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Fan art by Richard “Kuroku” Palmer
Pyrénée’s Nocturne

Pyrénée’s Nocturne - fanart by Richard 'Kuroku&' Palmer

Kuroku: This particular pic of Pyrénée represents an accomplishment for me in that with this pic I’ve found a better way to work with color with MS Paint. MS Paint, of course, is the one art progam out there that doesen’t use color filters so a pic like this, using all night colors, takes some work to get the colors right. this one took me a while, and if I were to do it again I’d probably change the position of the moon, maybe add more detail to it while I was at it, but I’m still happy with the way this pic turned out.

Lee M: I have to take credit (or blame) for the title “Pyrénée’s Nocturne”, which was the title I gave the picture when I reposted it on a now defunct Yahoo! Group. Sorry if you think it sounds pretentious (“pretentious - moi?”). If I have one minor quibble, it’s that I’m not sure the shadow on the moon is in quite the right position, but I’d have to ask an astronomer to confirm it, and I don’t know where I’m going to find one at this time of day [joke].

Of course, the combination of a nude back and the Earth’s satellite lends itself to a thousand and one “moon” jokes, but please try to restrain yourselves.

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