The Living Statues

Part 4 - Kristen's adventures as a Statue

by Dmuk

Kristen had become an incredibly beautiful sculpture, standing stiff as a board in Mitch's studio. Her curvaceous figure was a sinuous study in light and shadow, while her fair skin and lack of tan lines gave the impression of smoothly carved marble. Strong studio lighting and her absolute motionlessness emphasized the effect, fooling the eye into believing she was an actual statue. But no statue could ever be so perfect in every detail, from the fine texture of her skin to the individual eyelashes to the tiny flecks of color in her irises. She was truly a work of fine art, posed from life as all of Mitch's 'living statues' had been, but somehow different from the others. Special.

"You're magnificent, Kristen," Mitch mused as he circled his frozen figure model camera in hand, not caring that she was completely immobilized and could not hear him. She was gloriously nude, except for a pair of high-heeled pumps that had been part of her earlier costume, a shiny gold catsuit that now was a heap on the studio floor. He had not told Kristen he was going to take her clothes off, but she should have guessed he would. All of his other 'living statues' spent most of their time as nudes. She had known that going in. Still, he thought, she might be upset at me.

This was her first long-term session as a living statue. Like the seven other people in Mitch's gallery, Kristen had been immobilized by an electronic field generated from a hearing-aid-sized device clipped to her ear. Once her body turned totally rigid after the first minute and a half, she could remain posed like a mannequin indefinitely. Some of his subjects had stayed frozen for weeks at a time.

Mitch loved creating 'his' statues, and the ability to freeze his models in their poses. He worked in a constant state of arousal, especially around Kristen, and his passion etched itself onto his film as elegant and highly erotic photography, even when his models were posing for 'mundane' catalogs. Creating 'living statues' turned him on. What Mitch did not know was how much the sensation of being a statue had turned Kristen on as well. That was the biggest reason she had agreed joined his gallery so quickly, and it explained the slight sly smile her frozen figure possessed. A bit like the Mona Lisa's...

Mitch had taken several rolls of his newest beauty already and was starting to experiment with special effects. As a statue she was completely motionless and rigid, so there was no problem shooting long exposures and unusual lighting. Earlier he had set up the camera in total darkness, locked the shutter open, and then played the beam of a flashlight across her frozen body. If it worked, the picture would turn out like an image of an Egyptian mummy wrapped in gauze.

Now he had tied long veils to her wrists, neck, and ankles and took more long exposures as the diaphanous cloth was blown wildly by a series of fans. In this photo, the cloth would be transformed, blurring into a colored fog as it swirled around his beautiful statue. She, of course, did not blink or move during the whole time. The slight amount her hairdo shifted only added to the ethereal effect.

Mitch's conscience nagged at him. Kristen trusted him; had she known he was going to strip her? He couldn't remember what they had said yesterday when she was frozen. 'Don't screw up', he thought, 'play it safe for a while until you're sure.'

He decided to dress her again before she was revived, a "task" that turned out to be just as enjoyable as removing her costume had been. The stretchy Lycra flowed over Kristen's shapely figure like a coat of paint. Even getting her arms back into the sleeves was easy. Smoothing the shiny fabric over her body was almost like sculpting as he tried to get every last wrinkle to disappear. Kristen the statue waited patiently as he placed her back on her feet and buckled the wide belt around her slim waist again.

He was ready; she was ready. Mitch turned the knob on the control and she returned to life, with a blink and a stretch. He walked up to her and held out a glass of water for her to sip from.

"How was it, Kristen?" he prodded, "Did you like being frozen this time too?"

She nodded, her mouth full of water, then broke out into a beaming smile. "Like? Don't be so modest - it was great!" Kristen turned and hugged him spontaneously. "The first few seconds there, when you were posing me, it was SO INcredible." She started to walk around, stretching her arms and legs like a dancer warming up. I've never felt anything like that sensation of not being able to move at all! It's..."

Kristen paused for a moment, then quizzically tugged on the fabric where it covered her full breasts. She looked straight at Mitch: "You did it, didn't you?" she stated.

"Did what?" 'Oh, shit, here it comes' he thought.

"Took off my clothes. You did. Right?" Her voice was right on the edge between whimsy and accusation, but she had turned to face him.

"Well," he hesitated, thinking if he could talk his way out of this situation. Nope. "Yes, I did." Mitch admitted. He tried to schmooze her with a quick digression,"and you were just absolutely gorgeous as a nude..." Kristen had been, too; no lie.

