The Living Statues

Part 3 - Kristen joins the gallery

by Dmuk

Mitch activated the immobilizer and watched in fascination as the lovely Kristen stiffened into position, pointing at the wall clock. He figured there was about 30 seconds before his newest prize was fully frozen and unconscious. "Kristen, I just want to tell you that you are by far and away the most beautiful statue in here. You were very brave to try this and I am so proud of you. Enjoy the feeling and the rest, and I'll revive you in the morning. Goodnight."

Kristen could not believe what had happened to her: She had become a statue! There was no way she could move a single muscle; her entire body was locked solid as a rock. She tried to glance around, back at Mitch, and found her eyes were also frozen in place, stuck gazing towards the clock and its slowly circling second hand. The sensation of absolute immobility was at once surprising and oddly erotic as she attempted in vain to flex her fingers, wiggle her toes, or bat an eyelash and found she could not budge. The full impact sunk in when she realized it was too quiet - her breathing had stopped and even the patter of her nervous heart was stilled. Had something gone wrong? She tried to gasp in surprise "I'm going to die!" but could not speak. The seconds passed and the brief panic faded. It was okay, she reassured herself, this must be how it feels to be frozen. Just like Natalie and the others, and they came out of it alright. A deep sense of security and well-being came over her; that she had made the right choice. By now, she was starting to feel drowsy and quickly drifted off to a very tranquil sleep.

Mitch couldn't believe it had actually happened: Kristen was a Living Statue. He had dreamed about this for months, watching her around town and at the college. She was so beautiful, about five and a half feet tall, with blonde hair, green eyes, and a curvaceous body that moved with the grace of a cat. He had been a casual friend for a long time - maybe too good a friend - because he had never gotten around to asking her out. What if she had said no? Lately she had been in the dumps a lot and he had hatched the plan to sell her on being one of his statues.
That she had said yes to, or at least a committed maybe. And now here she stood. Frozen.

He gazed at Kristen for several seconds, letting her static beauty sink in, following the curves of her immobilized form with his eyes. She was turning him on, just like the others did - Mitch felt the growing bulge in his crotch as his erection swelled. By now almost a minute had passed and she would be fully frozen solid. For the next twelve hours she would be a statue. She did not react as he approached, she could not feel it when he stole a kiss upon her hardened lips. She took no notice as his hands roved over her stiffened body, fondling her firm breasts and pert ass. Finally, Mitch could not hold it in any longer as his orgasm exploded in his trousers, stretching out into a long moment of ecstasy.

Kristen was dreaming by now; deep in her own fantasy about being a famous fashion model (and a lot taller than her five-five) played out as she pranced along the runway, bathed in the light of hundred of photo-flashes. They were all taking pictures of her! Everyone knew her face and name. Kristen was in heaven, completely unaware of what was actually happening to her at that moment.

Mitch caught his breath, wiping the damp sticky spot over his crotch with a lintfree photo cloth and reminding himself to change clothes before the morning. He glanced around at the other statues — no response as always — and thought about the next few hours. There was still a lot of work to do. The he remembered:

This was just a tryout test that Kristen had volunteered to do. She had not yet agreed to be a full-time statue and that was what Mitch wanted to make sure of. Come tomorrow she might wake up, stretch, and walk out of his door and life for good. Mitch had gone too far in his plan to let that possibility happen — he wanted her here permanently. He knew just how to close the deal and get her signed up.

It was time to start her portfolio.



-- Kristen becomes a Model --


He picked her up like a mannequin (one-twenty, my ass, he thought) and carried her over onto the seamless backdrop. He was thinking about poses as he readied the speedlights and loaded his camera with a fresh roll of film. (Too bad I had agreed to not take her clothes off,) Mitch thought as he imagined what her figure looked like under the stretch leotard and jeans she wore. An evil voice tried to convince him that she would never notice and there was plenty of time to finish before morning. He had given his word, though, and if she ever did find out...

His conscience won the battle, and since he could not take anything off, Mitch added to her costume. First a pink feather boa that he wrapped around her neck and along her outstreched arm. This simple prop transformed her into a glamour model and he shot almost a full 36 of her face from many different angles. Next, he experimented with her hairstyle and found a curly redheaded wig to cover her own blonde locks. A different look; more film exposed. Changing lights to the full gold umbrella diffusers, he started on the closeups. First, her makeup needed some touchup enhancement. It was OK for the street, but not enough for his purposes. Out came the foundation and eyeliner, blusher and mascara. Lipstick a bit brighter than her usual shade. Now she was ready: Wow!

