The Woman Makes the Clothes

by Paul Jutras

    Kiara and Amy had been working at Fashions R Us for the past three years. They two started out with an equal footing as saleswomen and worked six days a week. At work it was business as usual while at home, the roommates were even closer than friends. Melody, the third saleswoman, was always jealous at how their girlish charms got all the male customers to ask them out. Not that they were interested much in anyone other than each other.

    Melody got her chance for payback when the store's owner departed early one day and left the girls to lock up when the mall closed at 10 P.m. When no customers showed at quarter of 10, Melody took out a tank she had kept in the closet and put in a surgical mask. With the turn of a handle, an invisible gas was released into the store.

    The next thing Kiara and Amy were aware of was waking up flat on a narrow metal table.  Except for their boots, they were naked and strapped down with metal cuffs on their wrists and ankles. At first they were confused about why they were laying down naked, but soon found themselves getting wet due to the fact it was a turn on for them. The butt plugs in them only aroused the helpless girls even more.

     "Melody, what's going on?" Amy asked with alarm as she saw the third saleswoman lower the mask and look at her captives. Melody just smiled as she pressed a button on a remote control. Motors made a roaring sound as a goo began to pump inside Amy's body. It didn't take long before her struggles slowed and she began to get stiffer. Her stomach had never felt so stuffed.

    "This is better than our double sided dildo." Kiara moaned in pleasure as she, too, was filled up with goop. "Don't you think, Amy?"

    "Simply... heavenly." Amy sighed.

     "You bimbos like it, huh?" Melody said with a giggle. "Then you'll really go for what comes next! Well, I just wanted you to know that this is personal. I've hated how you two have gotten all the breaks from the boss. I will make sure you'll be together when I'm done transforming you with this old spell I came across in a used book store. After you've both become my mannequins, I think I'll turn Amy into Kiara's bra. Yes, that's the idea."

      "We're living beings and magic isn't real!" Kiara suddenly screamed. "You can't turn us into a couple of plastic dolls!" Suddenly being strapped down wasn't so much of a turn-on.

     "You'll learn soon just how real the realm of magic truly is." Melody said as she turned to the tables and started to chant.  As she  chanted, a plastic liquid filled Amy and Kiara's bed chambers. The girls began to panic as the liquid passed over them and filled the tank to the brim. The fluid was cool and made their naked skin tingle as it started to become firm and hard. The girls soon found that they had no need to take another breath or move at all. They weren't sure if they floated to the top of the tanks or if the liquid went down for when they next saw Melody it was through rigidly frozen eyes. It was only just then that the girls realized they couldn't even move their eyes to look at their co-worker.

      Melody paused before she removed the straps and  lifted the two out of their metal bed chambers. The two shivered when they realized how sensitive their plasticized skin had become to the touch. Being moved across the room, they orgasmed several times.


      She placed Kiara and Amy on the floor and posed them next to what they first thought were motionless display mannequins. Then full understanding dawned as they realized they could not budge from their own stiff positions and that those two were earlier captives of Melody's arcane magic.

      Even though Kiara could not say a word or blink an eye she sensed the feelings of surprise mixed with arousal that flowed among the frozen girls.

      The young couples huddled together, fearing the final part of the process that would transform them into real mannequins forever. Amy's fear was the worst as she wondered if this would be the final step or if Melody meant what she said about the bra.

      For hours or days they remained in that same position while their bodies turned hollow and very light and their skin took on an even sheen that seemed to look exactly like painted fibreglass.  They were becoming mannequins!

      Then she was lifted up like a life-sized plastic dolls and placed into upright stances. Whenever Melody let go of the girl, she became as stiff as a statue.

     Despite Kiara's mental horror, she could not prevent Melody from sliding a metal rod attached to a display base into her former sex like a metal dildo. As it touched the insides of her plastic pussy she shuttered inwardly. She felt herself being tipped back slightly as Melody adjusted the pole so that her feet just barely touched the display base. Sometime in the future she knew she would be displayed wearing high heels that would fit the tilt of her feet exactly.

