by BigBird

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"I've decided to forgive you," Amber said as she watched Maggie breathe a huge sigh of relief.

"Oh thank you, Amber, it'll never happen again, I swear," Maggie promised her girlfriend.  It was quite a load of her chest to be forgiven.  It’s a horrible thing to cheat on your lover, and to have rejection to fear.  And when your lover is an amateur druid with some ability, its even scarier.  "It was just a moment of weakness, I don't know what came over me.  But Gerald really is a jerk; I don't know why I went back to him, even for just the one night.  It's you I really want to be with, not him."

"Good," replied Amber, tossing her blonde hair back "And I take back all those mean things I said about you.  I was mad, I shouldn't have said them, so I got you a little something....." Amber reached into her shopping bag and removed a small jewelry container.

"Oh Amber, you didn't have to do this," Maggie responded, although she held out her hand to receive the gift.

"I do hope you like it," Amber said hopefully, as she passed the box to Maggie.  Maggie clicked the box open and peered inside.  Within the box she found a beautiful collar, with diamond studs and Wiccan runes inscribed on it. 

It was beautiful, but there was something creepy about all of this.  Wiccan magic is heavily artifact based.  And Amber did seem to forgive her just a little too easily.  "Could she be up to something?” Maggie wondered as she glanced at Amber.   Amber simply smiled and looked back with an eager expression on her face.  "Maybe I'm just paranoid.  Amber obviously likes me a lot; she probably wants our relationship to continue.  Plus she's just bought me a present, so of course she's waiting expectantly for me to wear it...."

"Well?" asked Amber "Aren't you going to try it on?"

"If I don't wear it, she'll take it as rejection," Maggie reasoned, "It'll be a huge insult.  She is trusting me after having slept with my old boyfriend, and I'll show her I don't trust her enough to accept a gift she's given me!"  Maggie unclasped the jewelry, and brought it up to her neck.  "Wiccan magic effects are always related to the arcane focus - which could potentially be this collar.  So, what's the worst that could happen by putting it on?  Maybe it’s a cat-like collar and she'll make me purr like a kitten, and that'll be her revenge.  That's not pleasant, but it’s pretty benign.  I can't think of anything else she'd be able to cast."  And with a little more confidence that she wasn't in any danger, Maggie wrapped the collar around her own neck. Smiling at Amber, she told her "I like it.  But I'm afraid I didn't bring a present for you."

"Hmmmm" Amber thought for a moment "You could offer me sex"

"Hahahaha, sounds like a deal," Maggie was so relieved.  It was just a present after all, and now they'd have make-up sex and things would be back together again.  But Amber started to cast a spell.

"Wh-what are you casting?" Maggie asked, suddenly very, very scared.

But Amber didn't bother to respond.  She just continued chanting:

My lover cheated, it goes to show,

It’s in her nature, to give a blow.

Spirits of the Earthen range,

My friend here I'd like to change,

Into something true to her fall,

Turn her into a blow up doll.

The collar around Maggie's neck began to pulsate with heat and light.  A gust of wind shot forth from Amber's outstretched palms towards Maggie.  She had to shut her eyes and avert her head, the wind was so strong.  Maggie could feel the heat from the necklace spread across her whole body, as if she was being heated from the inside out.  And the wind cooled her down, from the outside in.  Caught in the middle, her tingling skin tightened as it lost its moisture.  Opening one eye, Maggie stared in horror as her arm began to stretch slightly and take on a glossy sheen. 

"No!  Amber, stop!  What are you doing?"  Maggie screamed over the howling wind.  But Amber continued her assault.  The tingling sensation spread through out Maggie's entire body, and the wind seemed to be getting stronger.  Maggie crotched down and covered her head to protect it from the lightweight objects that Amber's spell was blowing over.  With her hands immediately in front of her face, Maggie could see that she had lost the ridges that produce fingerprints, and that her skin was becoming rubbery.  To her horror, a seam bulged out from the base of her palm and encircled her wrist.  It then crept along her smooth forearm to her elbow.  "Amber, please!  Stop!"  Maggie cried as she watched the seam spread towards her shoulder.  She desperately clutched at the collar around her neck.  Unfortunately, her rubbery hand couldn't stand the heat that the glowing object projected outward, despite the fact that the collar felt only mildly warm on her neck.  She withdrew her hand in pain, and glanced up at Amber.  That terrible wind was still beating down on her, becoming stronger all the time.  But why weren't other objects getting blown over?

Then Maggie realized the horrible truth: she was getting lighter!  And the wind was overwhelming!  She could feel it, trying to lift her into the air.  Maggie threw herself at the ground and tried to hold on to the varnished hardwood floor, but her ridgeless fingers couldn't maintain a grip.  The wind picked her up and flung her lightweight body against the wall, pinning her there.  Only then did Amber relent.

Maggie fell from the wall and landed on her ass with a *squeak*.  Confused, she tried to look downward and see what object she'd landed on to make such a sound.  Now, without the wind, she became aware of how slow and laboured her movements were.  Worse, she'd landed on the hardwood floor, and that squeak came from her own body's texture rubbing on the wood.  Worse yet, there was a seam around her waist, with three new seams splitting off and inching there way south along her plastic skin.  She felt one crawl down each leg, and one go due south from her belly button.  She couldn't see exactly where they went as they disappeared under her cut-off denim shorts, but she could feel them.

"Ahmboor, Noooo" Maggie tried to call her lovers name, but her mouth was having increasing difficulty moving out of an "O" shape. 

