Work Environment


Northern Chill

Note: This story should be considered a sequel of sorts to Secure Identities. I might explore this universe a fair bit. Needless to say, there will be adult themes in this so if this fact bothers you, run away as fast as you can.

      Connie fidgeted slightly in the back seat of the car as the Vuber driver drove her into the agency she worked at on a daily basis. The dark haired woman had been working in the accounting/finance section of the Syntha Agency for nine months and had been happy doing her work.  Connie had noticed that there seemed to be a fairly large turnover in the models the agency employed but that didn’t matter much to her.

       “Put my time...go home...make sure the bills are paid and the fridge is stocked...binge some shows I wanna is good…” Connie thought as the car came to a halt and she exited. Making her way inside the lobby, Connie walked past several display cases that were recently added to the lobby. Pausing for just a moment or two, Connie looked at the case contents and marveled at the contents.

        The first display case had a fairly buxom blank faced nude mannequin with a black wig on its head. The figure had its left hand resting on its hip with the right arm bent and hand behind its head. Above the left breast of the mannequin, there was a computer code sticker affixed to it with numbers and letters visible on it. With its feet slightly shifted apart and a face that conveyed beauty in spite of the lack of features, the mannequin that was named DENISE was proving to be quite a conversation starter for Agency visitors.

         The second case had another blank faced mannequin but this figure was attired and had other differences from the Denise figure. Dressed in a dark red latex jacket with silver buttons adorning it, matching pants with a white stripe running along the thighs, white gloves and black boots, the mannequin was posed with its left arm bent and raised to where its forehead would be located. Peering around the back of the case, visitors could see an ornate key sticking out of the back of the figure. The key was slowly turning and indicated the figure was a wind-up doll rather than a mannequin. The nameplate on the front of the case was imprinted KELSEA and the figure was drawing considerable speculation from folks since its installation.

          “Some of these folks act as though they’ve never seen mannequins before. bodies can sell anything these days,” Connie thought as she swept past the display cases and headed towards the security desk near the elevators. Showing her id, Connie stepped inside the elevator and headed up to her floor. Going to her office, Connie was just starting to make preparations for the day when she received a company email directing her to meet in conference room B thirty minutes after the message was sent.

           “Sounds kinda urgent. Wonder what the big thing would be that would require department heads to attend. Since they acquired those other companies a few years ago, Syntha seems to be more than a modeling agency with every passing day,” Connie thought as she grabbed her cell and portfolio and headed off to the conference room in question.

             Shortly thereafter, Connie was seated at one end of the room and the other end was where the executives were setting up. To her private amusement, tinged with a little bewilderment, Connie saw several workers wheel in the Denise and Kelse figures on dollies at the end of the room. The figures were placed next to the dais by workers, who quickly left the room.

            A few seconds after that, George Jackson, CEO of the company, entered the room, Accompanying him was Janet McNeil, head of research, Connie Willoghby, head of modeling and talent acquisition and Gilles Leblanc, head of photography and marketing.

           “Hello, ladies. You’re probably wondering why I’ve invited you here today. As you may have heard, Janet has come up with remarkable work in the area of biometric monitoring of individuals. This work has already yielded remarkable remarks and we’re going to be expanding this to employees of the company such as yourselves. Connie, will you hand out the tags to the women here?” George intoned and gestured towards a set of tags that were in front of Janet.

            “When you are alone here, or at home after work, I want each of you to affix the tag to a spot on your breast. The tag will not be seen with clothing over and has been verified to not cause any adverse reactions. Once the tag is put on and the servers we have set up here in the complex can confirm it, you’ll find that the tag opens up a whole new world for your daily work tasks. There’ll be bonuses worked in that will transcend mere financial rewards and I guarantee all of you will be extremely happy wearing them. For more details, I’ll turn this over to Miss McNeil. Janet?” George said before turning to the dark suit attired department head next to him.

            “Thank you, Mister Jackson. These biometric tags have undergone extensive testing to this point and there have been no incidents of anything unexpected occuring during these trials. Once the tags have been activated, you will find that they will connect with your neural and physiological aspects in a way you will find, ahhh, enjoyable. You will feel better, look better and think better with no side effects. The only stipulation we have is that this is to be treated as intellectual property of the company. You are not to disclose the existence of the tag or anything about it to individuals not employed here. Mister Leblanc will now go over the details of what we have planned after this phase for the general marketing of this tag,” Connie said with a tone that ranged from serene to extremely serious before turning the dias over to Gilles.

