by Basilisk


Captain Crane low-crawled into small clearing surrounded by tall ferns, and began to shuck the SCUBA pack he was wearing. Quietly, his three companions followed suit, and soon everyone had doffed the cumbersome gear and removed his weapon from its protective cover. Crane crouched low on the ground, and began sketching in the sandy soil with a stick.

"Near as I can tell, we are about 3 miles from that tower we spotted, along this short side of the lake." He said tersley, jabbing at the sand sketch. " Whoever brought us down will undoubtedly be sending out search parties, so we need to clear the area and move as far away from the shore as possible, that's where they will be concentrating. Anything to add, Chief?"

"Well, we don't know who we are dealing with, or what kind of firepower they can muster, but judging by that electromagnetic blast that hit us, they are no slouches. I think we should move slow, and split in two fire teams, with maybe 20 yards between us."

"Good thinking. Kowalski, you're with me. Chief, you and Patterson trail us a little to the right."

"Sir, my team should take the point..."

"Thats an order, Chief. And no heroics. Things get hairy, we pull back to the coast and hope that Seaview can get to us. Any questions? Ok, lets move out."

Cindy and Tyra stared transfixed as their friend Salma was smoothly dipped into the vat of precious metal, and emerged as a gold coated, nude rendition of "Winged Victory" .

"We have to get going, and get some help!" Tyra said in a hushed voice.

"Where? Remember what that creep Nemo said about the wild animals outside?"

"Well, we have to try! Come on, I can't take any more of this."

The two girls backed away from the balcony, and crawled towards the curtains covering the top of the stairwell. Lifting the bottom, Trya started to crawl through, only to find herself staring at a pair of highly polished jackboots.

"Well Miss Banks! Trying to leave my little soiree` early? Tsk Tsk, very un-ladylike." Nemo waved his index finger in a back and forth manner.

Tyra hopped up and tried to run, but a soldier grabbed her and pulled her arms behind her.

"And you brought a friend! Well, that certainly makes it easy on me. Now I only have one more naughty little girl to find."

"You fiend! You'll never get away with this!" Cindy yelled, attempting to spit in Nemo's face. The spittle fell far short and landed with a splat on the floor.

"How melodramatic! Delightful! Do you know how many soon-to-be artworks have told me those very words?" Nemo chuckled softly. "No matter, it will all be over soon, for now anyway. Perhaps in the future, you may play another role in my plans. Especially you, Miss Banks." Nemo caressed one of her cheeks with the back of his hand.

"Don't touch me!" Trya snapped, attempting to bite the hand.

"Very feisty, you are a hot one! Someday you will long for my touch, I assure you. But for now, come along, we must capture your other friend before harm can come to her."

"So you can do all the harming? Monster."

"Ahh, I might not be the monster you think I am," Nemo replied, a twinkle in his eye, "But I may be a different type than you know."

Padding silently through the jungle, the little party had covered almost the full three miles when a stirring in the bushes ahead caused Crane to hand signal for the party to hit the dirt. Everyone rolled to find a good firing postion, and Crane could feel the sweat beading off of his brow as he stared down the sight of his M-14 rifle. Suddenly, the bushes parted, and the grouponly stared dumfounded as a trio of small dinosaurs bore down on them at terrifying speed, mouths held wide open, exposing rows of razor sharp teeth. Chief Sharkey was the first to react, letting loose with a .308 round that tore the back of one animal's head clean off. The Captain knocked another saurian over with a shot to the chest, but Kowalski and Patterson, equipped with smaller caliber MP-5 sub machine guns, were having trouble dropping the third beast, despite numerous hits. Before Sharkey or Crane could finish off the animal with a high powered round, it struck Kowalski in the chest feet first, knocking him heavily to the ground. Sharkey managed a point blank shot to the dino's head, and it continued over Kowalski's prone body with its own momentum, to fall dead in the jungle a few feet further on.

"Jesus H. Christ!" Patterson called running to Kowalski's side.

The Seaman lay unconscious, with several nasty gashes in the front of his chest. Sharkey and Crane, ran up, and the chief ripped open a first aid kit.

