A Christmas Jim had to remember.
By M.P.

     Jim Marcus was the night watchman for Tinkers Department store. He had held this post for about 30 years now and was coming up on retirement. Not quite 50, Jim felt that he was too young to retire. Still in great shape for his age his body was that of a person in thier 30's rather than 48. He loved his job at the store, and knew much more it than even the owners. But because of a stupid company rule he was forced to take an early retirement. Ironically his last night on the job was to be Christmas Eve. He thought to himself what a christmas present, he would go into Mr. Jenkins office on that morning and hear.

 "Merry Christmas, Jim you're fired."

      He shook off the scary thought and went about his rounds. Christmas day finally arrived and it was the usual crazy day it always was. Hundreds of shoppers rushing into the store at the last minute to get thier gifts. The staff was very busy and the merchandise was going fast.  At ten when the final customers were being ushered out a young girl entered the store and looked around, when she knew that no one was watching she quietly hid in the ladies Lavatory.
      Mary Stevens was her name, and she was about twenty. A short girl with blonde hair and crystle blue eyes.  Mary was crying but held her sobs to a low whimper so that she would not draw attention to herself. Recently she had had a falling out with her boyfriend and felt that she should end it all. What better place she figured to end her drab life but in a beautiful well decorated place like Tinkers. She had come here several times as a child and as an adult. There was something magical about this store, and she and most of the shoppers felt it also.
     As she sat in the quiet toilet she could hear the sounds of the last peole shuffling out and then the sounds of the cleaning crew start thier work. After several minutes she fell asleep and was suddenly awakened by a flash of light. At first she thought it was a dream but when her eyes focused better she realised it was a flashlight beam.

 "Well what do we have here?" Asked Jim. "I hope you realise young lady that you're tresspassing?"

 "Please don't arrest me." Cried Mary. "I don't have anywhere to go and I've lost everything."

 "But why did you come here?" asked Jim.

     Mary then told Jim her story and how that she had decided to come to the store to end her life. Jim was very moved by the girls story but he knew that she was wrong.

 "Silly girl, Jim said, you're young enough to be my daughter." "You don't want to do this." Jim continued. "Come with me."

      They left the ladies room and entered the main part of the store.
 "I know how you feel Mary, Jim said, They're putting me out to pasture as well." "My employer that is.""But I and my friends have been planning for this awhile now."

 "Friends?" Asked Mary curiously.

 "Yes." Jim continued. "All my friends here in the store."

     As he passed his hands in a sweeping motion about the store.

 "But theres nobody here but us?" Mary said. "I've been watching the store for several days now and knew the routines of the staff." "That way I knew when and where to hide." "Mary continued,"The only mistake I made was falling asleep, which is how you caught me."

     "Well maybe it wasn't such a bad thing after all." Jim said. "Come I'll introduce you to Connie and the girls they'll help you too."

     They walked over to a small diarama in the middle of the womens section. Here stood about seven Mannequins all female. Three were blondes,  two had black hair and the others were a brunette and a spectacular redhead. The first six seemed to be placed in such a way that they seemed to be a group like ladies in waiting to the redhead. It was easy to see why the redhead was the center, she had a sensational body, firm buttocks and her breasts were quite large for a mannequin but carried well. The eyes of the mannequin were bright green marbles of shimmering glass set in flawless white pupils of stone. Her legs were long and shapely and were displayed nicely in the tight fitting green dress she wore. The others were dressed the same only in different colors. Each one a fine work of art.

 "Mary I'd like you to meet Connie." Jim said. "She's the oldest and best mannequin at Tinkers."

      Mary looked with a mixture of shock, fear, and humor at Jim. How could this seemingly nice man possibly talk like this. But Jim continued.

 "I see you don't believe me.""At midnight though you'll see."

      Jim then led Mary down to the employee cafe where they had some coffee amd talked some more. At ten minutes before midnight Jim got up and said.

    "O.K  Mary lets go meet the girls."

     To be polite Mary followed Jim back to the floor. She knew that now she could not kill herself because she realised that no man was worth taking her life over. After tonight she would go home get work and start her life over. Jim led her back to the diarama and as they approached the clocks in the store all struck midnight. Mary now turned to Jim and said...

 "Jim, Merry Christmas, and thanks for talking to me." "I feel now that life can be better. I'll leave now and hopefully tommorrow I can find a job somewhere."

 "I'm glad you feel that way Mary." Said Jim. "And maybe the girls and I can answer you're needs for a job."

 "You don't have to keep pretending anymore Jim." Mary said. "I know that you're just saying these things to make me happy." "Its not necessary anymore I'll be alright."

      Jim walked over to the young girl and hugged her.

 "I understand what you're saying Mary." "But I was not lying about the girls, look..."

     Mary now turned around and before her eyes she noticed the transformation. First Connie moved a little. She blinked her eyes several times and then began to move more fluidly. Mary was fasinated by the change she could see the rise and fall of Connies breasts as they filled with air. She touched her body now and by the look on her face was very satisfied by what she saw. Mary now looked at the other girls in the diarama and could see that each girl was now coming to life. In fact all the Mannequins in the store were alive Male and female alike. They all hugged and kissed one another wishing each other a merry christmas.
"What is going on?" Mary asked JIm.

 "You see Mary." Jim said. "Each year at Christmas it happens the mannequins come back to life and enjoy the holiday together."

 "Each of them, Jim continued, was like you and me, alone in the world and misunderstood."
"Somehow we all end up here at tinkers." Jim continued...

"Since this is going to be my last christmas with the store, the gang is going to let me join and soon I'll be like them."

Jim turned to the young girl and asked ...

"If you'd like I'll ask them to take you too."

