Silence falls over the room as Ranma and Ukyou stare at the space Ataru had occupied, then they slowly turn to each other. "So..." Ukyou begins. "What do you want to do now, Ran-chan?"

"I..." Ranma takes a deep breath. "Well..." he pauses, then gazes on her. "Are you sure you want me to...? Well, do THAT with you?!"

"Oh, yes!" Ukyou grins as she rises, turning to face her fiance. "Believe me, Ran-chan, I do want to do THAT with you..." her voice then trails off as a thoughtful look crosses her face. "Still..." she gives him a curious look. "Um...! Ran-chan, you haven't...? Well..."

He rapidly shakes his head, his cheeks presently the shade of hot, red peppers. "Thought as much," Ukyou breathes out, then rolls her eyes. "Geez, you'd think that in all the time you spent with him, that jackass father of yours'd remember to give you the 'birds and bees' speech!"

"Er...! R-r-right..." Ranma sputters.

Sensing her fiance's growing discomfort over this particular subject, Ukyou takes a deep breath, then kneels before Ranma. Gently reaching out, she grasps his hands, then draws them to rest on her shoulders. She then slides her hands to his waist, hooking her thumbs into his trousers. Ranma remains still as Ukyou looks up, then leans up to place a gentle kiss on his lips. As before, Ranma doesn't feel the habitual shudder of fear as their lips gently caress the other's. Then, Ukyou's mouth opens up, her wet tongue firmly pressing between Ranma's lips to playfully touch his own tongue. Ranma nearly gags at that strange feeling floods his mouth, then relaxes as Ukyou tilts her head to one side in a perfect French kiss.

Ukyou leans up to draw her arms around Ranma's neck as they continue to kiss. Automatically, one of his arms wraps around her waist, the other pressing up against her buttocks. Ukyou's eyes widen surprisedly as Ranma deftly lifts her off the floor, then twirls around to lay her on the bed. He then slides in beside her, having not once broke the kiss as his hands gently trace her flanks. Ukyou inwardly smiles as she closes her eyes, glad to see that no matter what, her Ran-chan was still one quick learner.

Finally, one of Ukyou's hands pulls away from Ranma's face, sliding down to his waist, then inward to the bowtie holding his trousers in place. Ranma stiffens as he feels that eerie rush, the type he first experienced in the Tendou bathroom the day he first saw Akane au naturel, flood his lower abdomen, then he relaxes, allowing that feeling to warm him as Ukyou's fingers quickly untie that knot. At that moment, he pulls his lips away from hers as they stare into the other's eyes. "U-chan..."

"How do you want to do this, Ran-chan?" the android chef asks.

"I..." he pauses, then sighs. "Your choice, U-chan."

"Arigatou," she smiles, then gently shoves him onto his back...

* * *

The Galatea Syndrome - The Nerima Situation

by Gorgo

**** **** ****
Based on Ranma 1/2, created by Rumiko Takahashi, with cameo appearances by characters from other series. They are owned by their respective creators and are used without authorization. This story is not meant for profit.
**** **** ****

NOTE: This is a lemon story with strong ASFR (alt.set.fetish.robots) influences worked into it. If you are below age or not interested in this sort of thing, don't bother reading this. Further, for those ASFR fans who are not familiar with Ranma 1/2, I recommend that you visit the Anime Web Turnpike at for further information. Further, while this story is based on the ideas and concepts first introduced in The Galatea Syndrome, it exists in a different universe.

**** **** ****


Ranma relaxes as Ukyou shifts to a kneeling position by his hips. Her hands reach over to tug at his trousers. "There're three ways you can make me truly yours, Ran-chan. Here..." she points to her mouth, then to her crotch, "...down in my vagina or up the ass. Since you pretty much don't know spit about this, I'll do this nice and simple, okay?"

"O-okay," Ranma nods, trying to conceptualize what Ukyou had in mind.

With both hands, Ukyou pulls Ranma's trousers down past his upper thighs, revealing his favoured boxer shorts. The chef's eyes quickly lock on a pulsing rod of manhood sticking through the slit up front, then she stops, her jaw dropping in awed shock at how BIG her Ran-chan really could be.

"Oh, WOW!!!" she hesitantly reaches over to touch its flank. "No wonder you're called the 'wild horse,' Ran-chan. I never thought..."

He gasps as her fingers make initial contact, then he squeezes his eyes shut as the cool wave of her breath dances over him. "I think we're almost ready to modify my programming," the android chef chuckles, then unsnaps her belt buckle. Rolling onto her back, she yanks off her pants and panties in one fluid motion, then after tossing them aside, returns to a kneeling position, this time straddling his legs. "Ran-chan?"

Ranma's eyes snap open, then look down to see the now-bottomless Ukyou kneeling over his legs. While this would have most boys about to undergo their first penetration of a woman nearly passing out from nasal haemorrhaging, Ranma could only stare as Ukyou reaches over to tenderly pull his boxers down from his hips. Once the clothing was relatively clear, she then slides up to poise herself over his cock. "Insert A into slot B," she grins before gently descending on her fiance's love shaft.

