Window dressing fair

The New Series (aka Martha at the Fair)

Written by WD

edit by Dmuk


Martha's telephone rang, waking her from a light nap. She shook her head for a moment to clear the cobwebs. "Hello?" she said sleepily.

It was her agent, Solly. "Hiya, baby! Have I got a job for you! There's a big trade fair this week, for visual merchandising, display fixtures, and window dressing equipment. This is your lucky day - they're looking for hostesses, and you have experience in mime and modeling!"

"Yes, OK, but I don't see the context." Martha replied. "Besides, I thought I told you no trades!"

"Marty this is different!" Her agent explained, "It's a mannequin studio that's offering this job. They're coming out with a new line and want to draw some attention. You, a few other hostesses, and many of the new mannequins are going to be waiting, posed, in the show booth. Wait till you see that layout! It will be fantastic. Visitors to the display will know there are real mannequins and live hostesses, but they don't know which. That's the trick -- they have to find out which ones are the hostesses to get more information.

This ruse should show them how life-like the new series is. The studio is hoping no one can tell the difference. There will be a lot of fashion press and photographers there too , this is perfect for you!!"

Martha smiled as she listened to the spiel; she was beginning to like this idea! "Go on, Solly"

The pushy agent continued, "The base salary is just scale, but you can clean up on this job with your experience because there's a bonus involved! If you're doing a good imitation, you will get a little extra bump for every minute you are posing as mannequin and another bonus each time you are confused with one of the real mannequins." He paused to let that sink in, then told her what she could pull in for a days' work.

"Sounds interesting," She liked those kind of figures. The job was indeed well paid if she put in a little extra effort. For once he was right; for a model with her mime skills this should be easy money!

Solly explained the details. The company wanted to completely body-paint her to make her skin look more like the plastic of the mannequins, have their own make-up artist do her face, provide all her clothes and some other details. Finally, she would have to show up three hours early every day to get prepared.

Martha was thinking about the number he had named; it was about the same she usually made in a week, and they wanted her for the next four days. "You sold me on this one." She accepted the whole contract, as stated. While it was not common for normal photo modeling, it was clear the body painting and the other costume details would make it easier to be confused with a mannequin and get into those bonus dollars!- - -

The next day, Martha arrived at the showgrounds a few minutes early, exchanged her name for a pass, and inspected the display and the mannequins before trying to find the dressing room. This studio had really hit on something these figures were astonishingly life-like!

Each of them stood on a flat pedestal and wore some elegant or sexy outfit. Here was a coy grouping in fine lingerie, there a couple in night gowns; some mannequins in coats and skirts, others in evening gowns and even a small wedding group, with bride, groom and bridesmaids. There were also some scenes with the models dressed in dance and spots wear in very creative positions. They were all free-standing or attached to their bases in some hidden manner; no support rods or wires could be seen. The company had certainly spend a lot on this stunt!

Then Martha found the dressing room, a large area, where an employee of the mannequin company awaited her. There were models bustling around, racks of clothes, and what looked like shower stalls. It was very exciting, Martha thought, much better than the catalog modeling she had been doing recently.

A very attractive, very harried, girl with a clipboard ran up to her. "Hi!!" she said, breathlessly, "I'm Cindy; and you are?" She was scanning a list of names.

"Martha Deschute (she wasn't well known enough to use just one name like Naomi or Claudia); I'm with the Rosenberg Agency.

"Deschute". Yes, I have you here. You're going to be one of our mannequin models?" Cindy looked up from her clipboard long enough to catch Martha's nod. "OK! Glad to have you with us. If you will come with me we can start getting you prepared for today." She led the way over to small changing cubicle complete with lighted mirror. "First, please undress completely. Try on the undergarments and other clothes you will be wearing; then I'll do your body and face make-up. I've found that's easier then searching for nicely fitting clothes after you are all painted and dolled up!"

Cindy was looking through one of the clothing racks as she spoke, picking out garments, pausing once to gaze at Martha critically. She then pointed her to a changing cubicle and handed Martha the ensemble she would be modeling.

Martha undressed as told and tried on the outfit: A lace half-slip; a white, underwired, lacy push up bra; silk stockings; an ivory, transparent blouse; a black, very tight skirt with patent leather belt; a pair of patent leather shoes with 4" spike heels; a black half-jacket and kid gloves. The outfit was just on the racy side of business chic and matched her sleek appearance well. It also fitted her shape like a glove. Cindy had a good eye.

