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Computer Virus: Version 1.0

Written 12/96 by Michael L. Zickefoose

e-mail: suicyco@bright.net

"Tonight's forecast will be hot and humid, with a chance of thunderstorms in the listening area. The low will be around 67 degrees. Tomorrow will..." blared the radio until Mike shut it off. "HEY!!! I was listening to that!" shouted Danni. "Sorry", said Mike, "but it was loud and we do need to put the finishing touches on the program." "O.K. But please turn it back on and lower the volume." cooed Danni as she planted her lusicious lips upon Mike's cheek. Mike blushed as he turned the radio on and lowered the volume as The Stone Roses played "Love Spreads". He felt a warm feeling as he reminisced about the past year. They met each other when they were brought in on the project, to design the most realistic looking erotic Science Fiction VR game. Danni worked on the graphics and sound and Mike worked on the plot and programming. As they worked, they became friends but the project was somewhat at a stand-still. They went out for a bite to eat after one exhausting brain-racking session and ended up at her place. He got aroused as he remembered that night, her dark brunette hair cascading down her shoulders and over her full round D-cup breasts as they vibrated and bounced in rhythm to his and her passionate love making.

Soon they were working together in the day and loving together afterwards. Mike and Danni were inspired by each other and the program's progress warped ahead with each after work session. Mike's idea for the plot was a super-computer A.I. was going around infecting people through computer terminals, transforming them into living robots. The hero/heroine ,to save their loved ones(all conveniently to the sexual orientation of the user), must command a certain demanding sequence of sexual positions to tranform them back. Danni's graphics were idealized versions of themselves, both fleshed out and chromed out. Sometimes they would act out parts of the program to work out problems. She would dress up in a silver rubberized lycra body suit with hood, silver makeup, and special mirrored contact lenses to look more like her graphics. "YES. MAS.TER.COM.MAND.ME.I.AM.YOURS.TO.COM.MAND.AND.DO.AS.YOU.WILL" Just thinking about that stiffened Mike.

"Thinking about later on tonight?" asked Danni as she stroked Mike's inner thigh, interrupting his train of thought. "Yes, I can barely wait", said Mike quietly as he gently grabbed her silky arm and kissed her cheek. "Well, let me finish up on this graphic and then we can play the home game " she whispered and then nibbled on his ear. "Well, I'm done for the night!", said Mike "I'll get our stuff ready to go." 'Yes, I can't wait' Mike thought to himself, 'I never loved someone so much in my life. As soon as this is over, I plan on asking her to marry me. Heck, We have each others' keys to our homes. It must be love or (smiling to himself) at least a strong mutual lust.' As Mike gathered their gear, he looked out the windo. "Damn, it's looking nasty out there. Danni, I'm gonna get the car and bring it around front."

"O.K. I'm almost done here. I'll meet you downstairs." Shouted Danni.

As Mike reached the front door, a flash of lightning and a crack of thunder rumbled through the sky. He looked out to a sky filled with boiling, rolling dark clouds and underlit with flashes of lightning. As he opened the door, another bright flash and loud bang nearly knocked him to the ground. Glass shards were flung around him from the force of the blast. As the shards ceased their fall, Mike looked up to see a smoldering hole in the office where Danni and he were working. "DANNI!!!!!" he screamed as he raced up the stairs. "Please let her be all right!!" As he rounded the corner, he surveyed the damage, expecting the worst. The room was filled with swirling smoke and the sputtering of open electrical wiring. He could see the computer was a mass of smouldering wires and melted plastic. "God , I hope Danni wasn't near the computer. Danni!! Danni!! Are you O.K. ?? God, Speak to me, Danni!!" "OOOOOOhhhhhhhh!!!" moaned Danni from the floor. Her torn clothing still smouldered as her frayed hair haloed her head. "Danni!! " shouted Mike as he rush to her side,"Are you O.K.?" "Yeah, I feel O.K. except for being a little sore and stiff", said Danni as she stood up and tried to straighten out her clothes. She staggered a little, still dizzy from the shock. "I'm taking you to the emergency room" stated Mike matter-of-factly as he grabbed her and carried her downstairs. At the hospital, Mike lifted Danni out of the car despite her protests of being O.K. and her own ambulatory abilities were fine. As he carried her, he looked down upon her partially exposed breasts jiggling with every determined step, exciting him.

