Chapter Three: Waxing Poetic

From the Diary of Martin Appleby June 4,2007

Dear Diary Today was an extremely hot day and the city is practically on fire. The thermometer on the wall to my apartment is well over 100 degrees, and it doesn't look like it going to get any cooler in the near future. Questor ,April and I are going to spend a few days at my private house in Maine this weekend, and we are hoping that being that far north it may be cooler.

This reminds me of last summer when we first got the house up north. As usual everywhere we go I always seem to wind up with a new girl. It seemed to me that the weather is never the same from year to year, and it seems that ever since the turn of the century the summers get hotter and hotter. We got off the train at about noon and it seemed that our idea had paid off. Not only was it cooler it was also extremely quiet. In fact too quiet. There wasn't a soul anywhere to be seen. Just when I thought that we made a big mistake and should leave, a long black Lincoln pulled up to the station. Inside the car was Mr. Harrison my real estate agent, after a few cordialities, we all piled into the car and headed into the rolling hills of Maine. When we arrived at the house we were all dumbstruck, the place was a veritable palace. Harrison explained to us that the house had originally been a resort hotel and when they heard I was looking for a nice comfortable house in Maine they thought of me. In other words here was a sucker they wouldn't let get away. We entered the main hall of the house and the first thing that caught your eye was the large collection of stuffed animals. In the hotel there seemed to be every animal from apes to zebra. But Harrison said that was just the beginning, we were soon to find out just what he meant. In the rear of the main house was the St George exhibit of wax, or so the sign said. It was very impressive,or I should say at least incredibly erotic. I could see why no one wanted this place. With the kinky wax works and the vast size it was a finacial nightmare for anyone who owned it. And now I was the new owner. Most of the tableux were comprised mostly of female figures but there were an occasional male figure thrown in for contrast. As we went from exhibit to exhibit and I could sense that April was getting turned on. I myself could feel a rise coming on by the startling realism of the sexy wax. When we had finished the tour I told her to be patient and tonight we would come back and examine the figures with more detail.

