by Northern Chill

                                                                     Authors note: This story would be considered a prequel, in a way, to the story I wrote titled “The Factory Tour, with Options”.  It might help if you have read that story before this one though it’s not absolutely necessary. There are scenes of sexuality, nudity and other naughty things so if this offends you, move onto another web page immediately.  Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the story!


            Diane awoke with a suddenness as if someone had dumped a large bucket of cold water on her after a long night’s sleep.  However, the first thing she discovered was that she couldn’t move any part of her body and that she seemed to be totally surrounded by darkness.  After a short time of repeatedly trying, and failing, to move any part of her body, she tried to recall what had happened to her previously.

            However, to her puzzlement, Diane couldn’t recall what had happened to her prior to her awakening in her current darkened state.  In addition, she swore that her fingers were pressing up against an area of her back that she could never touch before.  The weirdest part of Diane’s current predicament was that her eyes, locked in place like the rest of her body, seemed to be staring out through a wall of plastic.

                “Why can’t I move...or remember....and what’s that odd music I’m hearing......it seems so weird.....if I didn’t know better, I ’d swear I’m inside some kind of store.......but that’s impossible.....wait.....what’s happening?........” Diane thought to herself before she suddenly felt the sensation of being lifted upwards by someone or something.  She felt her body being carried a short distance before being set down once again.  Her fixed line of sight did little to help her predicament once again as she found herself staring upwards at bright fluorescent lights.

             “What’s going on?.....why am.....ohhhh....feels like I’m being slid into some sort of bag.....who is that talking?....I.....I’m being carried again.......” Diane mentally pondered before she sensed herself being carried again to, judging by the sounds of car motors revving, an outdoor location.  After being set down once again, she sensed she was being transported somewhere though all she could see was the inside of the bag.

             A short time later, after being carried once again, she found herself being shaken out of the bag and laid down on something softer than before.  Before she had a chance to speculate where she found herself now, the plastic wall she was seeing things through disappeared and she founded herself being lifted upwards by someone she didn’t recognize.

             “Who is this?.......I don’t know him......wait....he’s....he’s stretching me out?......what the?.......why is he laying me out on my face?.......oh....oh....oh no....that’s an inflation pump he just put on the bed......OH NO!!!.....I KNOW WHY I CAN’T MOVE....I’M NOT HUMAN.....I’M AN INFLATABLE LOVE DOLL.....A FUCK TOY FOR THIS MAN TO USE.......OOOOOHHHH!!!....I’M INFLATING.......” Diane mentally screamed even as the inflation pump was attached to her inflation valve and her body started to go from 2 to a decidedly 3 dimensional figure.  Her anger at what she now was became quickly mixed with pleasure as the sensation of air being forced into her hollow body proved to be very stimulating.

             “How can this be?.....I must have been human before....why can’t I remember?.....ohhh....my owner is starting to use me like a good fuck toy.....NOOO!!!....I must remember what happened......mmmmmm....must........” Diane thought frantically even as her inflated doll body was turned over and pushed onto the bed’s pillows by the man who she already regarded as her owner.  As the man’s hands started to squeeze her firm, hollow tits and his hard member pressed against her ovular shaped pussy, her mind wandered back finally to what led her to this situation.......

End Prologue:

                It was a bright, sunny summer day and the weather certainly encouraged people of all ages to go out and enjoy the sun.  Of course, for those not on vacation, it was another Monday and the first day of another work week, good or bad.  In the parking lot of one small company, the workers were just in the process of showing up for the daytime shift.

                “Hey, Donna!  What did you do for fun this weekend?” a red haired woman called out as she stepped out of a pink colored Suzuki car and walked slowly across the parking lot.

               “Hi, Colleen.  It was pretty quiet around my place the last couple of days so I decided to test out the Vibro-3000 product that Adult Innovations is producing.  It’s a nice looking toy but it broke after just two hours of usage at the maximum setting,” Donna replied as she walked over to where her coworker was and gestured to the box in her right hand as she walked.

               “Oh, yeah, sure it was, Colleen.  You probably started using it late one night and forgot to turn it off when you fell asleep,” Sandra said mischievously as she walked over to where the two were standing.

               “Funny, very funny!  What about the time you took home that Eveready Ellen love doll and forgot about it while it was attached to a gas powered compressor ?  The look on Bill’s face when you brought in all those pieces of latex and rubber and said that the doll failed your stress tests was priceless!” Colleen said before erupting into a loud laugh.

