The Watchmaker, By M.P.

Chapter One: Making up is easy to do.

From the personal diary of Martin Appleby November 23, 2006.

I really don't remember when I first had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Questor but since then we've had many exciting times together. Time used to be an important word to us but now it is really trancient due to the machine. I think it was early May in 2004, the city was crowded and the weather was very warm that day, almost 90. The young girls were out, strutting thier sexy bodies in thier little skin tight dresses of silk or cotton, and the men enjoying every second of it. I had just split up with my girl April and feeling sorry for myself had decided to go out and get drunk. As I stepped into the Bar a short man with glasses was coming out and I bumped into him so hard that I knocked him down. I apologized for my clumsiness and offered him a drink, which he accepted. In the air cooled bar it was quiet and it was a nice change from the heat of the city. The little man and I struck up a lengthy conversation and it was while we spoke I discovered of his new invention. He introduced himself as one Dr. Hugo Questor. The good Doctor had degrees and doctorates from almost every college I had ever of. Questor however had one major problem that most scientists suffer from, he had no funding for his prodjects. I told him that this was his lucky day for as luck would have it a wealthy aunt of mine had recently died and left me her fortune. Thus began as they used to say in the movies a beautiful friendship.

Questor took me to his shop that afternoon and at first sight it was quite appauling to say the least. The interior of the small shop looked as if someone had taken an axe to it. There were papers and pamphlets strewn about the room, and on the tables were various pieces of machinery in different states of disassembly. I was about to leave thinking all he had told me in the bar was a lie, and then he went behind a counter and produced a small box. In the box was a wrist watch. It was quite lovely, made of fine gold with a large face with intricate patterns on it. The only thing that differentiated it from a normal watch was the small pin on the inside of the watch case. Questor told me how it worked and that night I decided to test it for myself.