More film, more poses. Mitch drifted into a sort of creative reverie where time had no meaning to him — and of course time didn't exist for his living statue Kristen. Eventually something happened to break the spell — this time it was a modeling light on the key flash burning out with a bang — and he looked up at the clock to see it was a quarter to four in the morning. There was just enough time to run the film through the developer machine and hang it in the drying cabinet before he had to catch some rest. He left Kristen posed on the background, leaving a couple of overhead spots on her which made her look like a figure in a display window.

It had been a truly magical night.

He fell asleep almost immediately and did not wake up until he heard the slam of the front door that marked Karen's return. It was now almost too late!

By then Mitch had forgotten whether Kristen had said it was okay to let anyone else see her as a statue, so he waited until Karen was busying herself in the kitchen and then froze her in place.

It was ten a.m. and he had promised Kristen only twelve hours, but there was no way he would get the proofs done by eleven. Mitch decided to do a little time shift and carefully set all of the clocks back two hours. He remembered Karen's wrist watch as he was almost done and rushed into the kitchen to change it. She looked almost like a Duane Hanson sculpture, seated calmly at the table, a cup of coffee raised towards her lips. Hmm, he thought, that might be a pose to keep for a while.

Now there was time to pick out a few of the best shots from his first session with Kristen and make some 11x14's. He wanted to show her how beautiful she looked; give her some pride in herself. It wasn't too hard since she really was superb, the effort was to keep from printing everything. In a little while he had them done.

Mitch knew from experience that reviving from being a statue was always a little bit disorienting since to the subject no time at all had passed and objects could seem to pop out of nowhere. He picked Kristen up again, resisting the urge to fondle, and placed her back approximately where she had been fourteen hours ago, pointing at the studio clock. Removing the props and wig, he made sure that all her clothes were in place. (Time enough for nudes later,) he thought. Finally everything was ready. He selected Kristen's immobilizer and turned the dial to reanimate her. A brief vision of Galatea and Pygmalion passed - an interesting idea for a pictorial he thought.

A first there was no reaction, then she slowly blinked and relaxed from her pose. Moving again, stretching her arms and legs, she had not said anything to him yet.

Mitch broke the silence, "Well, how did it feel?" He was hoping she liked it.

"It was — interesting," she said with a hint of a smile, "it, uh, turned me on. But there was nothing I could do about it. I fell asleep too soon." She removed the Immobilizer from behind her ear and handed it to him.

"Well, that's great!" Mitch responded, trying to keep her enthusiasm up, knowing that most of his subjects had exactly the same thrill. "You were a wonderful living statue and I took a lot of pictures of you. Would you like to see some of them?"

"Sure," she said, "but first let me get something to drink. My mouth is so dry!" She led the way into the kitchen and started looking through the 'fridge for a soda. If there was any surprise at seeing Karen frozen at the table, she said nothing about it. Coming back into the studio, she flopped down into the sofa and stretched again.

Mitch started passing her the proof prints, all the while watching her eyes and how she licked her lips. Kristen's body language said that she was entralled. "Do you like them?" he prompted.

Her glowing smile was answer enough. "These are incredible! I can;t believe this is me!" She was scanning through the prints, eyes wide with wonder. "You didn't, er, enhance them did you?" Kristen held onto one of the glamour poses shot with the full beauty lighting.

"Not at all; well, maybe just a little makeup." It was the truth; there had not been any time to 'punch up' the prints. "I said you were beautiful - believe me now?" She nodded, deep in thought. Mitch continued, "That's why I would like you to be one of my models. You would look so great in some of the lingerie I've got coming next week. I'd love to have you as part of my next series for Fredericks." And, he thought, as a Living Statue forever. Careful, his inner voice said, don't push her!

"Really? I don't know much about modeling"

"I'll pose you this time; you're so pretty it will be a snap. And, when you're frozen, you don't have to worry about holding the pose." He said the last with a smile.

Kristen bit her lip. Slow down, girl, she thought. There had to be a catch; this was all too good to be true. Then she remembered the thrill of being immobilized and the feeling it gave her. This was certainly a better choice than dropping out of school and ending up slinging burgers in some fast food joint. She looked back at Mitch and he was literally sitting on the edge of his seat in anticipation.