"Did you say something, sweetie?" asked Amber.  "Was that my name?  Or was it Gerald's?  Hang on, I'll go get him so we can all talk," and Amber skipped over to the closet.

Maggie had just enough time to register the malicious comment, before her attention was drawn back to her own body.  The seam had reached her vagina, and was forcing it open, causing a wave of erotic pleasure to momentarily fill the doll's mind. 

"Ohhhhh--" Maggie let out an exclamation before her ability to speak was snuffed out. 

Only able to move her eyes, the plastic girl stared around the room in horror, as Amber rummaged through the closet.  Maggie could feel her eyes drying out, but she was unable to blink and moisten them!  They just got drier and drier until see stopped being able to move them too.  Her vision was locked straight ahead as her eyes, her last semblance of humanity, became an artificial painted on feature.  Fortunately, they remained functional.

Then Amber returned from the closet holding the largest dildo Maggie had ever had the misfortune of seeing.  "Maggie, meet Gerald," Amber said.  "Actually, you two are already acquainted, are you not?  Oh yes, that's right, Maggie here loves to feel Gerald inside her!" Amber asked and answered her own question with glee.

"Now open wide, Maggie," Amber joked as she advanced on the frightened doll.  "NOOOOO!  Not Gerald too, you bitch!"  Maggie wanted to scream.  "Get away from me!  Turn me back!  Don't stick..." but it was useless.  She couldn't utter any words at all, and Amber had just plunged Gerald into Maggie's open and accepting mouth.  Amber hauled Maggie up onto the bed, and squished the dolls arms under her legs so it wouldn't slide anywhere while she felt it up.  Maggie felt the pressure in her hands and torso build up when the displaced air from her pinned arms was forced out.  Amber leaned over the doll, cupped and crushed its breasts, forcing air to Maggie's head.

"This is torture!" Maggie wanted to scream.  Her head hurt from the air pressure, her arms and breasts were being crushed, and the dildo in her mouth would've suffocated her if she were still a real girl.  But Amber was obviously enjoying herself.

"Oh, I bet you like it when Gerald goes deeper, and deeper!"  Amber said, eyes shining with anticipation.  Her own jaw dropped open, mimicking Maggie's mouth, as the excitement from her sexual actions with the doll energized her.  Amber became wet as she thought about what must be going through Maggie's mind.  She grabbed the protruding dildo and drove it further into Maggie's mouth, filling it completely.  Maggie would've gagged, if she could.  But she was unable to stop Amber and her demented plans.  Amber just pushed the dildo in further.  

"NO!  No more, Amber!  It’s too much.  My mouth can't take anymore!" Maggie wanted to scream as the dildo filled up the entire soft sac that her mouth had become.  The seams inside were stretching to there breaking point, "OH GOD, AMBER, YOU HAVE TO STOP!  YOU'RE GOING TO *POP* ME!"

But Amber kept forcing the dildo further into Maggie.  "This is so much fun, isn't it?" Amber asked rhetorically.  "Gerald here was so easy to transform.  Do you want to know how I did it?"

"No, I just want you to turn us BACK!"  Maggie wailed mentally.  "And take him out of my mouth!  Stop pushing!"

"I offered to sleep with him.  He accepted.  I found it deliciously ironic that he was willing to cheat on you with me just like you cheated on me with him.  Did you follow that?" Amber paused, as if expecting an answer.  "No matter really, the fascinating thing is just how I got him transformed.  A condom!  I had him put on a rune enchanted condom, and then.....well, you know first-hand how the transformation spell continues after that," Amber laughed.

"The condom operated quite well as a focus to transform him into a dildo.  You're transformation was a little more tricky, my dear dolly," Amber explained.  "The collar is highly symbolic of bondage, and this material," Amber stroked the collar and Maggie's skin "is a rubber/plastic composite.  Identical to your skin now, for obvious reasons."

"Transformation spells are so much fun!  Dangerous though, so naturally I never use them on myself. In case you're wondering, your transformation is reversible.  You can be turned back so long as you’re not deflated.  Although, if you ever fully deflate, I'm afraid the change will be quite permanent.  I can also restore some or all of your movement.  But you're probably more interested in the more...pressing issues at hand" Amber said, inching the dildo just a bit further into Maggie's already full mouth.

The strain was too much, and a small hole tore open along the seam inside doll's mouth.  Panic swept through Maggie, "No, no, no, no!  I can't deflate!  I don't want this!  I don't want to be a doll forever!  NOOOOO!" Maggie thought in terror.

Amber was busy casting another spell, a very weak mobility spell, and traced around Maggie's mouth with her index finger.  "There, there, I've given you some limited movement to your mouth.  Not much, but it should let you keep sufficient pressure on that nasty little opening" Amber said while she watched Maggie slowly figure out what her options were.

Maggie realized that she could do nothing, deflate, and spend the rest of her life as a doll.  Or she could try to press the dildo to the small hole in her mouth sac to plug it.

Amber released Gerald, and watched as the helpless love doll began to suck on the dildo.

"Oh, well look at that," gloated Amber.  "You're really enjoying you're new body aren't you!  You just can't help but suck on that dildo.  You like it, don't you?  You're loving this transformation!  You slutty love doll, you want that cock in your mouth!"  Amber was shouting in her excitement.

"NO, NO, NO," Maggie mentally cried "I DON'T like this!  Turn me back!  I don't want to be a love doll - I'm only sucking on the dildo to keep myself from deflating!  Please, please turn me back!"


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