Robotic wish

by Circuitbreaker

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This story starts off slowly but the good part is in the middle, Trust me.

Sam was one of them women that youíd just love to have, Sheís almost perfect in every way, she had a great body, a great job, a great future and I forgot to tell you, sheís a lesbian. Sheís always wanted to go to Egypt and see the world famous Pyramids. Then as she sat at home listening to her favorite radio station she heard they were giving away a holiday to anywere in the world for a week. And this is where the story begins. She won the holiday and was jetted off to Egypt to see the Pyramids for a week, she was having a great time and had forgotten all of her troubles and just went with the flow. Then on her last day she was shopping through the towns market for last minute souvenirs and came accross a tiny stall that was not at all noticable from a distance. She walked slowly up to the stall and was greeted by a small old man with a grey beard, he was wearing shabby clothes that looked like they could be the only pair he had. Sam being the usuall tourist felt sorry for the old man and walked closer to the stall.

"Hello lovely lady," the man croacked. "Care to buy a luvely gift for your loved ones?"

"Well funnily enough I was looking for last minute buts and bobs, what do you recomend from your stall?" Sam asked.

"Well Iíd be lying if I said the whole stall," the man sniggered and then reached for a small wooden Box underneath the counter. "But I do have something special right here." He slowly opened the box and instantly light began to reflect from something shiny inside. "Here, have a look, itís a genuine Egyptian magic lamp. Found by myself in the tomb of ancient Pharohes."

She looked at the lamp closely and was mystified by the sparkle from the lamp, she suddenly felt the aroused, like it was a fantasy or something and had the urge to buy it.

"How much for this lamp? I must have it. Iíll pay any price."

The old man stroked his beard and hummed to himself whist trying to make a decision. "Quickly tell me," She became agitated and gave the man a large bundle of notes she had in her purse. "Here, have this. This will buy you food and keep you going for the next few weeks." She then picked up the lamp and walked away from the stall.

The man looked surprised at the amount that she had given him.

Sam got back to her hotel and starred aimlessly at the lamp. she was transfixed and wasnít aware of anything that was going on around her. She stayed that way untill about two in the morning, she looked around and shook her head. "Brrr! What was that? She looked back at the lamp, "I just hope you are worth the money." she then placed the lamp on her bedside table for the morning ready to pack.

The flight home was quick and all she could think about was this lamp. She got home from the airport and just dumped her bags in the hallway, she then ran upstairs and was greeted by her housemate and lesbien lover-Jackie.

"Hi! How was the holiday?" She said after she gave Sam a peck on the cheek.

"Youíll just love what I brought back, come on in and Iíll show you." They both walked into the bedroom and sat down on the bed. "Iíve been waiting for this for two days," She looked anxiously at Jackie and then looked at the lamp and rubbed it. It started to shake in her hands, she dropped it and out popped the most beautiful woman they had ever seen. She of course was the genie of the lamp and granted them both a wish each. They both looked at each other in amazment. Realising that this genie could make their fantasies come true the women conferred and then turned to the genie and said, "Make us both into robotic women!" The genie snapped her fingers and bowed. She had in her hands four micro chips. " To obtain your wish you must first take these." They took the chips. "Now are you sure you want to do this?"The genie asked. Both of them nodded anxiously. " Then we shall begin, for there is no going back on a spell. First you must place the larger chip at the back of your neck, this will insure that you are robotic on the outside. now thatke the smaller chip and insert it into your sex." They both got very aroused at the sound of the last one and placed it in quickly. And with the final part of the spell the genie said "Let the spell take place." They both held hands and went to kiss, they gave each other tongue for about two minutes, by this time the genie had gone back into her lamp. They both stopped suddenly and looked at each otherís bodies. They were both naked and they didnít shed one piece of clothing, They were both very aroused still and went to kiss again but suddenly Sam stopped, rolled her head back and moaned in delight, she started to rub her sex and was then copied by Jackie.

Their hands were rubbing hard and rewarding each woman with an electrical delight that surged through them. Slowly their hands were turning a silvery Chrome colour, as was their vaginas. They looked at each other and saw the silver move up the arms and to the rest of the body, they both got extremely excited at the sight of the silver skin and began to rub harder. The hand that was not being used then started to rub the other womanís breast. They both moaned as electrical surges raced throught their rapidly changing bodies. The thrill got too much for them and one after the other they passed out on the bed.

Sam awoke without any knowledge of where she was and what time it was, she sat up on the bed and looked around, she felt different, almost like she was laying badly and had a bad the stiffness after. then she remebered the wish, she looked at herself and saw small glimmers of light sparkle off of her arm. She slowly moved off of the bed and turned on the bed side light to try and pour some light in the dark room. the light filled the room quickly and shone off of her metalic skin, she started to ge excited and walked over to the full length mirror on the wardrobe. She couldnít walk like she used to, she had small robotic steps that seemed to take ages to get moving. As she approached the mirror she looked in amazment, her entire body was covered in metal, she had heels on the bottoms of each foot that seemed to be natural, her breast size had increased to two sizes bigger that before. Her figure looked fantastic, the only part of her that wasnít covered was her face. and that seemed to turn her on, she rubbed her sex and felt an extreme amount of pleasure course through her body, then Jackie walked up from behind her and grabbed her at the stomach, the sound of the two metal women touching made them both more excited than ever.

Sam turned around to her new robotic girlfriend and was greeted by a robot that looked exaclty the same but with a different face. they started to kiss again, each moving with jerky robotic movements. The genie then appeared from the lamp, "Are you ready for you second and final wish?" They both looked at the genie and then at each other, Jackie turned back to the genie and said "Genie, we wish you were free and us to take your place sealed in the lamp for the whole of eternity making love to each other never to be found again!"

"As you wish!" There was a bright flash of light and they both found them selves inside the lamp. They both looked at each other passionatly and started their eternal lovemaking. The Genie granted the wish and threw the lamp into the deepest part of the pacific as she took her voyage to freedom on a cruise ship.

The End

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