"Doesn't look to bad, the cuts are pretty shallow." he said, daubing the wounds in disinfectant. "Must'ave hit his head on the way down." Sharkey peeled back an eyelid, and examined the pupils. "Dilated. Mild concussion."

Crane pondered for a moment. "He'll be OK, but our mission is over. We move to the coast for pickup. We need to clear out before those shots bring anyone running."

As if in response, a heavily accented voice called out

"Hands up, Amerikaner! Schnell! Ve haff you surrounded!"

The group could only raise their hands in surrender as a group of about 12 soldiers melted out of the jungle, looking like they stepped off the set of an old war movie.

"Germans?" Sharkey asked incredulously.

"Nazies" responded Crane.

The Seaview hovered silently off the coast of Isla d'Oro. Chip Morten, acting CO, watched Admiral Nelson pace back and forth in front of the large observation windows in the bow of the giant submarine.

"Six hours, and still no word! We are going to have to make a move now, we can't wait for the reinforcements I requested to arrive." Nelson blurted out. "This damn hurricane is preventing any of our regular forces from getting through."

"Yes Sir, but with the flying sub gone, how are we going to reach them?"

"We'll have to risk landing men in rubber rafts. According to this chart, there is heavy jungle right up to the edge of the water on the far side of the Island. We move into position, a launch two teams of ten men. I'll lead the party ashore. Hopefully we can scout out and hold until forces arrive from Southern Command."

"Admiral, you can't risk yourself like that, Let me lead the shore party. " Morten stated.

"No, I need you here, onboard Seaview. I have a feeling that you are going to be needed here very soon."

Tyra and Cindy rode in silence in the rear of the Jeep, bouncing into the air with almost every bump. With their hands tied behind them, they were unable to adjust their short skirts, and could only stick their tongues out at the men in front who kept turning around to leer at their exposed, nylon sheathed nether regions. Cindy was wearing a similar outfit to Tyra, and neither girl was wearing panties under her super sheer, seamless hose. Soon the jeep flounced to halt, and the two were pulled from the rear of the vehicle.

"Herr Nemo, the Liquid Nitrogen truck has a flat tire and cannot meet us at zis time." A soldier said, returning a radio to its holder.

"Oh bother! I guess we'll have to do this the old fashioned way." Nemo pulled a large rifle from a rack.

"You're going to shoot her!" Cindy wailed.

"Shushh, my dear," Nemo warned, making a shushh hand gesture. He loaded a large feathered dart into the rifle chamber. "Its just a massive dosage of my suspended animation formula. She'll be fine, but it might make her feel a little stiff in the morning!" All the man laughed out loud. "Corporal, would you take care of the Tiger?"

"Jawohl!" the man replied, bringing his own rifle to the ready.

"They should be along any second..."

Just then, Naomi burst into the clearing, running at full speed through the low grass.

"Look at her go!" Nemo shouted.

Naomi noticed the group and the vehicle, and angled away from them. Right on her heels, an enormous Bengal Tiger burst from the treeline, hot on the heels of the dark-skinned beaty.

"Run Naomi, Run!" Cindy shouted.

"On the count of three, Corporal." Nemo counted down, and there was the simultaneous crack of a rifle and the loud 'whoomph' of an air gun. Naomi never seemed to break stride, but all of the sudden was tumbling head over heels in an odd fashion, almost like a gymnast doing cartwheels. The tiger was not so lucky. It tumbled head over heels in the fashion of a broken rag doll, and then lay completely still. Several men ran out to the girl's prone form, and when they hoisted her up, they could see that she was still locked in the postion of a runner going full speed. The men carried her forward for Nemo's inspection.

"Magnificent! Such grace! It says 'speed' without any movement at all!" Nemo exuberated.

Tyra had to admit, it was a beautiful pose. Naomi had been captured with her legs at full extension, the maximazition of action that artists always strive for. Her head was held high and proud, with eyes and mouth set in an expression of raw terror. One arm was thrust forward, with a clenched fist, while the opposite was outstretched to the rear. As Nemo began cutting her clothing free, revealing more of her tight body, the image of an ebony statue was intensified by the sheen of sweat that still coated her form.

"Wonderfull! As much as I love gold, I would leave this one as is, if not for other factors...."

The two girls had no idea what he meant, but could only shiver in fear of their ultimate fate.

