Married with Trouble

By Rotwang

Frank woke up with his head wrapped in sandpaper, tied with barbed wire. Or so he felt.

He could only see vague blobs of light and heard a distant voice.

"How are you honey ?" He heard a bittersweet voice.

"WhereamI ?" He blurted out.

"We're in Vegas honey, don't you remember ?"

Frank got up and instantly wished he hadn't. "What ?"

He felt someone sit besides him and kiss him. His vision having returned, he could see a woman besides him. "Who are you ?"

She let out an amused squeal and smiled at him. "Don't you remember me ?"

He gave her a good look and shook his head. Again, he wished he hadn't done that and sank back onto his pillow.

"Who are you ?" He asked holding his arms against his forehead to prevent it bursting.

"I'm your wife silly !" She said slapping his leg. She wiggled her fingers showing off her wedding ring.

"But my wife is ..."

"Right here..." She leaned next to him and pecked him on the nose.

Grimacing as if he had just emptied a barrel of concentrated pain, Frank got up and looked at the radiant young woman. "Who the hell are you ?"

"I'm Cindy, your wife." She said.

"When did we marry ?"

"Last night, at a chapel."

"I don't remember anything. What day is it."


Frank forgot the pain in his skull for a second and stared at the woman. "What is going on, I ..."

He remembered her, he'd met her at the Johnson's party on Sunday. She used to be one of his patients. Probably some breast enlargement by the look of her.

"This is ridiculous." He said. "I'm not married to you !"

"Everything has been arranged. You're mine lock, stock and barrel."

"I'm going to put an end to this little game."

"Wait !"

"Huh ?"

"If you even pronounce the word divorce, I'll make your life a living hell. And I'll sue you for every cent you have. You'll even have to sell your grandparent's tombs to pay the bills." She gave him a cocky smile.

"I'd like to see you try that." Frank menaced her.

She ripped at her dress, ruffled her hair and began to cry and shriek, "RAPE, HELP !"

Frank jumped on her and cupped her mouth. "Are you crazy."

She shook her head.

Cindy was rubbing some more lipstick on her lips and smiled at Frank who only paid attention to the road.

"As soon as I get home, I'll get my lawyer." He said without looking at her.

"Fine, I know this guy who will mess up my face for ten bucks and I'll go to the cops." She said filing her fingernails.

"You bitch !" He howled at her and wanted to slap her.

"Go on ! Hit me ! With every mark you make on this face, I'm closer to hitting the jackpot." She grinned demonically at him. "And then I can go to a better surgeon to have the marks removed."

He could feel the golden ring on his finger burn him.

Frank watched Cindy parade through the house like she owned it. And she was already looking out for the gardener. "Wilson is sixty-five years old." he thought, "she wouldn't like him..."

And she didn't, she fired him the same day and hired Rodrigo. One of those beefcake calendar types. He asked more than double of what Wilson asked and knew nothing about gardening at all. Frank was actually paying him to fuck Cindy.

The first bill was astronomical. It included a pink Ferrari... Frank almost went through the roof while Cindy showed him pictures she had taken of him with several hookers and a few gigolos.

"Want these to fall in the hands of friends and relatives ? These will make great arguments in a divorce trial, no ?" Her angelic smile make Frank want to grab her throat and squeeze it so hard her head would pop off.

They led separate lives. Usually, Frank would retreat to his wing of the house and stay away for hours. This irritated Cindy, who hired a locksmith and had a double of his keys made. She was a pretty good pick-pocket.

Frank heard the door open and heard Cindy gasp. He reached for his trousers and looked at Cindy who was staring at him. "You, sick son of a bitch ..." She said in stunned revulsion.

Frank threw a towel over the mannequin's head. "I see you found a way to intrude on my private life." He said, dressing himself on his desk.

"Can you imagine, the titles in the press ? Famous surgeon has it off with mannequin, wife in tears." She smiled and walked up to it.

"Stay away from her !" Frank shouted.

She gave him her most infuriating smirk and said. "I hate mannequins ! Throw it out, or I'll sink your account."

"Laura stays."

"Oh, you've given her a name ?" What's a matter ? Are you running so hot for me you're bonking up a plastic doll ?"

"I wouldn't have sex with you if you were the last woman in the world, even if it could save my life."

"Honey, I'm practically the last woman in the world for you now. Get rid of Rita-rubber here or I'll do it."

Frank grabbed her by the shoulder. "If you ever so much as put one finger on her, I'll cut your heart out and feed it to the dogs !" Frank had to restrain himself not to hit her.

"Come on, you little bastard, hit me ! You've been itching to kick my face in from day one ! Come on you creep."

Frank raised his hand and she laughed almost hysterically.

"Go ahead, hit me." She dared him with all the venom in her body.

Frank breathed in deep and lowered his arm.

"Poor honey. Well, I'm off to Beverly Hills. I saw this diamond bracelet that's just gorgeous." She slithered out of the room full of herself.

Frank kicked and punched his desk hard.

The next day Frank returned from work and found that the front door wouldn't accept his key anymore.