Harrison stayed for dinner that night and left around seven o'clock. As the sun settled behind the first hills the stars came out in force and a veritable light show appeared in the sky. Questor had settled into a comfy chair and started to dose, which left April and I to ourselves. We went down to the museum and started to look at the figures again.The detail of the wax figures was magnificent, each one had perfect skin tone and looked as if they would reach out and touch us. I looked into one large display, it was a sultans harem and he had about twelve wives. Each wife was adorned in a sequined outfit of sheer silk and satin. They had similar bodies but thier hair and eye colors were different. I stepped over the ropes into the display and started admiring the wives. Whoever the artist was that had made these figures was a genius. The attention to detail was phenominal. Each wife was fantastic. Six were blondes, all with long graceful shiny bodies that reflected the bright light in the display. Even under the gossimer silk their ample breasts and smooth flat stomachs were a sight to behold. They almost looked human but the plastic sheen betrayed the illusion. The remaining six wives were a mixture of brunettes and redheads. I started to fondle one breast on one of the brunettes and was slightly ashamed of myself for being so bold. It felt cold to the touch and was hard with an oily feel to it.I moved my hand up over her body and then touched her face. The small round face was that of a European girl, obviously the girl had been sold to the shiek. Or so I let my imagination vision it. Her eyes were liquid pools of deep blue, glassy but with a small sparkle that fasinated me. I looked closer and could see that the eyes were indeed two inset glass marbles. I felt her hair and it was a lusterous carpet of real dark brown hair that cascaded down her back in a long gracful sweep. I then spread aside the thin wisp of cloth, which was her harem outfit and gently pulled down her little panties. Where her sex should have been was only a blank space with a small joint connecting her body to her hips and legs. I then pulled the panties back into place and moved on to the next figure. Meanwhile, April was on the other side of the room looking at the figure of a young black haired girl in a reclining pose. It was a classic pose that can be seen on any painting, only this was real. The figure was dressed in a satin and lace gown from what I quessed was the 15th century. On the figures face was a quiet lost look that I found quite sexy. April was fasinated with the figure and before I could stop her she passed under the ropes and entered the scene. I was surprised at how bold she was as she opened the top of the figures dress. She saw that the figure had two perfect breasts with two large puffy areole. April was in heaven now and removed the rest of the figures cothing. Under the dress was a smooth flat area, and April was disappointed, I guess she was hoping to find a cute little pink clitty under the dress as I had hoped to find on the harem girl. I told her not to be disappointed because even though the wax figures could not give her what she wanted I had something of my own to give her. April was redressing the figure, when I stopped her and I insisted that she put on the dress and take the figures place. At first she chastised me for being too kinky but then she knew of my love for mannequins and thought to play along. She lifted the inert figure off of the little chaise and then put on the delicate dress from the waxwork. When she was dressed I had her lay on the chaise and put one arm behind her head the other over the arm of the chaise. Then I had her close her eyes and hold the pose. She stopped and held perfectly still then while she was not looking I took out the remote and froze her in the wax figures place. I stepped over the ropes and looked down at Aprils now inert body frozen in the pose I had chosen for her giving her the look that she was a living painting. I continued to admire my new prize and felt a hard on building in my member. She was much more beautiful than any work of wax could ever be and here among the real wax figures she stood out amongst them but some how blended in. I was about to undress her and take her in my arms and make love to her when suddenly a noise from the back of the room disrupted me. I yelled for whoever it was to stop and when I walked over it was a young girl. The girl was about twenty,with long blonde hair and large green eyes. She was afraid, having seen me freeze April and was afraid I'd do the same to her. I told her not to be scared, and then she relaxed. She told me her name was Lana and she had escaped from the government camp in New York state. When she saw me freeze April ,she thought it was a new way the feds were catching runaways. I told her that I hated the way the feds took it into their minds to harrass innocent people, and incarcerate them for nothing. Then I showed her one of the wrist watch devices that Questor and I had been using to help many girls in her predicament. Lana started to cry then and I took her in my arms to calm her.While we talked it was then that she told me that she knew of a small group that was smuggling the people from the camps, but they needed places to hide the escapees. I told her that I knew nothing of these other groups but I could offer her to stay here until the search for her was over. While we were talking Questor had awakened and came downstairs. He was surprised at first to see a stranger in the museum that late at night but once he was introduced Lana knew she could trust us. I made a snack for Lana and she devoured it claiming she hadn't eaten in days. It was while Lana relaxed and ate that I came up with the idea. I had unknowingly been helping the girls in the federal camps for some time by smuggling some of the girls into the department store in the city. And now that I had this place far away from the sights and sounds of civilization I could harbour many of the girls till I could find them a safer place to hide. Or if worst came to worst I could leave them here at the museum as perfect works of art. Later that night I told Lana and Questor of my idea and they both thought it a good plan. Then when Lana was ready I let her check the displays and choose where she wanted to hide. It was the least I could do since I had no idea how long she would be there. Several exhibits interested Lana, one was a French revolution setting with four girls dressed as peasants pressing wine in a huge vat. Thier small breasts pouted in the frilly outfits and each had long graceful legs stained a soft red from the wine grapes. Another setting she liked was of a rock concert setting from the late 1990's. It was a small mass of girls crowding the stage of the show and on the stage were five male figures dressed in tight black leather playing guitars. All the girls were dressed in multi-colored mini dresses that hugged thier shaply bodies. Lana told me that maybe it would be better that she tried to blend in. I agreed but felt that she deserved something a little more glamorous than being a roadie. We continued for several more minutes and then we all walked up to a corner exhibit which was a setting from the 1930's Hollywood. It was an extemely lovely display with three female figures posed seductivly with a long grey automobile of the period. Lana,Questor and I stepped into the setting and saw that all of the figures were dressed in skin tight gold and silver lamee' that showed off the attributes of the three wax women well. Lana instantly fell in love with the idea of being there. She told me that she had always harboured the notion of being a hollywood star but never had the chance. Now she could be one forever, always young,always beautiful,and admired by the many passers by she expected to come into the museum. Questor then took Lana into the back to prepare herself. I took the Shining silver floor lengh gown off of one of the figures and took it into the back room and gave it to Lana. I then returned and disassembled the figure and stored it away in a small workroom. Lana took her time and after she had showered and styled her hair she put on the period dress and put on one of the freeze watches and then entered the display. She tried several poses and then desided on one. Before I pressed the button Lana looked at herself and was so happy at the magnificent change that she ran over and kissed both Questor and I and thanked us for everything we had done. She walked back over and stood between the two real mannequins and struck a pose that Jean Harlow would have been envious of. I then pointed the remote at Lana and in seconds she was a living still life. We walked over to her now lifeless form, and felt her body. It was just like the others in the museum, Lana was now a perfect plastic mannequin. On her face the look of contentment was intoxicating. Her eyes had glazed over slightly and the soft green pupils added to the mannequin look. Her body temperature was slowly falling and she felt cool to the touch and her skin had a slight sheen and was getting harder. After five minutes she was in perfect hibernation and I felt good that I had been able to help this sweet girl. After a while I turned the display lights off and the museum was now quiet and dark, then it dawned on me that I had completly forgotten about April. I ran back to the recliner and as I expected April was still in perfect stasis.Still stiff with her arms posed as I had put them. Questor was visably impressed by Aprils chioce of costume and asked me if I was sure that it was worth bringing her back. she was much better looking as a mannequin. I told him to shut up, and then pressed the button. April sprang back to life and said that she had the strangest feeling, that everything had suddenly stopped. I told her she had dosed off and I had let her rest,then we started to go to bed. On the way she stopped at the hollywood exhibit and noticed Lana. April was confused at first she swore that the central figure had been a brunette and was now a blonde. She was going to open her dress and check Lana but I stopped her claiming I had changd the figures wig and not to be so silly. Then Questor and I exchanged a look of relief that April was going to let it go.