That night I went to Aprils apartment and found her alone. I was surprized at first to find her there. I quess I had expected her to go on with life and begin dating again, after I had left. Yet however here she was at home and when she opened the door I could see inside that she had taken our seperation very badly. On the table was a pile of used kleenex and a half eaten box of choclate ice cream. April looked at me at first with a look of hurt, then she started to get mad but then decided that she knew she had missed me and let me in. We talked for a few minutes and then I gave her the watch. I explained it as a peace offering and hoped that with it maybe we could make another go at our relationship. She was extactic,and told me that she loved the watch and would go out that night for a date. She put on the watch and told me to wait for a few minutes while she powdered her nose. While I waited I could visualize in my mind her in the bathroom primping in front of the mirror admiring her new gift. It was then I decided to test Questors machine. I reached into my pocket and brought out the control box. It was a normal T.V. remote that Questor had modified for the watch. In the bathroom I could hear the sound of running water in her shower. It was then I pushed the button. In the bathroom I had heard her singing to herself as she showered and then suddenly it stopped. I got up from my seat and entered the bathroom. In the shower stall I could see her shadow under the spray of water. I opened the door and was amazed at how beautiful April was. The streams of water cascaded down the delicate curves of her sexy body and the steam made small droplets on her face and hair. I reached around her and turned off the water. Her body had frozen in the shower stall and as the last drops of water ran off she remained stiff and unmoving in the same pose. She had frozen with one hand soaping her stomach and the other buried in her sex. If I had waited another second I probably would have caught her in the throws of a climax. I towled her off gently and lifted her from the narrow stall. On her wrist I could see she wore the watch into the shower as I knew she would. I looked at the remote and remembered what Questor had told me about it. He had explained that by using the slow motion feature on the controller you could advance the subject one click in time like a movie only this time it would be in real life. I grabbed her right hand the one buried in her sex and then I pushed the advance button and removed her hand. In a fraction of a second she made a slight noise like a whimper, and was silent again. In her new pose she looked a store mannequin. She had both arms at waist level and her hands were closed and flat to her body. Her head was thrown back and her back was a slight arch which pushed out her breasts nicely. I turned her around to get a look from each side and was impressed how her ass was so small and tight and her legs were long and lean with perfect muscle tone. I looked down at her pussy and noticed that after I had removed her hand the opening to her had not closed and was wide open and dry. I thought to myself why not, so I layed her stiff form on the floor and made love to her inanimate body. After a few seconds I couldn't get off, I guess it was my consience or something, so I returned her to the shower stall restarted the water and closed the door. When I was reseated I pushed the button again and from the other room I once again heard her singing eminate from the shower. About five minutes later April came out wearing a white terry cloth robe, her hair wrapped in a matching towel. She told me that she had the strangest feeling while she showered and that she almost came while in there. Then she kissed me long and passionatly, and said she was happy that I had been patient and came back. She also said she loved the watch, and for such a wonderful gift she had a special gift for me. April got up and stood before me removed the towel from her head and as the soft brown curls of her hair tumbled out she let the terry cloth robe drop to the floor. She walked across the room to me and sat on my lap and started to unbutton my shirt. As each button opened she gently kissed the spot and then peeled away the cloth. It being a hot day I had not worn an undershirt so she kissed my bare chest and lightly nibbled on my nipples. As she was undressing me I had been using my hands on her body as well. First I gently squeezed her breasts and ran my hands up and down her body. I felt the fine lines of her stomach and then reached behind her and felt her smooth back. April got up from my lap and then told me to get up. When I was on my feet she knelt before me and undid the fly of my trousers. As she pulled them down she lightly kissed the tip of my penis in my briefs. You can't imagine what a rush that was. Next she pulled off my underpants and while squeezing my buttocks she started to give a blowjob. For about ten minutes we just stood there in the middle of her apartment as she gave the best head I had ever had. I picked up her then and carried her into the bedroom. On the bed she was incredibly beautiful a soft warm glow to her body and on her face the look of pure passion. I had to savor that moment so I reached into my pants and used the remote on her again. Instantly she was once again an inanimate figure. I walked over to her and felt her body,it was still warm but stiff, the look of passion I had wanted to savor was still there frozen for I figured an indefinate period if I wished it. Instead I decided to save it on film. April had a nice hasselblad camera she had bought from germany in the 1990s. After I loaded it with film I started to take different shots of her. I stood her up and took more pictures, Photos of her from behind or from the ground looking up. I used the slow motion feature again to experiment with it. I would change her pose slightly bending her body to get different effects I brightened the lights in the room and it cast a light sheen on her nude form that gave her body more of the illusion of being a plastic figure. I changed her pose once more, I bent her body forward and spread her legs wide. I placed a wide brimmed hat in her hands and after several minutes I had finished the entire roll of film. After all that work I was now incredibly horny and after I returned her to her original pose I laid her back on the bed and repushed the button. It was if nothing had happened she just sprang back to life still horny and somehow hotter than when we had first started. I figured that the pauses make the subject more rested and therefore more active. Or in my lucky case, more horny. I would have tell Dr. Questor about this so he could improve on it more. I inserted my member into Aprils hot little hole and then proceeded to make love to her. I pumped her hot and fast and the two of us came together in a screaming orgasm. I let the last few drops of my cum spurt out and April hungrialy licked them up. We kissed again and then she got up and went back into the bedroom to finish dressing. As she did this I showered and put back on my clothes. I wanted at that moment in time to get on my knees to thank God and that little genius for his marvelous invention. April came out dressed in a short black silk cocktail dress that almost knocked my eyes out. Her sexy body hugged by the soft lusterous cloth. I couldn't resist the urge to use the watch once more, so I said to April that it had been a fantasy of mine to make love to mannequins. At first she didn't understand but I told her it was only acting and that she only had to pretend to be a mannequin. I arranged her dress and told her how to pose. It was a simple pose, one leg in front of the other and her arms slightly bent one arm draped over the other.In her hand I placed a single rose, and put the wide brimmed hat on her head. When she was posed I used the remote and as before she magically became a plastic figure. I suddenly had an idea, why not share her beauty with the rest of the world. I took her to the nearby department store and bribed the night man to let me in. I took Aprils stiff form into the big window at the store front and placed her with the other mannequins.I went back outside and told the nightman I would come right back. From the street I looked into the window and was impressed by what I saw. Under the white store lights she took on the same blank unreal look of the other figures. She had the same blank stare and cold sheen of lifeless plastic. Her costume was perfect for the store front as it was a setting of a cocktail party and the figures were dressed very elegantly including my April. Anyone passing by at that moment would have thought it just another store front,but my knowing that there was a real girl in that display made me very hot. Using Aprils camera wich I had brought from the apartment I took one more roll of pictures of her in the store front. When I was finished I came back into the store and collected April from the display. On my way out I slipped the nightman another $20.00, and told him that I was a voyuer and would apprieciate his keeping it quiet. I told him that some people just wouldn't understand, and that in the future I might need his services again and there would be more in it for him then. We went back to the street near Aprils apartment and I used the remote again. Once more what was cold plastic became a vibrant living woman. We grabbed a taxi and I took April out for a late dinner and dancing. When I took her home we kissed again and I said that I was happy that we had ironed out our differences, and would call next week. That was two years ago and we are still together. But what April doesn't know is of the other girls that I have given the watch to. But that is for another day dear diary, and what she doesn't know won't hurt me.



3-31-98 M.P.