Victoria, Part 3

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"Are you ready, Candi?", Tori said dramatically to her newly feminized husband's alter-ego. Mike was just getting used to this new self, and was starting to enjoy playing the role.

"Ready as I'll ever be.", "she" replied, knowing that her role in revenge would put herself in more danger than Tori. Candi would also have to be the better actress for all this to work, since she hadn't had the training that Tori did. "But do you think I could have a cigarette first? I'm kinda nervous about this."

They strode into the bar and ordered drinks and a pack of cigarettes. Despite all the attention they were getting, no one would act on their desires, recognizing Tori's connection with the Mistress. Candi's eyes darted about the room as she slowly exhaled smoke. She knew there had to be a hand truck somewhere to bring in all those kegs...

No one bothered them either when they borrowed it and walked towards the direction of the Mistress's chamber. Near the door, Tori hopped on it and froze, but with her arms down at her sides. Candi gave her a kiss on the cheek, took a deep breath, and whispered "Show Time!" to herself.

The frozen Tori burst in the room without even a knock, with Candi in tow already screaming about her defective product. "I just got this mannequin from you the other day and I can't pose her anymore! It's like she lost all her ability to hold poses. No one wants to buy fetish clothes from a zombie mannequin!" For effect, Candi was waving the shipping receipt in one hand while raising and dropping Tori's left hand, like a hypnotist will do to prove to an audience that the subject has gone under. The Mistress just sat, both annoyed and amused, yet somewhat aroused by this enraged client. She made a mental note to buy a similar outfit to the one she had on.

"Listen, Miss..."

"Candi, just Candi.", she replied with relief. Could she assume that the Mistress thought she was a real girl, or did she just not care and was humoring her...

"...Candi. We can exchange the item, that's no problem. James!" she called out to her assistant. "You see, I have plans for this one anyway. I think the conditioning was too much for her frail brain. I do think she'll make an excellent cyber-servant though. Maybe you'll be interested in her when we refit her. It'll only take a few must work for that Worship store, am I right? James!!".

James came running out, speckled with plaster on his jumpsuit, and presented himself to the Mistress, only to receive a shock from a Tazer-like device wired into the Mistress's gloved hand. Not strong enough to knock him unconscious, yet was pain so severe he involuntarily wet his pants. "Yes...Mistress..." he said through gritted teeth.

"You make me wait again, and you'll need someone to move YOU on a hand truck!", she seethed. "Now get this unit to the back and fit her with the new robotic chip. Should fit on the board we already put in her ear. Wipe all her memories. No, wipe everything. Put the suit on too. She looks hot in it. The chip will regulate all involuntary muscle movement too, right?"

"Yes Mistress." With that, he took the hand truck and wheeled her away. The Mistress turned her attention back to Candi. "Sorry you had to see that, someone so lovely. Now, I know what Matthew likes in his mannequins, and well, we're a little short on stock. Maybe you'd like to go through the training necessary to be a mannequin?"

That's it? thought Candi. She had no idea it would be so simple; she thought she'd have to ask to be hypnotized while Tori worked behind the scenes, so that when the time came to "go under", the Mistress wouldn't be suspicious when Candi would be such an "easy subject".

"You mean be one of the beautiful girls on display? The thought of being lusted at by so many men is such a turn on!"

"Just men..." purred the Mistress as she slid a gloved hand down the side of Candi's face. This is it, she thought. Seduction and hypnosis in one shot. She listened for the Mistress's cues to act asleep, trying to keep her thoughts focused on Tori while relaxing her muscles. The Mistress would not be easily fooled...



"Why do you let her treat you that way?", asked Tori once in James's workshop. James jumped in surprise for a moment, then did a slow burn as the anger and embarrassment came back to him. "I don't know! I've got a fucking degree from MIT! It's just tough finding the financial backing for my robotics research. I always said I wouldn't kiss ass for a grant, and now I'm kissing ass here. I'm sick of it!"

"You should be. Ready to get back at her? Do your job, do it quickly, just don't do it well..."

"With pleasure." Tori began explaining her plan as James began undressing her. It really would be his pleasure.

About a half hour later, James led his new creation out to the main room. Tori-bot followed behind him, chrome gleaming, pistons pumping. The Mistress was having a good time with her own creation. One could almost call her "giddy" as she waved James over to see her new toy. "Idiot, come here...I've never seen someone so susceptible to training. Watch this...'whore'".

Candi knew the response the Mistress wanted. Her head jerked slightly, as if just plugged in, and reached for the cigarette the Mistress offered. She then walked like a torch singer over to James, and asked in her most sultry voice, "Got a light, sugar? I'm looking for a party." James produced a mini blow torch and lit it. She held the cigarette in her left hand and massaged his crotch with her left hand. A bulge grew in spite of himself. Further embarrassment was saved when the Mistress said "Freeze", as Candi did, in mid-stroke. "Isn't she great? Matthew is going to love her. But I don't want the same problems we had before, so why don't you take her in back and give her a mind wipe."

In the excitement, however, the Mistress failed to keep track of the Tori-bot's movement behind her. She remembered she was remiss when ten chrome talons dug into the sides of her corset, some penetrating the flesh. The powered-up suit allowed Tori to lift the Mistress easily. In fear, the Mistress's natural reaction to put her hands on top of the Tori-bot's hands to try to free herself, and engaged the Tazer mechanism. The current simply was strengthened as it flowed through the Tori-bot's arms, creating a brilliant blue field as the Mistress convulsed. She stopped, and fell to the floor.

"You killed the Wicked Witch of the West! Hail Dorothy!", James deadpanned.

"What-should-we-do-with-her?" came the robotic voice of Tori.

"I'll take care of her body. She's given me many ideas over the years.", he smiled.

"Can-di!", Tori screamed, as she saw her husband still frozen in position. She walked over to him as quickly as her new casing would allow, and looked through her visor into her eyes. I can't believe she really hypnotized you! she thought, trying to snap her fingers and bring an end to the spell. Fear turned to pleasure as she realized that Candi's left hand was massaging her pleasure panel...Candi turned her head to face James and said, "Do you think you can make a suit like that for me?"