The Watchmaker Series: By M.P.
Chapter Six: Fixing the Feds.
From the Diary of Martin Appleby, January 10,2008


Dear Diary New Years came and went but not without some excitement. I was almost caught by the Feds this month past but due to a lot of luck and the device I was saved from incarceration. Let me explain. On New Years Eve April Quester and I were at the house in Maine to celebrate the holiday. To help in the celebration I decided to release the girls from stasis and allowed them freedom to roam around the house. That night however I was to get an unexpected caller. Quester's favorite and mine Alice was at the north house so she was one of the first to be released. Alice was dressed in a period costume in one of the displays in the museum. Dressed as a lady in waiting to Queen Elizabeth Alice made a magnificent wax work. At almost six foot with long straight blonde hair that curved at her waist Alice would have made DaVinci envious. Yet here she was dressed in a taffeta gown of layered silk and satin from the 14th century. I had posed her with several other girls all dressed in equally luscious gowns. Their frozen gazes looking out at an audience that only they could see. I handed Quester the remote and went back into the museum to see to some of the other girls. I chose the little Blonde girl that I had rescued a few years earlier Lana and walked up to her display and pressed the remote button. Lana had been posed as a starlet in a 1930's setting and until this moment I had never thought to release her from the pose. But since it was a holiday why not. Lana blinked once then twice and then she started to slowly move. It had been almost three years since I had placed Lana in stasis but she had not aged one day since I had frozen her. Lana recognized me right away and ran over to me and grabbed me around the neck and started to kiss me. I was a little shaken but I figured after three years she was probably pretty hungry for sex. I was about to return her kisses when suddenly Lana stiffened in my arms. I looked down at her and into her face but all I saw was the blank expression of a mannequin. Her body cooled rapidly and she hardened in my arms. It was then I heard the loud cough from April and I knew she was in back of me and obviously jealous. I turned and saw April standing there with a remote in hand and I promised her that it was only a friendly kiss and that my heart only belonged to her. She then re pushed the button and I thanked Lana and told her to join the others in the main hall for the party.

Earlier in the month at the office of internal affairs in Washington D.C. Agents of the federal office on dissidents and illegal aliens were called into their supervisors office. Two of these agents Agent Ben Skuller and Elizabeth Muldy were told to wait behind from the others because they were to be given a special task. Their boss Mr. Thompkins informed them that in the northeastern region there had been an unusually large amount of disappearances related to dissidents from the New York federal encampment. Traces had led them as far as a group representing the owner of a chain of department stores. It was to be their mission to infiltrate the stores and find out how they were smuggling the prisoners out of the country.

