Victoria (mc, fetish, robot)

By Lisa Madison

As Mike lay in bed after spectacularly unimpressive sex, he knew that he would have to say something soon. He turned to his wife, Victoria, and said,

"Why don't you ever wear the lingerie I bought you?"

"It makes me feel so dirty. Like a whore. I don't like it."

"It's just a black lace Wonderbra, matching panties, garters and stockings! It's perfectly respectable. And that's mild compared to what I wanted to get for you. Besides, I don't want to sleep with another woman, I just want you to act a little sexier..."

"Look, if you hate me for wearing cotton panties, you can sleep on the couch!"

"I love you as much as ever, but..."

"Get out!", screamed Victoria as Mike crawled out of bed and went downstairs, looking back at his wife with her head down. She was still as pretty as ever, just plain. Beautiful long, full hair, but it was a dirty blonde color. Her body was pretty and slim, but he needed something more...

The next day, Victoria was having lunch with her girlfriend Anna.

"I just don't get it. What is it with men? I want to be sexy for Mike, but I just don't feel comfortable in the clothes he wants me to wear. It's the way I was raised. What should I do?"

"Maybe you should go to one of those sexual surrogates that advertise in men's magazines. Find a woman. She'd probably be more sensitive to your needs and help you get over your problem."

Later that day, Victoria fought off the embarrassment and bought a men's magazine at the local convenience store. In the back she saw an ad for "Mistress Joy, Sexual Surrogate. Let me bring out the new, sexual you". It sounded corny, she thought, but safe. She called the number, made an appointment, and wrote down the Manhattan address.

At the end of the month, Mike was sitting at home, horny as ever. Victoria had called and said she had a late aerobics class, and that he should eat dinner without her. He thought that she had been going to a lot of these "late" classes. Her body did look better, but something in the back of his mind made him think that something was up. An affair? He quickly dismissed the thought, since the idea of losing her was too painful. He didn't have to wallow in depression for too long as the phone rang.

"Mike, it's Tori. I'm at a coffee shop in the broke down. Would you come get me?"

Tori? Oh, yeah, Victoria. She hadn't used that name since college, when she was blitzed out of her mind one night. Great sex that night, too...

He quickly snapped out of it and looked down at the erection in his pants. "Down boy", he thought. "You haven't gotten any in three weeks. Why should tonight be any different?"

He pulled his red RX-7 up to the curb in front of the coffee shop and walked inside. He didn't put the club in place, despite the seedy look of the neighborhood. Even forgot to lock it. He thought he'd be right out and figured that all the hookers around would keep an eye on it for him. He was surprised to see that she wasn't inside, and thought maybe she was just in the bathroom, so he ordered a cup of coffee. After a few sips, he looked out the door to see if his car was still there. It was, but there was the black silouhette of a woman leaning up against his car, smoking a cigarette. He rushed out to tell this damn hooker to get the hell off his car, but stutter stepped when he saw how sexy the woman was--long jet black hair, eyes obscured by black wrap-around sunglasses, and a black leather sex outfit designed to blow mens' minds. It was so sexy watching her slowly exhale smoke too...he wished Victoria smoked sometimes.


"Wanna party, sugar?"

"No thanks. I'm waiting for my wife" he said as he got in the car, intending to wait for her there.

"I'll be your wife...tonight" she purred as she got in the passenger side, and lowered her glasses.


"No, Tori" she corrected as she flung the butt out the window and proceeded to unzip his pants. Mike hit the gas as hard as he could, spinning the wheels. "What happened to..."

"Pull over here" she said, pointing to a motel not two blocks from the coffee shop. He quickly complied and flew into a parking spot.

Mike was still in a daze as she guided him up to the room. He almost forgot to pull his pants up over his rock hard member before he got out. Now, in the room, Tori was in complete control.

"Sit down over there, I'll be ready for you in a second", she said, lighting a fresh cigarette. He did, and was able to take in completely what a stunning creature his wife had become. She had dyed her hair black, and it was huge! Looked like the girl in that Ozzy Osbourne video. He smiled at that thought, since his wife had undergone a similar transformation. But this was a fantasy in black leather...lace and leather. Or, should he say, leather with laces. The short bolero jacket laced up the back, perfectly in line with the leather corset that gave her an unbelieveable hourglass figure. Must have been a micro-mini size 5 skirt...she normally wears a 7. That too laced up both sides. And the boots! At least a 5 inch heel that had speed laces laced all the way up the front, halfway up her thigh, ending with a little lace and garters peeking out in between the boots and skirt. She was posed looking away, compact and cigarette in her left hand, reapplying the deepest red lipstick he had ever seen. It was almost black. Still it all matched her dark makeup--liquid liner, false eyelashes, the works. He might not have recognized her even if she wasn't wearing the glasses. At least not at first. The studded dog collar and silver rings on her fingers were a nice touch, like she was going to hook at a Nine Inch Nails concert.

When she was confident that everything was perfect, she grabbed him by the shirt and proceeded to finish him off. Never even had to remove a stitch of clothing, as the bullet bra cups of the corset somehow flipped down when he unlaced the corset a little, and she wasn't wearing any panties.

About an hour and a half later, Mike was spent and couldn't go anymore. Even when Tori offered a fourth ride, all he could manage was a pathetic whimper. "Fine" she said. "Then clean me up. You came all over me, and I'm going back out."