"Next time," she began seriously, coming up face-to-face. Then her stern composure broke down into a smile, "next time, don't wait so long!" She ran her hands down her Lycra-coated body, calling his eyes to her curvaceous figure once more. "I missed it..."

Mitch was dumb struck and relieved all in the same twisted moment. He had been so worried she was mad; now it turned out she was only yanking his chain. Things seemed to be moving very quickly. Was she trying to seduce him?



-- Intimate Poses --


She continued suggestively, "How about undressing me again — right now!"

Kristen immediately turned and sauntered slowly away, exaggerating the swing of her hips and arms. About eight feet away, she pivoted back and struck a new pose that would look just right for a standing nude. "What are you waiting for?" she prodded, then composed her expression to look aloof and distant. Like a statue.

He didn't need any more hints; a twist of the control knob and she was a statue.

His hands flew to her body while he mentally ticked off the seconds. First, a brief kiss in case she fell asleep early. Her belt fell away again and he slipped the golden garment off her shoulders and arms and down across her torso, then past the flare of her hips. He stopped when he had exposed her crotch and pubic bush, since she wasn't even completely stiff yet (but he was). If he had tried to lay her figure down, she would have bent over. Now he kissed her again, more strongly, as his hands fondled her still-flexible body. Did her lips move in response - or was that just his imagination? He could feel her breasts stiffen as he brushed his fingers across her erect nipples. Time was passing. As he stroked her snatch, Mitch could feel how damp she had become. She was now almost completely stiff and so his probing finger could not enter her. Time was up - she must be unconscious by now.

Within the frozen shell of her body, Kristen was in heaven - this time had been even better than before. The touch of his hands on her bare skin sent bolts of sexual electricity through her immobilized body. She wanted so much to be able to return his passion; but the device was quickly turning her into a impassive statue. Being unable to move in the slightest degree only amplified her pent-up desire. Within a few moments more and she might have reached her own silent orgasm, but she was getting increasingly drowsy in the midst of ecstasy. Kristen tried to stay awake, to make the sensations last longer, but could not keep from slipping away. As her vision faded, she saw Mitch in front of her, rubbing himself and fumbling with his clothes. She wished she could have helped him out with that.... Then she was fast asleep.

Mitch could not contain himself any longer; he pulled off his belt and pants and brought himself to an orgasm within moments. His hand was coated with semen and he glanced up to see if he had gotten any on Kristen - no, she was unsplattered. Exhausted, he laid back on the floor and stared at the beams in the high ceiling until he caught his breath. This was unbelievable, and he had thought Karen was enjoying herself as a statue!

He must have fallen asleep, for a few "moments" later he opened his eyes and it was dark outside again. The few lights he had on in his studio did not chase the shadows away. Across the room, his other living statues were dark silhouettes. Kristen stood stiffly just in front of him, towering upward in forced perspective like some Olympian goddess. 'Not that your average goddess wears spandex and spike heels,' he thought to himself. He finished removing the catsuit fully; this time balancing her rigid body first on one foot, then the other as he slipped the stirrups from her feet and replaced the shoes. Mitch noticed what really nice legs she had. They were slim, but muscular, as if she had taken dance training or aerobics.

Kristen didn't mind being a nude - 'She loves it - I never would have guessed!' he thought. Kristen had always seemed so sensible and this situation was so wild. Mitch wondered what other twists his latest living statue would spring on him.


-- Cindy's Awakening --


While cleaning up his cum, his mind wandered back to another figure in his gallery that he had not been so careful with: Cindy. She and her boyfriend Dan had been frozen as part of a bet and, 'Geez, it's today,' were going to be released after ten days. Her pose was very explicit, a tails-up offering that just screamed "fuck me," and Mitch had gotten carried away while imagining her as a love doll. Her ass was just the right height for him to rub his crank on and once ('well, twice') he was slow in turning away. That was at least what he told himself, which did not explain the semen in Cindy's mouth as well. 'No one has to know about that', he rationalized.

'Hi, ho; hi ho; it's off to work we go,' Mitch hummed as he sponged the telltale marks from the motionless Cindy-statue's back, and front, and face. He was stumped for a few moments about cleansing her mouth until he hit on the idea of rinsing it with beer. She had a few drinks that night before she was frozen, and the taste of stale brew should mask any other, er, flavors there were.

A few minutes drying time (the fans from the earlier photo setup had helped) and Mitch was ready to bring Cindy and Dan out of it. At the last moment he shook some dust from a rag onto her rigid figure. 'Mustn't look too clean', he decided. Their statues were just about where they had been before; Kristen was safely frozen solid so she could not tell Cindy anything about what had happened.