-- Kristen makes a Choice --


"Okay," she said. And it was Christmas for him too. "But wait a sec, I'll have to have a few days to get things in order first. There isn't much, really." Not when you have no life to begin with, she thought.

"Well, the merchandise arrives in four days, and the pictures are due back to them by a week after that. Would that be enough time?" Oh, please, yes - he thought.

"Sure, count me in." The decision really was easy, Kristen thought to herself.

"And then," he said, wanting to be absolutely positively certain, "You'll join my gallery of living statues?" (Third down, inches from the goal,) his thoughts flew.

"Of course," she said. ('and he scores!', he thought) Kristen continued, "I must be strange for liking the feeling so much, but Nat and Karen were right. It really is fun." She did not say out loud that sometimes she got a kick out of being tied up during sex and that this Immobilizer thing was a lot better than ropes and knots.

"See," Mitch said, "I told you so." You haven't seen 'nothin yet, he thought.

"Then, I'll see you in a few days," she said, picking up her purse and walking towards the door.

"Great!" he said. (and then I'll see all of you) he thought. "You really are the most beautiful one here."

"Thanks again, Mitch, bye." The door clicked shut and she was gone. (But she said she would do it,) he thought. (But she could get cold feet,) he thought. And so on.



The intervening days sped by. Mitch cleaned up the studio, stocked up on film and darkroom supplied, and generally puttered around. His thoughts still debated the question of whether she would come back.

To pass the time, he unfroze Amy and let her rest up for one of the days. For an older woman, Amy was really in great condition. When she was ready to become a statue again, Mitch posed her in the kitchen, pouring coffee into the cup held by the immobilized Karen. This was one of the first scenes he had done where the models interacted (except for Cindy and Dan, he recalled) and thought there were more possibilities he had not thought of yet. Tableaux vivants!

Finally the doorbell rang and Mitch ran over to open it, almost tripping over a power cord in his rush. He unlocked the deadbolt and threw open the door to see...

A laconic FedEx driver holding a clipboard, leg propped up on a large box that must have been the merchandise for the upcoming shoot. "Gee, fellah," the driver said, "You must really be waiting for this stuff." He continued to look at Mitch oddly.

"Er, yeah, I'm a photographer. These are costumes for an spread I'm doing"

"Right," the driver looked at the signature, "I bought my wife one of those skimpy little nighties one time, but it didn't work." He shook his head resignedly and turned away. A muffled "Good Luck" was his last parting comment.


-- The Making of a new Statue --


Mitch closed the door behind him, grateful for the delivery but really disappointed it had not been Kristen. He busied himself unpacking and sorting out the various items of lingerie. His eyes lit up when he saw something that would be just perfect for Kristen to start out with, and he put it aside.

It was past sunset, starting to get dark when the doorbell rang again. This time it was Kristen, standing there on his threshold looking bright, perky and incredibly gorgeous. She was carrying a large duffel bag on a shoulder strap.

"Hi," she said, blushing a little.

"Hi," he said, trying to avoid gawking at her and not really succeeding.

"I'm ready," she said, swinging the duffel, maybe a trifle impatient.

"Come on in, then!" Mitch finally managed. She did, and the waiting was over.

"Drop your bag in the second bedroom back and then come here"

"Okay," she walked off down the hall as he followed her with his eyes, noting the way she moved and how her body flowed. By the time she returned, he was sitting at the table in front of some papers.

"Kristen, we have to make this official. Since you're going to be modeling for me, here is a release form for any pictures I might take. I've added a short section to cover the use of the Immobilizer." (and a little bit of very fine print) his mind said.

"I've seen these before," she said (though she hadn't), flipping through the pages and signing at the bottom before Mitch could say anything. "Done. Now what" In her thoughts, Kristen was trying to stay cool and not show the hesitancy she felt.

"Put this on like before," he handed her the Immobilizer device, "and remember to wear it at all times when you're here." She nodded and clipped it to her ear. "As I told you before, I can freeze you anytime I want."

"I know," she said calmly (and as quickly as you can!) she thought.

"We'll start shooting the Fredericks ads in a couple of days; the clothes are in already. I want to make sure you're comfortable with what you're doing, so I'd like to turn you into a statue until I'm ready for you"

"Okay! She nodded. (alright, already!) she thought.