     "There now." Melody smiled as she ran her hand along Kiara's smooth, rigid ass. "You look so beautiful that I almost wish it was me inside that perfect plastic shell. Almost.  The magic liquid I've pumped into of you has turned all of your insides into a piece of over-erogenous plastic that will keep you aroused enough to want release and experience orgasms upon the slightest touch."

      As Amy sat motionless on the floor and listened to what Melody was saying, she could only wish that it was her feeling the rod plunged into her. How excited Kiara must be when every touch caused her to groan intowardly with overwhelming ecstasy.

     "Time to dress you, dear." Melody smiled wryly as she picked up her book and turned to Amy. Amy wished she could at least shut her eyes, but felt a heated glow in her vaginal muscles that seemed to expand. Expand outward until she no longer felt human. She felt like she had been reduced only to her pussy when she realized that she was now a spandex bra. Somehow she retained sight as Melody loomed over her and reached down.

     If she thought just being picked up was erotic, it was nothing compared to when she felt the hard plastic breasts of her sex partner poking her from the inside. The remaining two girls were transformed into a matching thong panty and a necklace that she also placed on Kiara's motionless stiff body. After a little smoothing and fondling to make sure the magical clothing was well aroused, Melody knew her work was complete. She replaced the magical book in its hidden nook, shut the lights, and locked the store.  All the while, her transformed rivals were locked in a non-stop cycle of orgasms.

    Melody returned to the mall before the official opening and saw her transformed captives in the store window. She walked up with a puzzled look on her face as she reached out and ran her hand along the window glass. "I thought I left them in the middle of the room when I locked up?" She said to herself.

     Taking her skeleton key, she entered the store for a better look. She carefully touched Kiara's frozen form to make sure it was still hard plastic and she wasn't faking things. Scratching her head she muttered to herself as she turned around and saw a pair of pantyhose laying on the floor. "Was the place broken into last night?" was the first thought that ran through her head, followed by another sudden urge. "If that was the case, they won't miss one pair."

     Stepping out of her sandals, she undid her wide leather belt and slipped her pants down her smooth legs. She then sat down beneath one of the mannequin displays and slipped the purloined pantyhose on. They glided on with ease and fit snuggly about the hips. As she reached for her pants, she felt a burning sensation in her crotch. "What's happening to me?" Melody gasped, but only the stiff mannequins were there to hear her.

     As she tried to stand, her feet slipped out from under her and caused her to land on her rear. With a confused look she went to take a look at the soles of the nylon feet and found them empty. Her feet were gone and only the nylon remained. In a panic she reached for the waistband of the pantyhose to find it had fused with her own body. In a panic she looked around only to see Kiara and the other mannequins staring down at her.

     "Help!" Melody started to scream in panic. "Someone help me! I can't get these nylons off of me!"

     "Of course you can't, dear." A voice came from behind her. Melody looked over her shoulder to see the owner of the store walking out of the closet. In the woman's hands was the magic book that Melody and used on the other saleswomen. "You only half dressed our newest mannequin last night and I mean to correct your oversight. It's no wonder Kiara was my favorite."

      "Please!" Melody begged. "Don't do this to me... I'll change them back to normal...anything. Just don't transform me."
     "Too late." The woman said with her painted smile. "If you had read the book fully, you'd know that once the transformation into an object begins there is no way back. I can tell you'll look so good displayed on our mannequin in your nude tone."

    Melody could only watch as the spell's transformation took over her legs, hips, waist and chest. As she gave off one final cry to deaf ears as her head was the last to go. Her body seemed to evaporate, leaving only a film of silky nylon draped among her discarded clothes. The store owner then walked over and saw the pantyhose laying on the floor as if they had been there all along.  Melody screamed "NOoo!" but lacked the ability to speak any more. The owner smiled as she picked up the still-warm pantyhose and then turned to Kiara's frozen form.

     Removing Kiara's upper torso and setting it aside, the store owner turned her lower half over and started  to slip the pantyhose on her. She smiled mysteriously at the thought of how it was driving both Melody and Kiara out of their minds in exploding orgasms.  Once the hose were on, she tipped the legs back upright and reattached the upper torso. "Much better," She smiled, adding a pair of white pumps to complete the presentation.
      With the new mannequin completed, the store owner put a 'help wanted' sign in the window and turned the lights on for the start of the business day.


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