Mitch was as ready as he was ever going to be. He stood by the control console, selected Cindy's immobilizer, and twisted the knob to reanimate her. The result was almost immediate.

Cindy blinked twice, then gasped (her open mouth amplified the sound) and stood up bolt-straight. Her eyes were wide with surprise. Instantly, her hands sought out her shaved crotch and patted the smooth mound. Her expression changed from wonder to anger as she realized that everything Mitch had said was true.

"You Son of a Bitch!" she exclaimed, striding towards him. "You BAS...." her words cut off in mid-curse as Mitch activated the Immobilizer again, freezing Cindy in her tracks, a living statue once more.

He walked quickly over to her. "Look, Cindy, I didn't do anything more than I said I would do if you lost the bet - remember?" he said, "And you have to admit my device does work now, right?" He waved his hand in front of her blank stare, then strolled back to the controls. "Now, I'm going to reanimate you once more, so please - calm down! If you continue to make a fuss, you can stand there as a statue for another week until you chill out. Okay?" He turned the knob once more.

"...turd." she finished, then was quiet. About half a minute passed in tense silence, then she ventured "Did you have to be so smug about it? You knew you set me up!" Cindy was casting glances about the studio, maybe looking for her missing clothes. Her body language seemed to be relaxing a little.

"Hey, you agreed to everything beforehand. Why did you doubt me?"

"You've got to admit it sounds so weird, turning people into statues just like that." Cindy was walking around now, stretching. She seemed to notice Dan for the first time. "How come he's frozen too?" She poked the statue with her finger, causing it to wobble slightly in place.

"Well, Dan helped to shave you - rather enthusiastically I might add - and then wanted to, ah, stick it to you while you were frozen into that dolly pose." Mitch shrugged, "I tricked him into wearing an Immobilizer, then froze him too before he could do anything more."

Cindy's attention shifted from Mitch as she faced the statue of Dan and started speaking directly to him, as if he could hear her, "So you were going to slip me the salami, huh?" She tugged at his belt, the dawn of a smile crossing her features. "Let's see what you're packing there, big boy!" Working the trousers down, she exposed Dan's engorged penis, which was well above average size- ten inches at least. Cindy continued to taunt him, "You kept it up for little old me all this time? You must be getting a bit blue in the balls by now!" Turning back to Mitch with a sly grin on her face, she asked, "Do you have any spray paint?"

"Look in the garage," he pointed. She started for the door. "But it's cold outside and you are a trifle, say, underdressed?"

"But you said you threw all of my clothes away."

"True, but there are some outfits left over from one of my catalog shoots in the back closet. You're welcome to anything that fits you..." He knew what those were, and chuckled inwardly.

"OK, thanks," Cindy conceded, moving towards the bedroom. She paused to hand him back the Immobilizer, then noticed the naked statue of Kristen standing rigidly posed. "New girl?"

"Yup, she just started a few days ago." He gazed at her too. Kristen was a wonder.

"She's really pretty," Cindy said, walking up to the frozen figure and touching her cheek lightly. Her hand continued downwards as if it had a mind of its own, tracing the line of Kristen's neck and across the globe of her left breast. "She agreed to become one of your 'Living Statues' willingly? No tricks??"

"Of course not. She decided her life was a bit much for her and that she needed some rest. As you know, there's not much to compare..."

"You're not kidding! Even so, I don't think it's for me." Cindy did not sound certain.

She continued back into the bedroom and came out a few minutes later in a very striking set of new clothes: A tight blue Angora sweater that barely reached the bottom of her breasts combined with a pair of shiny neon blue PVC hip-hugger slacks that looked to be painted on her form. Her midriff was bare. On her feet were a pair of crystal-clear high-heeled mules that Cinderella might have worn to the 'Exotic Erotic Ball'. She blurted out, tartly, "This is all you had in my size?"

It was Mitch's turn to shrug. "Fredericks was never very conservative, you know. If it helps, you wear that outfit well."

"Thanks a lot." Finally the absurdity of the situation got the better of her anger and she started to chuckle. "At least I don't have to show up for work this way - they'd think I've changed professions!"

