The Living Statues

Part 2 - Kristen gets a proposition

by MRC (Dr.Cuffs)

Kristen sat down next to Mitch on the couch, in shock from what she had just witnessed. With the mere twist of a dial, Mitch had turned Natalie from a vibrant woman to a stone-stiff statue. A nude one at that! Then he simply carted her off like some department-store mannequin and put her with the rest of the people who were statues on the other darkened side of his photography studio.

She simply did not know what to think. It was all too much. "I think I need another beer," she finally said.

"You sit here. I'll get it for you," Mitch said. He hopped up and left the studio, glad to do it. He figured 'one more beer + lower inhibitions = an exquisite Kristen statue!' He returned shortly and popped it open for her.

She sipped it quietly for about a minute then began to ask her inevitable questions, starting with, "Why does she do it?"

"You heard her situation. She likes it here. She has no responsibilities, no expenses, no worries. She spends most of her time frozen and asleep. It's a lot better than the life she had before she came here. It's the perfect life for her. And for the six others who are over there."

"You have six more people frozen over there?!"

"C'mon, I'll show you. Hit that light switch over there on the wall."

Kristen reached over and flipped on the lights for the other side of the studio. The lights illuminated all seven of Mitch's living statues. All but two were completely nude.

"C'mon over, Kristen. They won't bite! Let me introduce you to them all. This is Jennifer."

Jennifer was about 5'4'' and had dark brown hair that came down to her neck. She did not have the firm toned body of a model, the way Natalie did. Instead she had a more rounded "pear" shape, one that was more common than Natalie's trim physique. She stood up straight and looked directly ahead. She was naked.

"You'll notice that Jennifer isn't really posed now in any way. She is just standing there, almost as if she was standing at attention. Sometimes even I can be unimaginative. I didn't really know what to do with her so I put her into what we have all sort of begun calling 'storage mode.' Where they just stand there until I need them for a photo shoot or come up with a good pose for them."

Kristen, following right behind Mitch, stopped to look at Jennifer. She gazed directly into her greenish eyes, and was met by the blankest of stares. She waved her hand in front of her face and even yelled right in her ear, but got absolutely no response.

Mitch started to laugh. "Go ahead all you want. They won't notice anything." He continued walking down the line.

"This is Susan. Susan was playing the guitar when I froze her."

Kristen looked over at Susan, who was also naked. She had her left hand out as if it was fingering a chord. Her right hand was just in front of her belly-button, the thumb and first finger brought together as if holding a pick. Her head was tilted down to look at the strings that were no longer there. Her weight seemed to be on her right leg.

Kristen thought Susan was absolutely gorgeous. She had long dirty blond hair that went halfway down her back and she was rather tall, about 5'9" or 5'10". Her blond pubic hair had been trimmed very nicely. Susan was a big but athletic girl. Kristen was almost certain that she kept herself in shape by working out, at least when she was not a statue. A statue...

Mitch looked over at Kristen and saw her staring at Susan. He went crazy when he saw her subtly bite her lower lip. He was convinced that her doubts were being slowly calmed and that she would eventually accept his proposal.

"C'mon, keep going. More statues to introduce you to..." He continued along the static line and came to the first clothed figure.

"Here we have Karen. I saw Karen vacuuming the living room and just had to freeze her like that. She's not the most photogenic of my statues, but there's something about this pose that I really like. In fact I like it so much she's been like this for almost a month now." He blew some dust off of her.

"A month!?! You've kept her here like that for a month? I thought you said that you only kept them frozen for up to two or three weeks at a time!"

"I did, but she looked so good."

Karen was a bit on the overweight side, but not totally unattractive. She had a faint "Mona Lisa"-esque smile on her face. Mitch said he had removed the clothes she had been wearing and replaced them with a standard French maid outfit. Her left hand was out to the side, fingers up, hand closed in sort of a fist shape. Kristen had done enough vacuuming herself to realize that she had been holding the cord up out of the way with that hand. With her right hand she held where the handle of an upright vacuum cleaner used to be. Her head was tilted down to look at the floor about 6 feet in front of her.

"Mitch, let her go. She's been there long enough!"

"Ok, Ok, Ok. I know - you just want to watch her come out of it."

He jogged over to the control panel and set it to release Karen. When she saw him look up from the controls, Kristen took that as her cue and also looked over at the vacuuming French maid statue, waiting for it to come to life.

Karen began to blink and slowly stand up straight, stretching her arms out just as Natalie had done. By the time Mitch had returned, she was completely unfrozen.

"Man, how long this time Mitch? Oh, hello." Karen noticed Kristen in front of her for the first time.

