by alicia

Its late on a Thursday afternoon and I'm beat. My name is Heather and I've been working for this advertising firm for three years now. Its a good job, but its hard. Forty-eight hour weeks are pretty common. And then there's the travelling. We're working on an important presentation that the boss has to give tomorrow. Its a lucrative account and our business could sure use it. Fortunately the boss has entrusted it to me and this new guy, Tim, who has only been with us for a few months. Its interesting work but right now I can't wait to go home and get out of this suit and slip into something warm and fuzzy.

Don't get me wrong, I like this suit. Its red with a zipper-front jacket that's tailored to show off my figure. The skirt is fairly short and straight so I have to be careful maneuvering in it, but I think its kind of sexy. The guys in the office seem to think so too from the looks they give. I can just imagine what they are thinking. But that's ok, once in awhile, I have fantasies about their fantasies. But right now, all I can think about is this presentation and how I wish this day were over. Suddenly, the old man looks at his watch. Its after five.

"I have a testimonial dinner tonight for a good friend that I have to attend," he says in his trademark gravel voice. "You two should be able to finish this tonight on your own. Remember, everything has to be ready for that presentation tomorrow morning at ten o'clock!"

Great! We are going to do all the work and he is going to take all the credit. Within a few minutes the old man collects his coat and briefcase and without a word, swings out the door. Tim and I look at each other in dismay. We both know that this could be a long night. "Well there's nothing to do but get started," I say drearily. "I guess so," moans Tim.

Tim is a good-looking, friendly kind of guy. He's always well dressed and groomed, I like that. If I had to be stuck working late with anyone in the office, I'm glad its Tim. We get along really well. Our relationship has always been professional but recently I've wondered if he has a girlfriend. I really don't know anything about his personal life. But the way this evening is starting to look, I certainly won't know anything by the end of it. Still, I wouldn't mind getting to know him better.

"Heather, would you mind getting those market surveys over there," Tim asks. "No problem," I respond. At least the old man let us use his office. There's plenty of open space here to work in. The market surveys are in the far corner so I have to walk across the entire length of the room to get them. After a few steps, I feel something warm on my back. My whole body is getting hot. But before I have time to turn to see what is happening, every muscle snaps and I jerk to a halt. What's going on?!? I'm stopped in mid-stride, my left leg ahead of my right, arms in mid-swing! The snap made me want to squeal but I was frozen before anything came out. My mouth is locked open and I can't move my eyes around the room. I'm like a statue!

"Stay calm, Heather," says Tim's voice from behind me. "Its all right." Immediately my heart stops pounding and I slow down my worrying. "You are under my control now but I'm not going to do anything to hurt you." Somehow I know its true. "What's happening is a kind of a force field, but... no technical explanations now. I want to admire your beauty."

Tim slowly walks around my frozen form, gently touching my arms and my hair and my breasts. I can't see him that well because my eyes can't move. They just stare blankly across the room. But I can feel his gaze all over me as he circles!

"I've been noticing your beauty for three months now, but I can never look at you without you catching me, so I had to stop you. Now I can stare at you as long as I want without you interrupting me and embarrassing me."

Wow, I've had guys do some crazy things for me but this takes the cake. I feel so sexy and desirable. He should see me in something really sexy! I'm surprised at how calmly I'm taking this. I've certainly never been stopped in mid-stride before, nor have I ever seen it happen to anyone else. What's going on ?

"You are enjoying this, aren't you Heather?" he says, still circling. Yes, I am! But my frozen, open mouth can't manage the words. "I want you to stand at attention, Heather." My body snaps to in classic military fashion. "I'm going to pose you like a mannequin now. You'll like that." Already I'm starting to anticipate. Everything he says about what I'm feeling is true. Its almost like he is controlling my emotions as well as my body.

