Witch Season

by Paul G. Jutras

     It was a cold, stormy night. Sheets of rain came pouring down from the black sky.  A pair of headlights beamed out of the darkness while a young couple's car engine started knocking before it broke down at the end of a long dirt road.

     "Just great." Kim muttered to her husband as she folded her arms above her breasts. "You can your short cuts. Now how to we make the party?"

     "I guess it's up to me to check the car." Tim said as he stepped out into the rain in his tux. He made his way around to the front, popped the hood and glanced at the engine. "The battery's fine, spark plugs fine. I can't see why the car would die like this?"

     "Tim, take a look." Kim rolled down the window enough to point with her long red painted nail at a light in the distance. Tim followed her hand to see the shape of an old house at the end of the dirt road they happen to stop in front of. "Maybe we can get help there."

     Taking the keys, Kim and Tim ran off down the dirt road for the house. With her shoes removed, Kim's nylon coated feet were caked with mud up to her ankles by the time they reach the porch. Both Kim in her strapless evening gown and Tim in his tux were soaking wet when they knocked on the door. "Hello!" Tim called out. "Is anyone home?"

     "Just open the door." Kim shivered and shook the mud out of her heels. "Considering the weather, I'm sure whoever lives here will understand."

     As Tim reached for the doorknob, it creaked opened on its own. They stepped inside to see a  mannequin appearing before them between lighting flashes. Startled, they looked around to see the weirdest furniture they had ever seen. A grandfather clock with a human face and clock hands sticking out of the noes, tables with human shape wooden legs,  hairs with a human head shape head rest and hands at the end of the chair arms.

     "What kind of place is this?" Tim said nervously.

     "Hello?" A voice came from upstairs. A candle light came from the upstairs hall and stepped at the edge of the stairs. "Is anyone down there?"

    "We had car trouble and needed to get out of the rain." Kim said as a young woman in her late twenties said as reached the bottom of the stairs. She was dressed in a pink nightgown and had long dark hair reaching past her shoulders.

      "Oh dear me," The woman said with concern. "My name is Hazel and I have to say you're soaked to the bone.  You are welcome to spend the night. The rest of the house I live in while this area is my art shop."

     "That would explain a few things?" Tim whispered to his wife, who nudged him with her elbow.

     "I live here alone so I don't have any men's clothes here I'm afraid." Hazel said as she pulled a bikini panty off a lower mannequin torso and handed it to Tim. "This should fit you before you catch your death of cold."

    Going upstairs, Tim and Kim headed into one of the upstairs bedrooms. As Tim removed his Tux, Kim looked laid out some clothes  from the closet for the two to wear. Kim took out a lace trim robe from a closet and helped her husband into it. "This should help warm up, Trish." Kim kidded Tim about his feminine attire.

      "Will you cut it out Kim." Tim gave her a gentle shove as she sat on the bed and removed her wet and muddy nylons. She then stood back up and turned her back on Tim so that he could undress her evening gown and step out of it.

      "I got a better idea." Kim chucked as she removed her bra and gave Tim a gentle shove on top of the bed.  She climbed on top of him and ran her hand on his bikini bottom until his cock went erect. Taking the hard tube in her hand she began to suck it while he leaned back in joy. "After all, who can sleep in a place like this."

     "Oh my God!" Tim screamed as she continued her blow job. His eyes raced across the room from bra form on the head board to a painting of a nude woman reclining on a couch. Even the rooms wall paper seemed to have a suggestive erotic paten to it. "Keep it up, Kim."

     "Anything you say dear." Kim said as she ran her tongue along her cum covered lips. She then turned so her back was to her husband and started to ride his cock like a bucking bronco. Her squeezed increased as her orgasm built inside of her. As the two erupted like a geyser, they screamed in pleasure at the same time.

     "Kim, you're the best." Tim said as he felt weak in the legs.  He was so weak that he slid off the bed onto the floor, taking her with him. As they rolled a bit, she slipped her panties off and brushed her pussy up against his face. "I could eat you all night."

     "Why don't you then." She said as Tim smiled. He bent down between her legs and licked her body juices from her secret pair of lips. "Oh that's it!  Keep it up! Keep...  Keep.... My God, Tim! You're the greatest in the world!"

     As her eyes went around the room wildly, she notice a few items for the first time on the shelf. "H - Hold it a second, Tim." Kim panted out of breath from the stimulation he was giving her. "I got an idea."

      Taking a dildo and breast forms off the self, Kim smiled wickedly at her husband. "Since you're dressed that way, you be the wife for change."

      She looked through a night stand with a breast shape handle, she found some surgical glue, which she put on his chest and held the forms in place until they stayed put. She then took a bra from the breast form over the head and put it on him. "Lay face down!" She ordered as he did as she demanded and watched as she buried the dildo deep in his ass.

