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Mannequins & Wax
Statues & Living Statues
Robots & Androids
Dollies & TG
Extreme & TF

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The Wish
Never Time
The Gallery's Secret
Living Statues, Prolog 1 2 3 4 5 6
(; 1&2 w/ MRC)
The Interview Immortality for Diana
(version by dmuk)
CMQ  (updated) Loren Stands In (updated) Second Thoughts
Mannequin Fun
(revised by Alex & Dmuk)
Not on a Bet (updated) Immune System
Double or Nothing 
(a sequel to Not On A Bet - updated)
The Golden Goose A Stiff Penalty
Trick or ??? The Arrangement Living Statues – Samantha’s Choice  (w/MRC, edit by dmuk)
On Ice Gorgon Golf Quintessence
Case Work Living Statues, Part 6 Viewpoints - Part 1
No Deposit - No Return A Mannequin's Reverie The Second Test
A Christmas Present for Niki Play the Hand Dealt to 'Ya
Living Statues: Pawns of the State 2b, 2c (with Q) Living Statues - Natalie Volunteers (by Q, edited by Dmuk) On Assignment 1
Freeze Tales 1 - Psyched Out Freeze Tales 2 - Open Audition Freeze Tales 3 - Found Treasures
  A Brief Encounter with The Law A Brief Encounter with Fame Artfull Crime - A ReImagining (w/ Magnus)
Another Neat Trick Living Statues - Pawns of the State 5a (with Q) Mail Order Mannequin
Never Try to Trick a Trickster Breaking the Mould (illustrated) Living Statues - Pawns of the State 5b (w/ Q)
After A Fashion
( with illustrations by LikeStatue)

(with DL, contributions by Zapped!)
Shannon's Sentence - 1
(with DL)
Index to the Living Statues series Index to the Brief Encounter series
Play the Hand Dealt to 'Ya
( with Magnus & Paul Jutras)
Get Smart: Scraps of Might-Have-Been Medusa Chronicles: Elevator Mishap
Duel Disaster 
(illustrated by LikeStatue)
Incredible Impromptu Mannequins
(with contributions by Zapped)
Just One Of The Girls
(illustrated by LikeStatue)
Freeze Tales 4 - It's the Thought That Matters   
(with contributions by Zapped)

Freeze Tales 3.2 - Treasure Hunting

Join the Club
(illustrated by Jay Petto)

Life Imitates Art - 1 Life Imitates Art - 2 (conclusion) Private Showing
WH13 - Closure Private Showing 2 A Christmas Treat
Thieves: Service Call The Incredible Impromptu Mannequins: Taking the Tuckerverse
(with Zero, FreezAntix)
The Incredible Impromptu Mannequins: Caribbean Caper previous
(with Zero)
Writer's Christmas Toy Box : Pressing On new
(with PoseMe, Nate_Walis - from Stuckposing forum)

Fine Art of Homage new  
Frozen Captives (FF Inc.) Stiff as Statues Plastered
Hardbodies THE 'WORKS'! Just Another Hard Day at Work
A New Form of Slavery - Part 2: On Display Plastered Again Golden Girls
Fun & Games Incredible Ring Thing, pt.1-9 Incredible Ring Thing, pt.10-13
Incredible Ring Thing, pt.14 Incredible Ring Thing, pt.15-17 Incredible Ring Thing, pt.18-20
FF Inc - Enter the Paralyzer
(the FF Saga begins - in flashback)
FF Inc - Plastic Peril! FF Inc - Collectibles
Waxed Works Incredible Ring Thing, pt. 21-25
FF Inc - City of Still
FF Inc - Trophy Room FF Inc - A Close (and personal) Encounter
FF Inc - On Display!
Incredible Ring Thing, pt. 26-30 (updated with latest events) Incredible Ring Thing, pt. 31-35
Incredible Ring Thing, pt. 36-40 Incredible Ring Thing, pt. 41-43