She headed for the garage, then changed her mind and went into the kitchen instead. A muttered "Cute." could be heard as she saw Karen and Amy's tableaux. Emerging a few minutes later, she advanced on Dan. "I couldn't really hurt him, you know. We go back and forth with this fantasy - sometimes he's on top, other times it's me holding the keys, er, so to speak." Mitch rolled his eyes as Cindy produced a bottle of food coloring and a basting brush and began painting his exposed cock and balls a brilliant shade of deep blue. "That should do it," she concluded. "Get ready to bring him back to life, but let me get in position first." Cindy took her love-doll pose once more so she would be the first person he saw.

"Ready," Mitch said from the control panel.

"OK, do it!" Cindy held her frozen expression for the next few seconds while Mitch turned to control knob to reanimate Dan.

He shook his head for a second, not believing what his eyes had told him; that Cindy became fully clothed in the time it took to blink. Then he noticed his pants were open, just as Cindy grinned at him and shouted "Surprise!" in his face.

"Wha - what happened?" He glanced around quickly, taking in the surroundings.

"You rat!" Cindy chided him, "You were going to take advantage of poor helpless me, weren't you?" she did not wait for an answer, "So Mitch figured that you could be part of the display too. You just spent the last ten days frozen stiff as a board. Looks like you held it up too long waiting for me." She pointed to his crotch.

Dan noticed his coloration there for the first time and gasped in surprise, thinking for a moment that the old wives' tales were true. Then he realized he had been 'had' just as Cindy could not contain her mirth any longer.

"Got-cha!" she blurted out. "You owe me one for this, big boy."

"OK; O-K, I got carried away," he countered, "but don't forget that you lost the bet." He took off the immobilizer and tossed it towards Mitch, who caught it.

"Until it grows back, how can I forget?" Cindy turned her attention back to Mitch, asking "Were we really frozen for a whole ten days? So this must be Sunday?"

"Yup. You two were living statues, just like the rest," he confirmed, "here's the video and some stills of your experiences." Mitch had made up a small package for them to take. "Say, you wouldn't want to stay on as models, would you?"

"Forget it," Dan said immediately. He had finished putting on his shirt and pants.

"You never know," put in Cindy.

"It was sure an interesting way to waste a couple of weeks," Dan concluded. "Come on Cindy, let's get you home." They moved towards the door, paused one last time at the threshold.

Mitch, the ever-optimistic salesman, said in parting "Stop back, anytime!" Neither of them responded to that. 'Hey, you never know,' he thought, closing the door.

He felt a little bit 'down', losing two good subjects like that. 'But,' he reminded himself, 'I've got two more new statues I can make now!' That cheered him up some, and gazing over at the voluptuous frozen figure of Kristen reminded him just how fortunate he was. Plus, tomorrow was the Frederick's shoot! He'd start early.

While looking for something simple to fix for dinner, Mitch decided that Karen and Amy needed to get into the lingerie spirit too. It was easy to choose a costume for the statue of Karen - it was the same low-cut French Maid outfit and fishnet hose he had dressed her in before. Her pose was a bit difficult to work with since she had been frozen while seated and her street clothes were not very easy to remove. Putting on her costume though, was a snap. Soon he replaced her at the table and returned the coffee cup to her grasp. Now she no longer looked quite so much like a Duane Hanson figure; more like something Alberto Vargas would dream up.

For the standing Amy, Mitch chose a simple but elegant white satin bra, panties, and garter belt ensemble along with matching lace stockings and cream-colored shoes. He liked to dress his statues carefully, sometimes pretending they were mannequins for some risqué lingerie shop. Amy had a rather dark complexion and the smooth white fabric was a pleasing contrast. As a final accent, he added a pair of long, silvery earrings and a single red garter.

'There,' he thought, 'much better!' as he regarded the altered tableaux. The sexy models were already starting to get him in the right mood for fashion photography, when he could make his lovely frozen ladies look even more delicious to behold. With the immobilizer he could preserve that fleeting image of beauty almost forever by turning them into living statues.

Mitch drifted off to sleep with the vision of Kristen dancing in his mind.


-- Getting ready for the Shoot --


The next day dawned grey and blustery, with the wind whistling through every crack and crevice in the house. Spatters of rain blew against the panes, so strong the sound was like hailstones hitting a tin roof. Lightning and rumbling thunder accompanied the storm; every now and then the lights would flicker a bit.

Mitch awoke early and carefully set out the equipment and garments he would be using, keeping a shot list from the catalog editor tacked to the wall. Film, removed from the refrigerator, was slowly warming to room temperature. He finished off the odd few exposures left in the camera by taking shots of Karen and Amy.