She left the changing cubicle and showed herself to Cindy, who checked how the clothes fit (perfectly) and led Martha to a glass base where they tested several poses that were similar to the real mannequins. They agreed at last on a pose where Martha held onto an elegant purse with one hand and put the other hand resting on her hip in such a way that her jacket opened and exposed the blouse and the lacy bra visible through the thin fabric. She stood in a way that made it easy for her to balance and also showed off her legs.

Returning to the dressing room, Cindy told Martha to remove her display costume and put on a cover smock. Martha then sat down at one of the mirrored tables and closed her eyes to rest while Cindy made her face up to match the real mannequin figures.

After pinning back Martha's auburn hair under a net, she applied a heavy pancake base of opaque color just a shade lighter than the model's usual skin tone over her entire face, neck, and ears. She even blended it into her scalp so there was no visible boundary to it.Then she began to beautify the blank 'canvas' of Martha's face; adding strong blusher, dark eye shadow, mascara, and false eyelashes. Eyebrows were shaped and defined, her lips were painted glossy red. While Cindy worked on Martha's face, another attendant shaped and polished the model's nails. Gradually as the minutes passed she started to look more and more like the mannequin figure she would be imitating in the display.

Meanwhile, several other models had arrived, were dressed in similar, sexy and elegant outfits and likewise made up. They were all interested looking as much like the real mannequins so they would be detected last and get the most money for the day. They joked about how good they were each going to do and how they would spend the bonus.

Martha had finished in the makeup chair and was astonished at how she looked now -- Cindy had done an outstanding job. She watched, waiting her turn, as the first model was bodypainted. It was the first time she had seen body makeup applied with a spray gun. Soon they were ready for her; another assistant placed a loose plastic cover over her face, then Martha entered the painting cubicle and slipped out of the smock. She stood, naked, on a slowly rotating turntable while Cindy sprayed Martha's skin with a thick coat of makeup, covering every inch of her body completely. Torso, legs, neck, and arms, even her hands and feet. Cindy took special care with the openings, ears and nostrils, making sure there was no spot untouched -- even Martha's sex and ass. The bodypaint was the same lighter shade as her facial makeup had been and possessed a slight sheen to it.

After two minutes the base color had dried. There was a curious texture to it, sort of an orange-peel unevenness. Cindy then removed the plastic cover and blended the makeup into Martha's neck and face so no line could be seen. Finally, she took up an airbrush and lightly misted rosy accents on Martha's exposed nipples. The feel of the spray aroused them a little bit which provided more than the usual outward relief. While she calmed again, Cindy fitted her with a polyester wig in a 'flip' style. After pinning it in place, she sprayed the already rigidly styled wig again with shiny lacquer Hold & Set.

At last Martha was ready; Cindy told her to re-dress carefully because the makeup could smudge, "Especially that pearly white bra I picked out for you!" In addition to her existing blouse, jacket, and skirt outfit Cindy also handed her some jewelry: a pearl choker necklace, matching earrings, and a gold bracelet. Martha slowly put on the garments, thinking about how elegant she was going to look, starting to get herself in the mindset to pose as a mannequin figure. Every bit of clothing and ornament added to the effect; the feel of the nylons on her legs, the necklace, the gloves which made her hands warm. Checking her makeup in the mirror one last time, Martha barely recognized herself. She looked like a mannequin. This was going to be fun!

Then Cindy lead Martha onto the show floor and to an empty pedestal. Her pedestal.

Martha tried to recognize the models that had been placed in the showroom before her, but all the mannequins looked so life-like and the models looked so mannequin-like it was impossible for her to recognize them! It was going to be very difficult for the visitors to find the hostesses if she could not tell who they were either.

She stepped onto the pedestal and assumed the pose they had agreed on earlier. Martha she stood in the midst of a small group of mannequins, each in elegant coat and skirt, sexy prominent bra, with small differences in pose, clothes and accessories. Martha could easily watch two of them without moving at all, a third from the edge of her eye. Cindy made some last-minute corrections to her pose, arranged the folds of the jacket, and removed any loose threads.

"All set, Martha?" She concluded. The model only nodded, trying already to think like a mannequin figure. "I'll be back in the evening to tell you when it's time to step down, unless someone discovers you're a hostess first!" Then she left Martha in the grouping and the time for the extra salary started.