"Hi," Kristen replied.

"Umm, about a month or so," said Mitch.

"A month! No wonder I'm so stiff. I feel like I just spent several hours at the gym!"

"Are you angry that he kept you like this for so long? I'm Kristen, by the way."

"Mad? Why should I be mad? I agreed to this. And every month I spend in here is one less month I have to spend out there. It doesn't bother me a bit."

Karen looked down at the low-cut maid outfit she was wearing. "A leftover from Natalie and Susan's Frederick's shoot?"

Mitch nodded affirmatively. Karen looked up and down the line of statues to her right and left; she was right about in the middle. "I see Jen went into storage mode again, huh?" Karen stretched her arms out above her head.

"Yeah, ever since that first pose we've had a hard time coming up with good looks for her," Mitch said. He glanced over at Kristen, who had a puzzled look on her face, and explained:

"The first time Jennifer became a statue, she was in this. . .well, she sort of looked. . .ahh, it's real hard to explain. Suffice it to say she looked really good."

Karen looked over at Natalie and laughed. "Hey, Nat looks great! What's she doing?" Natalie had her arms bent at the elbows and hands out in front of her, palms up. Her shoulders were hunched slightly and she had raised her eyebrows up. Her mouth, frozen in mid-word, had a bit of a smile. And of course she wore no clothing at all.

"She's only been like that for a little under half an hour. I woke her up so she could talk to Kristen here. I let Kristen pick her new pose before I froze her but she couldn't come up with anything. Natalie was trying to urge Kristen to pick something, so I just helped her decide a little."

"She looks good. Keep her that way for at least two weeks or so. Her expression is priceless!" Karen and Mitch both chuckled as they looked over at her. Kristen finally had to as well.

Karen turned to take a measured look at Kristen. "So. Are you here to join us? You have any plans for standing around as a statue like the rest of us? You'd be really good at it - it's easy..." There was a hint of playfulness in her voice.

Karen had just asked the question that Mitch had been dying to ask. He looked over at Kristen, curious as to what her answer might be.

"Ummm, I haven't really thought about it. Uh, I really don't know..."

To Mitch that was a positive sign. At least she hadn't flat out said 'no'.

"Well, give it some thought," Karen concluded. "Despite the fact that we stand around all the time and literally do nothing at all, it really is a lot of fun."

Mitch felt the need to chime in. "She's right, you know. Think about it. But we'll talk about that later. Karen, you've been frozen for really a long time. Go in and watch some TV or something. Or better yet, take my car and go out. I put your clothes in the usual place -- Unless you want to go out like that!"

"No thanks, I'll get my jeans." She walked out of the studio in the maid outfit, stretching as she went. Kristen was still amazed at the fact that Karen, who until a few minutes ago had been absolutely motionless for over a month, just casually walked away as if nothing unusual had happened. For Karen, nothing unusual HAD happened. It was just business as usual.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Mitch's voice. "Shall we continue? Only a few more left."


-- Playing a Trick on Karen --


The two of them started to move over and look at the next of Mitch's living statues, when he stopped and started to chuckle. "Hey, watch this," he said to Kristen. He grabbed her hand and pulled her over to the control device where she watched him turn a big knob. Nothing obvious seemed to happen.

"What did you just do?" she asked.

Mitch laughed. "I just froze Karen again. She's in the other room changing and I thought it would be funny to turn her into a statue while she was putting her clothes on."

"You did what? I thought that it only worked in this room."

"No, it's got a range of about 200 feet or so. Remember, Natalie spent time frozen out in the back yard for a week. C'mon, let's go see what happened to Karen."

They walked out of the studio and into a guest bedroom on the other side of the house. The maid outfit Karen had been wearing was on the floor and Karen stood motionless next to it. Her head was tilted down towards the floor. She wore a plain white bra and panties and was in the process of pulling her jeans up her legs. She had managed to bring them up to her knees when Mitch had flipped the switch.

"Ha ha! This is great! It's perfect! I think I'll go get my camera! Naah, on second thought, I can do this to her whenever I want."

Mitch busted out laughing. Even Kristen had to laugh. It was definitely funny to see Karen like this. "Hey Kristen, go back in the studio and get that cart that I wheeled Natalie around on and bring it back here, please."

She did and returned a minute later. When she returned, Mitch was putting Karen's jeans back to the position they were in before Kristen had walked out. "Look, I took her panties off," he said. Kristen looked over and saw that she was indeed nude from the waist to her knees. "Let's wheel her back into the studio and unfreeze her and see what she does."