Incredible Ring Thing, pt. 44-51

Incredible Ring Thing, pt. 52 FF Inc - Plaster of Pairs Gray Gargoyle does the Marvel U: 1, 2
Incredible Ring Thing, pt. 53-56 The Girl from S.T.A.T.U.E. Living Art 'WORKS
Incredible Ring Thing, pt. 57-59 Incredible Ring Thing, pt. 60-65 The Girl from S.T.A.T.U.E. 2
The Mannequin Madame ML Gallery  
  The Collection A Linda Doll  
Mannequin Inc. Suspended Sentence
(edited by dmuk)
Cindy's New Career
(by Robotdoll, plot by ~ ML)
The Visual Merchandiser and the Mannequin A Night at The Adult Wax Museum
Batgirl & Friends, part 1 &2 Batgirl & Friends, part 3
Marlene Terminatrix Terminatrix II
Terminatrix III Terminatrix lV M.O.L.D.
The Birthday Gift The C of X The Crash
The Date Viva Las Vegas Michelle at the Mall
They Don't Come Any Shorter Than This The More, The Merrier The Little Shop of Horrors
Role Model How May I Serve You? Asteroids
Make Man? No, Women ! Two Thieves, One Mannequin Crystal Clear
In Ancient Egypt Land A Night in Venice Christina
And the Winner Is Birthday Gift , The Return Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
He Who Cannot Be Named Very Real Dolls Something Funny Happened on the Forum
Golem Game On ! Robot Performer
Sapphire P2 RAM APX 700 "Anne"
Sapphire III Sapphire IV Sapphire V
Sapphire VI Sapphire VII Ayla
Marlene at the Beach Terminatrix the Ultimate Weapon Terminatrix the Ultimate Weapon 2
My Life as a Robot... Jukiko, Queen of the Robots Brontosaurs, Aliens and Robots
The combinations are limitless Ilse, Part Deux Richard's Dream
Barbie III My name's John Doe and I'm a Technosexual .. Legs...
The Perfect Mannequin Mannequin Special MK XXIV
The Memoirs of Doctor M. Metropolis The Big Switch
Jewel's Day Out Jack and the Beanstalk Sapphire
Barbie Visits the Mall 2 Sculpture The Cry
The Refuge The Scam Shared Burden
Mannequin Special Married with Trouble Barbie & Ken
A Whiter Shade of Pale Revenge of the Golden Killer Robo-Babes from dimension X Putty in Her Hands
100% Virtual ??? Vive La Republique ! Shards of Steel
Pierpaolo Badoglio, sculptor Terminatrix Talks Full Circle
To Be Continued Our Doll House Of Little Girls & Dolls
The Ancient Art Claudia 2 Hello Dolly
My Very Own Robot Festival Isabelle
Lovers Just Two People in Love
Window Dressee
Inventory Inventory Part 2 The Preparator
Inventory Part 3 Inventory Part 4 Window Dressing Fair
Web Page & Bio Not Only Hypnotized!
(Nicht Hypnotisiert - translated by Dmuk)
Her Perfect Day (new) The Greatest Day (new) top
The Private Collection Another Addition Another Collectable
The Collection Grows A Slight Accident A Place in the Garden
Bill Meets Judy the Living Mannequin
Mike Vickers 
The New Acquisition(updated) The Cabinet  (updated) Massage - The Cabinet Pt. 2 (updated)
The Merchandise (updated) Le Cirque de Artificiel(updated) The Performance (updated)
The Appraisal(updated) The Arts 1  (combined & updated)  The Arts 2  (combined & updated) 
The Arts 3 (combined & updated)  The Audition(updated) Grand Facade - Prologue
Grand Facade Chapter 1 Grand Facade Chapter 2 Grand Facade Chapter 3
Grand Facade Chapter 4 Grand Facade Chapter 5 Grand Facade Chapter 6
Grand Facade Chapter 7 Grand Facade Chapter 8 Tales of the Wax Revolution
Grand Facade Chapter 9 Grand Facade Chapter 10 Grand Facade - Epilogue
Family Business(Jan'00) (updated) Ars Gratia Artis
G.Limited: Recruitment Gift Exchange G. Limited: Abductions
TWR - The Discovery TWR - Public Transformation
(submitted to Magnus69's Challenge)
Cobalt Jade 
Honeyvine Prisoner of Brass Titanium Kiss
Stasis The Gorgon's Kiss Beauty is Iron
Tale of Lassok & Zairbhreena 1 Lassok & Zairbhreena 2 Lassok & Zairbhreena 3