"Here's something I would like you to wear first," he said, handing her a wrapped package. "Put it on in the changing room and come on back"

"No problem," she responded. Undressing in the large back room, she half expected to feel the tingle and freeze up, but it never came. The package contained a shiny golden catsuit, a wide black leather belt, and matching high-heeled pumps. The suit seemed to be about two sizes too small as she struggled into it. (the result is worth it) she thought as she saw in the mirror how the stretchy fabric hugged her curves. It was very smooth to the touch, almost slippery. The belt was tight too, even at the last notch, but the shoes fit perfectly. Kristen took a few steps and marveled at how the Lycra fabric enhanced her figure. She remembered how her makeup had looked after her first session and so she recreated that look once more. A few brushes to her freshly styled coiffure restored it to its original fullness. Glancing back at herself in the mirror, Kristen saw a young lady of exceptional beauty. She was ready for her new occupation - as a living statue.

Mitch fidgeted, waiting, thinking for a moment that she had slipped out the back window and was running away. (Patience; trust) his conscience told him. The impulse to turn the dial and freeze her where she stood was very strong; he kept from doing it but his hand strayed back to the controls many times. Patience.

A faint, "Ready," sounded from behind the door just before Kristen emerged.

Mitch was awestruck, on the verge of turning into a statue himself without any assistance, as he watched the transformed Kristen stride onto the studio backdrop. He had imagined how she might look in that playsuit from the moment he laid eyes on it, but he was totally unprepared for how sexy she looked in it. It was the whole ensemble that did it; the shaping of her legs from the high-heeled pumps, the hourglass of her waist and hips. Even her cleavage was enhanced. There was no pretense or subtlety this time; he just gawked at his newest model.

"Catsuit got your tongue?" she kidded. Kristen seemed to know how she looked in the flashy costume as she paraded around the room. She knew he liked to surprise his subjects so she kept presenting a variety of poses to him, knowing one would tickle his fancy.

Mitch's mind was on high-speed 'record', drinking in the sight of her and filing it away under "most beautiful girl in the world". Eventually he remembered what he was supposed to do next and concentrated on her poses. Whether she knew it or not, sometimes Kristen would find a position that looked very mannequin-like. The next time she hit the pose, he spun the dial over to de-animate.

Kristen was surprised when the immobilization happened, so she hardly had any chance to react before freezing still in her tracks. Then the thrill of not being able to move struck her and she would have grinned from ear to ear if her face and body had not stiffened instantly in place. Her eyes glazed and locked in position. There was just a hint of a smile on her lips.

Before she was completely stiff, Mitch 'fine-tuned' her pose in subtle ways, tipping her head up slightly to look more regal, adjusting the position of her hands so they had a more graceful curve. He could feel her body hardening as he worked; soon she would slip away to sleep. Gently, he kissed her again full on her frozen lips.

Kristen remained awake for what seemed several minutes, too excited to sleep, so when Mitch started posing her it was a whole new feeling of helplessness. She was a puppet, a doll without any ability to move at all. But he could move her! She felt his kiss and tried to return it but her body was no longer in her control. This powerlessness gave her an erotic sensation that would have peaked into an orgasm if she had not fallen unconscious. Her last thoughts were speculation of what it would be like to have sex as a statue. This became her first dream of the session.

Mitch stepped back to behold his newest addition to his gallery: Kristen! !

Once again he shot several rolls of this incredible golden mannequin, a lot more full-figure poses. She looked wonderful, and he could not keep his hands off her. He removed her belt, added a sash, removed it, took more photos of her catsuit with no accessories. Almost by accident his hand slipped under the tight fabric and cupped her breast. The nipple was a frozen button, aroused before she had become a statue. The curiousity got the better of Mitch and he could not resist any longer.

Fortunately the Lycra was resilient enough not to rip as he slipped it off her shoulders and downward. Her hips were a little full and the suit was tightest at that point, but the resistance was momentary. Mitch had to lay her down in order to remove her shoes and slip the suit off from her legs. Putting the heels back on her, he stood the totally nude figure of Kirsten up in his studio for the first time.

It was a dream finally come true: Kristen, frozen solid into a Living Statue!

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Author's Notes:

In part 2, Kristen is introduced to her friend Mitch's gallery of "living statues" - people who have been frozen with the help of a device that fits behind their ear. Together they revive another of his statues and play some pranks on her. Kirsten becomes more interested and allows Mitch to freeze her for twelve hours so she can find out what it feels like to be a statue.

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