               “Thanks, Miss Willoughby. These tags will be tapping into your thinking on a daily basis and make your lives better in so many ways. Each of you will be able to attest to the many fantastic ways the tag has improved your individual lives. You’ll be sent information packets to your company email addresses that will outline the benefits as well as answer any questions you may have about the tag. We’ll be checking in with each of you on an individual basis regularly to gauge your perceptions of the tag. That’s about all for now. I’ll turn this back to George for anything he might want to add to close the meeting, “ Gilles remarked with several sweeping gestures for emphasis.

                 “Thank you, Gilles. The information will outline the steps you should take after initial application and other pertinent data. I think you’ll find these tags will change lives in ways you can only imagine. So, take the tag you’ve been assigned, apply them as directed and follow the directions. If you have any questions that need answering outside the guidelines, send me an email and I’ll be happy to give you the needed answers. Thank you,” George intoned and stepped away as everybody applauded the presentation.

                 Back in her office, Connie worked away at her daily tasks even as she glanced every now and then at the tag she was given.  In the middle of the afternoon, with her work completed for the day, Connie gave in to her curiousity and decided to get the tag started. Closing her office door and locking it,  Connie drew the blinds on her office window before removing her blue blouse and setting it on a nearby chair.  Tapping on her laptop, Connie reopened the email pertaining to the tag and scanned over the information related to it for anything out of the ordinary.

                After satisfying herself, Connie removed her bra and set it on the desk nearby. Picking up the tag, Connie stared at it for a moment or so before somewhat gently pressing the tag onto her right breast. With this done, Connie stood still briefly in anticipation of feeling something new. Not feeling anything, the executive put her clothes back on, opened the blinds and unlocked her office door.

                “Doesn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary. Maybe this whole tag project needs a few more bugs worked out before it gets...OOHHHH!!” Connie thought to herself as she settled back into her chair and started working on her laptop. However, this was interrupted by a sensation of pure pleasure that passed through her mind and body that caused Connie to gasp out loud.

                 After a moment or so, the pleasure subsided and Connie sat motionless. Seconds later, Connie resumed working on her laptop and if anyone looked in, she would look perfectly normal and focused. However, the truth was that Connie’s mind was virtually blank with her body running on commands emanating from the tag on her body.

                At exactly four o’clock, Connie’s body shivered slightly head to toe and she blinked several times. Moments later, the executive closed her laptop and put away several papers in her desk.

                “Huh.  That, that’s strange. I don’t remember anything after sitting here at the desk. Maybe this tag helps pass the time in a way that is beneficial to me. That’d be cool,” Connie thought as she got her purse and jacket from a nearby closet and headed home. She felt better than she remembered in recent times but figured that was due to the satisfaction of completing her work in a timely fashion.

               Arriving at home shortly thereafter, Connie checked her mailbox for anything new before heading to her bedroom to change into casual clothing. As Connie stripped down to her lingerie, she briefly glanced at her reflection in a bureau mirror and smiled.

              “Huh...ya know, I haven’t looked at myself in a long time. Gotta say, I look pretty good,” Connie mused to herself as she admired herself in the mirror. As she looked, Connie didn’t notice that the tag she was wearing had started to glow ever so slightly.

             Moments later, Connie bent her left arm, raised it into the air and positioned her left hand behind her head. Connie’s right hand came to rest on her hip as her body moved so that she was looking directly into the mirror.

           “Feels good to stand here...looking so beautiful...I wish others could see me...could see my lovely body….mmmm...if only….hmmmmm…. ” Connie thought as her mind seemed to drift into a sea of bliss and contentment. For her, she was happy to remain in that pose for an indefinite period as the tag on her body grew brighter….

Next morning….




            “HUH??!! I, ummm, I seemed to have lost track of things somehow. Last thing I remember was standing in front of this mirror looking at myself. After that, I must have gone straight to bed. There’s my underwear on the chair,” Connie mused as she glanced around the bedroom.

             Looking at her cell phone, Connie realized she was going to be late for work unless she hurried. After a quick trip to the bathroom, Connie quickly dressed, grabbed his work items and headed off for work. Halfway through that trip, Connie realized that she had not donned any lingerie. Ordinarily, that fact would have caused her to hurry back home for those garments. However, on this day, Connie mentally dismissed this fact as unimportant.

              A short time later, Connie was in her office doing a teleconference with a potential client in Europe when there was a knock on her office door.

           “Come in,” Connie called out after she finished up her conference call. To her surprise, George entered the office accompanied by Janet and Linda, the latter who had been recently hired to work in marketing.

