Chapter 7, Which, witch?


>From the Diary of Martin Appleby October 31, 2007.

Well diary its been a while since I put in an entry but I'll explain why in a bit. It really started about a month ago when April and I returned from our trip to france. Madame Too Sordid had decided to extend our stay, but we were not aware of her decision until later. It was around the end of the summer and Paris was very hot. The temperature I mean. April and I had made plans to catch a flight out on the first week of august. The air was dense and very humid. One particular day it got so hot that I swore that the streets would melt. The Madame would constantly fret over the figures she kept in her showrooms. Always afraid that one day she would find them as molten pools of wax. I gave her an advance on our deal one day and had new air conditioning installed into the complex. It was while they were installing the duct work that that they uncovered the secret room under the shop. It was a small chamber, only about ten feet square with no windows. Inside were a small bed and what appeared as an intricate alter festooned with gold and many jewels. We assumed that it must have been the private chamber of one of the monks of old Paris. And when the revolution took place the poor monk must have been killed with many of his breathern. I had the division of antiquties move the contents upstairs for the Madame and it was placed on display in her shop. About a week later the man from the division of antiquities came back and told us that the room had belonged to a cult of witches that had been burned in the forth century. The madame was extremely pleased and wanted to find out more. The noteriety of this find would increase her business. About a week later as she was cleaning the alter The Madam hit a small button that had been built on the edge. The button opened a small trap door in the alter and exposed a small vault. Inside were various garments of cloth and rough hewn leather and a large book. She took the book and began to read some of its contents. As she got more engrossed into the volume I could tell subtle changes in her. When the day arrived to leave we arose early but for some strange reason I felt ill at ease about something. I left April to finish our packing and went down to the display rooms. Quester had taken seperate rooms at another hotel with Alice. He had decided that so we would not crowd the Madames home. I phoned him as I was getting up and promised him that we would meet at the airport. I entered the upstairs hall and suddenly heard the jingle of small bells coming up from the lower level of the shop. As I came down the stairs the sound grew steadily louder and soon I could see multi-colored lights eminating from the other room. What I saw next almost took my breath away. Standing in the center of the room dressed only with a smile was the Madame. I could tell by the blank expression on her face that she was obviously in some kind of trance. I was surprised to see her dance. It was a highly erotic dance move but I chuckled inwardly to see such a big woman as the Madame even attempt it. I was going to leave her because I remembered reading somewhere that you should never awaken a sleep walker. This was when it got really strange. As she got closer to the small alter, the intensity of the lights got brighter. Then the Madame fell on her knees, holding the large book in her arms in front of the alter and threw back her head. Three small beams of light shot out of the alter and struck the Madame causing her body to instantly freeze. I was about to run over and help her when another beam came out and formed a tube of light next to the inert form of the Madame. Inside the beam a vague form materialized and took on the shape of a beautiful woman made of crystal. The three beams acted like strings on a puppet and made the Madame rise up and walk to the tube of light. When she entered the circle of light the crystal woman and the madame bonded together. With a bright flash of light the tube exploded and in its place was the Madame. Only now however she was young and slim and had the body of the crystal woman. She looked around at her new environment and at her new sexy body. She started to run her long pointed fingers over the soft curves and touched herself lovingly. I had not budged an inch during the entire transformation, but I knew it was time to act. I stepped from my hiding place and approached the new Madame. Seeing her closer I noticed that her eyes were the strangest shade of pale blue. It was like looking into ice cubes those eyes, but behind them I could tell there was a sense of evil and I now regretted revealing myself so soon. She made a sinistrer laugh and rose her arms into the air. Then small streaks of lightning shot from her finger-tips and some of the wax figures in the room sprang to life. I was at first terrified but after a few seconds I found myself turned on by the carnage I saw begin around me. The Madame had always specialized in female figures. Soon the room was filled with writhing sexy young girls in various stages of undress. Two of the figures grabbed my arms and held me while two more went upstairs to get April. From upstars I heard April scream but soon it was muffled and she was brought downstairs as well. The remaining figures had began to dance before the new Madame. They thrashed about throwing thier hair in the air. They moved thier arms and legs in perfect symetry to thier sisters and several started to tear the clothes from thier bodies. I was really getting hot now , seeing what was once lifeless wax, now soft hot flesh. I could even see the soft pink of thier little pink pussies. They were all living breathing women. The new Madame laughed more as we struggled against our captors. It seemed that the more we struggled the stronger they became. I yelled at the new Madame and tried to get her to release us. Apparently the transformation had removed any knowledge of us from her mind and now she intended to take advantage of us. She started with April first. I yelled for her to stop but she only looked at me and laughed. She then pulled Aprils hair and made her look into her ice blue eyes. From my point of view I could see everything. What I saw next made me wish I couldn't. The new Madame stared deeply into Aprils eyes. Soon I could see that Aprils eyes were now changing into the same cold shade of blue as the Madames. The Madame gently caressed Aprils face and kissed her lovingly on the mouth. I could see that the change didn't stop at her eyes for soon her skin and the fine hairs on her body started to pale and I could see that she was turning into a statue of ice. Within seconds it was over, Where once April stood, soft warm and alive now stood a clear ice scupture of my love. Even her hair had molded into ice, some of the strands sticking out like spindles. I screamed at the new Madame, but this only made her enjoy it more. Soon the wax girls began to dance around both of us. Thier vacant eyes reflected the light in the room. They were all nude now and the dance of sex increased. They would rub thier hands over my body, pressing thier soft shiny bodies against me. It was wierd but they did not smell like women. Thier bodies had the aroma of wax candles but they were hot and alive. As they danced and caressed me some would go to April and then rub themselves against the ice statue. Some grew bold and even took a lick from Aprils frozen body, leaving small traces of thier kisses on her little ice clitty. The new Madame now arose and walked up to me. She looked deeply into my eyes and smiled a creul smile. She then kissed me hard and with much passion. Then she stepped back and said "Farewell human" and soon everything went dark.