 Mary thought this over, and realized that it might be fun to be a mannequin. No more responsibilities, all she had to do was remain young forever. After several minutes the mannequin Jim had refered to as Connie now came over to them.

"Merry Christmas Jimmy boy." Connie said in a very seductive voice.

 "It seems like only a second ago since we last met. And you haven't changed that much."

"Been keeping it tight for you Connie." Jim said with his chest out.

 "This is it honey, after tonight they're letting me go." JIm continued...

 "But before we make the transformation, we have to help my friend Mary here." Jim continued.

"Shes had a rough time and I think she would like to be one of us too."

 Mary came over to where JIm and Connie were standing and very shyly she said...

"I'm not really sure what to do." "Will it hurt?"

Connie laughed, it was a lilting sound and seemed to put Mary at ease.

 "No my dear." Connie said. "In fact it will be the most restful experience in your life."

 "O.K. I'll do it." Mary said.

 And with her decision three of the girls that had been in Connies diarama walked over and took Mary for preperation. They introduced themselves to Mary and took her down to the employee shower rooms in the basement. Here they helped her undress and the four girls entered the stall together. Soon a large cloud of steam rose up and under the hot water Mary was washed and caressed by the three ex-Mannequins. The girls laughed and played in the showers as they soaped every curve of Marys body. They soaped her hair with a special shampoo and soon she noticed that her hair began to fall out. Soon she was completely bald and the girls held a mirror before her. Mary was shocked at first, but as she looked at her reflection she could see that she was still extremely beautiful even without hair. She looked at the rest of her body and could see that all of her bodily hair had been removed as well.
     As the final strands washed away, and her body took on an oily shine Mary knew that she was going to enjoy being a mannequin. With the shower over,  the girls took Mary upstairs again and went to the womens section to choose what she would wear. Mary felt like a child that had been given the choice of anything she wanted and ran into the department to help herself. She decided upon a sexxy white dress of smooth leather. The cool fabric made her bare flesh tingle, and she could feel her breasts growing slightly larger from the sensation.
     Connie now walked over with Jim and her two new friends complimented her on the transformation.

 "Honey you are a vision!" Exclaimed Jim. "Now we'll choose you a new hair style and after a while you'll be ready."

     The three walked into the wig department and Mary looked at the vast selection before her. After some choosing she decided upon a short blond style, something like her own hair had been, with a part on the side. Under her dress she put on a pair of matching silk bra and panties. With the undergarments she chose a black lace garter set and black silk stockings. For her feet she chose a pair of open toed black high heeled shoes.
       After making her selections Mary and Connie and the other three ex-mannequins went into the dressing rooms and helped her to dress. Jim waited patiently as the girls went about thier task and after several minutes the curtins parted.
      Jim made a low wolf whistle when Mary came into view. The once plain girl was now a true work of art. The combination of the dress and a light coating of body makeup made her appear just like the other mannequins in the store.

"Now we must add a little cosmetics to make you the envy of the store." Said Connie.

     They went back into the store and went to the cosmetics counters to pick out the right shades for Mary. Connie put a light coating of rouge to her cheeks and a coating of bright red lipstick on her small mouth. Next she put on false eyelashes with a light blue mascara. She painted her nails with the same red as the lipstick and when she stood back Connie knew that there was nothing else she could do to better the sight now before her.
      As Connie had been putting the finishing touches to Mary, Jim had been preparing himself as well. When the Girls returned to main display area the large clock on the far wall was just striking 3:00 A.M. Mary looked around herself and could see that several of the mannequins were now returning to thier displays.

"Yes dear, Its almost time for us to return to stasis." Connie said. "Have you decided?" "If you don't want to, its alright." She continued.

      Mary looked at herself one more time in the mirrors and knew that she wanted to be a mannequin more than anything.

"Yes!" Mary said. "Lets do it."

      Jim now approached the pair.

"My but aren't you the dapper gent!" Said Connie.

     Jim came over dressed in a black tuxedo with matching pants with silk stripes on each side. On his head he had placed a black top hat and wore a white carnation in his lapel.

"Thank you, my dears." Said Jim.

     He leaned down and kissed thier hands, and then brought out two small glasses containing a white liquid.

"Here Mary, drink this and immortality is yours." Jim said.

      Mary took the small glass and after swirling it a few times drank it down in a gulp.

   "Now you must quickly go to the section of your choice." Said Connie. "For in about an hour the drug will take total effect." She continued.

     Mary kissed her new friends goodbye and watched as Connie and the other girls resumed thier poses and in moments they were once again hardened plastic. Mary walked over to the little tableax and touched Connie once more. She was amazed that the once warm and vibrant woman she had just spoke to seconds earlier was now a cold statue of plastic.
      She then turned to Jim and hugged him very tightly.

"Thank you again for everything you've done." Mary said.

      And with a wink Jim stepped up onto the platform with the girls and struck a pose and in seconds he too became a mannequin. The clock on the wall was now striking 5:00 A.M. and Mary could feel herself starting to stiffen a little. She walked around the various departments and soon she found a small pedestal next to a hansome dark haired male mannequin. The male mannequin was dressed in a black bikers coat with a black bow tie and a crisp white shirt. Mary got the idea that he was dressed for a night on the town, but he needed a date. What better place to spend the next year.  Mary then checked herself once more in the mirrors and after smoothing the shiny leather of her dress she stepped up onto the vacant pedestal. The last thing that entered Marys mind before the drug took full effect was the knowledge that she was beautiful and loved now. And that she could hardly wait till next christmas when she would meet the mystery man who stood next to her.  As the clock struck 6:00 and the morning crew was just entering the store, Mary knew that the transformation was almost complete. She could not feel her body now, and Mary took in a final breath and she too was now a perfect plastic woman.

The End... M.P. 9/27/98