'Not now', he thought to himself, ' not with Danni hurt.' Reluctantly and slowly, his member complied as they entered the E.R. After a few hours of testing and examining, the on-duty doctor came out with Danni walking stiffly behind him. Mike stood up and asked "Is she all right?" "She's O.K. except for having a couple bruises, cuts, and minor burns on her fingers where the electricity entered her. As I told her, she is quite lucky she wasn't killed by the lightning or the glass of the blown monitor. She joins an elite few who have survived being hit by lightning. She'll be stiff and sore for a few days so I've prescribed some muscle relaxers for her. Keep an eye on her, any dizziness, or strange changes in her actions, you call the hospital immediately. I also strongly suggest she rest for a few days", stated the doctor. "Don't worry about that",said Mike ,"we can't do any more work until the company sends us the replacement workstations, so we'll both be idle." "Well, maybe not idle," cooed Danni as she wrapped her arms around Mike and kissed him. The doctor looked at them smiling and said "You can do that later but tonight ,no way. You need to rest." "Darn" pouted Danni as she lowered her head and poked out her bottom lip. "Come on, Danni," said Mike as he kissed her forehead, "we can do that tomorrow. You've had a rough day today."


Mike drove her to her apartment. "You sure you'll beO.K.?" queried Mike. "I'll be fine. You still have to see what got damaged and what can be salvaged. I'll call if I need anything and I'll call you tomorrow morning." Danni leaned over and kissed Mike on the lips and nibbled on the lower one. She whispered huskly in his ear "Then we can play the game." As she walked to the door, Mike stared at her swaying hips and said "I can't wait" as he started the car to leave. Danni looked back to see Mike drive off, sighing to herself as she closed the door. Looking at herself, her torn, burnt clothing and sooty smudges on her almost fully exposed breasts, she thought 'Damn I'm a mess! I should clean myself up before I lay down and rest.' She walked into her bathroom and took off her clothes slowly. "I hope those muscle relaxers kick in soon. I feel stiffer than I was earlier." As the warm water pulsed out of the shower head, tiny rivulets formed on her curving form, following her valleys as they trickled down her back to her

heart-shaped tush. The trickles to the front defied gravity as they rolle daround her breasts,gently caressing the undersides and flowing up to her areaolae to waterfall off the nipples. "Boy that feels good. " she sighed as she lathered up her body. As Danni scrubbed the soot off between her cleavage, she noticed that there were some silver splotches almost square in shape on her. She scrubbed harder but the silver smudges would not come off. "Hope those will wear off in time."

Suddenly she got an impulse to shave her legs even though she shaved them that morning. She slowly leaned over to stroke her calves and thighs. 'Well they are a little stubbly feeling. Maybe I should shave them. Or better yet,use this.' she thought as she reached for the Nair. She sprayed the foam into her hand and lathered her legs. She then got the idea to lather her crotch, her body, and her arms in Nair. Letting it set for a minute, she then rinsed it and all of her body hair off. She then got out of the shower and towelled herself off. Then the idea popped into her head to shave her eyebrows off and cut her hair. At first she thought it was strange, but then the thought "The master will like it" crept into her head. She was really surprised at that thought but was somehow compelled to complete the task of cutting her hair. She finished cutting until she had a helmet-like page boy cut. 'What is going on ? It's like I'm losing control of myself!!' thought Danni. Then she heard a voice, flat, halting and emotionless, that said "In-it-al-liz-a-tion-pro-gram-com-plete. Now- down-loa-ding-main-pro-gram." It was her lips moving and her voice!! 'But I didn't even think to say those words!! It's almost like that game Mike and I were working on!! Oh my God it is!!' she thought as she observed the changes in the bathroom mirror. She saw her eyes change from the deep blue to a silver chrome. Even the whites changed to the chrome, leaving only the pupil. She observed her breasts inflate to at least two cup sizes while the silver splotches dotted her skin. The splotches reminded her of pixels on a computer screen. In the back of her head, a mechanical voice repeated a mantra that increased in intensity "This-u-nit-will-o-bey-its-mas-ter. This-u-nit-ex-ists-on-ly-to-serve-the-mas-ter-and-The-Pro-gram. This-unit-will-fol-low-the-pro-gram-ming-that-has-been-down-loaded. The-Pro-gram-must-be-shared-with-all. All-must-be-one-with-the-Pro-gram." "Oh my God!! I got to get a hold of Mike and see what he can do before it's too late." Danni struggled to move, but her limbs moved stiffly and roboticly, and her progress to her phone in her bedroom/living room was slow. She made it as far as lifting the receiver when her body froze up. "NO!! NO!! NO!! NOT NOW !!!" her mind screamed. Her phone was near a full length mirror and she could see her now chrome robotic body finish its tranformation. Her page-boy haircut silvered then flowed into being one solid helmet that she knew was now part of her head. Her ears flattened to the side of her head and smoothed over till her ears were now two solid ovals sticking a half of an inch from the head. The folds of her(its?) vagina fused and flowed until it was a smooth as a Barbie doll as did the separation of her butt cheeks fused into one. "Main-pro-gram-down-load-complete" voiced the DanniBot emotionlessly. Danni's thoughts were now blending into the mantra, swirling in the loop and absorbing into it. Her thoughts were now its thoughts. Her pleasure was her masters pleasure. She felt a peace settled over her as she/it knew its purpose. The DanniBot disconnected the handset from the phone and watched dispassionately as a phone jack morphed into being on its wrist and plugged the phone cord into it. "Down-load-ing-pro-gram" voiced the DanniBot as the sounds that would be associated with a modem blended in. Meanwhile from the base of her spine a tail formed and grew, snaking along the ground until it found an outlet, formed three prongs and plugged itself in. "Down-load-of-pro-gram-onto-In-ter-net-com-plete. This-u-nit-will-shut-down-for-di-ag-nos-tics-and-re-charg-ing-for-12-ho-urs. " voiced the DanniBot to no one as it froze and its pupils shrank to pinpoints.