Two more hostess-models were led to their pedestals and posed upon them. Then the overhead PA announced that the trade show was open. The first few visitors and press photographers were already entering the hall. It was showtime.

Martha took several deep breaths and blinked while the visitors were still near the entrance at the far side of the showroom. She made sure her balance was good and her hands were in the correct pose. She picked an expression that was slightly vacant, as if she were having a daydream with her lips slightly parted. She tilted her head just barely. Then she thought about each muscle and tendon, telling herself she was at rest and would not move -- there was no reason to budge. Reciting a mantra helped; it was something she had discovered while doing mime. A set of phrases to focus her mind: 'I have turned into the most perfect display mannequin that ever existed; I can feel how rigid my entire body is from my head to my toes, I cannot move. I cannot speak. I am completely immobile. I have turned into the most perfect display mannequin...' She continued to repeat it in her mind, falling into a light self-hypnotic trance.

As the visitors strolled closer through the display, Martha let her breathing shallow and kept her eyes open. She told herself there was no reason at all to blink or move -- as if a magical still camera had frozen her stiffly in place with an imaginary 'click' of the shutter. A man approached her grouping and inspected each mannequin very closely, including Martha. He gazed at the breasts of each member of the group, trying to see a hint of movement in the rigid models. His face was so close, Martha could feel his breath through the thin fabric of the blouse! He gazed directly into her eyes for what seemed to be minutes; just when she was sure she had been found out, he went to the next group. Martha let out a mental sigh and was profoundly relieved he didn't recognize her!

Then the first hostesses were discovered; some of the visitors saw them breathing or blinking and called them out; they left their pedestals smiling, as instructed, and escorted the eagle-eyed 'detectives' through the exhibition. Then they retired to the dressing room and a shower; bonus time for them was over.

Martha realized she was doing very well; several visitors had already come to her group of life-like mannequins, one detected a hostess in the group behind her and another discovered that the mannequin that had been right next to Martha was a living girl, to the astonishment of Martha. But nobody detected Martha. She kept telling herself over and over again she was only a statue and would remain motionless forever. In time, it started to become easier for her.

She noticed another visitor was now inspecting her closely, this time it was a woman and she did not just gaze at Martha's breasts, she touched them! It was so startling...

'This is unfair!' Martha thought, breasts are always pliable! and it's against the rules of this display contest. Plus I could accuse you of sexual harassment right on the spot!' But she was too good a model, even when surprised, to make the smallest movement.

Several seconds passed before Martha discovered that her breasts didn't move under the light touch of the visitor's hand. They felt unnaturally firm and hard, as did her torso. Now the visitor continued to fondle her, unbuttoning her blouse, unclasping her bra and pulling it out. The woman then closed up the mannequin-model's blouse again, leaving her bare, upright poking breasts very visible under the transparent fabric. They remained firm and molded even without external support.

Cindy approached the visitor casually and asked, "Is she ready?"

"Oh, most definitely." The visitor tapped her manicured fingers lightly against Martha's forehead and heard the sharp 'clicks' of nails striking a hard surface. Martha didn't blink. The visitor looked back Cindy and nodded, satisfied. "Solid as a rock. You outdid yourself on her -- she is magnificent, Cindy!"

Martha wanted to yell, 'What's happening to me!' but thought she was still too shocked to move any part her body, which had become accustomed to immobility. So she thought before the realization hit her that she really could not budge at all, trance or no trance.

Cindy looked into Martha's blank eyes and began to speak to the motionless model, "Dear Martha, can you hear me? Ah, stupid question, of course you cannot answer me.I hope you can still hear me as I'd like to explain what has happened to you." Martha remained rigid but was listening intently with growing anxiety as Cindy continued again. "The body paint we put on your skin, and also all the make up, contains a chemicalwhich is turning your skin to plastic and has relaxed your muscles. You are now unable to make the smallest move, even if you try very hard."

Martha tried and found Cindy was right; it was not shock or surprise that immobilized her, it was this chemical! She starting thinking what she would tell her agent about this insidious plan, then it dawned on her she was not going to be telling anyone anything. She could not even bat an eye; how could she dial a phone!

Cindy continued, "Hardening the skin is only the first, but most difficult step; the model has to cooperate and stand still for at least an hour. That's why we have told you and your colleagues the story about this trade fair and this mannequin promotion gag!"