               The three women walked to a door on the right side of the building that had an EMPLOYEES ONLY sign hanging over it.  Going inside, they hung their jackets in the area set aside for employee clothing before going down a long hallway to the meeting room they always sat in before beginning their work day.  The women were part of a group of twenty women responsible for testing products Adult Innovations was considering selling to the general public.  After each test, the workers would fill out a detailed information sheet concerning the product and what aspect of it passed or failed for the test performed.

            After taking their seats and chatting among themselves for a few minutes, the room quieted when the building’s head manager Jim McAllister walked in and stood behind the podium at the front of the room.  Though more than a few women found the early 30’s brown haired man to be stiff and unemotional, Sandra thought there was a certain charm to the way he went over the day’s agenda of the toys to be tested and other pertinent information.

                “Good morning, ladies.  There’s going to be a change in how today’s agenda is going to be set out.  After I go over the products that we’re going to be testing today, I’m going to be asking a few of you to stay behind to hear about an offer I have to make tailored to you and your lifestyles,”Jim said in his usual serious tone as he addressed the gathered women.

                “Geez, I hope this isn’t going to be another trip to an Adult product expo like that one in Canada a couple of years ago.  Who would have thought that a nation of polite and clean people would become a mob of horny, beer swilling sexaholics yelling ‘We want big hooters!’?  Geez.....” Diane whispered to Sandra and Colleen, who were seated nearby.  The brunette mentally winced as she remembered the number of Canadian men who wanted to make love to her and ‘ski her mountains’ (referring to her size 46DD breasts).

             After Jim talked about the various sex toys to be tested that day, which included a double dildo/vibrator combo toy that looked scary and sexy at the same time, he proceeded to the list of people that were to stay after the briefing.  Diane, Colleen, Sandra and Donna were the names called out and as the other women filed out of the room, Colleen noted quietly to the others that the company had chosen all single women for the offer.  Before they had had a chance to talk any further, Jim was joined at the front of the room by Bill Sillinger, assistant manager at the plant.

             Bill cleared his throat as the last of the uninvited women left the room before speaking.  "  Ladies, we are in the process of starting up a new division of Adult Innovations.  The division will revolutionize the adult novelty industry in terms of appearance, salability as well as touch a segment of the buyers that has been ignored by all our rivals.  In short, this new division will be targeting customers who are looking to make purchases in the five to six figure range every time they do business with us, "

              “For the first steps of this new division, we need to run tests that are far more complicated than the ones that take place here.  In addition, the testers have to agree to the more personal nature of these procedures if our products are to be perfected for the marketplace.  If the four of you agree to the terms listed in the contracts you’ll be asked to sign, all of you will be transported, at company expense, to the site of our new division.  I think you’ll see that the financial compensation for your part in the testing process is quite a bit above your current rate of pay.  Any other questions you may have at the moment should be answered in the forms I’m handing you right now.  The only thing I must stress at this point is that everything you’ve heard here today, and from this point on, is strictly confidential.  With that, have a look at these forms I’m giving each of you and once you’re satisfied with you’ve read, sign in the appropriate places and we’ll have you in your new jobs by the first of next month.  Are there any questions you might have right now?” Bill intoned as he glanced down at a set of notes he brought with him while Jim handed out the forms in question.

             Sandra glanced at the other women in the room and noticed they all looked just as shocked as herself.  " I guess the only thing I’d like to know at this point is if the coffee at this new place is better than the swill we drink around here,”she asked which elicited peals of laughter from all four women in the room.  Bill and Jim took several other questions related to travel and moving costs before leaving the women to make their minds up.

            After a few murmurs among themselves, the four women quickly signed their names to the contracts and headed to the front of the room to hand them over to the waiting executives.

                For them, it sounded like the opportunity of a lifetime.....

First day of the following month..........


             “....gotta say that things have worked out pretty nicely.  The company set me up at an apartment fairly close to the downtown area and paid all of my moving expenses.  Adult Innovations even told me to wait till today to start work at no loss of pay.  Pretty nice, if you ask me,” Sandra said as she, and the other three women, got out of the company van that had been sent to pick them up.

             “Yeah, the head of this place, Gus, called me and stressed the fact the work is going to much more than testing and that we’ll be experiencing this work far more personally than we anticipate.  It sounds like a lot of hot air but still........” Donna replied as the four women entered the front door of a three story building that seemed rather ordinary on the exterior.