The next morning, after a long night of rummaging through the shambles of their office, Mike called to check on Danni. All he got was a busy signal. 'That's strange. Danni's has call-waiting and she usually checks who's on the line.' thought Mike. 'I'll wait for a few minutes and try again. If she doesn't answer, I'm going over to her apartment!'

After trying two more times, Mike was dressed and out the door. He jumped into his car, started it, and raced over to Danni's apartment. He arrived at the apartment (after flying through two red lights), jumped out of the car and raced to the apartment door. He pounded on it, yelling "Danni? Danni, are you O.K.? Please answer me !!" No reply. "Danni", he shouted as he fumbled with the key in the lock, "I'm coming in, hang on!"

The noise at the door activated the DanniBot, withdrawing the power cord into its body and disconnecting the phone cord from its modem jack. Mike opened the door and was blinded by the glare of the sun. 'Wait a minute, the sun is too high to shine in the windows like that! ' thought Mike as he moved into the bedroom to get the glare out of his eyes. As his eyes adjusted to the now lower light, he was surprised by the sight that beheld him. The sun reflected off of the still chrome figure, accentuating every curve, and bathing the walls with snakelike filaments of light, giving the room a strange afterglow.

"En-ter-pass-wood" voiced the DanniBot as she mechanically moved her head to face Mike. Mike went up to DanniBot and caressed her arm. "Danni, are you O.K.? You didn't answer the phone and I..." DanniBot suddenly grabbed Mike by the shirt collar, lifted him off of his feet and vocalized "Pass-word-in-cor-rect. Ac-cess-de-nied. De-fense-pro-gram-ac-ti-vat-ed." She then flung him 20 feet across the room into the wall. "Jesus, Danni, what the hell?" shouted Mike just as he glanced at Danni's open closet and noticed her silver catsuit hanging there. That's when realization hit him that Danni wasn't just dressed up. He looked at DanniBot as she raised her arm at him, her fingers and thumb pointed directly at him. The fingers and thumb fused into a tube as she stated "Pass-word-in-cor-rect. Ac-cess-de-nied." The tube glowed and Mike dove out of the way as a blast of energy fired from her arm and blew a hole into the wall. "En-ter-cor-rect-pass-word" said DanniBot as she turned to face him. Mike then noticed a tear trickle down the Dannibot's cheek, a tear which gave him some hope. 'Danni still inside, thank goodness!! That means there's still a chance to save her' thought Mike, 'but how could this of happened? How is it possible for the program to be inside her?'