They brought her back in and took Karen off the cart right in front of the control equipment. Mitch turned the dial while Kristen kept her eyes on Karen. Karen blinked then stood upright, finishing the task of putting on her jeans.

"Very funny, you two." She hesitated for a second then undid her pants and looked inside. "My briefs, please..."

Kristen and Mitch both cracked up and so did Karen. Mitch handed Karen her underwear and then promised her that he would not freeze her anymore tonight.

"Promise?" Karen asked.

"Scout's honor," Mitch replied.

Karen walked out of the studio once again. When they were alone again, Mitch began to explain. "Karen likes this experience more than anybody else it seems. She genuinely enjoys being turned into a statue. You saw her. She's the most out of shape of any of my statues. But it seems as though she likes it the most and that makes her more attractive. She doesn't mind when I do stuff to her. Sometimes I think she even likes it when I play little jokes like that! But I still have a few more statues for you to meet..."



-- The Gallery Tour Continues --

They walked over and he once again started to explain the stories of the people who came to be frozen still-lifes in his gallery of living statues.

"Of course this statue you already know," Mitch said, moving on. It was Natalie, who Kristen had watched being frozen in the middle of asking her 'What's it gonna be?' when Mitch had offered Kristen the choice of Natalie's next pose.

Kristen waved, knowing that she could not see it, and said, "Hi, Nat." Mitch continued the rounds.

"This is Amy. You'll notice that she is a bit older than the rest of my statue subjects. Except for her the oldest one is Susan, and she's 25. But Amy here is 38. She came here and decided to join my little art gallery after a particularly messy divorce. She split with her husband and she just was totally drained. I convinced her to take some time off and sleep it off here as one of my living statues. After a couple of weeks she moved in. Amy likes doing little domestic stuff around the house. She was doing something - I don't know what, I don't have a green thumb at all - to one of my hanging plants when I froze her."

Kristen walked up to Amy and examined her. She was about 5'7" and she had light brown hair, with just a hint of blonde and of gray, that came down to her shoulders. She was thinner than average, in contrast to the plump body that Jennifer had. She was, of course, completely nude.

Her head had the sort of tilt that one would expect if she was looking at a plant hanging from the ceiling. Her arms were up, hands level with her forehead, as if she was working with the hanging plant. Her upraised arms brought up her slightly sagging breasts. She had very thick light brown pubic hair.

"How long has she been frozen like this?" Kristen asked.

"Only about two days or so. I'll probably keep her like this for another couple of days."

"Does she know she's naked?"

"Oh sure. I usually tell people that I'm going to strip them while they're in that brief state of 'conscious-yet-unable-to-move.' I've only had one person come out of it and be mad, and even she wasn't upset for very long. While she was arguing with me I froze her and took her outside where I left her there for four days. Naked, of course. It rained the whole time she was out there and I even revived her while she was outside, nude, and getting rained on. She didn't complain anymore after that. But she left a few months later."

Kristen looked over at the last two statues and gasped even before Mitch began his explanation. One was a rather tall girl, about the same height as Susan, maybe 22 or 23 years old, with long black hair. She was totally nude. She was bent over at the waist at an almost 90 degree angle. Her arms were braced against her knees, to keep her body from tumbling forward. Her legs were spread wide, almost as wide as they could go and her shapely ass had a bit of an upward thrust to it.

She looked straight ahead, no expression on her face, and her mouth was wide open. Kristen glanced down and saw that her pubic hair had been completely shaved. Next to her was a man, about the same age, maybe a little older. His bearded face looked straight ahead, with just a hint of downward angle. He wore no shirt, and had been frozen in the act of beginning to remove his pants (his hands were undoing the belt when he froze). He wore no shoes or socks and Kristen noticed that he had really enormous feet. She wondered if what they said was true about guys with big feet. Now that Karen had left, he was the only statue that had any sort of clothes on.

"What's their story?" she asked Mitch, both curious and excited.

"Well, this is Cindy and her boyfriend Dan. Cindy thought that my statues were all clever fakes, just people standing really still, but awake and conscious. Some sort of joke I was playing on her. She didn't believe me at all. Well, I told her to clear up her schedule for a couple of weeks and then come back here and I'd prove that everything was like I said."

While Mitch spoke, Kristen walked around Cindy and Dan, admiring both the nudity and outrageousness of Cindy's pose and the mystery of what was underneath Dan's pants.

"I told her that I would show her that the immobilizer device was real by making her into one of my statues. If I was lying, then nothing would happen. But if I was telling her the truth, then she would voluntarily remain here motionless as one of my statues for 10 days. She agreed, then threw in the idea of having me give her a really sexually explicit pose. That's how sure she was that I was lying. She never thought for a second that she would really end up being frozen like that.

