Victoria, Part II (more of the same, +some tg)

By Lisa Madison


The next day, Mike awoke to the sun streaming in the window. Exhaustion had made him stiff all over, but he quickly forgot his physical pain when he realized that Victoria never came home. He thought that it was her prerogative to be late after last night's performance, but if she didn't come home by noon, he'd have to go look for her.

At the same time across town, Victoria awoke in her metal shell just as sore as Mike, but in a different way. The Mistress left her standing frozen in the corner, arms and legs spread in graceful but strangely posed positions. Though the electricity to most of the suit was off, her conscious mind was left to its own devices. Thankfully, she was able to sleep in that position for a few hours, but Victoria knew she would hurt when she was allowed to move again.

After a while, The Mistress came in to power up her latest creation. "Today is a sad day, Tori. I have some bigger fish to fry, and need all the cash I can get my hands on. Therefore, I have to sell you. Maintaining slaves, especially robots, isn't cheap, and I know of a place that would pay a lot of money for you. James, would you come in here and help prepare Tori for shipping."

The butler came in with a tool box, packed with cordless drills, screwdrivers, and socket wrenches. "First, we have to relieve you of your armour. They will have no use for it, so neither will you. Besides, it wasn't cheap and I plan to reuse it, seeing as how well you performed in it."

Victoria observed what was happening to her in a detached way, still in a trance-like state. James worked quickly and effectively, like a pit crew removing tire lugs. When finished, he began to remove the diodes with a solvent designed to dissolve the glue helping to hold them in place. He was good, as she didn't feel any pain or observe any abnormal skin discoloration. As he worked, The Mistress was busying herself by choosing Tori's "wrapper".

"I think I've discovered your purpose in life, Tori", she said. "I don't think anyone has taken so well to the suggestions about becoming a mannequin. In fact, I think you get off on the idea."

Victoria was left to ponder this as The Mistress wrapped a heavy leather corset around her waist and began to pull the laces tight. She hated to admit it, but she had to give into the idea that she had loved being a mannequin. She flashed back to the appreciate stares and lusting both Mike and The Mistress had for her. She even noticed that James kept stealing glances. She was snapped from her daydream, however, as she felt herself hoisted into the air by wires attached to the many D-rings on the corset. Even the thigh-high boots that they put on her next had D-rings all over them. She then felt her frozen body being ported over to a coffin-shaped box. She fell into the box with a "clunk" as the wires were detached.

"Careful, you idiot!" screamed The Mistress as James cringed at his error. Turning her attention to Tori, she said, "Don't worry, dear, that won't happen again. You may be wondering why we didn't place any cushioning in the box. Well, you won't need it, and it tends to be ineffective anyway. When we're through with you, you won't be able to move an inch, and will have no chance of bouncing around and becoming 'damaged goods'."

A web of straps that would have made a spider proud cris-crossed her body in such a way that he was totally suspended in the case when it was brought upright. "But I wouldn't dream of letting you miss out on this trip. I love you" she said, kissing her full on the lips. That was the magic combination, as Victoria was brought out of her trance, unable to move but fully able to shout. A steady stream of obsenities was quickly smothered by a ball gag. Her last memory of The Mistress was her lighting a new cigarette, taking a deep drag, and commanding, "get it out of here." as the lid was nailed shut.


Mike searched well into the night for his lover. After hours of searching in the East Village, he saw a sign down the street sticking out that read "Worship". Deciding that he could use a little divine assistance, he walked towards the sign with a new hope. Coming closer, however, he realized that it wasn't a chapel at all, but a fetish clothing store. He was dejected, but did a double take as he turned away from the window, and realized that the heavily made-up mannequin was the exact picture of Tori from the night before! She looked really glossy, almost unreal, but he had no doubt that it was Tori. But even though he was looking directly in her eyes, it was as if she couldn't see him. She must be under some sort of trance, he thought. And whoever runs the store must be in on it. The idea of having to pick her up and run was out of the question; the clerk would probably shoot him or something. The he went with was even more simple--walk in and see what develops.

The clerk said, "Hello, handsome, my name is Matthew. How can you help me tonight?"

Mike laughed at his little joke and said that he was just looking around. "I saw you looking at the clothes on the mannequin. They would look fab-u-lous on you."

Mike forgot that in a shop like this in the Village, they wouldn't necessarily assume you were shopping "for your wife". Without missing too many beats, he augmented his plan. "Yes, I love that outfit", he said. "Is that latex from the Baroness? It looks like the highest quality, but quality I can't afford".

Mike's desire for his wife to wear things like that and his subsequent research had paid off. "You certainly know your fashion, gorgeous. Maybe you could work it off." He was taking the bait.

"How so?"

"Well, we don't need another clerk..."