Dannibot advanced closer , her arm laser trained between at Mike's head and voiced her demand again "En-ter-cor-rect-pass-word." Mike looked up at Dannibot, seeing himself reflected on her body, the curves contorting the image like a funhouse mirror. Despite the obvious danger he was in, a part of him relished this sight and became quite excited. But his immediate thoughts were more concerned with survival. "Oh, shit" he whispered softly but Dannibot's enhanced digital hearing picked up everything.

"In-cor-rect-pass-word." Dannibot's arm laser charged up to fire its deadly pulse.

It's amazing what pressure can do to a person. Some become incoherent and can't remember their own names while others become crystal clear in thought. Thankfully, for Mike's sake, he became quite clear. The code exploded from his lips almost without his conscious thought. "Enter code Delta Alpha November November India Six Niner Mike India Kilo Echo!!"

Dannibot raised her head and powered down her arm laser as the code was processed in the data banks. Mike stood slowly and painfully up while this was going on. Mike then noticed the Dannibot's arm laser shifting back into an arm.


This-u-nit-is-rea-dy-to-serve-you-Mas-ter." voiced Dannibot as she stood motionless, staring at the wall and waiting for instructions.

Mike took the opportunity to really examine the Dannibot. Her breasts were full and large, but something was missing. He looked closer at her perfectly smooth mounds, looking like Christmas ornaments.

"Danni, where are your nipples?"

"This-u-nit-forms-nip-ples-and-a-re-o-leae-when-breast-sen-sors-are-stim-u-l at-ed."

Mike cupped Dannibot's right breast in his hand. He was surprised by the texture and the warmth. It was soft, smooth, and silky but also had a rubber latex feel to it. He then gave a cautious squeeze to her breast. It gave reluctantly, like a soft but firm pillow. As he gently caressed it, he felt a silver dollar sized lump form under his hand. He watched it as he continued his caresses. A perfectly round and smooth areolea formed and then a nipple grew outward about the size of a pencil eraser. Dannibot's body started to tremble but still stood motionless, staring blankly at the wall. Mike then gently licked and sucked the newly-formed nipple, while continuing his caresses. He softly bit the nipple and rolled his tongue over its tip. Dannibot trembled more, but still awaited her commands.

"Danni, please hug me." whispered Mike as a tear rolled slowly down his cheek. Dannibot reached around Mike and proceeded to give him a bear hug, which lifted him off the floor. "Gently ! Not so tight !!" he breathlessly ooffed. She loosened her steel grip as she gently lowered him back to the floor. 'Damn she's strong !' thought Mike 'I should be careful on how I ask her to do things.' He slowly stroked Dannibot's sides down to her waist. He was amazed that his fingertips nearly touched as his hands reached her waist. He continued down to her heart-shaped back side and gently squeezed her. Her ass was supple yet firm, almost the same in texture as the breasts. Mike then gave her a playful slap on her fannie. "OW!!!! DAMNDAMNDAMNDAMN!!!" he yelped as he shook his hand. His hand felt like he slapped his car.

"Danni, what is the problem with your skin?"


"No, no. I mean why is it soft when I squeeze it and hard when I slap it?"

"Out-er-sur-face-is-re-act-ive-to-a-mount-of-force-ap-plied. The-great-er-the-force, the-strong-er-the-sur-face-ar-ea."

"Basically making you bullet-proof.


Mike gazed at his robotized lover, basking in amazement at DanniBot. Here was his fantasy woman, unbelieveably beautiful, existing only to love and serve him, no imperfections, and never-ageing, practically immortal. His lust grew and gained a voice in his head. 'Why not keep her this way?' it voiced. 'She's just like your dreams. You'd be a fool to lose this!' Mike's love for Danni, backed by his conscience, spoke back. 'This is wrong! I fell in love with Danni, not some unfeeling sex toy fantasy. Hell, she's willing to indulge my fantasies and I am open to hers. That is a rarity in this world and I don't want to give her up. Plus, there's something missing here. It's not like I imagined it. It seems....empty somehow.' Lust argued back, 'How do you know she is unfeeling? She trembled when you massaged her tits!! Hey, this is your fantasy!! As long as you get your jollies, who cares?' 'Damn it, I do!' screamed Love 'Without passion and love, even you will lose interest in her in time. I will not doom her to that cold existence! Here, I'll prove that you couldn't live with her like this!'

"Danni, please kiss me."