The men from the Seaview were led single file into a large cavern, that soon revealed itself into an underground lagoon, replete with docks, and a decidely Victorian submarine tied up along side the largest pier. Kowalski was carted along in a stretcher by two soldiers. They were taken into small cell, and locked inside.

"What now, Sir?" Patterson asked.

"Not much we can do, try to escape, hope that Seaview gets here before they decide to terminate us." Crane answered.

"Your precious atomic submarine will not be able to save you now." a voice called from outside the cell.

Crane stood and walked to the bars, finding himself face to face with the ornately uniformed Nemo.

"You must be Captain Nemo. I'm Captain Crane, CO of Seaview. I demand that you release my men and me. "

"I know who you are, I have closely followed the exploits of the worlds second-most famous submarine." Nemo replied gloatingly. "But let me take you on a tour of my little base. It is time for the denoument, as they say in the business."

A guard unlocked the gate, and a second covered the other men while Crane was released.

"Why are you doing this? What's your game?"

"Simple, Captain, everyone takes pride in their achievments, and likes to discuss past actions with a defeated enemy"

"I wouldn't count us as defeated yet."

"That's right, the cavalry is on the way! I am not worried. My Nautilus shall dispatch your Seaview quite readily."

A third man, dressed in the grey uniform of a Nazi Major, fell in step with the two men.

"Ah, major Hoffman, everything is in preparation for the Seaview's arrival?"

"Yes Sir, and the rocket is ready for launch."

"Excellent!" Nemo replied, smacking his hand on his thigh.

"Rocket?" Crane queried.

"All in good time, Captain, all in good time."

As they passed through several corridors, Crane could not keep his eyes from the golden statues of women adorning the walls.

"Lovely aren't they? Each one a beautiful work of art!" Nemo boasted.

Crane was begining to piece together the missing women and the statues. "Murderer, how horrible!"

"Its not what you think, Captain, not at all. You can watch as the last two subjects are inducted into my 'Hall of Fame'."

They entered a large room with a fountain in the middle ringed by statues of golden women. Off to one side, crane saw two of the most popular models in the world standing , with glazed expressions on their gorgeous faces. In another part of the room, men were spraying another model, locked in a running pose and attached to a pedestal, with golden paint.  The last patches of chocolate skin on her calves were touched up, and the girl's finished appeareance became that of a giant track and field trophy, abeit a trophy with the look of fear etched in it's lovely features.

"Better than I had hoped!" Nemo strode over to the running figure, and stroked an already dry, muscular leg. "She is immortalized now! Preserved forever in gold!" A maniacal glee came to Nemo's face. "Of course, I have the power to restore her, to restore all my precious artworks, but one such as this, should never again be disturbed, don't you think, Captain? "

Crane was led to a heavy iron bar protruding from a wall and mancled to it.. "I think you are a sick bastard."

"Why Captain, that really hurts my feelings! A man of your education and travel should appreciate such fine artistry.

"These are living girls! You have no right to imprison them forever as your personal trinkets."

"I have every right!" Nemo answered, shouting. He composed himself and straightened his tunic. "Let me tell you a story. My Father, the original Captain Nemo, was an idealist. He believed that he could create a powerful weapon, the Nautilus, and eventually make the world see the error of its ways, and abolish war. He raised me to believe this, but I came to be a realist. I knew that to make things right, the world had to be recreated, a new supreme order established!."

"So thats where these Nazi goons come in." One of the soldiers made a menacing move towards Crane.

Major Hoffman spoke up. "We were only seeking to flee the ruins of the Third Reich with some of its wealth, in order to bring the Fatherland back to glory. Our U-boat managed to land near here after a vicious attack. Nemo took us in and offered us that chance at restoring Germany to its proper place."

"And exactly how is that supposed to happen? Do you think the United States would stand by and let men of your ilk rise to power again?" Crane asked, sarcasm edging his words.

"Well, ah, Nemo has a secret plan, I'm not positive...." Hoffman began, uncertaintity in his voice.

"That will be all, Major! In good time you will know all you need to. Take our lovely gilded Miss Campbell to the main hall. And have the guards post outside the door."

