Tales Of The Wand – Part 9

The Rules

by JMD & Alexandria

Part 9 of a continuing story. To read the beginning, parts 1-5, click here; the most recent part 8, here.

She knew right away that something had gone wrong.  The fact that she knew anything at all was a dead giveaway.  After all, shouldn't she be just a plain, ordinary brassiere again?  Apparently, the answer was "no", since instead of the nothingness she had expected, she found herself falling helplessly to the floor.  It was a familiar feeling.  It was the exact same way she'd felt earlier when she ó no, not her; Lisa; she had to remember that ó had been turned into a satin nightie.

It didn't take her long to figure out what was going on.  Lisa had indeed used the wand to turn her back into a bra, but she was far from being either plain or ordinary.  In fact, there was only one way to describe her now.  Oh, great, she thought to herself as she laid motionless on the bedroom floor.  I guess this means that I really am a living bra now.

If she could have, she would have shouted to the top of her lungs to let Lisa know that something wasn't right.  But without actually having lungs, that wasn't very likely to happen.  All she could do was look up at the woman through that hazy vision that living objects apparently possessed.  For her part, Lisa gave no indication that she suspected anything.  Instead, she seemed to be admiring the panties in her hand.  For a second, her former twin wondered if she had changed her mind about wearing her husband before turning him back.  Then, her limited sight was blacked out completely by Lisa tossing him to the floor on top of her.

She thought she heard Lisa giggle a moment later, and wondered what she had found so funny.  But before she could give it much thought, she was crushed under a heavy weight that she knew had to be a restored Chris.  She inwardly cringed as she realized that her face was in his butt.  Then, she felt herself being stretched as she was pulled out from under the man on top of her.  She had a strange feeling of vertigo as he got to his feet and held her up for examination.

"Strange night, huh?" she heard him say to his wife.  She listened while Lisa agreed, and had to mentally smile as her owner ó damn, that was going to take some getting used to ó gave her all the credit for calming her down.  Though she didn't really think she'd done that much, she had to admit to herself that it made her feel pretty good.  But then, she felt the first pangs of jealousy as the couple began to make up. 

Even as she found herself folded over the back of a chair, she realized that she was being stupid.  Chris wasn't her husband, and she knew that.  Still, as she watched the couple make love together, she could understand a little more why Lisa had gotten so angry before.  And she had only had to listen to the sounds of the sex coming from the other room.  If she had actually been forced to watch the act, she probably would have given Chris a lot more than a poke in the nose.

Of course, considering that he was getting the chance to be ridden by two separate ó but equally horny ó women on the same night, she figured Chris was thinking a sore nose was probably a small price to pay.

Later, once the happy couple had finished, the room was quiet except for the comforting sound of Chris's snoring.  She knew that Lisa was probably lying there snuggled up to him, enjoying the afterglow.  But it had been a long night, so it wasn't long before the woman's own breathing settled into the steady rhythm of sleep.  Hanging on the back of the chair, the bra wondered if she would eventually fall to sleep, too.

An hour later, she was still wondering.

With an inward sigh, she started to think about her situation.  Unlike Lisa, however, she didn't spend a lot of time pondering her future.  She was just a bra, after all.  It didn't take a genius to figure out how her days were going to go.  Rather than dwell on that, she instead tried to figure out what had gone wrong.  Why was she still "alive"? 

Well, she knew from Lisa's experience as a nightie that being turned into an inanimate object didn't stop a person from seeing or feeling stuff.  And while it was true that she had started the evening as just a bra, at the time Lisa used the wand to turn her back, she was just as alive as any other woman.  Therefore, the most obvious answer was that, even though Lisa had been restoring her to a previous state of being, the wand didn't see it that way.  It didn't care what she had been before.  To it, Lisa was turning a woman into a bra, and that was it.

So, now what?  Was her situation temporary?  Lisa had only been stuck as a nightie for a couple of hours.  If she had stayed that way longer, would she have eventually "faded", becoming just a nightie and nothing else?  She really had no way of knowing, so she decided to stop worrying about it.  What would happen, would happen.  And with that thought, she finally drifted off to sleep.