       "Oh my," Tim cried out as she buried  the dildo even further into him. With one end in her vagina and the other in his ass, she pumped away and both cried out in their moans of pleasure until they both collapsed exhausted.

     "Don... Don't stop." Tim cried exhausted. He turned toward Kim who had laid back with her legs spread and fingers licking a mixture of her husband and her own juices from them.

        "Just... Just a minute." Kim cried exhausted as she reached for the dildo and found it had sank into her pussy and made her feel full between her legs. When she looked down, she noticed that her pussy was replaced by a smooth, sexless mound. "Huh?"

      "What's the matter?" Tim asked as he cried all to her like a baby. His arms and legs felt like rubber due to all their sexual activity. "Why are you starting to cry?"

     "This." She pointed to where her pussy use to be and the vibrator still throbbed inside of her. "It's starting to drive me crazy. I don't know how much I can take."

     "It won't do either of us any good if we borrow Hazel's car and get into a wreak in this storm." Tim said, both confused and comforting. "We'll get you to a doctor first thing in the morning."

     "O... Okay." Kim sniffled as Tim startled to struggle to get the bra off of him. "What's wrong?"

     "I can't get the clasp on this thing." Tim blushed embarrassed that he was stuck in the bra. "Can you help me."

    "Come here." Kim whipped a tear from her eye as he turned his back to her. "That's strange. The clasp is gone, only a single strap back here. I can't seem to get this thing off."

     "Kim, please!" Tim cried as a strange feel shot through his body. His nipples started to tingle as she dropped back and watched as his body began to change. She watched as his nipples swelled into a pair of real breasts that filled the bra he had on. "Help! Get this thing off of me!"

     "I... I have my own problems, hon." Kim said as she noticed her toes were fusing together into solid feet. She got up and moved stiffly toward the bedroom door for help. Her feet and ankles froze up and turned into hard plastic before she could reach the door handle. "What's happening to us?"

     The dildo inside of Kim's pussy started to pulse harder and send greater surges of pleasure through her freezing form. "Oooooo." She moans as she felt her neck muscles lock into place. With a mirror on the wall she was able to see Tim out of the corner of her eye.  By this time he was one big tit with head, arms and legs wearing a bra. Then he was the bra laying on the floor.

        "This can't be happening." Kim thought to herself as she was rocked by another orgasm. She could see her frozen self in the mirror. Her skin glittered with the light from the ceiling fan. Her wet sexless crotch glistened with its former moisture and her breasts remained erect like the room was cold. She even notice that lines were appearing on her neck, wrists, waist, legs and feet. She somehow knew that she could be taken apart like any mannequin.

     "Let's see how we're doing now." Hazel said as she stepped into the room and walked over to Kim. As she tapped on Kim's waist, a hollow sound echoed back. She then glanced over and saw the bra that was once her husband on the floor. "My you two were kinky in here, weren't you. Well I guess you've learn that appearances isn't everything in a witch's house. Especially if that witch is an artist with bills to pay."

       Picking the brassiereified Tim up, Hazel put him on the mannequin that was now his wife. As Tim's cups were filled with her plastic breasts, Tim felt like his dick was being squashed up against a hard rock. He was in both a mixture of pain and pleasure at the same time. As Hazel adjusted the bra straps it was like someone was playing with his privates until  they began to feel rock hard.  As a result the nipples of the bra became firm and distinct.

     "That's more like it." Hazel smiled as she picked Kim up and carried her downstairs to the display room. She was just setting her down when the door opened and a young woman came busting inside from the still pouring rain.

      "May I help you?" Hazel smiled at the woman who was putting her four inch sandals back on.

    "I could use a new dress." She said as she grabbed the bottom and wrung it out.

    "I have just the thing." Hazel smiled as she removed the bra from Kim and carried Tim to the back room. As she cast a small spell upon him, Tim felt himself growing longer. He still felt hollow inside when he was picked up by his thinner shoulder straps and carried back out to the woman.

     "This should look wonderful on you, miss..." Hazel smiled as the woman slipped it over head. Tim could feel the woman's breasts fill her up as he hugged her body tightly in a very flattering, feminine shape.  The silver color went well the sandal straps that crossed the top of her bare feet. "Look, I do believe it's clearing up."

     "Call me Sandra." The woman smiled and admitted the new clothes made a wonderful outfit. She paid Hazel and left  for the only car sitting at the end of the road. Sandra's car. The spell that had taken the humans known as Kim and Tim from the world had also erased all record of them.  "Thank you for the wonderful dress." She called out as every move of her body would send ripples of pleasure through Tim's body for as long as he was worn.


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