For this lingerie series, he would use his most strikingly beautiful models: Kristen, Natalie, and Susan. These last two had previously been his favorites, appearing in most of the Frederick's spreads. But now there was a new body (what a body), making a threesome. There were some new poses he could try with three...

Suddenly the lights went out completely. The room plunged into darkness, with stark shadows etched on the wall by the frequent lighting. Mitch could hear the motor in the refrigerator clutter and stop. This was the first power failure that he could remember. What about the living statues? There was no electricity to the control panel! He rushed over to the closest statue, which was Kristen, and looked at her closely for any sign of reanimation.

She appeared to be still frozen solid, impassive, but Mitch was not sure. Just in case something had happened he told her, "It's alright, Kristen. The power just went out for a few minutes. If you can hear me, don't worry!" There was no reaction from her blank expression. Her lips looked so kissable that Mitch was unable to resist. The action brought him close to her naked body, so it was only natural that he would caress her gently. Then, more strongly. A flash of lightning threw the shadow of their embrace on the wall like a projector and there was a 'crack' of thunder. That had been a close one! Mitch was startled enough to break the spell of the moment. He continued on to check the other living statues.

Every one was unaffected by the loss of power. He thought the control panel might have some sort of emergency battery - it was, after all, designed for the space program. They would have to expect something like this to happen, sometime. Mitch didn't want to try reanimating any of them with the power off, though.

Until the lights came back on, he could not shoot any photos, so Mitch busied himself by picking out which outfits each of his models should display. Susan was tall and lithe, so she would be right for a lot of the teddies and slips. Natalie had the best toned torso, so she could have most of the bikini outfits. Kristen was the most shapely and had great legs too, so she could do the bustiers and one-piece playsuits. 'Oh, yes!' Mitch remembered her golden mannequin pose from earlier and began to get a hard-on. 'That is one sexy statue.'

Kristen's first costume series was teddies, three of four colors per style. The most attractive was an elegant burgundy and black lace number that also doubled as a garter belt. The accompanying panty was high-cut, frilly, and black as midnight. Mitch began to dress her in the half-darkness, lifting her rigid form onto a low table so he did not have to lay her on the floor. The table could do double duty as a posing dais.

Her panties went on first, smoothed into place, the straps carefully laid flat against Kristen's pale skin. Then came the teddy itself, silky fabric flowing over her form like a cloud. There were dainty bows that adjusted the fit across her chest tightly enough to create pleasing cleavage. Mitch opened a new package of sheer black nylons; they felt cool against his hand. Carefully he guided them over each shapely leg and stretched the gauzy mesh tight so there were no wrinkles at all. The elastic garters clipped onto the tops to hold the stockings up 'at least this model won't be walking around much.' he mused. Even though the photo he was planning to take emphasized the garment, Fredericks had supplied new shoes and other accessories to provide the complete 'look' of each picture. The shoes that fit Kristen were jet black patent leather with especially thin spike heels. They looked great on her.
She was an incredibly alluring photo mannequin.

Placing his frozen model back on her feet, Mitch added the color-coordinated glovelets to her arms and brushed her hairdo back into place. He had not planned to start with her, but Kristen was ready - all dressed up and nowhere to go!

Just then a flash of lightning stabbed the darkness, bright enough to leave an after-image etched on his retina for a few seconds. It triggered a memory of a cult movie long ago showing folks turned to stone then dressed in risqué lingerie outfits. The erotic image had stayed with Mitch, though he had forgotten the film's title, as inspiration for his present gallery of living statues. Back then it was a dream, a vision; now he was able to make it come true!

Without warning, the electricity and lights came back on and stayed on. After the shadowy dimness they seemed too bright. Mitch squinted until his eyes adjusted. Minutes passed; he moved the figure of Kristen to the background paper and got her positioned for the first series. Sometimes the power would not stay on and he was waiting before getting started in case the lights went out again. He strolled over to where Susan sat, a nude statue playing an "air" guitar. She had been there for over a week and there was a slight coating of dust on the motionless figure.


-- Reviving Susan --


The power was holding on, so Mitch decided to risk bringing her back to life now. He selected her immobilizer and turned the control dial. There was no glitch as she came back to life and completed her strumming motion before realizing the guitar had vanished. Susan looked up at Mitch.

"Wow," she said smiling, "that was a looong chord!" Still sitting, she started to stretch out her muscles. She saw the costumed figure of Kristen across the studio and surmised, "Catalog time again I see - Fredericks again?"

"You guessed it. I'm going to use you and Natalie - and Kristen. She's new."