That was a year ago, and now as we approach the house I feel that growing sense of being home again. The museum has been a major success since we got a big advertising agency to promote the place. And for most of the summer we all stay here at the resort. April and I brought three new figures from the city with us, to place them in the museum. Two young blondes and a big chested redhead. I started working on a new display idea on the train ride for my latest aquisisions. The blondes are identicle twins, with sexy 35-25-35 frames that are exactly alike. Thier eyes are blue grey and thier hair is cut to shoulder length. They have flat stomachs and short but well defined legs. Thier litttle round heart shaped asses are thier best feature. The redhead is very tall about 5'11 with bright blue eyes and has long cascading hair the color of fresh carrots. She has a large chest and long dancers legs. She has a little rounded belly but is not fat and a large rounded ass that sticks out slightly. When we left the city they were carefully packed into a large crate that was refrigerated. I paid the express agent to have them delivered and this afternoon they arrived. as I opened the crate I notice that one of the blondes had shifted slightly in her pose, probably her watch was working loose. I took out the remote and was about to release her to adjust her pose when April came in. I did not want to involve April fearing that if the feds ever find out about us then she might be implicated in the scheme. As she came in I turned the remote on her and she entered the room and was suddenly turned into a mannequin. The pose she froze in was slightly comical she had stopped on one leg and the other was in back of the other coming through the door. Her arms were extended and her hands had been full of grocery bags. I walked over to her inert form and took the bags and put the groceries away in the refrigerator. then since I knew that April would not be aware of anything I released the three new girls. After I pressed the button the three girls streached thier bodies and started to look at thier new surroundings. Questor came in as I was releasing the last girl and checked the watches to make sure they were not damaged in delivery. I then made lunch for the girls, it is a mixture of proteins Quester and I developed for the girls while they are in stasis. After they were done we started planning the display. I had planned on putting the girls into something like a living vargas painting. I posed the redhead in the center and used the twins as living bookends. In front of them I placed a sign that described the display. I told the girls that I would take good care of them and then pressed the button. Instantly they were changed from soft warm flesh and blood to cold hard shiny plastic. I then added a fine spray of spray wax to give them the illusion of wax works. Questor and I then dressed the girls in skin tight malliot suits from the thirties and placed sunglasses over thier glazed over eyes. I then brought in three beach blankets and an umbrella to finish the illusion of a fake beach. I then carried April into the kitchen and sat at the table in front of her frozen form, and then pushed the button. As before she was once again mobile and as usual slightly confused how she got from the door to the kitchen and did not remember anything in between. I took Aprils hand and led her into the museum and showed her the new display. She said it is the finest thing that I've done yet at the museum.

The next morning at breakfast I entered the dining room and on the table this morning were the city papers. I was reading about the three new escapees from the Lakewood camp, it seems that the three girls had literally disappeared off the face of the earth. The article went on to say that the government was investigating the disappearence, of two twins that had been arrested for prostitution and a large redheaded amazonian fighter that had entered the country illeagally. The article went on to say that the feds considered it a lost cause and would mark it down as another mystery. I set down the paper and glanced out into the musuem floor. I laughed to myself at how dumb the feds were and that wouldn't they like to know that my famous museum was in fact a storehouse for the escapees. Hidden in plain sight for all to see. April just came in and asked me if the papers had arrived. I dropped the paper into the trash recycler and said no. She just called me an asshole. One day I must take the time to let her in on Questor and mines little secret. NOT! Well dear diary thats enough for this month.

To be Continued......