She wasn't sure how long she had been out when she was awakened by someone picking her up, though the sun was just barely visible through the bedroom window.  Once she was able to focus, though, she saw that it was Lisa that had her.  The woman was holding her up by her straps, looking her over with a strange expression.  Something was obviously bothering her, but the bra couldn't figure out what it could be.  And then with a long sigh, Lisa turned her around, unhooked her back ó and wasn't that a new experience? ó and folded her over her arm.

She was carried into the living room.  As Lisa bent down, she saw that she was gathering up her and Chris's clothes that were still lying on the floor where they'd been dropped before heading to the bedroom.  She just gathered everything except their shoes into a big ball, so the bra wasn't covered and could still see what was happening as Lisa stood up and headed for the door to the laundry room.  And as she watched Lisa drop the ball of clothes into the plastic hamper, she suddenly realized that there was one element of her existence that she hadn't considered. 

She was machine washable.

Her hands now free, Lisa took the bra off her arm, again holding it up by the straps and looking it over.  The bra silently looked back, still not sure what the woman was looking for.  Then, with another sigh, she was dropped into the hamper with the other clothes.  The lid closed a second later.  "I'm sorry," she heard Lisa say as she walked away.

I'm sorry?  Now, what was that all about?  Surely, Lisa didn't know that she was "here".  No.  More likely she was feeling guilty about what she had had to do to her.  With an inward sigh, she hoped Lisa got past that soon.  After all, this was just the way it had to be.  Right?

The next couple of hours were boring.  Even more boring than hanging over the chair the night before had been.  She couldn't see anything, since she had managed to fall "facedown" into the hamper.  She was able to hear, though there really wasn't that much to listen to in the laundry room, and only the occasional noise filtered in through the closed door.  Just to see if she could, she tried to move around, but soon gave up on that.  She was nothing more than an inanimate object now, and she was just going to have to accept it.

Since she had slept ó is that the right word for when a bra goes unconscious ó most of the previous night, she found that she wasn't tired.  And, since it was pretty much all she had left, she tried to come up with ways to occupy her mind.  She "sang" songs.  She tried to work out the clues in the mystery novel she ó uh, Lisa ó had been reading.  She even worked a little bit on ideas for her own stories.  She did anything she could think of just to pass the time.

She was just about to fall asleep again when she heard Chris calling loudly to Lisa, followed by the sounds of what had to be him running through the house.  She wondered what was going on.  And then she changed.

Suddenly, she found herself struggling inside the hamper.  Her head was covered by the other clothes around her, while her arms were pinned at her sides by the rubber walls.  The bottom half of her body had slapped the lid open, leaving her naked butt exposed and her legs kicking in the air above her.

Wait a minute!  Her arms!  Her legs!

She didn't get a chance to really explore those realizations, however, as her kicking about threw her off balance and she found herself tumbling over.  With her arms still trapped she had no way to stop herself, and she landed with a crash onto her nude bottom.  Rather than sit there and make sure she hadn't hurt herself, though, she continued to struggle, shimmying her way out of the hamper.  Once she was free, she sat up, fighting to get loose of the t-shirt that had wrapped itself around her head.  Tossing it aside, she looked down at herself, taking in the sight of her restored human body.  Starting at her chest, ran her hands down over her breasts, her torso and finally her legs, just to assure herself that it was real.

"What the hell?" she said to herself, startled a bit by her own voice.  She looked around the room to see if she was alone, wondering if maybe Chris or Lisa had used the wand to turn her back.  But no one was in sight.  Slowly, she got to her feet, shaking off more dirty clothes as she did.  Again, she looked around the laundry room for a clue to her restoration.  Could any of the various cleaning supplies stored there have reacted with the wand's magic somehow?  She had to admit that it didn't seem likely, but at the same time, she realized that she was dealing with magic here.  Who knew how it would react to anything

Deciding that her best bet was to let Chris and Lisa know what was going on, she looked around for something to put on.  Spotting a pile of folded clothes that Lisa hadn't put away yet, she went through them, pulling out one of Chris's oversized sweat shirts.  It wasn't much but it would do to cover her nudity.  She smiled as she pulled it over her head, realizing that, in a real sense, this was the first time in her entire "life" that she hadn't been naked.