Lassok & Zairbhreena 4 Lassok & Zairbhreena 5 Lassok & Zairbhreena 6
Lassok & Zairbhreena 7 Lassok & Zairbhreena 8 Lassok & Zairbhreena 9
Beauty is Iron  (updated) Vengeance is Steel Lassok & Zairbhreena 10
The Imp's Day Out
(with ArgoForg, JMD, Panic)
Ten Transformations - Introduction (Aug'01) Ten Transformations -
Tale One
Ten Transformations - Tale Two The Franchise, part 1
(from the Medusa Chronicles)
(with Alex the Great, Theodoric of York, Zang Long)
Paragon vs. Plastica - prolog, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 (series revised) The Franchise, part 2
(from the Medusa Chronicles) (with chaos, Eldritch, Zang Long)
Right Click and Enter
Just Another Public Stoning
(illustrations by Minus269)
Courtesy Suites To Life part 1 To Life part 2 
To Life part 3  The Playroom Adventures at Courtesy Suites 1 (Oct'00)
You and I  Catalog Model   Still Life
The Keep 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 Display Girl Fight of Fancy
To Life - The Complete Story
(compiled by Commodore)
Unit 4219
Looking for Shoplifters Looking for Shoplifters 
Part 2
Never Buy the Clothes Off a Mannequin
A Debt Reduction Plan I Almost Survived the Mannequin Factory Restitution
Nothing Beats a Great Pair of Legs Spring Break  (Feb'00) The Man Who Loved Mannequins
Puerta Vallarta Freeze
Free 15-min Makeover 3 
(with Sandrah Leary) 
Free 15-minute Makeover 4
The Ghost Mannequin Cyber Realities - Part 1, Part 2 A Stiff Bet
Spontaneous Vacation A Stiff Bet 2 - Raising the Stakes
The Man Who Loved Mannequins II -  Submission      
Anime on Display 1  Anime on Display 2  Anime on Display 3 
ASFR Companion Androids II (updated)  The Galataea Syndrome
Part I 
"TGS" Part II 
"TGS" Part III "TGS" Part IV "TGS" Part V
"TGS" Part VI  "TGS" Part VII  "TGS" Part VIII 
"TGS" Part IX "TGS" Part X The Galataea Syndrome - Devils And Roses
The Galataea Syndrome - Pleasure Androids In Atlantic City The Galataea Syndrome - Sisters Across The Tonghae Revenge of the Pleasure Palace (updated) 
My Fair Candi 
(removed at request of the Author)
Sentimental Perfection 1    The Club
My Android Family - Clea My Android Family - Monique Sentimental Perfection 2
A New Odyssey 1 Nemesis Angel of Vengeance
Reunions Ze Kurabu Tuu (The Club II) The Galatea Syndrome - The Nerima Situation 1, 2, 3
Deanna's Surprise Deanna's Surprise 2 - Marlenn Deanna's Surprise 3
Rinrin and the Doctor's Appointment    
Living Statue 
A Good Job Is Hard 
To Find
A Good Job Is Hard 
To Find 2 - A Monumental Change
A Good Job Is Hard 
To Find 3 - Golden Surprise
Companion Androids ASFR Companion Androids
Night of the Living Mannequins Mannequin For Hire
Tales of The Watchmaker 1: Making up is Easy to Do 
Watchmaker 2: Alice in Wonderland Watchmaker 3: Waxing Poetic Toys For Big Boys
Watchmaker 4: Treats for a Trick Watchmaker 5: April In Paris Watchmaker 6: Fixing the Feds
To Preserve and Protect Watchmaker 7: The Witch The Factory
Dr Dantos & The Wax Works Living Dolls Take Tina The Rescue
Mitch meets the Boss Watchmaker 8: A quiet night in the country Hosoglass
A Christmas Jim had to remember Watchmaker 9: Appleby and the Aliens Hollywood Androids
A New Playmate Sorapp The Little Black Boxes.
Computer Program Changing Shifts The Wax Master 
Hollywood Androids 2 Game, Set, Match
Jenny (posted by 'go-gofan')  The Plastic Girls, Part 1 Xena in the World of Wax
Connie the New Coppertone Spokesmodel
A Journey to Olympus To Protect and  to Serve An Afternoon Off
Always in Fashion Always in Fashion(Revised) One Night Stand (revised)
A Dream Come True Girls Night Out Working Late
The Mannequin The Fourth Pose  Always A Bridesmaid
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