Wind-Up Barbie Doll

by BigBird

Jasmine was in trouble.  In a moment of weakness six months ago, she’d cheated on her boyfriend Ronald. But she loved Ronald terribly, and couldn’t stand the thought of living without him.  Her confession had a mixed response.  On the positive side Ronald didn’t leave her.  However, ever since he learned the truth Ronald grew more and more distant from Jasmine.  Now Jasmine feared that Ronald was losing interest in her, and she even suspected him of cheating on her.

She couldn’t lose him!  Jasmine was so desperate to keep Ronald, she’d agreed to role-play in one of Ronald’s power tripping fantasies.  At his request, she bought a magical key capable of turning its wearer into an obedient, life-size windup doll.  The wearer’s skin would be turned to plastic and she would be unable to resist almost any commands given to her by the owner.  There were two exceptions.  The eyes and the mouth remain untransformed.  The former is a side effect of the wearer still being conscious and is able to move their eyes despite lacking control over the rest of their body.  The mouth remains untransformed for safety and communication reasons.  Should the wearer want to be turned back, they can’t do it themselves so they need to be able to speak and request their owner to change them back.

Jasmine dressed herself in her favorite outfit, the pink latex one piece.  She decided to play the submissive role and bound herself in chains to fuel Ronald’s domineering fantasies and to rekindle the relationship.  As a final touch, she touched the new magic key to her lower back.  She could feel it spring to life on its own tightly adhering itself to her body, burrowing through the outfit.  Jasmine was stunned by the sudden animation of the key and the feeling of it connecting to her spine.

Ronald didn’t wait for the key's magical properties to take effect before he indulged in his fantasy. Seeing Jasmine, a girl with severe selfishness issues and a cheater, finally acting subservient to him was delightful.  He immediately ordered her to clean the dishes on the counter top. 

Jasmine gave Ronald a scornful look.  “Don’t you think we should move to the bedroom while the transformation takes effect?  I want to be the focus of your attention, not spend my time cleaning dishes!”

“Shut up and clean the dishes, NOW!” Ronald ordered.

“Well that isn’t the fun kind of submission I want to do.  If you don’t want to play with me then I’m taking off this stupid key and ending this game before it begins!” Jasmine tried to reach to her back, but her handcuffs prevented her.  She squirmed to no avail. Her wrists were locked together and the key in her back was starting to transform the girl.  She could feel her abdomen turning into plastic.

“You’re a doll.  You’re a Barbie.  Like a real Barbie, from now on you’re going to be obsessed with keeping your house clean and making tea.”  Ronald smiled an evil smile.

“Ronald….you’re scaring me.  Let me out of the cuffs. I don’t want to go through with the transformation anymore.”

“Sorry Barbie, but what’s done is done.  You may as well accept your plastic fate.  I can already feel the transformation spreading through your shoulders.”  Ronald caressed Jasmine where her skin became plastic.  “Now we just need to gag you, because Barbies don’t talk.”

Jasmine was terrified.  Eyes wide, she shrank away from Ronald but there was nowhere to run.  She was backed into a corner.  The corner by the sink and the dishes she’d soon be washing.

“Please!  No! Not a gag!  My mouth is the only thing I get to control while in doll form.  Please!  I’m not a Barbie.  I’m Jasmine.  Call me by my real name, Ronald!  I don’t want to be a doll anymore.  I don’t want to be called Barbie!” Jasmine pleaded.

But as the transformation swept through her body her chances of escape plummeted.  Her new plasticized body would obey Ronald’s commands.  Jasmine couldn’t run even if she had a clear escape route.

“Please don’t do this!  Turn me back.  I don’t want to MMMMRRRGGPPPHH!” Jasmine’s cries were cut short as the ball gag filled her mouth.

“There we go.  It’s not a smile, but at least you're quiet.  Now be a good Barbie and do the dishes like you’re told,” Ronald beamed. 

Jasmine, horrified at her new and completed predicament, could help but obey. Her doll limbs were no longer under her control and immediately set to scrubbing the dirty cutlery.  Ronald watched her for a few minutes, enjoying watching the princess slave away.

“I’m heading out,” Ronald broke his smug silence.   “When you’re done with the dishes, start cooking a  nice meal for two, Barbie”

“MMRRGHPHH, Nnnrrmmm, Ronnnnrrrd!”  Jasmine wailed into her gag.  But it was no use.  Ronald just left and poor Jasmine was forced to carry out her master’s wishes.  No longer in control of her body, she couldn’t help but think about her punishment and treatment.  It was bad enough to be turned into a doll, but she really hated being called Barbie.  The whole endeavor was supposed to raise Ronald’s interest in her.  THIS wasn’t how it was supposed to go.  He was supposed to see how sorry she was and how much she wanted to make it up to him.   Now he was calling her ‘Barbie’ and was being mean to her and that wasn’t the plan at all.” She thought to herself as horrified realization and panic began to really sink in.  “Barbie is a horrible nickname” she thought to herself, “I am not an air headed toy.” She decided.   Until she realized what an air headed move it had been to agree to this.  “May he is just toying with me.  It will be alright.  I can still make him love me.”  Jasmine calmed herself with that thought, and finished the dishes and began working on a romantic meal, certain that he would come to his senses when he came home. 

  As she walked cross the floor she glimpsed at her reflection.  Her flawless plastic skin is certainly a Barbie feature.  The pink in the outfit suits a doll.  Her blonde hair just screams ‘Barbie’. 

Jasmine took another step.  Her pretty little feet were now permanently arched for the high heels she was wearing.  A classic Barbie doll trait. As she prepared food, her body seemed to contort itself into a sexy pose, bending on her new joints. A doll’s joints! 

Completely against her will she was forced to stick her butt out, presenting her smooth sexless groin. 

The door opened and Ronald entered, accompanied by a girl Jasmine had never seen before.  “Well Hannah, my new Barbie doll here will have our dinner prepared shortly,” proclaimed Ronald.

Jasmine was furious.  Ronald wasn’t playing out an intimate fantasy and forcing her to make a meal for the two of them.  He was using her to make a meal for his new girlfriend!  With Jasmine transformed and gagged, there’s no way for her to change back! She’d be this doll-slave forever!

Hannah gleefully skipped up behind Jasmine and inhaled deeply.  “Ah, smells delicious.  Good job, Barbie,” she said as she slapped Jasmine’s protruding butt.

“Don’t call me Barbie!” Jasmine nearly shouted, but didn’t.  It couldn’t serve any point.  She couldn’t form intelligent words with the gag in her mouth.  And her heart wasn’t in it.  Deep down Jasmine knew that the real her wouldn’t stand for this treatment.  Yet here she was, powerless to do anything about it.  So she wasn’t really Jasmine, not when she was transformed like this.  The poor blonde doll had a crushing realization as she wobbled on her plastic arched feet.

She realized that Barbie really was a very fitting name.


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