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Gynoid Gallery (check the board for stories)
Erotic Mind Control Stories
Celebrity MC Stories
Medusa Realm
Darker Age  (moribund)
A.S.S Text Repository
All Under Control (by EHY)
(incorporates IPM Story Showroom)  (Resurrected at Pygmalion Sydrome site courtesy of Leem)
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Elf Sternberg - Journals
Fictionpress (look for Taryn Alynn)
Dreams of a Muse
Alex the Great's Archive
Living Doll House (reconstituted at Pygmalion Syndrome site)
Oh, Wicked Wanda! (appears defunct)
Psycho Technoid Theater of the Wired (appears defunct)
Superheroine Central - Wizard's Lair
Voyer's Stories
Northern Chill Stories & Stuff   (yahoo)
Gorgon Art & Stories  (yahoo)
Gorgon Art & Stories  website
Mermaid's Tail Galleries  (& stories)
I walked with a necrobabe (see Act.7)
Storiesonline (membership required)
Statuephile Home Page (reconstituted at Pygmalion Syndrome site)
Planet of the Amazons - pt.1
(illustrated story) (appears defunct)
Other Worlds - Doll Stories
Magic Bookshelf (some JMD stories & others)
Hoot Island » Stories
Stuckposing Forum (many topics contain stories)
Fembot Central Forum (many topics contain stories)


Medusa Chronicles    (read-only mode)
Total Immersion   (removed, will reappear)
Fiction Branches (Site Moved)
The Unending BE Archive (new listing)
The Adventures of White Owl

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