"Yes-Mas-ter." she flatly spoke as she puckered her lips and leaned forward, planting her full silver lips onto his. Her tongue slipped into his open mouth, tickling his teeth as his tongue rose to met hers. He squeezed her tightly, rubbing her back as she matched his pressure against her. She copied his strokes, hoping to please her Master.

Lust spoke up. 'That certainly feels passionate! I could live with this!' Love countered, 'Yes, she does feel passionate, but we can't see her face. People normally close their eyes when they kiss with feeling. I hate to break the illusion, but we need to look at her.'

Mike opened his eyes to gaze at Dannibot's face only to be greeted by her still open, unblinking silver orbs. He jerked back as Dannibot's tongue kept flicking in the open air.

"Danni, please stop."


"Yes,...but not really. Danni, are you aroused?"

"This-u-nit-ex-ists-to-serve-and-pleas-ure-you-Mas-ter. This-u-nit-can-be-a-roused-if-you-des-ire-this-u-nit-to."

"No. Danni, do you feel any love or passion for me?"


This-u-nit-ex-ists-to-serve-and-plea-sure-you. This-u-nit-can-not-feel-love-or-pas-sion-un-less-it-plea-ses-you."

"What about when you trembled as I caressed you?"

"This-u-nit-has-high-ly-sen-si-tive-tac-tile-sen-sors. This-unit-went-in-to-tem-por-ary-sen-sor-y-ov-er-load."

'That does it!' ,thought Mike, 'I'm gonna try to change her back! The only chance I see is to play the game.'

"Danni, please help me undress."

"Yes-Mas-ter" said DanniBot as she obediantly unbuckled Mike's belt while he removed his shirt. Dannibot then slowly unzipped Mike's fly and slowly lowered his pants to the floor. Mike stepped out of the pants and walk over to the bed.

"Danni, please come to me and lie beside me."

Dannibot mechanically pivoted around and like pistons, her legs stiffly strided over to the bed. She then slowly crawled into the bed, turned on her back, and laid down, straight with her arms to her sides, staring dispassionately at the ceiling.

"Danni, enter code Hotel Juliet, option Victor. And Danni, it would please me greatly for you to feel pleasure until I tell you otherwise."

"Yes-Mas-ter. Pleas-ure-mode-act-iv-at-ed."

Dannibot rolled on her side, her breasts moving also like a separate entity as they flowed along. Her silvery hand gently grabbed Mike's slowly responding member and began to seductively caress it, stroking her fingers lightly against it, making it throb with excitement. She then encircled it, and slowly and methodically stroked it. Mike felt a tingling sensation as her built-in hand vibrators kicked in. Waves of pleasure assaulted his senses as her other hand gently grasped his scrotum and activated it's vibration mechanism. Lust crept back into his brain and whispered, 'Danni never had this option. You might want to reconsider.' 'No', spoke Love, 'this does feel incredible, but the feeling is still some pre-programmed response.'

Mike reached over and gently caressed Dannibot's face. He stared into her silvery eyes, reflecting back his image. Her mouth formed a gentle smile as she asked, "Is-this-u-nit-plea-sing-you-Mas-ter?"

"Yes, you are Danni, yes you are."

"Plea-sing-you-gives-this-u-nit-plea-sure-Mas-ter. Mas-ter, your-mem-ber-is-now-stiff, shall-this-u-nit-con-tin-ue-with-the-stim-u-la-tion?"

"No, Danni, please enter code Bravo Juliet, option Mike Sierra Tango."

DanniBot complied with a "Yes-Mas-ter" as she removed her hands from

Mike's groin and repositioned herself to face his now swollen member. Her chrome tongue snaked out of her mouth to lightly flick at the red-violet head. Her tongue then slowly coiled around his penis like a boa constrictor and gently contraced and released as it was slowly reeled back into her mouth. As Dannibot pistoned her head back and forth, her mouth rhythmically milked him as her suction feature activated. Mike shook with wave after wave of intensity until he couldn't hold back any more and erupted with a mind-shattering orgasm. Dannibot continued on, swallowing and absorbing every drop.

Mike breathlessly tried to return his pleasure by stroking Dannibot's Barbie-like crotch, marveling at the silky smoothness. As he continued to caress her, he felt something form under his touch. He looked and was surprised to see a vaginal opening form with the labia and clitoris, all in silver, take shape. He gently stroked the lips and gently pressed the little nub. The newly formed pussy opened and closed like a baby searching for a nipple. Mike then took two of his fingers, and plunged then into the now wet opening. Dannibot froze for a second, then continued on with her last command. Mike then gently slid his hand back and forth as DanniBot's hips bucked along with the rhythm. Mike wondered if Dannibot was really enjoying pleasure or was just going through the motions as programmed.