             Inside, the building looked like something straight out of a science fiction novel with transparent glass walls lining both sides of the hallway.  Behind the walls, the women could see computers, monitors and similar types of equipment arrayed throughout rooms of different sizes and shapes.

            Walking to the end of the hallway, the women found what looked like an elevator door with a slot next to it for the insertion of an ID card as well as a plate to press their palm against.  Remembering the instructions Gus had told them just after they got to town, each woman inserted their own ID card into the slot while simultaneously pressing their right hand against the plate.  For each woman, a second or two passed before a computerized voice, reverberating from an unknown location, announced the name of the person logging in.  After all four had gone through the check-in, a minute or so passed before the metal door slid open and the women stepped inside.

                To Sandra and everybody else’s surprise, they did not ascend or descend in what they assumed was some sort of elevator car.  Instead, the metal wall to the rear slid open and the women saw yet another hallway beyond it with a mid 30’s man waiting for them.

            “Hello, ladies!  Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Harold Johnson and I’m chief operations officer for this testing facility for Adult Innovations.  I’ll escort the four of you to the change rooms where you can leave your clothes in secure lockers before you head to the main testing floor.  Are there any questions?” the man said cheerfully as he shook each of the women’s hands warmly.

            “Ummmm, I guess the question all four of us have is what exactly we’ll be doing here on a day to day basis.  It wasn’t really spelled out in detail in the contracts we signed,” Diane asked while glancing over at the others around her.

                “Ahhh, ok.  Well, this facility is looking at the possibility of using matter transformation for selling products to our customers.  No, that’s kind of awkward.  We’re looking at developing a product that will temporarily transform part of a subject’s body to resemble a feature on a love doll’s body in both appearance and texture.  If everything works the way we have it planned out, it could revolutionize the adult entertainment market as well as provide Adult Innovations different streams of income in the future.  If you ladies will follow my assistant Janice at the far end, she’ll show you to the change room where you can leave your clothes and valuables in secure lockers.  Once that is done, we’re going to ask each of you to shower and shave all body hair from the neck down.  This step is needed to make sure that the equipment we’re using can scan your skin without being compromised by the hair follicles.  After that, its on to our main work area and the first part of an experience you’ll enjoy every day you’re here,” Harold said while gesturing behind him towards a mid 30’s red haired woman dressed in what looked like a laboratory smock.

                “Transform??!!!! Geez, that sounds kinda weird!  Is this going to affect us after these experiments are done?” Sandra asked with a nervous edge evident in her voice.

                “No, no long term effects will bother any of you.  In fact, the transformation will prove to be extremely stimulating for each of you as our technicians go over the various parts of your bodies to be changed.  It’ll become a lot clearer once we get the tests started.  If you’ll follow Janice, we’ll get things started,” Harold replied with a trace of impatience creeping into his voice.  The four women figured that they could always ask questions afterwards and trundled off with Janice to the change room.

            Roughly fifteen minutes later, the women emerged from the change room wearing only housecoats around their nude bodies.  Walking down the barren corridors with Janice, the women moved along until they came to two large glass doors that had an electronic lock on them similar to what was at the building’s entrance.  After Janice passed a card through a reader device, she opened the doors with a noticeable BUZZ!!! and the five women walked inside.

                As Sandra looked around, she saw the interior of the work room like the area they passed through before.  Privately, she thought the idea of changing part of her body to something made of rubber, latex or another artificial material was a bit far fetched.  However, the money was good so she decided to stay relatively quiet.

                “Hello, ladies.  If you’ll give your robes to Connie, we can get started.  Sandra and Colleen, you’ll be working with the technicians specializing in upper body transformations.  Donna and Diane, you’ll be testing with the people working on the lower body transformations and I’ll tell you two now that you might be working overtime this week.  The technicians in your section are doing some additional work on a project we’re just starting to do preliminary work on so if you can’t stay late, let me, Alan, or Janice know before the end of the day,”a bald, mid 50’s man dressed in a long white coat called out to the women and gestured to the left and right towards dressed like Alan.

               After the women went to their designated areas, the technicians quickly got to work as they got the women to stand behind individual scanners that resembled X-ray machines.  As the metal plate swept up and downwards, numbers started to appear on a nearby computer next to their individual names.  Once the scanning was done, each woman was asked to lie down atop a metal table adorned with a black rubber pad.

                For Sandra and Colleen, once the technicians told them to lie completely still for the next few minutes, they saw small suction cups, at the end of long hoses, attached to the apex of the breasts directly over their slightly hardened nipples.  Larger cups were placed over their mouths after thin, pink sacs were placed inside their mouths.  After being reassured not to worry about anything, the women heard the technicians move back to where the computers and other equipment were located.