"Spread your legs slightly, Heather," Tim directs. My legs separate as far as the skirt will let them, which isn't very far. He takes my left hand and places it shoulder high, about six inches from my body and slightly in front, with the palm towards me, shaping the fingers as if I were holding an apple. My right hand he keeps down, moving it only slightly from my body with the palm open to the floor. The rest of me is still at attention, back arched, forcing my breasts to protrude. Then walking behind me, Tim moves my head slightly to the right. "There, perfect," he says walking around to the front. "A vision of beauty."

I can't see his crotch but the tremor in his voice tells me that this is extremely stimulating for him. Tim walks right up to my frozen form and begins stroking my shoulder-length blonde hair. "I love your hair," he muses. "Its so soft and beautiful." Now Tim begins rubbing his hands slowly over my entire body, down over the breasts, waist, hips and down my legs to the ankles and slowly back up again. His touch is hard enough to not tickle, but soft enough to give me an electric charge wherever his fingers reach!

"I've been dreaming of doing this all day, Heather," Tim announces as he reaches for the collar of my jacket. "You're feeling so sexy now Heather, so aroused." My heart begins to beat faster as he slowly lowers the zipper on my jacket, releasing my breasts. Tim gently opens my jacket and lifts a breast out of its cup. He caresses and kisses every part of it, saving the hardened nipple for last. Oh I love it when a man takes his time! "You are close to orgasm, Heather, but you're not going to come," Tim tells me as he replaces my breast and repeats the procedure on the other. My crotch is so wet, I wonder if that's his next destination! I can feel him licking and biting the nipple but my entire body is completely rigid. I can't react in the slightest, except internally. My mouth is fixed open, my blue eyes stare mindlessly into space. And its all so incredibly arousing!

Tim carefully replaces my breast in its holder and steps back from me. He looks over my statue body, making some decisions about the next pose. Then, he lifts my left breast out of the bra again and, taking my left hand, places the index finger so it just touches the nipple. Now he moves my right hand in front of my skirt and presses the open palm slightly against my crotch. His two warm hands frame my head and he points it forward and slightly down so that my gaze is on the floor a yard or two in front of me. Tim's breath is becoming noticibly short and loud as he places a chair within my view and sits down. "Now, Heather, you are going to see just how sexy and desirable you are."

Tim has already lowered his pants and briefs and his hand begins pumping away on his considerable swollen member. In only about 30 seconds he has worked himself into a frenzy of groans and screams and his fluids blast into the air in front of him. Tim takes a few minutes to rest and collect himself and to clean up the mess on the rug with tissues from the boss' desk.

"Stand at attention, Heather," Tim orders. My body stiffly complies. As he returns my breast to its proper place and rezips my jacket, Tim informs me that he will soon release me. "When you awaken, it will be as if nothing has happened. You will remember nothing of this. You will keep the good feeling you have now but otherwise it will be as if none of this has happened. Now, return to the position you had when you were first frozen." My body obeys and my legs are now in mid-stride, my arms swinging.

"I will now say 'three-two-one' and you will awaken Heather. You are on your way over to the corner to pick up the market surveys I asked for. Everything will be the same as you remember it and you will remember nothing of what just happened. Three-two-one."

"Whoa!" I cry as my right foot stumbles on the heel. "Are you all right?" Tim asks behind me. "Yeah, I guess so," I reply as I look on the floor for a hole in which I could have caught my heel. "Yeah fine." I continue over to a pile of folders in the corner of the room. Noticing the market surveys I bring them back over to the desk where Tim is waiting and hold them out to him. He looks straight into me with those big, brown eyes.

"Listen, Heather, we've been at this all day and we still have a ways to go. Let's go get something to eat. I know a nice little restaurant a few blocks away and then we can go to my place and finish this." Tim gives me such a warm, squishy feeling inside that I didn't have a few minutes ago. I've known him for a few months now, he seems OK, even though the invitation to his place is a little obvious. I do want to know him better. Now here is my chance.

"OK," I reply, "but let's make it my place. I want to change into something more comfortable. This suit is starting to make me feel really stiff."

"OK," answers Tim, with a little, cryptic smile on his face.