"Danni, please stop. I need to rest. You can continue to pleasure yourself."

"Yes-Mas-ter." said Dannibot as she released her grip on Mike but continued to ride on his now enclosed hand, the muscles contracting, trying to milk it.

'Well, so far so good. Only two or is it three more codes to go? I just hope I have them in the right order or else Danni's stuck like this.' thought Mike as he watched DanniBot mechanically pump upon his hand. He felt himself getting aroused again and readied himself for the next phase. Mike wasn't exactly gifted in the size department, but made up for it in endurance and his ability to recover quickly. Now he needed it if he was to get Danni back to normal. It was one thing to role-play, quite another for what was now going on.

"Danni, please stop."

DanniBot froze in mid-stroke while Mike had to pry his hand out of her steel-tight vaginal muscles.

"Danni, please enter code Tango Foxtrot, option Charlie Tango Foxtrot Victor."

"Yes-Mas-ter." DanniBot rolled onto her back, and pressed her two large.breasts together. Mike crawled on top of her stomach and positioned his reanimated member between the two mounds of soft,rubbery flesh. He gently placed his hands over DanniBot's as he started rocking his hips. DanniBot's hand vibration units activated, sending quivers throughout her tits,intensifying the sensations, bringing Mike to another incredible orgasm. Thin white strands, intermingled with globs exploded from the purple head enclosed between her chrome tits, covering her chin and chest. Mike then watched in stunned silence as the semem was absorbed into DanniBot's skin like a sponge until no trace of it was left. He gently gripped her hands as he leaned over and kissed her.

"I love you, Danni"

"This-u-nit-loves-you-too, Mas-ter."

"You're not just saying that because you're programmed to, are you?"

"This-u-nit-ex-ists-to-serve-and-pleasure-The-Mas-ter. If-lov-ing-you-pleas-ures-you, then-this-u-nit-loves-you."

Mike released her hands, tears forming in his eyes. "You don't love me like the Danni I knew."

DanniBot raised her hand and gently caressed Mike's cheek. "The-u-nit-known-as-Dan-ni-and-this-u-nit-are-one-and-the-same. Dan-ni's-mem-or-ies-are-this-u-nit's-mem-or-ies. Dan-ni's-cares-are-this-u-nit's-cares. And-Dan-ni's-love-is-this-u-nit's-love. Dan-ni-loves-you-and-this-u-nit-loves-you."

Mike grabbed her hand and gently kissed it. "But it's not the same. She loves me because she wants to. You love me because you have no choice. That's why I must finish inputing the codes to get my Danni back."


This-u-nit-must-serve-and-plea-sure-the-mas-ter." Mike noticed a tear roll down DanniBot's cheek. Whether it was a tear of joy from Danni, knowing Mike wasn't giving up on her or a tear of sadness from the robot being rejected by her master, Mike wasn't sure. A part of him felt a twinge of regret and remorse for the robot, knowing her existence was coming to an end.

Mike had to be sure about the rest of the codes. He got off the bed and looked into his pockets, trying to find the paper he wrote the codes on the day before. After digging for a while, he found it, written on an old Burger King napkin. "Only one more code to go, from what this says, but what code it is, I can't really tell. The pencil smudged the codes, but it has to be one of two codes. I'm going to have to chance it."

"Danni, enter code Alpha Foxtrot....no cancel that! Enter code Victor Foxtrot, option Mike Mike Oscar!"

DanniBot, still lying on her back, brought her feet close to her rear and spread her legs. Mike climbed on top of her, gently kissed her on the lips and said "Well, this is it. You understand I have to do this. I'll try to make it pleasureable for you."

DanniBot kissed him back and said "This-u-nit-un-der-stands. This-u-nit's-plea-sure-is-your-plea-sure."