                In the case of Donna and Diane, they were experiencing something relatively similar to the others with cups placed over their vaginas and anuses.  They could feel some sort of lubrication around the edges of the cups that seemed to help them adhere to the naked women’s bodies.  As they stared upwards, they saw there were TV monitors built into the ceiling that they could see themselves in.

             A minute or two later, a low hum could be heard coming from the machinery in the room that increased in volume by the second.  As it did, the women felt vibrations starting to build around the edges of the cups that were producing very pleasant stimulations for all of them.

             As the time passed, the vibrations grew more intense and they seemed to be accompanied by the feeling of some sort of physical change starting.  The liquid was seeping into the women’s openings and skin and produced even more sensations of pure pleasure to go through their bodies.

             “I wonder when this whole transformation bit will kick in....I feel pretty good so far but I’m curious what.....ooohhh.....what.....mmmm....oh my!!!! ” Sandra thought to herself before her thinking was interrupted by the sight, and sensation, of her mouth and breasts starting to change shape and appearance.  She could see her boobs were taking on a glossy appearance and were starting to swell in size.  In addition, she could see what looked like seams starting to form around them like any inflatable doll for sale in an adult oriented store.

             “Geez, this is certainly different than lying in bed trying out the Eternal Pleasure vibrator.  They said the whole change would be done in less than.....ohhhh....what was that?.....mmmmm....strange.......” Colleen thought before she felt her teeth and tongue start to take on an odd feeling as if they were melting together.  At the same time, she could feel her mouth twitching and contorting into a circular shape.  Even though she knew it was all part of the process, Colleen’s mind was awash with emotions ranging from bewilderment to pure erotic pleasure.

             On the other side of the room, Donna and Diane were experiencing similar sensations though they were able to move their heads a little more easily than the others and see what was going on.  For Donna, her eyes started to flutter and she let out an involuntary moan of pleasure as she started to experience the change of her vagina into a pink latex and rubber pussy.  She was starting to wonder that when the technicians moved onto the second stage of the test, would they be using the standard sex toys Donna had become quite familiar with in the past or would they use a more human touch?

                “Damn, this feels good......geez, if everything works as it should, what woman wouldn’t want to do this?.....the sex would be better than anything they ever have experienced........YESSSS!!!!!!”  Donna thought to herself before erupting in a single word loudly that expressed her building excitement.

                For Diane, the sensations were similar to Donna with the added notion that she was turned onto her side by two of the lab workers.  She was pleasantly surprised to see that the mirrors had been aligned so she could see what was happening to her body on both sides.  To her amazement, as the formula came in contact with her anus and the area surrounding it, Diana saw that her anus was doing more than change into a pink opening like her vagina had.  It was actually MOVING upwards at least several inches!

                “I wonder if I looked up some of my former boyfriends from my high school days and showed them the changes, what would they do?  Would they run away from as fast as they could or would they be as horny as hell?  Probably a little bit of both....hehe.....mmmmm!!!..... ” Diane thought to herself as she reveled in the sensations going through her body.

               After all four women were transformed completely in the areas designated by the technicians, the lab workers proceeded to the next phase of the trials: testing responses on physical and emotional levels.  The workers attached what looked like small electrodes to the women’s foreheads, hands and legs with wires running back to the computers they were monitoring quite closely.

              Once this was done, the workers started to set up the specific parts they wanted to test for each woman.  In Sandra’s case, a long yellow plastic tube was inserted into her transformed mouth that seemed to resemble a dildo.  To Sandra’s surprise, her mouth quickly closed around the tube and started to suck on it even before she thought of doing it.  After thirty seconds or so of this, the tube started to vibrate even as it swelled rapidly in size until it completely filled the soft latex interior of the opening.

From Sandra’s perspective, this was the most erotic experience she had ever felt and her body was starting to heave and twitch in response to the sensations.

           For Colleen, the Adult Innovations technicians focused on her newly enhanced breasts and how she would react to external stimulation.  Two of the workers donned rubber gloves and started to vigorously massage her boobs while a third retrieved what looked to be small electric sanders from a nearby cabinet.  Colleen would have asked what they were planning to do but her transformed mouth prevented her from doing so.