'And we all believed your story too!' Martha thought and tried to shake her head. She was becoming upset with herself. "Sucked in by some easy money...."

"The chemical still continues to work inside your body. At this time the plastic layer has a thickness of about a third of an inch. It will grow about an inch every three hours so by tomorrow, when the next generation of hostesses will mount their pedestals, you will be entirely plastic. Another mannequin in our new, highly life-like series -- posed from life!"

Martha had a terrible realization, thinking, 'could it be the mannequins aren't ...'

Cindy grinned, "Yes, you probably by now have figured it out. All of the mannequins you see here were all models like you that we have transformed during the last week!"

The 'visitor', who was inspecting the next new mannequin, called back to Cindy, "Hurry! Come over here --we have to do more work on this one!"

"OK! one second!" Cindy replied to her; to Martha she said, "Your pose is perfect just as you are. I don't expect anyone will mistake you for a hostess now; but after a week or so of the treatment you will become totally plastic -- solid enough to get the pivot points installed so you can be posed. Then you will be shipped to a shop or department store!"She walked off to join the other woman, leaving Martha alone with her thoughts.

Martha imagined how she must look just now, as a life-like mannequin! Her stance and expression, so carefully crafted, would be hers until the end of time. She felt so foolish, aware that she had wanted to look this way, hoping it would give her a bonus. She knew her breasts were so exposed now! The thin, silky fabric of the blouse even enhanced their prominence. She had no chance to hide; everyone would be able to see them revealed!A bit ashamed, she realized she was also turned on by the thought of being on display. She imagined men desperately gazing at her full breasts, separated by the window glass,unable to touch her them or anything else of her body as she was unable to hide them.

Another visitor walked up to her and ran his fingers along her stiffened cheek. Martha tried to say something or bat her eyes at him, but she remained frozen in position, an exquisite mannequin figure. The feeling of that touch on her motionless face was also intensely stimulating to her. If she could have moved, she would have made love to him right here on the trade show floor. The day passed quickly; the visitors to the display would never know how much pent-up desire lay hidden behind her placidly blank gaze.

Eventually the show closed for the evening and the visitors filtered out. With a 'thump' the bright overhead lights shut off, leaving the display illuminated only by the spotlights. Cindy returned, wheeling up another mannequin figure on a handtruck. She made room in Martha's grouping and slid the stiff figure alongside. "Martha? Say hello to Brigitte! She's another model who passed our little test with the greatest of ease." Cindy moved a full length mirror up so the 'mannequins' could see their reflections. "See how flawless you are, my lovely new mannequins -- how perfect! You will always be admired by the passers-by and of course by me, too!" Cindy came up close to the frozen models and began to caress them lightly, her hands tracing the stiff contours of their plastic bodies.

Martha reacted again to the touch and felt flushed. She felt she had become very wet just as Cindy began exploring her sex. "You are dripping on the pedestal, Martha!" Cindy said with a knowing smile, "Need some re-lax-a-tion?" Martha saw that Cindy was showing her a textured dildo, waving it in front of her glassy eyes. She could feel the tension mount as Cindy knelt down in front of her motionless torso, pulled down her slip, pushed a vibrator inside her vagina and switched it on. Waves of pleasure flooded over her as the dildo began pulsing.

"That vibrator is coated with the same chemical as your bodypaint!" Cindy whispered into Martha's ear. "You know what that means -- your vagina will soon become plastic too and stay wide open for everyone! Everyone. Girls like you we sell to sex shops! Tomorrow evening after the show I'll strip you down and spray you all over again with a clear coat of the chemical to continue the treatment." Cindy smiled mischieviously. "Then I might put you back on display as a naked figure. Or how about if I dress you in that little see-though baby-doll nightie I saw you eyeing earlier, and those pink slippers? Would you like that, to be on display, where anybody can see you? I knew you would!"

Martha wasn't bothered anymore about these words; they even turned her on more!Almost immediately she reached a furious climax, made all the more explosive by the utter immobility of her body. She could not move or gasp; the full-on erotic intensity of her ecstasy was focused inward as the first of many concentrated orgasms flashed through her brain! When at last the seemingly endless waves of pleasure diminished, she dozed off.

Silently, relentlessly, the plastic layer grew deeper and deeper inside her and she never woke up again. Martha had been transformed into an incredibly lifelike mannequin.