"Maybe I could model some things for you. There's space for another mannequin". When Mike saw Matthew's eyes light up, he knew he'd made a sale. "Oh, honey, I've got everything you need in back!" as Matthew grabbed his hand and led him to the back.

Mike was never so happy of his slight build. 5'8", 145 lbs made him a legitimate candidate to pull off modelling women's fetish gear. It took all of his acting ability not to be taken aback by the outfit Matthew gave him to wear. He was meant to be a contrast to the silver suit with black accessories that Tori was wearing, by donning a black rubber outfit with chrome accessories and a silver wig. He had never tried cross-dressing, but Matthew's work made him take a mental note for the future. If Matthew hadn't concealed his sex so well, he was sure that the sight of himself would have made him rock-hard. His face was made up as heavily as a Las Vegas showgirl, but his lips were black and the shadings were dark to give him a gothic look.

"I see that you like what I've done", said Matthew. "Why don't you show me how much, Candi?"

Candi? He liked that, and was really getting into the role. But he didn't feel it was right, now. "I don't want to mess up the perfect job you did on my face, darlin'", purred Candi, running one black gloved hand down the front of Matthew's pants. "Put me in the window tonight, and you can have your fun with me tomorrow".

"O.K., honey. Then from now on you will be a mannequin. Here is the base you will be mounted on.", he said, pointing toward the back room. Candi walked as best she could in the rubber hobble skirt and 6" lace up ankle boots. The base was an odd creation, with a thin metal pole rising up through the back. The odd part was the "seat"--a clear plastic piece that came out from a butt plug. Candi dutifully walked over to it, allowed Matthew to unzip the back of her skirt, and slowly impaled herself on it. It was good to know that Matthew had already taken the time to lubricate it.

It appeared to Candi that she would be sitting in the display. But then Matthew used another pole in the rear of the display like a jack, making the pole and Candi rise with every pump. In a minute, she was in a full standing position, weight partially supported by her feet and partially by the seat. But she couldn't move anywhere on her own. Matthew spoke:

"Candi, you don't have that little something extra our other mannequins have to keep them motionless all night. The posture collar will help, as will the base, but I'm going to have to do something to help your arms. I think that I'll glue your left hand to your minuscule waist. There, that ought to do it. Ready to go?"

Matthew then wheeled a hand truck under the base and lifted his mannequin up. He wheeled her over to the spot next to Tori and let her down. "We still have to do something with the other arm, though. You'll never be able to hold it there all night." He walked away, returning to the front with leather cuffs, attaching one to Candi's right wrist and the other to the overhead light fixture. He added a few other accessories, gluing a cigarette to her left hand, among other things, and proclaimed his work done. After fondling both mannequins for a while, he said good night and closed the store.

For a while, Candi stood and reveled in the feeling of complete motionlessness, the plug in her ass, and the looks of lust in the faces of the bar crowd that passed by. Little did he know that Tori was feeling the same thing, but could not express it. At about 4 am, he decided that the traffic had stopped enough now for him to try to escape with Tori. He hadn't anticipated being bound so tightly, though! He tried to bring her out of the trance by snapping the fingers of his right hand, which made no sound in the rubber glove. He then thought of the old Sleeping Beauty/Snow White routine, but had no idea how he could get over to kiss her. That he couldn't get off the base made the foot between them like a mile. He also couldn't use his arms to pull her close to him. So, he gritted his teeth, grabbed the bar with his right hand, and tried to shift his center of gravity up enough so he could tip himself and the base towards Tori. An eternity of struggling brought him close, and with an "I love you, Victoria" and a kiss on the glossy lips, Tori came to and Candi came crashing back down to her original position.

A little disoriented, Tori took a second to take in her surroundings. She knew she was in a store window, but did not recognize the tall, slutty looking mannequin next to her as her husband.

"Tori, it's me!"

"Miiike? Honey, youuu looook goooood!", said Tori, sliding her hands all around his motionless body. Looks like her increased libido hadn't decreased, he thought.

"Yeah, it's great to see you too. But we've got to get out of here!"

"Aww, but why? I enjoy being a mannequin!" With that, she struck a pose and faced the street once more.

"Stop goofing off and help me out!"

Unhindered by any poles or bonds, Tori was able to walk to her husband and survey his situation. Undoing the leather cuffs was easy enough, but she couldn't find the bar to operate the jack and lower the base. She tried to lift him, but couldn't with her unused muscles so weak.

"Just wrap your hand around my corset and push up as much as you can." While she did, Candi executed a one arm pull-up. A "pop" sound indicated that she was free of the base.

"Thanks honey. Now lets get out of here." After a little shopping spree, they walked outside to hail a cab. Even at that late hour, they had no problem finding a cabbie that would take them.

"Where to, ladies?"

"Home. Soho."

Tori interupted. "No, 55 8th. I have to pay a visit to someone first..."