               A few moments later, Colleen’s worries were assuaged as she realized that the staff didn’t have sanders in their hands but powerful vibrators that were usually meant for back massages and similar therapy. After applying a small portion of some sort of lotion to both of Colleen’s inflated bosoms, they applied the massaging units to them with looks of expectation on their faces.  Even though Colleen couldn’t speak about how she was feeling, the fact that her limbs were twitching harder with each passing moment spoke volumes about her attitude towards the attention being given to her.

               “Oooohhh....ahhhhh....FUCK!!!.......I feel like I’m going to orgasm any minute....what....what are they doing now?.....mmmmm..... ” Colleen thought to herself as her inflated boobs wobbled under the attention given to them.  After what seemed like an eternity, the workers moved onto testing her O shaped mouth with a variety of sex toys.

               An hour or so later, the workers finished the tests on the women and moved onto the next phase of their work.  Reaching under each table that the four were on, they unlocked the wheels that were there before starting to push the tables  around the lab.  Colleen and Sandra’s tables were positioned so that they were lying side by side in the room with a similar situation arranged for Donna and Diane.

               Cautioned to remain silent for this part, the four women watched quietly as the lab technicians applied formula to Colleen and Sandra’s arms from the tips of their fingers to their shoulders.  While this was going on, Donna and Diane were having similar treatments done to their legs and watch as their toes quickly fused into solid blades of latex and rubber.  With their legs slowly swinging into V shapes that would have been obscene in nature normally, the women were ready for the next phase of the tests.

            Colleen, with her arms bent at right angles and jutting upwards at the ceiling, watched as the technicians measured the length of her hollow arms, the exact angle that they were bent at and how flexible they were.  She saw the workers bend the arms straight with their hands, hold them straight for variable lengths of time and let them snap back to see if there was any noticeable difference.  Despite the exertions, neither Colleen or Sandra felt the slightest bit of pain and actually enjoyed the sensations of their glossy skin being rubbed and touched by others.

                As for Diane and Donna, the tests were slightly different with the technicians grabbing hold of their hollow legs and pulling them back far enough so that the women could hold them in place.  Once that was done, the workers started measuring the distance between the transformed vaginas and anuses several times with a few nods exchanged among them.  After that, two double dildos were retrieved from a nearby cabinet and, after being lubricated with a generous amount of KY jelly, inserted into the women’s latex openings.  From Diane and Donna’s perspective, the pleasure they felt from the sex toys inside them was so intense that the previous actions seemed trivial by comparison.

            Some time later, and after more tests that involved two or more of the partially dollified women being put on top of each other, the tests were deemed concluded by the Adult Innovations personnel.  With that, the technicians took syringes out of several trays and, with a method that indicated they had done this in the past, injected a small amount of a clear liquid into one of the untransformed limbs for each of the four women.

            Within five minutes, Diane and the others saw that the parts of their bodies that were latex and rubber were reverting back to their normal human compositions.  Colleen and Sandra sensed their teeth and tongues return to normal with their O shaped mouths relaxing into normal positions.  The two women’s breasts deflated back to their normal sizes as the glossy pink color of the bosoms reverted back to the tone of their normal boobs.  Colleen gasped in relief as she was able to move her arms normally once again though it took a little mental effort to make her fingers separate.

             For Donna and Diane, the sensations were intense as they reverted back to being fully human.   In fact, for both women, there was a lingering feeling of disappointment in their minds as they felt, as well as saw, the lower halves of their bodies return to normal flesh and blood.  Both women privately wondered if Adult Innovations might lend them a little of the transformation substance for ’ private usage’.

             After all four were back to being completely human, the technicians handed each of them an oversized pink housecoat, with matching slippers, and asked them to go down and wait in a room located at the far end of the level to discuss the results with Miss McLaughlin, another executive for the company.

             Glancing up at a clock mounted on a nearby wall, Donna was surprised to see that a full three hours had passed since they had first set foot inside the building. " Geez, time flies when you’re having fun.  How do you gals feel?” she murmured to the others as they made their way out of the lab and towards the meeting room.

             “Mmmmm, I have to be honest.  If they had given me the option of being like that for the rest of the day and night at no pay, it would be awfully tempting for me,” Diane replied with a slight giggle at the end.

             “Christ, listen to you two idiots!  You’d think that both of you would be happier living in a cardboard box under some schmuck’s bed!  For me, it’s all about the money.  If I wasn’t getting the good money here, I’d take that job modeling lingerie with Lovely Lingerie, Inc. on the east coast,” said Jasmine, a woman who the others had briefly met during the test procedures.  With her ample chest size and legs that seemed to go on forever, a few of the women had remarked privately that Jasmine looked more like a living blow-up doll than anybody else.