Well, I gave her an Immobilizer to put behind her ear and Dan and I came up with the pose she's in now. Remember that Natalie said that when you freeze, you are still awake for about a minute or so and can be, I like to call it 'fine-tuned'. I turned Cindy into a statue and while she could still hear me I told her that she should have believed me and that now she would have to pay the price for not believing.

I told her that as soon as she lost consciousness, I was going to take all of her clothes off and throw them away, which I did, and shave her crotch bald, which you'll notice I also did. And just to make her pose more explicit, before she really froze stiff I opened her mouth wide. I took lots of pictures and even videotaped me and Dan stripping and shaving her. Just a little something to give her when I revive her.

Dan had believed me and laughed at her when she froze. He even helped me take off her clothes and shave her pubic hair. But then he said that he wanted to nail her while she was out like that. I hatched a little plan and told him that he had better wear an Immobilizer just in case. I told him it was to protect him from becoming a statue himself and he believed me and went along with that!"

Mitch laughed. "He got real excited and started to take his clothes off to bang her. Just before he took his pants off, I turned him into a statue, then told him that that's what he got for being so gullible. I bet he's rock hard under his pants. I never had the desire to check. I froze the two of them, oh, six days ago so they've got another four days to go."

"So Dan never did get to do Cindy while she was frozen?" Kristen asked.

"No, I never gave him the chance."

"Well then how do you explain this?" She pointed to Cindy and the area where her back met her ass. It was dried up semen.

"Umm, well, I, uh, that would be mine. . ."

"Yours!?! You screwed Cindy while she was a statue?! That's almost rape!"

"Hey, I never actually stuck my dick in her! I just jerked off while looking at how exposed she was. She just looked too blatantly sexual. I'll clean her up - she'll never know." He didn't dare tell Kristen that he also came on Cindy's face a few times and shot his load into her open mouth.

To Mitch's surprise, Kristen backed down and seemed to come to the conclusion that since he hadn't actually penetrated her and since Cindy would never know, it was OK. It must have been the beer, he thought. He let out a sigh of relief at escaping this faux pas so easily.


-- Mitch Pops the Question --

The tour over, Mitch went and sat down on the couch on the other side of the studio, wondering how exactly to bring up the touchy subject of Kristen becoming a living statue. He was already imagining how she would look and what sorts of sexy costumes he could dress her up in. It was a very intense daydream...

Breaking the silence, Kristen announced that all the beers had gone straight to her bladder and went off to pee. Mitch wished she was wearing an Immobilizer then. It had been a long time since he had frozen a woman while she was in the bathroom. Kristen came back a few minutes later and sat down; noncommittal.

"So, what to you think of my little collection?" he asked her, trying not to sound as sleazy as that sentence did in his head. She didn't seem to notice.

"It's all quite amazing. These people who come here, voluntarily, and submit to being turned into statues by you — it's really kind of hard to believe..."

Her voice trailed off as she turned to look back at the seven people frozen on the other side of the room. "It's hard to believe that these people do this. And let you strip them naked and pose them all sorts of ways. I don't know..."

Mitch went into full 'salesman' mode. He wanted to Kristen to buy into this so badly. He wanted her in his collection.

"You know what they all have in common? Except for Cindy and Dan, who are here on sort of a bet, everybody else is here because their lives were a mess. This is a way for them to escape the pressures and problems that they had. That's why they all like it here. Because they're appreciated and comfortable here. Because they all had a bunch of things gone wrong with their lives..." - he tried his best not to sound offensive - "...kind of like you."

Kristen looked down at her lap and realized that what Mitch was saying about these people was also absolutely true about her. She was miserable. Her grades, her dead-end job, her lack of a boyfriend. Everything about her life sucked. If she dropped out of sight, who would know? Who would care?

"Hey..." The sound of Mitch's voice made her look up at him. Gently he asked, "Kristen, please feel absolutely free to say no to what I'm about to ask you..." (please don't, please don't, oh - pretty please don't say no) "...Would you like to try it out?"

"You mean me? As one of your statues?"

"Yes. Just for tonight. To see how it goes."

"I don't know..." She knew she wanted to say yes, but she was nervous. But also very curious. She wanted to feel what it was like to be totally unable to move. To be on display for Mitch, and whoever else he brought in. To be admired as a thing of beauty. To be powerless to resist if Mitch wanted to remove her clothing and leave her standing there naked, exposed, and vulnerable.