"She changed the locks." He thought, when he noticed a card taped to the window with an arrow on it. He followed the arrows and circled the house and came to the veranda.

His heart skipped a beat as he saw Laura standing in front of the window with Cindy besides her. Beads of sweat ran down his forehead. Cindy was wearing an overall zipped up high enough to show her ample bosom, and put on a safety helmet and goggles.

"Open up !" He cried.

She waved at him with the tips of her fingers and smiled.

"Open the goddamn door !" He banged the window.

He peered inside and saw that Cindy walked behind a sofa and pulled out a large chainsaw.

Frank felt his bowels turn and paled.

"My god ! Please, don't do that ! Open the door !" He began banging the heavy glass in vain.

Cindy merely smiled and raised the chainsaw and pulled the jumpstart.

Frank banged with all his might, but the window was too thick.

"For the love of god, don't !" He pleaded her. The chainsaw still wasn't starting.

Frank's eyes were wide open in despair as he looked round the veranda for something heavy. He saw Rodrigo had left an axe and a shovel near the pool and ran towards them. He grabbed the axe and ran back towards the window. He heard the sound of the chainsaw starting and saw Cindy raise the saw over Laura's head.

He smashed the axe into the widow which shattered into a million pieces.

"Noooooooo !" He cried in agony as Cindy brought the chainsaw down.

She cut through the top of the head, down the neck between the two breasts when it dawned on her that she was covered in something. She dropped the chainsaw and shrieked in panic.

"Blood !" She cried out hysterically at Frank, who was staring at Laura, tears running from his eyes.

"You killed her." He said with uncanny calmness. Cindy was still shrieking like mad and tried to rub the blood from her body. Frank reached for Laura's cheek and saw the single tear that covered her smooth, shiny cheek, contrasting with her impassive expression.

"You killed my wife." He said. Cindy had removed her overall and was busy frantically rubbing her hands through her hair.

He walked over to a table and took out a syringe. He walked up to Cindy who was too shocked to do anything. He gave her a shot and she quickly went limp. He carried her to his operating room and strapped her to the table.

Cindy slowly came by. "What ... !" She shrieked again. "She was bleeding !"

"Indeed. Laura was my wife."

"Your wife is dead !" Cindy shouted.

"She wasn't dead. She was in suspended animation."

"What !" Cindy felt increasingly numb somehow. Then she noticed she was hooked up to an intravenous unit. Something to calm her.

"I invented a way to preserve people in a suspended state of animation. It could save lives if there wasn't the problem of reviving them." He said putting on a surgeon's gown.

Cindy tried to come loose, but the leather straps held her firmly in place.

"She was dying of an embolism and I injected her with my invention in the hope of reviving her in the future. But I have been unable to find an antidote to it. And then you came along.

Frankly, Cindy, I think you are the most selfish, monstrous and depraved young woman I have ever seen. You have tricked me out of my wealth, self-respect and killed the only person I loved in this world. I want to see you suffer for all the evil you stand for."

He reached for a syringe. "This will anaesthetise you, without making you sleep. I want you to witness everything what I'm going to do with you." He injected her.

Cindy felt her body become numb and limp. She couldn't even speak or make the smallest sound.

He grabbed a large saw and marked the area between her leg and her torso with a pen.

"First, I amputate your legs..."

Cindy's eyes popped wide open and she wanted to cry, but there was no sound, and then she passed out.

When she woke up, Cindy suddenly remembered, and wanted to get up, but suddenly discovered what Frank had done to her. She tried to worm her limbess torso to an upright position, while tears ran down her cheeks. She tried to speak, but her throat was sore and soundless.

"I've removed your vocal cords." Frank said from the darkness that engulfed the room. Cindy could only stare at him with horror in her eyes.

"I want you to meet your new body." He said and vanished back in the darkness. He pulled up a limbless mannequin on a pedestal. Cindy's eyes opened wide and she gasped, panting in wild panic. He removed the cloth around the mannequin and showed the steel insides. Cindy fainted again.

When she woke up again she was inside the mannequin's torso. She felt something inside her vagina and felt the reaction when she contracted her muscles. Frank stood before her and patted her on she cheek. "I've inserted a probe that will feed you and provide oxygen to you for the rest of your life. It all runs through this tube underneath you in the pedestal. I've also added this." And he pushed the button. The vibrator inside her buzzed to life tickling her insides. She gasped and cried at the same time half of it was pleasure, half was pure horror. She began to wiggle to get out, but was firmly strapped in. Frank picked up what looked like a breastplate and put it to her chest. It squeezed hard on her large breasts.

"I forgot you had yours enlarged. Well with a little pushing..."

The breastplate clicked in position pressing her body tightly. She gasped for air.

Frank, almost dispassionately put the back of the head against her shaved skull and produced the steel mask, he showed it to her and kissed her on the forehead. She wiggled her head, but Frank closed the mask on her face, pushing down her nose. She exhaled air in the vain hope of producing a sound and felt the machine hum to life. Tears ran down her cheeks and she remained motionless in her steel prison, with the vibrator inside her, tickling her into this terrible mix of horror and pleasure. For the rest of her life...