            Sandra was about to reply to what Jasmine had said when she was interrupted by Bill entering the room and taking a place behind the dais at the front of the room. “Ladies, first off, I want to thank all of you in the trials that you have just completed. We’ve just completed a preliminary evaluation of the results and we are extremely pleased with them.  In particular, you five ladies have been selected to be offered the opportunity to part in the next phase of the trials we are conducting.  I should tell you that the pay for volunteers in the next phase is 35 % more than the phase you have just completed.  In addition, the individuals who complete the next phase successfully will be offered prominent positions in a new department for the company with corresponding financial compensation and perks.  If you decide that you’re interested in the offer that I’ve just told you about, take one of the blue forms and sign your name in the appropriate places along with signing the second part that is a standard non-disclosure form.  If you decide you don’t want to participate in the upcoming trial, sign the red form that holds the standard non-disclosure about the trial you’ve just completed and the details about the upcoming one.  The women who choose the red paper will be asked to leave the room immediately after which we will discuss more of the details, and perks, of the upcoming trial.  However, I will tell you that no matter what your choice is today, the management at Adult Innovations look forward to working with all five of you as we strive to make this company the best of all businesses in this business.  With that, I will leave you ladies to your decision.  I’ll return in, oh, twenty minutes or so to collect the forms you have chosen to sign and give out further information to those who need it,” Bill said even as he gestured towards the stacks of paper next to him.  At the end of his speech, the executive quietly left the room and closed the door behind him.

             Almost immediately afterwards, the women started chatting back and forth about what they had just heard.  After a few minutes of spirited conversation, the women went up to the table one at a time, filled out the forms of their choice and returned to their seat.  When just over twenty minutes had passed, Bill returned to the room and found five blue signed forms waiting for him.  Flashing a brief smile, the executive placed the forms inside his briefcase before turning his attention once again to the women in the room.

             “I want to thank all of you for agreeing to participate in the next set of trials.  As the company’s way of thanking you for taking this step, you will be driven directly from here to the mansion belonging to the company’s CEO and founder Jack MacLean.  You’ll eat a sumptuous seven course meal and hear all about his future plans for the company.  All in all, it’ll be a night that none of you will ever forget.  Oh, and don’t worry about what you’re wearing.  You’ll be offered a change of clothes at the mansion if you want but you’ll find that Jack is a casual dresser at work and at home.  I think that afterwards you’ll all agree it was a night you’ll never forget!” Bill said enthusiastically and was met with applause and approval from the seated women.

                A short time later, the ladies were inside a stretch limousine as it made its way slowly towards the home in question.  As it did, Diane and Jasmine argued whether the CEO was going to look more like Bill Gates or an overweight Ted Turner.  Sandra interjected that the man probably was just an ordinary guy who made his fortune by winning a big lottery prize and dressed like a slob at home.

                To the surprise of them all, Mr. MacLean didn’t fit either of those descriptions.  The dark haired man, who looked to be in his early forties, greeted the women at front door of his impressive looking mansion wearing a business suit though a tie was not present.  During a brief tour of his expensively furnished home, Jack told the women that he had started  life with a couple of small coffee shops he inherited from his parents.   He sold the shops and used the money to start Adult Innovations from scratch and hoped to be able to expand and diversify throughout the world over the next eighteen months.

                “I’m curious, Mr. MacLean.  How exactly are you planning to use these trials that me, and the other women here, are involved in for future business?  Will there be a line of creams marketed to the general public or are you going to be marketing it exclusively online?” Jasmine asked as she took her seat at the extremely large dining room table that looked to seat at least a dozen people.

            Bill waited to answer until everyone was seated and the waiters had brought the plates of food and bottles of wines for the repast before replying.  “Oh, I think my thinking will revolutionize the way successful businessmen will approach selling merchandise to adults seeking a unique experience.  In fact, I would say that you ladies will be viewed as pioneers for years to come,”the executive intoned which brought smiles to all the ladies faces.

           Over the next ten or so minutes, Bill and his guests chatted about a variety of subjects with the only pause coming when one of the staff served each of them wine poured into what looked to be very expensive crystal goblets.  Bill’s goblet appeared to have been made from gold and other precious alloys with what looked like his signature visible on one of the goblet’s sides.  Sandra thought about asking Bill where he got such a goblet made but figured that was a question that could be posed later.