"Yes, Sir." Major Hoffman assembled his men, and they carted Naomi's shining figure out of the room.

"You keep your own right-hand-man in the dark?" Crane asked incredulously.

"Do not presume to know my motives! I need the Germans to be loyal, and it will be too late for them to back out once my plan come to fruition."

"If your plan is something that would give the Krauts cold feet, it must be some doozy."

"Enough shop talk, time to finish the last two subjects! Then you can see my plans unfold in all their glory." Nemo walked over to the mesmerized beauties, and gestured at them like a magician demonstrating his latest trick. "I have already administerd a dose of my special formula, which will place them in suspended animation. It also has the fortunate side effect of making them highly suscpetible to hypnotic suggestion." Nemo walked over and whispered something in low tones to the two waiting girls.

Tyra felt like she was standing in fog bank, unsure of where she was, and what was going on. She was incredibly h----, and seemed vaguely aware of a conversation going on around her between some men. She also sensed the warmth of someone standing next to her, which increased her desires, but her limbs seemed unmotivated to turn and do anything about it. Suddenly as if a key was turned in a lock, she was released to act out her desires on the person standing next to her. Cindy turned towards her as well, and the rest of the world ceased to exist as they fell into each other in a passionate embrace.

Crane could only stare dumbfounded as the the two beauties began kissing on the side of the fountain, and hungrily pulling each other's dresses off. Tyra's smooth caramel skin and large round bosoms made a delicious contrast to Cindy's milky white complexion and smaller, pert breasts. He wanted to look away, feeling like a pervert peering in a bedrooom window, but could not. Beads of sweat formed on his brow, his throat became dry, and he felt himself stirring in response to the awesomely erotic scene unfolding in front of his eyes.

Tyra was in excstacy as she rubbed herself against Cindy, their toungues darting in out of each others mouths like dueling snakes. Nude, with the exception of their sheer hose, the two girls began exploring each others bodies. The feeling of rubbing nylon against nylon was electric, the hosiery seemingly frictionless as it slid across like material. Soon the two girls were laying down with legs intertwined, and slowly rolled towards the middle of the fountain. When the lovely duo were at the center of the golden basin, Nemo stepped to a small control panel, and depressed a button. Liquid gold began issuing from the top of the fountain, spraying the entire inside of the basin with a steady deluge of metal, including the two women. They never interrupted their passionate love making, as the gold appeared on them in ever expanding splotches. The excess in the fountain ran away through a drain.

Crane watched in awe, decidely aroused by what he was seeing. He did not know if he could have made Nemo stop the process, even if it lay in his power to do so. It was breathtaking, two of the worlds most beautiful women mostly covered in gold, and making soft, passionate love.

Cindy and Tyra continued, lost in each other's arms. Moaning softly between kisses, they rubbed their interlocked upper thighs against one another's seamless, nylon encased, golden crotches, sending waves of electric passion through them. The gold splotches grew larger, and soon the gold was everywhere, in their hair, between their hungry lips , and in every cavity. It was like a warm lubricant, and tasted sweet with a metallic tinge their mouths. They had to shut their eyes tighly to prevent the pervasive auric fluid from getting in. When they rolled into a new position, and at last every square inch was covered, Nemo pressed another control, and there was an electric crackle as the girls froze in a gilded moment of passion, lips locked together, bodies pressed tight with arms and legs wrapped around each other. Tyra was still dimly aware of the Cindy's body heat through her thin, super-hard metallic shell, but it seemed to be diminishing... cooling. She tried to move move, continue her caresses, but there was only stillness. It was growing somewhat cold, but that didn't matter any more. She didn't want to move, ever again. Drifting off into a dreamy rapture, she decided she wanted to be here forever, the electric feeling from her crotch lingering still.

Two more golden statues now decorated the fountain, immortalized figures joined together as one in womanly love. The overhead lights reflected rainbows off of the gilded bodies of what had minutes before been animate, flesh and blood women. The sheer erotic posing put every piece of art Crane had ever seen, including the other gilded beauties around the fountain, to shame.

"Impressive, eh Captain?" Nemo chuckled.

Crane, still breathing heavily, wanted to denounce the madman, cry out against the injustice he should feel at the crime he just witnessed.

"Very." was all he could say.