Viewpoint - part 2

(a sequential fiction story)

[Synopsis:  Waking from an unsettling dream to find her consciousness inside the body of an android, former paraplegic Jaimee has just been given a new lease on life.  Then, her husband Ted informs her she has ten days to decide whether to stay in her new body or return to her organic one.  She asks, "Why?"   Ed.]

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Chapter 2 by Brytestar

Ted: Because the newly powered CPU can quickly outgrow your original brain neurons. If I place you back after the 10 day limit, even Les won't know for sure what will happen.

Jaimee: Hmmmmm....

Ted: Well, kitten, I need to do something -- why don't you test out your new body around the house? Don't go out yet until I fully briefed you.

Jaimee: Ok you big lug. I've mastered walking already.

Ted: WOW that's great!

Joy CPU: What.....happened to me? Did it work?

Ted: It did Joy. Lester was jumping up and down.

Joy CPU: ..............

Ted: This is my plan. Joy you understood what I needed to do.

Joy CPU: ......I do. You love Jaimee. I'm glad that I can help. But now what? Jaimee will live within my old body where will I be?

Ted: She can control both bodies. I will teach her. She wanted to have a family.

Joy CPU: ............

Ted: Enough of my babbling I got to see how Jaimee is doing. I'll place you in sleep state for now. However the 10 day period will be over soon. I'll figure out something.

Joy CPU: I'll be waiting here. For another few months. Maybe I should go on the I-net.

Ted: Can Joy be jealous? But her personality hasn't taken shape. I reconfigured Joy's programming matrix to make sure that she doesn't try anything to Jaimee. But still maybe I should circuit wash the CPU.

Jaimee: This is great! I still haven't fully get used to this yet.


Jaimee: Is something wrong?

Ted: No pumpkin. I was thinking about what you just said about a family.


Ted: I'll figure out something. I need to download some how to info about your new body. Since Joy won't be joining us for sometime, I happened to keep the software interface units that come with Joy. I need you to remain here in this makeshift lab.

Jaimee: But why?

Ted: Because I want to make sure that everything is ok. Once I have the results then we can go from there. I'll always make sure that you always have the option of returning to your old body. However I had to make some modifications because of the accident. But they are minor ones.

Jaimee: Minor?

Ted: Don't worry kitten. For a short time we can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Jaimee: I heard you talking to Joy. I felt sorry for her. I mean she was pushed out of this body. Maybe you can get her a new one?

Ted: ............. I'll have to talk to Les about it. I'm sure that we can come up with something.


Ted: Let me make sure you get the files. You will feel some disorientation but it will be brief.

<JAIMEE'S as to the is she and normal. back minutes within entered data wide grow eyes>

Jaimee: ................interesting. I feel tired.

Ted: I'm going to have to recharge you. Look over the data during your downtime. I'll place you in minimum active mode while you get you read the how to files.

Jaimee: Good.......Night.....

Ted: Nitty night, kitten.

Ted: Les? It's me, Ted. Do you know anything about the Hubot principle?

Les: Only in the ASFR universe. It's untested though. What made you bring that up?

Ted: It's Joy. I think that her blank personality is evolving. I took out Joy's CPU and replaced it with....

Les: I'll get that "story" about a overload that created microchips to convert people into hubots. It's another type of zombie. I know the web site. It's kind of farfetched but the hubot concept has been active in certain circles.

Ted: Of course! I can make some more modifications. Turn Jaimee's original body into a biodroid. Hmmm......

Ted: Jaimee will get first shot. There's 8 days left before she outgrows it. Then Joy can takeover her body. Hmmm but I got to be careful. Jaimee gets bent out of shape. But since she's in droid form I can shut her down.

Ted: I have some news. Jaimee I know about your concerns. There is still 8 days left before you can no longer use your old body. After that period you can no longer return. From that time I will give Joy the option of taking it over. I can create some legal papers and say that you and Joy were long lost twin sisters. Joy rarely ventured out of the house anyway.

Jaimee: ..............

Joy CPU: I.......don't know what you say.

Les: Hey I'm just an extra voice and support.

Ted: Anyway this is kind of sudden. But time is running out. I will give you both until tomorrow. Seize the opportunity while it is here.

Jaimee: You know I was jealous of you but now I feel sorry.

Joy CPU: ...........

Jaimee: Anyway before we go on tell me about your birth and programming...

(It took a while before I understood that once Brytstar had 'pong'ed, I needed to pick up and 'ping' it back; by then the thread was lost.
Hey; I'm a writer, not a mind-reader!  However, the tale can be resuscitated, much like the time-limited Jaimee's body....     dmuk)