            As the minutes passed, Diane noticed that the amount of chatter in the room had dropped to nothing which she thought was rather odd.  In fact, she saw that Colleen, Diane and the others were just staring off into space as if they were trying to digest a large meal.  When Diane leaned to her left to pick up a fork she had deliberately dropped on the floor, she noticed that Colleen’s breathing had almost stopped altogether and her arms were hanging stiffly at her sides.

               “Ummm, boss, I think Diane is still aware of what’s going on around her,” Jasmine exclaimed even as she stood up and started to move around to Diane’s side of the table.

               “What, what the hell is going on here?  What did you do to Donna and the others?” Diane asked as she stood up quickly and started to back away from the table slowly.

               “Are you still conscious, my dear?  I am sorry about that as I think ultimately you have preferred to be in an unconscious state when the final phase is done.  You see, you ladies are going to be prototypes for the most amazingly realistic love dolls available for sale in the entire adult market.  To achieve this, the formula that all of you were injected earlier will be amplified via equipment that I have here at my home and all of you ladies will wake up completely transformed into inanimate love dolls on a permanent basis!  The scientists who worked on the formula tell me that the chemicals involved should finish the change but there is a small chance that a subject’s body chemistry reacts differently to the chemical’s total transformation of the body.  In that event, the exterior skin of the woman is not soft rubber and plastic but the hard shell of a mannequin that is typically seen in stores.  Of course, when you all wake up, this change in appearance won’t be a part of your memory as your minds will be reduced to the simplistic thinking of the objects you will be from now on.  Jasmine, could you restrain Diane as I don’t think the sedative is affecting her,” Bill said as he rose and took a stance between Colleen and Sandra, whose heads had dropped down and were partly slumped over in their chairs.

                “FUCK YOU BOTH!!!” Diane screamed from the nearby hallway as she found the front door locked and no easy way to open it.  She had made her way halfway down a nearby hallway when Jasmine tackled her from behind and they both tumbled to the floor.

                “Why the hell are you helping, uhhhrr, helping that lunatic??!!” Diane snarled as she tried to free herself from Jasmine’s hands but only succeeded in ripping away the right side of Jasmine’s blouse.

                “I could tell you that, uhhh, Mr. MacLean pays me more money than a hundred of these ’ testers ’ could make but that, uhhh, that would be bullshit!  Let’s just say that I’ve got my reasons for....MMMPHH!!” Jasmine snapped in response as she tried to keep Diane pinned only to be sent sprawling backwards by a punch to the jaw from Diane, who had managed to free her right hand.

             Meanwhile, in the dining room, Bill, seemingly unconcerned by the struggle between the women, had summoned several burly men that worked for him and was getting the sleeping women carried upstairs to their fate.  Upon hearing a vase crash from the hallway, Bill stopped one of the men who happened to be carrying Colleen and muttered something in barely audible tones....

             As for Diane, she was standing on her feet once again in a nearby room with Jasmine and both were breathing heavily from their exertions.  If either took a minute and looked at their clothing they were wearing, both women would have grabbed something out of embarrassment.  Diane was bereft of her skirt and blouse and her bra had been ripped completely away so that her heaving bosoms would have been visible to any onlooker.  In fact, the only clothing Diane had left on were her white satin panties and even those looked like those had been tugged a time or two.  In Jasmine’s case, she was in a similar state of undress and considering she was wearing crotchless pantyhose as her only remaining article, she looked more like a fetish model for an internet site than an employee of a corporation with annual sales in the seven figure range.

                “Why?  Why the hell would you, huff, would you help such a sick fuck?  Don’t you know that someone will wise up and you’ll wind up in prison or worse?  Let me get away and I promise I won’t mention your name in any of this craziness!!” Diane shouted as she hoped to stall long enough to figure which way to run next.

                “You think Bill is stupid enough to leave a loose end?  The reason you women were chosen wasn’t due to the test results.  You were picked because there was no one that would come looking for you afterwards, no loose ends that needed to be tied up like this one is now,” Jasmine snapped in response with an odd smile appearing on her face.

            “What?  What do you mean?” Diane retorted before Jasmine’s last words sunk in and her eyes widened in understanding.  Diane turned to run out of the room but a tall burly man wrapped his left arm around to prevent her action.  Before she had a chance to resist, the man’s left hand clamped over Diane’s mouth and she tumbled into darkness.....

Next morning...........

              “...have to say that you provided invaluable assistance as usual,  Miss Jefferson.  I didn’t expect things to get as physical as this acquisition turned out but it was something I had planned on  irregardless.  Now, as for your compensation...” Bill said smoothly as he walked up the stairs with Jasmine a step or two behind him.