The party started with a bang There was food enough for all and much wine and later after the merry making concluded several of the girls went off to private rooms in the museum to enjoy each others company. Some of the girls had the extra special treat to enjoy the company of the few male mannequins that I had brought up from the stores in New York. Quester and Alice had retired much earlier and I and April knew that they were making the most of their brief time together. I took April by the hand and led her into our little room on the third floor of the museum and when we entered I turned and locked the door. We were not alone in the room however, I had taken the liberty to invite Lana to join us and when April saw her lying in the bed she started to go to hit me when I hit the remote button instead. April froze, her hand stopping in mid swing mere inches from my face. I tried to explain to her but gave up. I then went over to Lana who was also in stasis and removed the sheet that covered her lithe young body. She looked like a picture of Snow White lying in the bed. Her skin was a pale white with a slight shine to it. Her hair which I knew to be natural blonde was like a halo around her perfect face. Her little pink nipples stood out from the pure white of her skin and her thin arms and shapely legs were at rest. Between her legs was a triangle of soft pure white blonde hair that barely hid her little pink pussy. I had frozen her as she waited for me and without her knowing caught her in this state. I pointed the remote back towards April and pressed the button. She finished her swing and almost fell over from the force of her momentum. She screamed a curse and said that it wasn't fair that I had frozen her like that. I took her in my arms and kissed her explaining that I loved her and the extra sensations of another woman might be exciting. April pondered over it a while and then she agreed. April and I walked over to the bed and looked down at the still form of Lana on the bed. She had not budged an inch in the whole time and as April gazed at the inert girl I knew that she getting turned on. April climbed into the bed with Lana and then she slowly began to lick and fondle the younger girls breasts. She climbed on top of Lana and as she was beginning to start licking into her private areas I knew I had to preserve it on film. As she was starting to get into her sex act I pulled out the remote and without her looking I pressed the button. Then like a living photograph April and Lana stopped and froze in a pose that would make Hugh Hefner bust with pride. April was frozen as she was coming out of Lana's little pussy, her mouth and face wet with the young girls juice. Lana had been in stasis so she had not changed. I wondered if Lana was able to enjoy the ministrations that April was giving her. I would have to ask her sometime. I then went to the drawer and took out my camera. I found I carried everywhere these days because I never knew when I would get the muse and freeze one of the girls. I shot two rolls of film and when I was finished I re pressed the button and once again April started licking as if she had never stopped. I decided it was time to let Lana enjoy herself as well so I pointed it at her and pressed the button. Lana was quickly overcome by the sudden rush of feelings and grabbed Aprils head and pressed it into her wet sex. Lana then grabbed April and turned her over and started to lick into her sex as well. The girls were into a hot sixty nine when April came up for air and screamed. Lana then came violently her whole body shaking. It was then that she and April both grabbed me and pulled me into the bed with them. Lana was like a wild cat and started to tear my clothes off. I removed my shoes and shorts and then started to pump into Aprils pussy. I was working like a jack hammer to quench her lust but April was so hot that It just made me want to fuck her harder. I grabbed Lana and put her on top of April and I could now pump into both of their sweet little pussies. I would pump into April then give Lana a shot. After fifteen minutes Lana rolled off of April bathed in sweat and shaking. Then I pulled out of April and shot a stream of cum over both girls faces. I kissed both girls and then Lana settled to sleep. April and I got up and went back to our room and showered and we went back to the party to bring in the new year.

Skuller and Muldy had somehow gotten wind of my operation. I would later find out it was Charly my night watchman who had betrayed me. You just can't find good help these days. They arrived at the north house late on New Years Eve and started to plan how they were going to trap me. Skuller was looking through the front door and was surprised by what he saw. Inside were about thirty girls all shapes and sizes and ages running around the museum in various stages of undress. He pulled out a computer I.D. checker and pointed it at several of the closer girls and the I.D. checker confirmed that they were a few of the missing women. It was then that I and April came back to the party.

April and I entered at about 11:49 and several of the girls had come back downstairs to wish in the new year. I brought out several bottles of vintage champagne and a large bucket of ice. I was about to pop the cork when Skuller and Muldy burst in. They rounded us up into the main room and Skuller was beginning his interrogation of the girls. Three of the girls including little Sue Lien began to cry and begged Skuller not to send them back. It was while they were talking I noticed that Muldy had made the mistake of trying on one of my control watches. I picked up the remote and very carefully pointed it at Muldy and in seconds she was a mannequin. Skuller was getting impatient and told the girls to knock it off but when he noticed that Muldy wasn't moving he went to her to find out what was wrong. Then I made my move. I tackled Skuller and threw him to the floor then April and two of the girls wrestled a watch onto his wrist. April then hit the freeze button and Skuller was instantly transformed into a mannequin as well.

Later that night we were visited again this time by a S.W.A.T. team dressed entirely in black web suits. But when they arrived all they found was April and I and a very unusual museum of exotic wax figures. The team packed up and left. Their tails basically between their legs, and the senior agent in charge A Mr. Thompkins was extremely apologetic after he received a call from one of my friends in the state department. It pays to have money you know...


It has been over a week now and things are settling back to normal. Quester was just telling me that he and Alice may plan a marriage in early spring. It makes me wonder too whether or not I should do the same with April. Then I look around me at all the beauties I have collected and I say Nah! About Skully and Mulder you're wondering what happened to them I presume. Well I found them a good spot where they fit in very well. They are now a permeate part of my horror movie collection in the Alien section. They wanted to find aliens so I let them find some. So until next time dear diary I'll write again.

To be continued.....