She cracked open the door that led to the living room and stuck her out to look around.  She didn't see anyone around, so she softly called out, "Hello?"  Not getting an answer, she moved on into the room.  "Chris?" she called a bit louder.  "Lisa?"  Still no answer.  She knew that they had been planning that drive to the country that day, but she could have sworn she'd heard Chris just before she'd changed back.  Had she just missed them?

With a little more confidence, she moved around the couch and headed for the bedroom.  But she came up short as her foot kicked something on the floor.  Looking down, she saw that it was the wand, but what really caught her attention was the pile of Chris's clothes that were lying next to it.

A-ha!  Now, things were starting to make a little more sense.

She squatted down and picked up the wand, using the coffee table for support.  Next, she had planned on going through the pile of clothes and pulling out the pair of panties she was pretty sure she'd have found there.  However, her hand on the table had come in contact with some loose paper, causing her to glance in that direction.  What she saw made her forget about the clothes for the moment.

It was a pile of mail.  That by itself, wasn't enough to draw her attention away from Chris's predicament.  The open letter that began "Dear Grandson" was another matter entirely.  Picking up the letter, she turned and sat on the table to look it over.  Sure enough, it had come from Chris's grandfather.  Setting the wand down beside her, she read it through.

Dear Grandson,

I know this is going to sound like a clichť, but if you are reading this letter, then I am dead.  In fact, I have been for some time now, as my lawyer has instructions to wait until a full two months after my will was settled to send this to you.  I know that hearing from me at this late date will probably dig up feelings that you had put behind you.  For that, I am truly sorry.  If I could have avoided this, I would have, I assure you.

You see, Chris, I have one more item to give you; one that the rest of the family doesnít need to know about.  Along with this letter, you have received a package.  If you haven't already, when you open it, you will find the wand I've used to entertain you and your cousin for years.  It's yours now.  But I need to tell you, this is no simple gift.  The wand carries with it some degree of responsibility.  There's no other way of telling you this, so I'll just say it. 

Chris, the wand is real.

Now, I know that you won't believe that until you see it with your own eyes.  As vivid an imagination as you've always possessed, youíve never accepted anything at face value.  So, with that in mind, I suggest that you go ahead and test it for yourself.  You were always rather fond of the apple/orange trick, I believe.  Why not use that?

It works very simply.  You decide what you want to change, you picture in your mind what you want it to become, and you touch it with the starred end of the wand.  Be very careful, however, to make sure you touch only what you want to change.  The wand will only transform whatever first comes in contact with the star. 

If youíve done this, then you now know that Iím telling the truth, and are most likely asking yourself ďwhy meĒ.  Well, the wand has been in the family for generations (no one is sure how it first came into our possession).  And in all that time, it has been passed down from one to the other. 

By rights, I suppose, I should have given it to either your father or your Aunt Millie, but both of them are pretty set in their ways, and I figured neither would have the proper frame of mind to accept the wand and the responsibility that come with it.  That just left you or your cousin Rachel.  Iím sure you can see now why I chose you.  Donít get me wrong, here.  I love Rachel with all my heart, but the girl is just too wild to be let loose with something as powerful as this wand.

So, Chris, itís yours.  What you decide to do with it is completely up to you, but I have every confidence that you will take good care of it.

With that said, I need to explain a few more things about it to you.  What I call ďthe rulesĒ.

The first is simple enough, and one Iíve told you about many times in the past.  All changes made by the wand are temporary.  Anything you change with it will revert back to its original state in about twelve hours.  (Thatís right.  Just like the apple.)  However, I need to make this clear.  When I say ALL changes, I mean just that.  Any change you make with the wand, including if you use it to change something youíve already changed back into its original state, will be reversed when the time expires.  Therefore, I recommend against using the wand to change something back, especially considering the second rule.

