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Fan art by Richard “Kuroku” Palmer
Pyrénée After Falling In a Stream

Pyrénée After Falling In a Stream - fanart by Richard 'Kuroku&' Palmer -click for non-transparent version
Click for non-transparent version

This is actually my depiction of a scene in the Graphic novel where Pyrénée falls into a stream after failing in an attempt to catch a salmon, so this isn't that original a pic. But it is a favorite of my best friend back home. I've only done maybe two pics of Pyrénée when she looks upset, but she says she looks cuter when illustrated that way. So I thought it might be worth posting.

I’ve actually gotten used to only posting a Pyrénée pic when I've got a background to go with it, but I wasn't sure how to add to this one, it's at an awkward angle to do so.

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