           “Hello, Connie. Ready to start another day as always, eh?” George said as he walked over to Connie’s desk with an odd look on his face.

          “Ummm, yep. Just finished a talk with a client in Spain. So, are we having an unscheduled meeting or something like that?” Connie replied as George walked closer to her with the women remaining further back.

          “The latter is correct. Could you stand up?” George said somewhat sternly.

         “Uhhh, sure,” Connie replied as she, with slight hesitation, stood as asked.

        “Excellent! Now, remove your blouse and skirt,” George said. At the same time, Janet said the same thing to Linda.

        “WHAT??!! I, I, I will do as requested,” Connie sputtered in outrage for the briefest of moments. Almost immediately after, the tension in Connie’s face drained away and she reached up to unbutton her blouse. After removing her blouse, Connie reached down and silently undid her skirt’s button. With the garment slipping to the floor, Connie straightened up and stood erect with the tag glowing noticeably brighter.

        “Very good, Connie. Very nice indeed. I think, though, that some adjustments need to be made,” George said approvingly as he ran his hands over Connie’s body quickly with lingering moments spent on Connie’s breasts, waist and hips. As George did his interaction, Janet had ordered Linda to strip at the same time and was busy enjoying her body as well.

        Finishing his examination, George leaned in close to Connie’s left ear and said a number of sentences that only Connie could hear. From Connie’s perspective, her face and body failed to show any sign of outer understanding or awareness but her tag grew brighter as George talked.

        When he was done talking, George stood back and glanced over at Janet. Seeing she was already finishing her work with Linda and was giving parting instructions to her, George smiled as he reached over and picked up Connie’s clothes.

          “Dress and return to work. Remember your activity as only a daydream. The instructions you have been given will be a subconscious desire but you will undertake it,” George intoned as he handed the clothes to Connie and quickly departed the room. Moments later, Janet followed him out the door. After redressing, Linda left as well with no indication she knew anything out of the ordinary had happened.

           “Huh...feeling pretty good today. All the outstanding invoices have been accounted for and things are going smoothly. Only thing I can’t stop doing is daydreaming so much...maybe I should try and focus a bit more, ” Connie thought as she settled and started working on her laptop once again.

           That evening, at home, Connie had what she considered to be a fairly routine night of a light meal, a relaxing time and streaming shows on her wall mounted television. The fact that after a brief shower, Connie was lounging in the nude didn’t seem odd to her in the slightest. Connie stretched out on the couch and seemed oblivious to time passing as she propped her head up with her left hand and watched tv with a singular focus.

           Connie had an uneventful night and in the morning, dressed and went to work as usual. The only thing that she found puzzling was that her blouse felt a little tighter and her skirt a little looser around the waist. Dismissing this mentally as nothing out of the ordinary, Connie journeyed into work in a normal manner.

           Entering her office, Connie stopped by the closet at the far end. Opening the closet door, Connie proceeded to open the door and peered inside briefly. In a slightly stiff manner, Connie removed her blouse, skirt and shoes and placed them inside. Closing the door, Connie walked over to a mirror mounted on the wall of the other side of the room.

           “I look so beautiful...I could stand here forever if asked to..My face looks breasts look perfect. I wish things would stay like this, ” Connie thought as she planted her hands on her hips and stared at her image with a dreamy smile visible on her face.

           “Looking good, Connie. Don’t move or talk. I’ll be right with you in a minute or so,” George called out from the doorway behind Connie. Connie heard the door being closed and normally she would have asked George what brought him by. However, she was told not to talk and she didn’t.

           Moments later, George was behind Connie and reached around her arms to cup her breasts in his hands. “I have to say, the tag did an amazing job on improving and perfecting your tits, Connie. Tell me what size they are now and if you like them being touched, Connie, “the executive said as hefted and massaged the woman’s bosoms.

           Connie blinked several times and the tag on her chest glowed brightly for a moment or two. “My breasts are now DD cup in size. I enjoy having them held, caressed and massaged. My nipples are not erect but will be shortly, “she replied with a smile appearing on her face.

            George chuckled softly and moved his index fingers up to Connie’s nipples. “So, how would you like to shift into a new role in the company going forward? One that would require much less mental effort and much more rewarding for you on a personal level, “he said quietly as his fingers circled Connie’s erect buds.

             “I, I, ummm, think I want to stay at my present position in the company,” Connie stammered as waves of pleasure flowed through her mind and body. At the same time, the tag on Connie’s breast glowed bright at what seemed to be a maximum level.