That rule is this.  Nothing you use the wand on can have more than one change at a given time.  Let me explain that a bit further, because it is very important that you understand what Iím telling you here. 

Anything you use the wand on will have two, and only two, states of being.  First, there is the ORIGINAL state, or what it starts out as and what it will return to being when the time runs out.  Then, thereís the TRANSFORMED state, or what you turn it into.  Those are the only two conditions anything can have.  Now, this isnít a problem unless you use the wand to change an already transformed item into something else.  If you do, then that will become its new transformed state, its old transformed state will now be its new original state, and its old original state will no longer exist.

Now, that sounds a whole lot more complicated than it really is.  Still, let me give you an example.  Letís use the apple and the orange again.  If you use the wand to turn an apple into an orange, then it will remain an orange for twelve hours, at which point it will turn back into an apple.  However, if you should change it back before the time runs out, it would stay an apple for an additional twelve hours before turning back into an orange, and stay an orange forever.  Its original state (the original apple) no longer exists.

So, with that in mind, you can see why you shouldnít use the wand to restore anything to its original state.  That is, unless you WANT it to become something else forever.

At any rate, thatís the two most important rules.  There are a couple of minor things you should know.  For one, the wand has to be held by someone to work.  You donít have to worry about someone sitting on it and setting it off by accident.  Also, the person using it canít use it to change themselves in any way.  So, you canít use it to turn yourself into a dog or anything like that.  (Whether you let Lisa do it to you is completely up to you.) 

I think thatís it, though where the wand is concerned, there are always surprises.  But if youíre careful, and keep the rules in mind, the wand can be a lot of fun.  Iím sure youíll take good care of it and someday, hopefully, youíll pass it on down to your own son or daughter.

Thereís really nothing more I can say here.  Just know that Iím very proud of the man youíve become, and that I wish you nothing but happiness and joy for the rest of your life.


With a sigh, she took in what she'd just read.  It was obvious that he had meant the letter to arrive with the package.  Leave it to a lawyer to send them separately... and by different methods.  She could also understand why he wouldn't have trusted Chris's cousin Rachel with the wand.  The girl was barely out of her teens and in college, where she was doing far more partying than learning.  She'd hate to think what she would have done with the wand if she'd had it. 

But none of that was important right now.  She looked back down at the piece of paper in her hand and reread the one line that stuck with her the most.  That is, unless you WANT it to become something else forever.  The significance of that single statement wasn't lost on her.  The wand had been used to turn her from a bra into a woman, then again to change her back.  And by the rules in the letter, now that her time limit had passed, she was a woman for good.  She had to admit, that both pleased and scared her.  She had been willing to go back to being a bra before, believing it was the way things had to be.  But now that she knew it could mean an eternity of endless boredom, she wasn't so sure she'd be willing to go back again.

Her eyes dropped again to the empty pile of clothes at her feet.  She bent over and move the shirt aside.  Sure enough, she found a pair of white panties lying on top of Chris's pants.  Taking them by the waistband, she picked them up.  She had no doubt that Chris was in there somewhere looking back at her.  If he'd read the letter -- and she was pretty sure he had -- he had to know what his current situation was.  He had to be wondering what she was going to do next.

She looked around the room a bit, figuring that somewhere she would see another pile of clothes, this one with a very scared pink nightie inside them.  But wherever she was, Lisa wasn't in the living room.  She figured she could probably find her with a quick search, but decided it would be easier just to ask Chris where she was.  So, she tossed the panties back down on the floor, picked up the wand, and returned him to normal.

For a few seconds, he just laid there on his back looking up at her.  She, meanwhile crossed her legs, leaned over on her raised knee and smiled back.  "Well," she said, giving the letter a quick shake, "looks like we've got a few things to talk about, huh?"

"Looks that way, yeah," he said with a sigh.

"So," she said, reaching down to offer him a hand, "what say we go collect your wife, the negligee, and discuss 'em."


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