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Fan art by Richard “Kuroku” Palmer
Pyrénée and the Eagle Eating Canned Food (almost? final version)

(2.5 Mb png - once again, long live broadband!)

Pyrénée and the Eagle Eating Canned Food - fanart by Richard ’Kuroku&’ Palmer

Pyrénée and the Eagle Eating Canned Food - original comic panelLee M: I previously posted Kuroku’s “almost final” version of this picture, but this (as of the end of May 2009) is the complete version. Compared with the previous version it has a gradient border, and some tweaks to Pyrénée’s hair, the Eagle’s food tin, the water spray effects and the background seen through the waterfall.

Unlike some of the other pictures in this set, this is based on a scene from the original graphic novel. When Pyrénée has qualms about killing live prey for food, the eagle tells her about a cache of tinned food that was left behind by the hermit who used to live in the cave behind the waterfall. Pyrénée figures out how to open the cans and the two of them feast on the raw contents. The eagle warns Pyrénée not to overeat or she’ll be sick, but of course she doesn’t listen...

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