffed her into the bag and carried her to the first floor. He stopped at the top of the stairs and unzipped the bag.

The doll rolled out, fell down the stairs, and crumpled into a ball as it arrived downstairs. Matt rushed down and checked on her. She was still limp and Matt tied her up again into a little ball and rolled her into the little closet under the stairs.

Matt went up the stairs again and opened a door. It was a perfect dollhouse room, except it was life-size.

Sitting behind at little tea table was a blonde porcelain-headed doll in a deep blue Belle-Époque dress with wide puffed sleeves and a tightly corseted body. Matt removed her wig and unbuttoned her white lace blouse. He opened the head and freed a black woman.

She smiled at Matt and stiffly came to life again.

Aisha took a deep breath and got up. She was a bit stiff and had trouble walking.

"Are you okay ?"

Matt nodded but looked a bit nervous.

"Something wrong ?"

"I tossed Dianne from the stairs again. I know she likes it, but Iím always scared for her."

"She is into S&M, Matt. She likes to be mistreated and tossed about like a ragdoll." Aisha said. "Just like Andrea likes to be carried around to strange places and I like to be part of a dollhouse. Besides, we all agreed that you would take care of us. And so far none of us have complained, have they ?"

Matt chuckled. "Why did Andrea ever talk me into helping you ?"

"But you have three lovely dolls now." Aisha smiled. "Please help me undress."

"Okay, you get your freedom back, but I positively have to check on Dianne and Andrea in about twenty minutes."

"Okay." She said. Matt helped her out of her clothes. The contrast between her dark head and ivory rubber body was quit startling. He took out a special bottle, poured it into her neck inside the suit, and then began to peal it off her body. The glue softened and Aisha slipped out of the rubber dollskin. She was built like a sprinter with long, lean limbs and a sharp, well-defined face.

Matt smiled as she grabbed one of her petticoats to cover herself and he turned around.

She took some clothes out of a bottom drawer and got into a simple T-shirt and jeans, sharply contrasting with the elaborate dollís clothes she had worn half an hour before.

"Iíll start dinner." Aisha said. "You can check on Andrea and Dianne."

Matt nodded and went downstairs again to see to Dianne.

Sheíd been tied up with her right leg against her chest, right arm under that leg and over her left leg that had been attached with handcuffs to her left arm around her back. The resulting ball was then further tied up into a rounded ball.

Matt untied her and pressed the button at the back of her neck. Dianne stiffened and he posed her on hands and feet. He picked her rigid form up and carried it to the dinner table and put her down on a spot that had a chair missing.

Aisha was already busy with the meal. And Matt after checking on her progress, went to the attic to check up on Aiko.

The mannequin was exactly as he had posed her, or else the motion detector wouldíve noticed it. He deactivated it with the red button and went inside. He gently undid the choker and slipped open the mask.

Andrea smiled radiantly at him.

"I know we were in a cinema, but I have no idea what we did before that." She said and grabbed her husband.

"I love you !" She said and hugged him.

Matt felt a bit tired but happy.

Aisha sat on Dianne as they ate without her as they always did. Dianne would only insist on leftovers.

Matt always felt sorry for Dianne, but she categorically insisted on being treated as an object.

After dinner, while Andrea played doll with Aisha, Matt carried Dianne to her room.

He could hear her stomach rumble. The room was bare with several S&M rigs inside.

He released Dianne. She was a good-looking woman in her mid thirties.

"Thanks Matt." She said. "I liked it very much."

Matt felt a bit uneasy.

"Youíre doing fine ! Iím a tough girl." She said. "Besides, the people at the office call me the "ball crusher" because Iím so tough with them !" She said and got into a striking dark blue business suit.

"See you next weekend !" She pecked him on the forehead and left.

"I put Aisha to bed." Andrea said.

"Sheís got a personal alarm ?"

"Itís around her neck." Andrea replied.

"Letís go sleep, Iím tired." Matt said.

"Me too. Itíll be a busy day tomorrow Ö Joan, Amanda and Keti are on the list."