             “You know I want no money for my part in any of this!  This is the third time we’ve done this and my request is the same as the first time.  Will you give it to me now?” Jasmine replied with her voice somewhat shaky for some reason.

             “Oh, no.  No, no, my dear, not yet.  While this task has yielded me prototypes, I’m going to have to acquire another group or two for meeting future demands,  Don’t worry, though, about anything in the meantime.  You’re welcome to stay on the estate in the meantime as before unless you, ahem, want to move on?” Bill intoned at the top of the stairs before pausing to hear Jasmine’s response.

             Jasmine’s eyes flashed white hot rage for the briefest of moments before she dropped her head and shook it in a negative manner.  “No.  No, I’ll stay and help you in any way I can.”

             “Excellent!  Hmm, shall we go and see the products finish their processing?”  the company owner exclaimed as he turned and walked down to a door with a computer keypad on the wall to the left of it.  Punching in a four digit combination, Bill and Jasmine entered a room that looked like something straight out of a 1950’s horror movie.  Various machines geared to monitor a body’s life signs in one corner while a white haired man looked at the numbers on display.  At the far end of the room, four long glass tubes extended down from the ceiling to the floor and inside the tubes, there were four beautiful naked women looking like they were in a deep sleep.

            However, as Bill drew nearer, he saw that there were no longer women in the tubes but rather inanimate objects nearing the end of a conveyor belt.  In short, Colleen, Diane and Sandra were on the verge of becoming inflatable love dolls while Donna resembled a high end mannequin seen in store windows.

             &8220;Zee process iz 97.5 percent, herr MacLean.  Do you wish to add any other subjects to zis process today, hmmm? ”  the man said with a definite German accent to his words.

            “No, that’s all for today, Manheim.  I’ll make arrangements for you to be taken back to your home until I need your services again,” Bill said as he watched the man nod and make his way out of the room before turning his attention back to the tubes.  “I always get a kick out of this last part.”

             As Bill and Jasmine watched, the process moved into its last moments as the eyes for all four ladies, which were closed, suddenly snapped open even as they widened for three of them.  For Colleen, Diane and Sandra their eyes quickly became painted features that were frozen in lust.  As for Donna, her eyes became glass beads that were devoid of humanity as the rest of her plastic body with her featureless breasts and a hole where her anus was to anchor to a stand.

             Thirty or so minutes later, Bill had the three dolls laid out on a bed while Jasmine was securing the mannequin to a display stand.  “Once the boys in development get these dollies measured and such, we’ll be able to sell copies on every continent in the world and the originals, well, they might stay with me or be sold... haven’t decided.  Do you have the address to deliver that mannequin, Jasmine?” Bill intoned as he ran his hands over the soft surfaces of the dolls.

             “Yeah, yeah, five miles from here, make sure they put her in the swimwear or lingerie sections.  Do you want me to come right back or do you want some ‘alone time ’?” Jasmine intoned as she prepared to move the mannequin into a waiting wooden case.

             “Don’t get smart!  You know I want to test these dolls personally!” Bill snapped as he started fidgeting with his belt.

             “You better make sure you live up to your end soon or I’ll...” Jasmine muttered softly.

             “What was that?” Bill snarled as he turned and looked Jasmine square in the eye.

             “Nothing.  Nothing at all,” Jasmine responded before turning and closing the crate that now contained the mannequinized Donna.  A few minutes later, she left the room and Bill turned his attention back to the trio of dolls.

            “Mmmmm...owner...need to make happy....please use me like a good dolly....”  the dollified Sandra thought as Bill caressed her hollow leg and thigh.  All the love doll cared about now was making her owner, or anyone who used her, happy.

            “Yes...squeeze my boobies!...I want to make you happy!!!” the doll who used to be Colleen though as Bill rubbed and squeezed her ample sized bosoms.

           “YOU BASTARD!!..I KNOW I WAS ONCE HUMAN AND IF I EVER GET CHANGED BACK, YOU’LL...ooohhh....dolly like that...mmmmm.....” Diane thought as her personality had partially survived the whole transformation process though when Bill touched her inflation plug, the simple thinking of a blow-up doll overwhelmed her thinking.

           The only solace Diane might have had was that she wasn’t just a doll like her plasticized colleagues though as they were deflated and placed in boxes to be taken back to the factory where it all started, it seemed small consolation....

            And maybe even a curse....