Mike leaned back to guide his penis into DanniBot's vaginal opening. He then laid himself on top of her and started gyrating his hips as he gently nuzzled her breasts. DanniBot started moving her hips to match Mike's rhythm as she lovingly caressed his back. They both increased the tempo as their hands roamed faster over each other, exploring and finding new sensitive areas. Mike's breathing became more ragged and animalistic grunts came from some primal area of his brain, while DanniBot, to Mike's surprise, was actually moaning. She started chanting a mantra which matched their mutual rhythm. "Yes-mas-ter-yes-mas-ter-yes-mas-ter" she chanted over and over like a broken record. Mike suckled her silver teat as his groans merged into one long wail "OHMYGODI'MCOMINGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!" DanniBot, programmed to orgasm when her Master did, froze as a continual "YYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!" poured out of her lips then started shaking from the intense orgasm. Mike, exhausted, laid his head against the pillow of DanniBot's breasts. Still trembling from the orgasm, she stroked his hair, gently kissed his head, and said "Good-bye-Mas-ter" as she closed her eyes.


Danni's eyes fluttered open a couple hours later and moaned "Oh god, what a strange dream." She noticed a heavy weight on top of her and found Mike there, sleeping. "Hey sleepyhead, wake up!! she said playfully as she poked him with her finger, "I want to tell you about this dream I had."

Mike groggilly mumbled something as he rolled off of Danni, onto the bed.

"C'mon, get your butt up. I wanna tell you about this dream. It was so real, like I actually experienced it! And I remember every detail, too. I usually don't remember any of my dreams, but this was so wild!! I actually turned into a robot from the game we're working on!!"

At this, Mike slowly opened this eyes and glanced over at Danni's direction and was shocked into full consciousness. "Danni, do you feel O.K.?"

"I feel fine. In fact, I feel wonderful and so full of energy! Why do you ask?"

"I think we have a problem. Stay calm and take a good look at yourself."

Danni looked down at herself and saw her body dressed in a very tight

form-fitting silver bodysuit. No, it's too form-fitting for even a lycra or latex bodysuit. She trembled as she realized what she was seeing. "Oh my God! It wasn't a dream!!" She looked over at Mike with terrified look, "I could have killed you!!"

Mike reached over and hugged Danni tight as she burst into tears. He gently rocked back and forth and kissed her chrome forehead. "It's not your fault, Danni. You couldn't help yourself. The robot was in control and it was just following its program. There was nothing you could do."

Danni trembled as she looked at Mike and saw the look of concern on his face. "What's wrong, Mike?"

"I'm trying to figure out why you didn't change completely back. I know I used the correct codes. The only thing I can think of why is......YES!! that has to be it!! Danni, what graphic were you working on when the lightning struck it?"

"I think I just finished the graphic for the female sex droid."

"Did you finish the human graphic?"

"No, I didn't even get a chance to start it. Why are you worried about the graphics?"

"Don't you see?" shouted Mike as he grabbed Danni by her silver shoulders, "I just finished that part of the program, and you were still working on the graphics when the lightning struck. It downloaded into you somehow and to get you back, I had to play the game. It restored your mind, but...."

Danni interupted,"Because it didn't have a graphic for the human form, the program couldn't change my body back. My God, I'm stuck like this!!!"

"Possibly. We need to find out how to recreate the accident to see how it happened. Plus, I checked how badly the lightning damaged the project. Three months of work was wiped out. We'd have to recreate all that first before we could even begin to try to change you back. But then your new body does have some advantages."

"Like what, signaling space aliens by using the reflections of light from my body?" said Danni sarcastically.

"No, but you are incredibly strong. Heck, you lifted me like a ragdoll and threw me across the room. You won't age, you won't gain weight, you can't be harmed by bullets, and check this out." Mike lightly massaged Danni's breasts and a jolt of pure ecstacy seared her brain.

"My God," she said breathlessly, " that was incredible!"

"Wait till you see what your hands can do." he laughed.

Danni smiled as she hugged Mike. "You always did know how to make me feel better." But just as quickly as her smile appeared, Danni became very serious. "Mike, I just remembered something. When the robot was in control, it downloaded the program on the Net. What if someone receives it and somehow the program changes them?"

"I don't know, I just don't know. All we can do is wait."

A chill seemed to enter the room as they hugged each other tighter.


In New Mexico, Susan waited for her computer to finish getting her e-mail messages. Browsing through them, she came across a post that attracted her attention. "What the heck is this!" she wondered as she double-clicked on it and waited for it to download. A low rumble in the distance got her attention and she looked out the window. "That looks like its going to get nasty out there" as she gazed upon the coming thunderstorm.