Wind-Up Robin 3

by Paul Jutras


    It was July 4th and Robin been standing as a mannequin since the previous November on her small pedestal. As she stood without underwear in a denim sleeveless dress with a sloping neckline and black three inch pumps, a little boy in a blue suit was having ice cream with his mother. How Robin wished she could taste ice cream one more time.

     As the people came and left the shop, Miss Masion sold a series of clothes for the young ladies to wear to the fireworks festival that night. When the last of the shoppers left, she  walked up to Robin with a smile on her face. She took out a remote control and pushed a few buttons to make Robin step down from her spot and then freeze up once again. "I hope you love your current outfit," came a smile from her mistress' lips. "I think this dress really enhances your breast size."

     Robin didn't know to be embarrassed or flattered at the remark. With a series of buttons pressed, programs filled her mind. When the mistress set the remote down, She began to remove the dress from her body and step out of her shoes.

     "You are my favorite creation." Miss Masion said as she took off her own clothes, took Robin in her arms and laid her down on the floor. As they locked their legs together, Miss Masion felt the surge of pleasure when her soft breasts rubbed against Robin's hard, plastic ones.  While Robin  felt orgasm after orgasm, her mistress felt herself get very wet.

     "I got something special for you tonight, hon." Miss Masion panted with orgasmic exhaustion. Getting to her feet, she took Robin's hand and walked her to the ladder leading up to the roof.

     "Just in time," Miss Masion said as they sat naked in lounge chairs and watched the fireworks began. Robin's shiny mannequin skin lit up with the colors of the fireworks glowing on her naked form.  As they enjoyed the show, Miss Masion touched up Robin's face and gave her toes a bit of electric pink polish and fingers a grape polish. "I noticed you face was starting to get worn and faded, but that should help keep you beautiful."

    "Beautiful forever." Robin thought as each touch of the brush caused her to orgasm once more. She only wished she could tell her mistress that she didn't resent anymore what had happened to her. That she looked forward to the times she was changed and the pleasure it brought. Not to mention the comments of those who saw her gave happiness.

     About twenty minutes later the fireworks were over and Miss Masion carried her subject back down stairs. Robin loved being cared for in such a manner with nothing expected of her but to stand and look beautiful. As she felt the support rod re-enter her, she watched as a pair of cocoa thigh-highs were placed on her legs, then a gray sleeveless dress that extended to her ankles. A pair of sandals were placed on her feet.

    "Lovely, as always, my dear." Miss Masion smiled, when  knock came at the door. One press of the button was all it took to turn Robin back into a stiffly posed display figure. A blonde woman walked in with a newspaper ad in her hand.

     "I'm told you're looking for models," The woman's red painted lips smiled as she stood in white leather, thigh high boots, tight mini skirt and vest. A red leather belt circled her waist. "My name is Laverne."

     "Yes, I am." Miss Masion said as she took the young lady to the back. "Have some tea while I go over your references."

    "Thank you."

     "I see you have had a few jobs but not with any one company," Miss Masion smiled. "Who is your agent."

     "I haven't been able to find one yet," Laverne replied.

    "No problem, dear." Miss Masion said as she took out a contract. "This is an extended contract with options of renew if you do well in selling our clothes."

     "When do I start," Laverne asked as she found her arm getting stiff while signing the contract.  The last thing she spoke was "What's….?" before her voice stilled.

    "You just did." Miss Masion said as she stood Laverne up and waited for her to become completely rigid and plastic. When the transformation was complete, she was stripped and put into the sexy dress Robin had previously had on. "Don't worry, once the electronics are installed in your plastic body you'll be able to be posed as easy as the last model I hired. Though she's still my favorite."

    As her clothes were changed, Laverne wondered how long she could stand the waves of Orgasmic release or the craving for pleasure she felt when not touched, then waiting for the night to be dressed again to model for the next days customers.


THE END     

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