Where No Man Has Gone...

by Paul G. Jutras

[Here's a cute litte story that starts out much differently than it winds up - Enjoy  Ed.]

     The United Space Service starship Alpha was under the standard orders to seek out new life and new civilizations. For  Captain Verne and his crew they would soon meet up with one. A massive formation of meteors appeared on the bridge's main view screen that took up on whole wall area.

     "Shields up!" Paul swiveled in his chair toward the navigation engineer. "I want those rocks given a wide birth!"

     "Moving three points Starboard!" Navigator  Nick said has his hand hover over the control panel. Areas below the palms would light up as he passed over them. As the controls were worked, the ship stared to swing away from the meteor's path. "Captain, by my readings the number of rocks are increasing rapidly. The indicator light is going off the board. There is no way to escape them!"

     "I've lost contact with the space service." Lt. Mike Parker said as a few rocks bounced off the hull of the starship and damaged the communications systems. "If we end up dead in space, nobody will know of our location."

      Struggling with the controls, Nick was joined by first mate Dumb from the planet Idiot. They heard the captain shout out: "Full powers to Shields! Try to head for that planet on the other side of that Meteor swarm."

      No power at the crews control could stop the starship from its downward plunge into the planet's atmosphere. "What's happening?" Chief Carl Cola asked over the intercom while the engines start to short out around him in the engine room.  On the bridge, the rest of the crew wasn't much better. The cosmic energy in the atmosphere was causing the crews hair to grow longer, their waists to narrow, hips widen and breasts forming on their chests.

      Strangely enough the ship made a soft belly flop landed that made it skip and slowly glide to a halt on the sandy surface before the front end impacted with rocks. The rock walls glittered with crystals that would be worth a fortune on any market. Inside, Captain Paula was bleeding from a cut in her forehead.  Lt. Minnie Parker attended to it.

      "You all right, sir?" Minnie cooed in her new feminine voice.

     "I.... Guess so." Paula said as she was helped to her feet only to have her ankle buckle in her now six inch heels. She checked her chest and crotch to find it all too real. "What happened to all of us?"

     "I'm not sure," Minnie replied. "I'd say that our changes were due to the rays we passed through before hitting the surface. The ship hit the surface like a thrown rock skipped across a smooth lake surface in almost one piece. Though the engines may be too damage to take off again."

      "That's okay." Debra said as she turned a group of wall gems into a necklace. "I think place pretty."

      With one hand on his now nylon clad leg and the other resting on Minnie's shoulder, the captain got use to standing in heels. "Debra, you're still an idiot." Paula said not knowing where the name came from. It just seemed as right as the other names they were now calling each other by.

     Carol Cola  held her aching as she joined the others on the bridge. Paula checked the rest of her now all female crew and then check the atmosphere for being breathable. "Breathable if we have to live out our lives here."

        "Carol do a damage survey while we got outside and see if there's anyone living on this planet." Paula led the rest of her team out the hatch. "Make sure you're armed and scout the area good. We have no idea what to expect."

     They began to move laser pistols from the racks when Minnie turned toward Paula and asked. "What do you think our chances of communicating with The Space Service?"

      "Currently very poor." Paula replied as she tugged at the bottom of her altered uniform that barely passed her hips. "It's up to use to get off this planet or consider yourself lost in space."

      Outside the ship, Paula climb up side of a rock wall and learn how hard it is to climb in heels. She took out a scanner and survey the area only to have a man pop out in front of her. The crumbling rocks beneath her heels started to break away and her wrist was grabbed to keep her from following off a cliff.

     Before Paula could react, a collar with a leash was secured about her neck and she was held tight. Holding up a device, one of the mysterious men aimed it into Paula's eyes. They became docile and Paula stopped struggling.  His friends glanced down at the fallen ship and signed for his men to attack.

     Tension came among the rest of the crew as they waited for their Captain to return. From the far wall of the crater was the sound of falling rock.  "What was that?" Carol turned toward Minnie. "Captain! Are you out there?"

      "Seems someone's getting ready." Carol said as she eyed the top of the crater the ship sat in. "Whoever they are should attack soon."

     "Maybe we should get into the ship." Minnie suggested as it seemed like they made easy target in the open. As she moved backward she bumped into Debra who had help Minnie and Carol form a circle for protection.

     "Don't fire until I tell you." Carol ordered.

      She led the way to he crater wall that was dribbling small, loose rocks. They all took cover behind some rocks and Carol signaled for everyone to halt. Before she could aim her laser, someone jumped out from behind the rocks with a animal like screech. The other crew members aimed their lasers and fired.

     Debra hit the figure dead on, but it kept coming along with his friends. They were all grabbed with their hands held behind their backs. The leader of the group stepped forward with a hand held device pointed in each of their eyes. Their hands were released when put in a hypnotic state.

      The captives were striped of their clothes and had ropes passed about their breasts, hips and waist. The end tied to a wagon as Paula and her former crew were ordered to pull their masters wagon like a bunch of work horses to the slave camp.

     They were taken onto a stage by their leashes and put in place. Because of the device they were under full mind control and would be used as a sex toy for whoever would be the lucky one to buy them. Inside their heads the new girls screamed in terror. They tried with no effect to run away since they had no muscle control over their robotic bodies. Their true selves were merely passengers as the selling began.

     "What do I offer this one?" The slave master asked as he pushed Debra to the end of the stage. Her pink painted toes poising in a sex manor as she got to the edge.  The slave master watched the bidding signals as the girls looked on.

  Once sold, Debra master ordered her to put on a pair of suntan hose, a pink slip of a dress and four inch stiletto heels. She was taken off never to be seen by the rest of the crew again.

       One by one the process was repeated until only Captain Paula remained. Paula. She stared unable to show her how she felt inside. When she was sold, she moved from the stage in lumbering toward her man until he said: "kneel and suck."

     Paula tried to mentally fight it, but was soon on her knees. She then reached past the cloth covering his erect member and put it into her mouth. She was terrified as she started to suck the juices into her until she wanted to gag.  Her robotic state wouldn't allow it. She was nothing but a robotic hooker in service to her pimp to and whoever she was ordered to turn on the charm for. When she was ordered to stop sucking, she took it out and got her face and chest covered in his sticky man juices.

     With that Paula was taken to her masters hooker harem to be cleaned up, dressed 'properly' and service her master and his friends in a whore house fashion forever. Especially since her new robotic face turned out to be more that superficial and her robotic systems would serve men for a long time to come.


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