Susan walked over to her. "This one?" Mitch nodded. Susan was circling the statue, giving Kristen the critical eye. She continued, "This lady is seriously cute; and young, too. How old? Eighteen?"

"Twenty-two," Mitch answered, "Her name's Kristen - Kristen Edlund."

"Well, she makes me feel like a crone!" Susan was only a couple of years older. "Are there any other additions in your collection of statues? I see Nat found a new pose, there. Kind of odd, really."

"Yeah, she was asking how Kristen wanted her to pose, and she was taking too long, so I did a candid freeze on her." Mitch continued, "Were you active when I froze Cindy and Dan?"

"Nope, and I guess they aren't here anymore either. Where are Amy and Karen?"

"Back in the kitchen. Why don't you stretch out a bit, then take a shower? As soon as you're ready we'll start on your costume series. Later on, I want to do some groups with all three of you in one shot."

"Okay by me." Susan wandered into the kitchen, then back out again with a can of soda pop. She commented, "Looks like 'Lingerie is Us' around here!"

"It seemed like a cool way to get my vision set. Lace is a wonderful aphrodisiac. By the way, the power has gone out a couple of times. There was a big storm earlier, but it may have stopped. Still pretty dark out though."

"Uh, huh." Sipping on her drink, Susan walked into the bathroom and closed the door. Shortly after, the sound of splashing water could be heard, along with faint humming or singing noises. It seemed like she was taking a quick one.

'Let's just stretch that shower out a little,' thought Mitch as he went over to the control panel. It was still set on 'Susan' so all he had to do was spin the knob. She was well within the two-hundred-foot working range.

He moved back towards the bathroom, undressing as he went. He entered the steamy room naked, and immediately his 'flag' went up when he saw Susan posed motionless in the shower stall. The water continued to stream down her rigid body; she had been frozen while soaping herself. Mitch entered without hesitation and took the bar from her hand. He took over the 'task' of making sure her magnificent figure was completely scrubbed clean and did a very meticulous job of it. It was easy to imagine making love to her; the sensation of her slippery body touching his own nakedness got the better of his restraint and he had a spontaneous orgasm.

A few minutes later, he toweled off after rinsing Susan carefully. Replacing the bar of soap in her frozen grip, he positioned her figure in the center of the spray, just as he had found her earlier. He took his time; getting toweled dry and putting on a new change of clothes. Finally, he made his way back to the console and animated Susan. There was no reaction; only the sound of singing resumed.

She emerged some time later, after setting her hair and getting her 'game face' (as she called it) put on. Mitch did not detain her any longer, but she still seemed to take forever. Eventually she appeared, looking radiant and gorgeous as always.

Susan did not mention her frozen interlude directly, but made a pointed comment about running out of hot water. She had a mischievous smirk on her face as she noted how the shower had turned cold 'in the blink of an eye'. She also mentioned how clean her body felt after 'only a few minutes.' Susan let the front of the robe fall casually open, exposing her breasts and crotch to Mitch's darting gaze. It was a little game they had played wordlessly since the day she had joined his gallery.

She knew he could turn her into a living statue anytime he wanted, but always made believe she did not know it was happening to her. Just as Kristen had found out, she felt a tingle of erotic pleasure each time she was frozen. Susan treasured these moments and knew that the upcoming shoot meant she would become a statue over a dozen times. That thought by itself made her warm inside, as much as the joy of seeing herself captured on film had originally done.

Mitch was ready to prepare the luscious Natalie for her role as a lingerie model. Since she had played a key part in convincing Kristen to join his gallery, he thought Nat might like to see her transformed into a statue. Natalie had been frozen while facing Kristen, trying to come up with a new pose, and did not know the outcome.

"Hey, Susie, give me a hand here - I want to surprise Nat when she wakes up!" The tall girl came closer. "Help me move Kristen over facing her?"

"No problem." Together they lifted the motionless mannequin of Kristen into the correct position, turning her slightly until the lines of their eyesight almost met. Since no 'time' had passed while Natalie was held frozen, Kristen would seem to become a statue instantly before her eyes. A truly magical metamorphosis.

Everything was ready. Mitch walked over to the control panel, selected Nat's device, and turned the knob. Their lingerie photo session was about to begin.

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Author's Notes:

In part 3, Kristen spent twelve hours being a "living statue" for her photographer friend Mitch. He finally convinces her to join his gallery as he makes preparations for another lingerie catalog shoot. After signing the contract, she is frozen again and becomes a full-fledged figure model. Kristen discovers she enjoys the feeling of being motionless a lot.

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