            “Huh. Not quite the answer I was expecting. Guess I’ll go with another way of getting the change I want,” George replied as his fingers moved atop Connie’s left nipple. Without saying another word. George pushed in on Connie’s nipple as the tag glowed brightly at the same time.

            Connie would have moaned loudly in appreciation of the action but her mind went blank in that moment. She was unable to think, move or talk at that body unless the command was given to her.

             “Now, drone, turn around and stand with your hands on your hips,” George said as he withdrew his hands and took a few steps backwards.

            A moment or so later, Connie turned and faced George. Planting her hands on her hips, Connie stared at the executive with a face devoid of emotion or any sign of independent thought.

           Moving swiftly over to the office door, George locked it before going to the table in the center of the room. Twisting the table around so it was positioned in a North/South direction, George retrieved a box that was sitting on the center of the table.

          “All right, drone. I’m going to give you something to put on after you settle in tomorrow. Tonight, you are to arrange your leaving all of your domestic affairs to a company executive whose name I will give you. Right now, sit on this table and tell me that you are ready to please me, your owner,” George intoned as he marveled at the mindless beauty.

          Seconds later, Connie walked stiffly over to the table in question and lifted herself onto it. “I am ready to please my owner,” Connie intoned as she shifted her legs apart and thrust her chest out in an inviting manner.

         George chuckled softly as he placed the box on Connie’s desk and reached for his belt. “I do love hearing those words,” the executive said quietly.


Next day……….

           Connie entered her office with more enthusiasm than any other time she could remember. Going to the office closet, Connie removed all her clothes she was wearing and placed the articles in the closet. Moving somewhat stiffly to her desk, Connie sat down, opened her laptop and sent George an email indicating she was in her office.

          Moving over to the table, Connie posed with her right hand on her hip and her left hand behind her head. As her feet settled into place, Connie seemed unaware that her body was changing in appearance. Connie’s skin was changing to flawless plastic devoid of freckles, blemishes and other imperfections. As this effect spread rapidly from the middle of Connie’s torso, separation lines started to form around Connie’s wrists, shoulders, neck, waist and right leg.

         As the changes swept into Connie’s face, the change was even more profound as her facial features disappeared to an eraser rubbing out signs Connie was a woman. As the physical changes neared completion, changes to Connie’s mental thinking were just as profound.

         “I...I’m a did I wind up here...I...mmmm….feel good...I exist to wear clothes for the owner. . NO...this is some sort of nightmare..this can’t good to be touched by…” Connie thought as her own thinking mixed with the desires and needs of an inanimate mannequin. She could still see and hear somehow but unable to move or communicate at all.

         Connie stood there, unaware of anything beyond her fixed point of view. After an unknown amount of time passed, during which Connie’s mental focus drifted more to mirror her plasticized state, the mannequin felt a pair of hands come to rest on her hips from behind.

         “ Looks like you’re all set for your new position at the company. After you get settled into it, I’ll make sure that workers regularly attend to you and make sure you enjoy your new state of existence,” George intoned as he lifted the mannequin into the air and turned it to face the door. As he moved, George saw Janet enter the office with a mannequin that appeared to resemble Linda.

            “Everything is all set, boss. Should I deploy the DMD now or wait for final placement?” Janet intoned as she set the mannequin down from the dolly cart she was using to transport it.

           “May as well get it done now. No sense putting it off and leaving things in place. Besides, it’ll be easier for these lovelies until they settle into their new homes and we figure out what to do next,” George said as he moved to the box he brought into the office and pulled out a hand held device like he had used previously.

          “DMD??...what is George talking about?...what is..OHHH…………….” Connie thought as she tried to make sense of what the CEO was talking about. However, this thinking when the scanner came into close proximity to the tag affixed to her chest. In that instant, Connie’s memories and all of her mental abilities were transferred to the scanner and the result was a mannequin devoid of any mental awareness. Connie was now a mannequin like any other object seen in a display window or a store floor.

          “There we go. All set for your new home. Janet, you prepared to take over Connie’s department?” George said as he glanced over and saw the executive apply the DMD to Linda.

         “Sure thing, Mister Jackson. Just make sure I’m not going to wind up between these figures in the future,” Janet replied as the CEO drew near.  

         George laughed and turned off the lights in the room as the two departed. “No, nothing like that is going to happen,” he replied with a broad smile crossing his face.

         “For now…..” George thought as the two went in separate directions. In the office just vacated, two new mannequins await whatever destination the company has planned for them.

        After all, their ability to choose where they work for the future is out of their hands…

        For good, it seems…