The Watchmaker By M.P.


Chapter Two: Alice in Wonderland?

From the Diary of Martin Appleby December 24,2006


Its Christmas morning and April and I just exchanged gifts and as usual she gave me everything in the wrong size. At Ten we walked down the street to the department store, and were met at the door by a large crowd. Apparently April did not have the copywrite on lousy gift decisions. As we walked from counter to counter I was admiring the beautiful Christmas colors on the various mannequins in the store and happened upon Alice. Alice now is a mannequin, but about two years ago she was what the government now refers to as a reject of society. She had been living in a squatters camp outside the city and I literally stumbled upon her one night doing some research for Dr. Questor. The good Doctor was trying a new process in the watch design to make it more effective with lesser space. I was enlisted to go out and find test subjects, and decided to try the lower side of town to get them. About half way through the trip I had enlisted about ten people mostly women who were eager to anything for a buck, when it happened. She was living in a small trench dug in the edge of the road and was covered by a sheet of soft wood. When I stepped on the plank it gave way and I fell into the hole and on top of poor Alice. Covered from head to foot with grime she was a pathetic sight but even under the dirt I knew there was beauty hidden there.

Later that day the small group I had gathered arrived at Questors lab and He began the tests. Three of the women had AIDS so he excused them and paid them for thier time. The two men in the group were suspious and backed out so with the remaining six he began the tests. After a hot shower and some food the subjects were taken into the test area in the back of Questors lab. With my funding we had moved him from the little shack to a bigger facility in the city. The six girls were each issued a watch and taken to seperate rooms where thier progress could be monitored. After dark the remote controllers were issued and I went down to see the first girl. She was an older woman probably 46 or 47 but in good physical condition. She told me name was Gwen and that she had been a widow for about 5 years and all her money had run out. I explained to her what the test was about and that the device had not been tested yet on humans in its present form. All Gwen said to me was that she had seen hardships and really did not care and if her cooperation could further science then let it. After she signed the release forms I brought out the remote device and explained to her what it was and then activated the remote. In seconds Gwen stopped breathing and her body stiffened in the chair. I went over and attached the diagnostic equiptment to her and turned them on. I was amazed by what I saw. She had no heart beat, no respiration,and her body temperature was rapidly dropping. It was as if she were dead. I felt her body and it was cold and slightly hard to the touch. I then reactivated the remote and suddenly all her bodily functions resumed. It struck me funny when she asked me when was I going to do something, and I told her that for almost a minute she had been clinicly dead. We continued the tests for that whole week and when we had finished I paid the girls for thier time and let them go.

About a week later there was a knock on my door and it was Alice. She explained to me that the police had rounded up most of the squatters and were taking them away to the new camps that were being built on the outskirts of town. I had heard horror stories about them and felt sorry for her. It was early summer and April was on a trip and would not return for about a month. So I invited Alice to stay at he apartment till I could figure out something. She enjoyed the luxury of being indoors once again, and one night she came into my room to show her appreciation. Alice wasa statuesuque 5'9" tall and she had long blonde hair that was straight and went down the center of her back. I had never seen her in the nude before but that night she gave me a private show. Her body was pale white from the lack of sunshine but she was still beautiful. She had small round breasts with little pink nipples that stuck out and turned upwards at the ends. Her body was long and her stomach was flat. Then at her hips it flaired out to a soft rounded buttocks. She had dancers legs which were rounded and muscular, and with this perfect body was the face of an angel. I knew that a perfect creature like this did not deserve to be penned up in a concentration camp like some animal, so I began to form my plan. Alice looked at me strangely at first wondering what was on my mind. Then she decided that what she wanted she would have to take. She pulled me down on her and soon I got the idea and began to make love to her. We kissed several times very passionately, and soon I could feel my member throbbing to be inside her. I started pumping into her faster and faster, and just when I thought I was going to explode she suddenly stopped. I looked down at Alice and she was stiff. Her hair had frozen in a wild mass and a look of hungry passion on her face. It was then I realized I was not alone. Questor was behind me laughing. In his hand was a remote and by the inanimate state my present lover was in I knew she wasn't going to be doing much til he decided. I picked up a pillow and threw it at him, and then said a few choice expletives . He apologized and said that he always wanted to see what a woman looked like at that moment. I asked him if he was still a virgin and he said yes. So I then explained to him that it was alright and that with the watches I would help him get laid. I told him to get undressed and come over and fuck Alice in her present state she wouldn't mind. He was a little leary at first but the sight of her sexy body made him very hot. He gently caressed her and kissed her all over. Next he slowly inserted his penis into her and reveled in the wonderful feelings. As he was fucking her I slowly snuck up behind them and stole the remote from the table. Then while he was making love to her I pushed the button. Alice spang back to life and was screaming my name. Her hair once again became a waving mass and she bucked and thrashed as she hit orgasm. When she realized it wasn't me, she screamed and poor Questor nearly died from shame. I stepped in then and told her about Questor, and then Alice apologized and made love to him again.I was impressed by my friends abilities andleft them to be alone. I felt really good after that, and as I sat down for a light dinner I could still hear the sqeaking of the small bed in the bedroom. Later that night Alice questor and I were seated in the living room and she said to me that I was good but I should take some lessons from Questor, she called him a "Real Stud". We all laughed after that and it was then I told Alice of my idea.

That night I came up to Charlie the night watchman at the department store and gave him the usual 20.00 to let me into the store. I think he was a little suspious why I always had different mannequins to bring into the store, but like they say money talks and bullshit walks. Alice was very light so I didn't have any trouble carrying her into the store. I chose a filmy dress of taffeta to adorn her sexy body and then I placed her in a small grouping of mannequins for junior wears. She fit in perfectly and I knew that she would be safe in the store. I kissed her softly on the cheek and said that I would come again, and then went back to the door where Charlie was waiting. I slipped him another twenty, and told him to remember our deal. Then I left and went back to the apartment.

Christmas is almost over and Questor and I are having a little drink to celebrate. April is asleep and I am almost finished this entry. It was nice seeing that the store has taken good care of Alice, they should,the money I pay them for storage. Oh yes I forgot to tell you of the other girls, but dear diary that is another story.

To Be Continued.....