Mitch tried to make it sound as non-threatening as possible. Anything to close this deal. Anything to get her (Kristen!) frozen into a living statue. This was too close to a dream come true to blow it now.

"Just for tonight. You'll be here in the studio. Nobody will be here except me, and maybe Karen, if she comes back tonight. I won't revive anybody else and let them see you. And I swear on our friendship that I will not take your clothes off." He figured that if she agreed and stayed on, he would be able to do that eventually. (And more).


-- Kristen takes a Chance --

Kristen thought hard about it. She had wanted to do it, wanted desperately to know what it was like after watching Natalie freeze right in front of her. Now Mitch had made her such a generous offer, she felt she really had to take him up on it.

"OK," she said nervously. "I guess I'll try it..."

Inside, Mitch lept with joy (Yes!!) while outside he managed to restrain himself to a cool smile. "Excellent. If you have no objections, let's get ready right now." He didn't want her to back out.

Kristen seemed a little startled that it could happen so quickly. Mitch walked over to a cabinet beneath the control panel and pulled out a small white device, which resembled an old hearing aid. He took a few seconds to program his control panel for Kristen's physique. (Is it too early to write her name in on the identifier tag?)

"How much do you weigh, by the way?"

"Umm, about 120..."

"OK, thanks. I just needed to adjust it for you specifically."

He finished his calibrations and returned to where she was still sitting on the couch. "Here is your Immobilizer," he said, holding it out to her.

She took it with a trembling hand. 'Immobilizer' sounded a lot more ominous now that she was going to be wearing one and be immobilized into a living statue. She carefully put it in place behind her right ear.

"Like this?"

He nodded his head yes. Mitch went over the plan. "OK, first of all, relax. I can't freeze you unless I'm at the controls; so as long as I'm sitting here you're fine. Just clear your mind of any worries you might have - it's alright. Now in a couple of minutes I'll ask you to get up and stand over there."

He pointed to a cleared space in his studio. "You can stand however you want. I'll give you a range of when I'll hit the control, but I won't tell you exactly when. Trust me - you'll look better that way. It's now about..." - he glanced at his watch - "...eleven in the evening. I'll revive you tomorrow morning at about, oh, how about 11 tomorrow morning. That'll give you about a 12 hour sampling of what it's like."

Kristen nodded yes slowly. Her body language said something else again.

"You want anything before we do this? Water, anything?" She shook her head no. "Are you nervous?"

"Yes, very."

"Well, look at all the people over there. They're all OK. You spoke to Natalie and Karen. They're OK. Karen was even under for a month. You're only going to be out for 12 hours. You're going to be fine. And you'll look so beautiful..." She smiled and felt herself blush.

"Well if you're ready, let's go make you a statue."

Kristen felt a nervous chill go through her when he said that. She stood up and walked over to where Mitch had instructed. He positioned himself in front of the control panel, glad that the equipment would hide his now raging erection.

"I'll give you about one or two minutes," he said. "Just act natural. And look beautiful. That should be easy for you to do..." She was about 15 feet in front of him, facing his left. He watched her squirm a little.

She was nervous. But she was doing her best not to show it.

"Try to stand up straight," he instructed. Then he waited...

Two minutes, Three minutes went by. Mitch pretended not to notice. Kristen had noticed; she had been stealing glances at a clock on the opposite wall.

"Mitch? I thought you said that it was going to be only a minute or two."

"It hasn't been yet."

"Yes, it has!"

"No it hasn't..."

"Yes, it has - look..." Kristen turned slightly to look up at the clock and pointed at it with her right hand.

Mitch seized his opportunity and turned the dial, freezing her in the act of telling him it was time to freeze her. There was the brief instant when she realized he had done it; a moment of surprise on her face — then she was frozen. He savored the irony, and her beautiful stillness. He walked away from the panel and went over to look at her. She was achingly gorgeous.

He figured he had about 30 seconds to talk to her before she fell asleep. "Kristen, I just want to tell you that you are by far the most beautiful statue in here. You were very brave to try this and I am so proud of you. Enjoy the feeling and the rest, and I'll revive you in the morning. Goodnight."

It was a dream come true: Here was Kristen, frozen solid into a Living Statue!

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Author's Notes:

In part 1, Kristen, whose life was not going well at all, went over to her friend Mitch's house out in the country. Mitch showed her what he called his "living statues" - people who had been frozen with the help of a device that fit behind their ear. Mitch had revived one of his statues to try and convince Kristen to join them. Mitch then refroze (and disrobed) her as Kristen looked on in amazement.

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