From Wearing to Worn

by Paul G. Jutras

     I wasn't there when he started. I'm not even sure which of us was the first to be changed. My story started one dark and stormy night. Back then I was known as Nick Knight. Full time banker and part time cross dresser. I was going through the TG internet while I waited for the purple polish on my toe nails to dry. That was when an electrical surge rebooted my computer. Instead of bring up the screen saver, what came up was a clothing store web site.

    "Best for the Biggest." I thought to myself as I brought up pictures of the prettiest spring wardrobe I had ever seen. There was everything from skirts and dresses to stockings and heels. All for those men who were in women's plus sizes. "This has everything I could use and it's address is right here in town."

     Now I know you'd think I'd figure it was a little odd  that I never heard of this place before. I guess I was too excited to think straight. I just wrote the address down set it aside.

     The next day I wore my favorite pair of black silk panties and a pair of black nylons under my business suit. During the course of the business day I turned down five loans and helped three others. Not to mentioned handled a few people put their money in CD accounts.

     "Finally,  it's 4 0' clock."  Is what I said when I made sure nobody was looking in my direction. With my desk so close to the ladies room, it was easy to pull a purse, wig, and pair of heels out of my desk draw and slip into a ladies room stall. In my briefcase I had a dress folded up as neatly as one would in a suitcase and slipped into it, my breast forms and a wonder bra. Where a banker went in, a female client came out. Not the prettiest of women, but a passable one never the less.

     With a big feminine smile flashing back at me in the rear view mirror, I drove to the address I had written off the internet the previous night. It was surprising; however, that the place seemed abandoned when I got there. The place should of been open to the public for a couple more hours in the least.

    "Greetings, my sister." Said a lovely cross dress with Autumn brown hair, a white blouse that showed plenty of  cleavage and a tight blue mini skirt.  Her feet where wrapped in blue tights and a pair of  sandals. His looks were uncanny. One could hardly tell that the petite guy wasn't born a girl. "I'm sure you'll find this place will change you in ways you've never imagine."

     But instead of being the most happy night in my life, the transformation was spooky. As soon as I took a seat, a set of cuffs locked my ankles and wrists into place. I struggled to free myself but I could. Then another bolt shot in front of my neck to ensure that I couldn't try to pull free.

      If only had had known what the cross dresser had planned for me. As I stared at the lovely outfits all around I could see no exit from which I could of escaped. Even if the chair didn't prevent me from moving toward it.

     "Now -- let's get started show we?" My host said as he held what I first thought was a gun on me. What it fired was bullets, but some kind of ray. I felt dizzy and light headed. In fact my whole body felt at that time a lot lighter than it had in years. When my legs felt loser in its bonds, I tried again to free myself. Only at that time I could no longer move my legs at all. If I could of moved my head at that time, I'm sure all I would of seen was a pair of empty nylon legs.

     I was stupid.  It made sense doesn't it. A web site appearing before your eyes from no where. You didn't bring it up or know where it came from. Now I had paid the ultimate price for my foolishness. It's what would of happened to anyone stupid enough to go to some unknown transformation company that you never heard of before. Never heard of or knew anything about.

   I got no real complaints. No regrets. I always knew I was easy to replace nobody at work and my life in general was in the sewers. How could someone who couldn't get a break in his life not fall for some stupid ploy like I did.

     "So tell me heels?" I said to the pair of three inch black heels below me as the young secretary that had her hips, legs and feet encased in me uncrossed and re- crossed her legs. "Were you transformed by into a piece of ladies clothing by the same guy who changed me?"


BASED ON A WORDSMITH PHOTO THAT DEAN C allowed me to preview for next update

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