Quester was waiting at gate 7 at the airport and still Martin had not shown up. He glanced at his watch and found it was almost 8:30. He had known his friend for almost 5 years now and had never found him to be tardy. He checked the bill of lading and made sure that Alice's crate and the others had been loaded on board safely. He regretted having to send his girl as baggage but the savings were immeasurable. Sometimes he felt that they were cheating the airlines. In fact they were, but what they didn't know would not hurt them. At 8:45 he knew something was wrong. He canceled his ticket and had the baggage handlers instructed where and how the crates were to be handled. Then he sent a cable to Mr. Hamilton in New York and left to find a cab to take him to the city.

Inside the crate Alice had been carefully put in stasis but Quester had not secured the strap on her control watch. Dressed in a light summer dress of black striped cotton. She looked like summer barbie only with full blonde hair and the body of an exotic dancer. Under the dress he had dressed her in white cotton panties and on her feet were black pumps. As the handlers were lifting her crate it accidently shifted off the forklift and fell to the ground. The crate burst open and Alice fell out. The handlers ran over started to pick her up. They admired the realism of the plastic woman when her watch fell off. With a blink she looked around and asked the men where she was. The handlers looked at one another and then at Alice, and then ran off screaming to the hangers. Alice just shook her head and went to the main building.

It took her about ten minutes to walk from the airport to Madame TooSordids. When Alice arrived she was grabbed and pulled into the alley. She was about to scream when she saw it was Quester. "Oh its you." She said. Quester put his finger to her lips and pointed inside. They looked through the window and inside could see the dance of the wax women. "It was like this when I got here moments ago." Quester said. "I think they have done something horrible to April and Martin."

His questions were answered as the two ice sculptures of April and I were brought into the main room. The wax women began to chant and fell to our feet rubbing thier hair over over our bodies. Some even began to rub thier bodies over my frozen member which had turned to ice while I was aroused. Soon the new Madame entered the room and brought out the large book. Quester had remembered seeing it before. She opened the book and started to quote passages from the book and soon more of the wax figures sprang to life and joined thier sisters in the erotic dance. Soon the room was an orgy. The wax women began to rub against one another and probed thier pussies. On every inch of the shop the wax women continued thier love making. After a while the new Madame read another passage from the book and soon two of the wax women began to grow wax penis. It was these wax women that the new Madame used to entertain herself. She had the two wax concubines make love to her from both sides and soon she was writhing in motion with one penis in her vagina, the other in her tight little ass. They pumped into the Madame for several minutes and after about twenty minutes The Madame came with a shudder. She read another incantation and the two concubines returned to thier original state. They then went back to the orgy. Quester was fasinated by what he saw but he knew that something had to be done. He turned to Alice and said."Alice I want you to go in there and pretend to be one of the wax women." "Don't worry I have a plan, but I'll need that book." She nodded and and then slipped into the room. With the wild gyrations done by the wax women the new Madame did not notice Alice enter. She started to join into the dance and from the window Quester could sense a bulge building in his crotch. He was impressed by Alice and never tired of her beauty. And now doing this erotic dance, she was even more beautiful. Alice herself was being turned on and pretending to one of the wax women was fulfilling one of her own fantasies. Alice began to rub her body against the other wax women and was surprised to feel the oily wax melt off them onto her own body. Soon she had developed a fine sheen as the coat of wax built up on her flesh. After a while the new Madame set down the magic book grew tired and fell off to sleep. When she fell asleep the wax women began to slow and soon stopped. Frozen in the pose of thier dance. Alice looked around at the frozen orgy and blew out a small sigh. It had been fun but now it was time she made her move. She grabbed the book and took it out to Quester. Luckily it was written in old english so he could still read it. He picked what he thought was the right spell and hoped that he had chosen wisely for he would have only one shot at freeing his two friends. He read the spell over in his mind and when he was ready he burst into the room. Suddenly the new Madam was shocked and woke up. As she woke up the wax women also came back to life and started to charge Quester. He read the spell and suddenly some of the wax women stopped and returned to thier original state. But he wasn't out of the woods yet. He quickly read the spell over and over and soon he had reverted all the wax women but the Madame remained. Now Alice joined in and entered the room and she to quoted the spell. The Madame backed away into a corner and soon the light tube reappeared near the alter. Inside Quester could just make out a form in the tube. It was the old Madame in the light and he could hear her giving him instructions. He now knew that he had to get the new Madame to reenter the light. Quester read another incantation and soon the ice prison that had held April and I was gone. Returned to our former selves, I grabbed April and threw her out of the house and then went back to help Quester. It took me a few seconds to learn the spell and soon the three of us, Quester, Alice, and I had driven the new Madame into the light. She struggled against us and when we finally coralled her into the beam the old Madame grabbed her and we could see the bonding of thier flesh. Then with a final scream the evil Madam returned to her crystal form and as it had done before, there was a bright flash and the tube of light disappeared. This time leaving behind our friend the old Madame.

To prevent the chance of this ever happening again I took the book of spells and the evil alter and burned them. Even though it was extremely hot it felt good to know that I was preventing future trouble. We took another month and helped the Madame to reorganize her figures. The life giving spell had made many of the figures to provocative even for the liberal minded french. So in late October, all our affairs in order, we finally got on the plane for the good old U.S.A.

I'm just finishing this entry and the last of the kiddies are finishing thier trick or treats. I'm glad that now the only witchs we have to contend with are the candy collecting veriety. I know that the real thing was a very scary experience that I don't want to have again.


The End 8/24/98 M.P.