"Going back..." he began to protest, but thought, "Don't blow this one..." He looked in her eyes and saw through the dominant gaze and makeup the eyes of the woman he loved and trusted. She got out some cans, rags and brushes, then proceeded to the center of the room. She then froze into a mannequin position: legs together but spread at her slightly bent left knee, arms and hands up and out, with her ass thrown back and tits out for the world. Her eyes also had such a blank look, he thought that she was under a spell...

She didn't say a word as he went about his task, having to lace and relace the corset until it closed. How she could breathe he'd never know. It was like detailing a car--there was even a small brush to get the cum out from under her inch long nails. After about a half hour of rubbing and buffing the leather till it shined, she finally came out of her trance and complimented him on the nice job.

"I hope you're happy, Mike. I am." She put one crimson-taloned nail to his lips as he opened his mouth to speak. "No questions. Now I have to go back to see the lady that made this possible, down in the Village. Go home. I'll see you tomorrow."

With that, he listened to her spike heels as she sauntered down the steps. She mounted a Harley parked there, and sped off.


The ride across town was quick and relatively uneventful. She ignored all the looks and catcalls from men along the road, choosing instead to concentrate on the intense feelings of pleasure she was feeling, both from the hum of the engine and of her own reckless behavior. It all felt like a sort of out-of-body experience for her--as if she knew what she wanted to do without planning it or thinking about the consequences. Her inhibitions were out the window before. It felt so good. At that moment, the rememberance of inhibitions allowed them to creep back into her consciousness for a second, but she was easily able to supress them as she pulled up to the curb. After checking her makeup in the rear view, she lit another cigarette and strolled inside.

Tori attracted attention everywhere she went, but was gazed upon respectfully in this bar. The patrons knew what business she had, after they noticed the tattoo that encircled her left wrist. They knew she'd be heading directly to the stairs in back, to see the owner, simply known as "The Mistress". It wasn't just unthinkable to mess with The Mistress, it was nuts to mess with her girls too. They knew she had a way of getting in your head...

Tori hit the buzzer outside the double doors. It was still amazing to her that such a grand apartment would be found over such a seedy bar. But a butler with a blank stare opened the door for her, and led Victoria across the cavernous room, the only sound was her boots clicking against the black marble floor. They walked to a place in the center of the room where Tori knew to stop and the butler continued out of the room.

There was a loud "pop" as a spotlight came on overhead, while a motor simultaneously began to whir, raising the four square foot section of marble up, like a hydraulic lift. When the marble block lifted Tori about 2 feet in the air, it stopped. From across the room, she heard the command.

"Assume the position for inspection".

Again, without thinking, she posed like a mannequin on this block. Somewhere inside, however, she considered how strange it was that she would do such a thing. She enjoyed letting Mike touch her all over while in her self-imposed bondage, but the feel of of The Mistress's red pvc glove on her body wasn't arousing her at all.

"Very good, my lovely. Your man did a very good job. I should have him wash my car."

There was no reaction from the still frozen Tori. The Mistress hit a button on a remote control that was strapped to her arm, lowering the block. When finished, she said, "You may move now. You are ready for your final training. You will learn to serve me alone. There is no reason for you ever to have another thought about Mike. You will become my sex toy."

Tori didn't need long to think about this and screamed "Never" as she turned and bolted for the door. The Mistress let her run for a second, then nonchalantly pressed a button on the remote. Near the door, there was a blinding flash of light that caught Tori in mid-stride. The mannequin hit the ground and teetered over on her side, skidding a few feet on the smooth floor.

"Nothing like a little circuit overload to keep the girls in line", The Mistress pondered aloud. She summoned her butler, who came over with a hand truck to wheel the startled girl back to the operating table. Tori's last bit of consciousness was gone as The Mistress caressed her cheek and purred, "Nighty-night".


Tori awoke strapped to the table, feeling the two-inch taloned pinkie finger of The Mistress withdraw from her ear. She looked at her captor's red latex catsuit and thought it looked familiar. She accessed her files and determined that she looked like the girl in the "Venus" video by Bananarama.

"How do you feel", said The Mistress.

Accessing....foreign sensations. Exterior surface has changed. "I-feel-strange-Mistress."

"Strange? How so?", she asked rhetorically as she undid the straps, sliding her inclined body to the floor.

Accessing...she immediately brought her hands to her now huge breasts, and heard the click of metal on metal. The mirror on the far wall amazed her. "I-love-Maria?" was the only thing that came out of her mouth. She had no idea why she said it, but it seemed to amuse her Mistress.

"Exactly. Didn't know I was such a Sorayama fan, did you? The chips I implanted in you were not controlling your body as well as I'd hoped. If it weren't for the hypnosis of the past few weeks, I might have lost you completely. So underneath all the metal plating and silver latex, there are diodes attached directly to your skin.". She was right. Even her high heels were chrome, yet somehow everything was crafted to allow movement. "So what do you think of me?"

"I-hate-you. You-made-me-in-to-a-freak."

"Sorry to hear that. What about now?"

A press of the button on her arm band turned all her thoughts into lusting for the dominatrix. The tori-bot slowly walked over and picked up her Mistress by her severly corsetted waist and carried her over to the leather couch in the corner of the room. Once there, she knew to remove the dildo attatched to her right thigh and screwed it into her crotch plate. With deadly accuracy, she pierced both the latex and her Mistress, bringing a groan of pleasure from the woman. The tori-bot sensed her Mistresses impending orgasm and activated the vibration of the dildo. The Mistress exploded again and again.

"Right...that was great", she panted. "Now get me a cigarette. Get one for yourself too. You earned it".

The tori-bot walked off to the other room while Tori screamed for control...

To be continued...?