Wind-up Robin 2

by Paul G. Jutras

    It was November and  inside a house that looked like a cross between a haunted house and a museum lab that would put N.A.S.A to shame,  Robin stood upon the entrance hall pedestal  to greet visitors like she had since Miss Masion first transformed her. Currently the android was dressed in a red blouse, khaki shorts, nylons covering an ankle bracelet and white sneakers.

     As the last of the people left for the day, Miss Masion walked up to Robin with a smile on her face. She took out a remote control and pushed a few buttons to make Robin step off the pedestal. "Almost again." She smiled as she removed the blouse while foundling Robin's hard plastic breast under her nylon body suit. Outside her frozen form remained perfectly calm while inside she was a volcano with a heat between her legs crying for relief.

     "You love that." Miss Maison said with a smile as Robin mechanically removed her mistress' clothes while she removed Robin's. Their tops were removed first and they began to play with one another's breasts. Miss Masion's nipples went erect with excitement.  With the shorts off, Masion rubbed her ass and  crotch through the nylon at the same that, causing her to heat up more all.

      Soon the two were laying in a 69 formation on the floor. Their tongues darted in and out of one another pantyhosed pussies, eating the cum that formed. Miss Masion then rolled onto her back, breathing hard from the exhausting sex.  "I'm glad you like the S&M pirate outfit I gave you for Halloween, Robin." She huffed breathlessly. "Wait until you see the S&M Pilgrim I have plan for you. Also, look at what I have in mind for Christmas."

     With a push on the remote, Robin laid on her side and stretched out before a mirror. She watched as the pantyhose part of her nylon covered body changed from suntan to dark green. "You'll make a great Santa elf for Christmas."

      From a puff of red smoke a raven hair woman in a red evening gown and six inch pumps appeared before them. "Your contract with me is up, Miss Masion." The woman said with a sinister grim spread across her blood red lips. "You had your power for 13 years, it's time to pay up."

    As Miss Masion tried to stand, she found her body as immobile as Robin. "What are you going to do me?" She asked The Devil, who pulled out a contract from her purse and caused the shoulder strap to slip between her breasts. 

    "I thought The Devil was male?" Robin thoughts reached both her captives.

   "Do you think any man would have the creative brains to run my underworld business?" The Devil grinned as her breasts flattened against her chest and her muscle mass built. A beard appeared on her face, horns on a now bald head and her heels fused with her feet to form cloven hoofs. "I can take on the traditional form when I want to put in a real scare."

    The Devil then reverted to her female form. "The guy I just left was the one who wrote the best seller book HORROR AT THE ARCADE. I turned into a pinball and placed him in a  arcade pinball machine. He'll be bouncing off flippers for eternity." The Devil said in high pitch laugher. "The woman I have to meet next merely wanted to win a fishing contest. I'll turn her into a goldfish size mermaid to be sold in a pet shop. Course nobody will see her as anything but a goldfish and will treat her as such."

      "What about me?" Miss Masion asked as she started to get worried of what were to become of her. That was when both she and Robin got to their feet. They both felt horror as they walked into each other and then kept watching. As their skins touched, the two fused into one being split down the middle with Robin on the right and Miss Masion on the left.

      "I like what you did with your power." The Devil grinned. "That is why I'm rewarding you for eternity. You will be treated in the same manner as you treated  Robin and the other girls. Only you'll feel an unending loop of orgasm relief instead of the suffering you caused others."

      "Who... Who...will... run... my... place?" Miss Masion asked in her new robotic voice. Compelled by an unspoken command, she stepped up on Robin's pedestal again, took a sexy pose, and froze in place.

     "I got a new client who wants to sell her soul to me today.  I will turn her into you until her contract runs out." The devil just grinned as she vanished to the fish girl and then to the new client.




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