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Fan art by Richard “Kuroku” Palmer
Pyrénée on her journey.

Pyrénée on her journey - fanart by Richard 'Kuroku&' Palmer

Kuroku: The title on this pic will be subject to change.

I like drawing freehand, I really do, but my scanner always destroys all the hard work I put into my drawings. My last freehand Drawing of Pyrénée started getting some good reviews so I thought I’d try uploading another one. The scanner, of course, destroyed it, but I think people can still at least get an idea of what the Pic was supposed to look like.

In this pic I did much better with proportions than in previous pics I think, and I was able to achieve more subtle work at shading than my previous freehand pic (not that anyone can tell from the scan). If anyone has any comments/suggestions I’d love to hear them.

e-mail sent to Lee M on October 13 2006:
Pyrenee on her journey was my favorite of your art.
Please! Keep up the good work.
                                        toby ( of the jungle ).

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