"Oh, YES!!!" her voice shoots up an octave, echoed by Ranma's surprised gasp as his hard member begins to slide further and further into her waiting cunt. A strange wetness seems to descend over his cock as Ukyou hits the bottom of the well, then bounces back up an inch or so before allowing gravity to take her down yet again. "Yes!! Oh, Ran-chan!!" Ukyou grunts as her hips and knees get to work, her hands falling down on his shoulders as they gaze on each other. "Yessssssssssssss..."

Ranma shudders as the joyous look on Ukyou's face seems to fire past his eyes into the part of his brain which tells the rest of his soul YOU'RE DOING THE RIGHT THING, SAOTOME!! Damn, if his mom was here...!

A surprising jolt turns his attention back to Ukyou as a surprised look suddenly crosses her face, her head jolting harshly to the left before she tries to focus back on her fiance. "R-r-ran-chan...?" she sputters, then gasps as another jolt sends her face looking right this time. "R-r-ran-chan..." she sputters again before her face jolts back to gaze on him.

Ranma blinks surprisedly, then senses that Ukyou's hip motions had just stopped. "U-chan...?" he whispers, quickly registering the fact that his android fiancee was now as still as a boulder. "U-chan...?"


He pales as the definitely alien quality to her voice hits home. "U-chan, what's wrong...?!" he gasps as he tries to push himself up against arms that now demonstrated the same strength as a steel I-beam!

"B-b-back..." she sputters, her voice flipping from normal to robotic monotone to a slurred warp all in one word. "M-my b-back, R-ran-chan..."


"P-put m-meeeeeeeee...!" a sudden screech, then her head suddenly droops, her eyes locked on his navel. "M-my b-baaaaaaaaaaaaaack..."

Ranma blinks, then perks as a dim memory of something Hiroshi once told him in gym class bubbles up from his subconscious. "Oh, r-right!" he grunts as his hands find the curve of Ukyou's buttocks, then shifting his weight to his shoulders, boosts the android chef away from the bed in a reverse sit-up. VERY carefully walking his legs to the side of the bed, he then dances his shoulders over to ensure Ukyou didn't fall on the floor when he flipped her around. Finally, he gently rolls over, setting Ukyou on his side as his cock quickly pulls out from her love canal. "Shit...!"

Grunting, he shifts the frozen android onto her back, then positions himself between her legs before inserting himself into her once more. Ukyou jolts as she feels his joytoy hit bottom, then her head flops onto the pillow. "Pump me, Ran-chan. Hard," she declares in a flat monotone.

Ranma blinks, then sighs as he starts pushing in and out of her slick hole, that mad rush deep within him increasing in tempo as he picks up the pace. Ukyou remains frozen still, her mouth slightly open, arms still stuck in the air as if she was pressing on Ranma's shoulders. Any sort of rational thought he would feel in a situation like this soon vanishes as sheer, primal instinct takes over. Android or no, this was WOMAN now being thrust into by his manhood and he would not stop until...




* * *

A minute later, Ranma's eyes flutter as he finds himself slumped against Ukyou. Grunting as he pushes himself away from the android chef, he feels himself slip out of her, leaving a trail of white still leaking from his slowly deflating manhood. Shaking his head to clear what cobwebs still clouded his thoughts, he then focuses on Ukyou. "U-chan...?"

The android is still silent, though her arms and legs have lost their tensile strength, they now flopped on the bed. Her face is still frozen with her mouth open, though to Ranma's surprise, twin trails of tears leak from her eyes towards her ears. Noting that, he reaches up to gently brush her face dry, then blinks as more tears stream from her eyes.

Were they tears of joy? Sadness? Frustration? Perhaps anger...?


Ranma jolts as that monotone, lock-stepped word escapes Ukyou's lips. "U-chan..." he whispers, reaching up to dry her face anew.


Silence falls as he remains in place, waiting for Ukyou to come out of whatever it was that was had seized control of her mind...





Ukyou. His U-chan. His best friend...


Ranma shudders as a surge of sheer outrage wells up from the depths of his soul. An android. HIS Ukyou had been turned into an ANDROID!

WHO did this to her?!

WHY did it happen...?!

His fists clench.


No matter what, he was going to find out...

...and Kami-sama help the bastard that did this!


He jolts on hearing the added words, then focuses on Ukyou as she blinks, strength flooding through her body like the morning tide. "Oh, damn..." her voice grunts, once again back to normal. "I..." she shakes her head, then gazes into Ranma's worried face. "Ran-chan..."

"U-chan..." his lips twitch into a smile. "You okay?"

"I am now..." she nods, then reaches to his shoulders.

"Will you imprint yourself on me now, Ranma?"

"AKANE?!!" Ranma gasps on seeing the person standing at the doorway of Ukyou's bedroom, then quickly covers himself as his usual "get-the-hell-out-of-Dodge-NOW!!" reaction to being discovered in a VERY compromising situation takes control of his body. "You don't understand...!!"

Now, Akane Tendou could, as Ranma quite painfully knew well, react to this situation in any number of ways.

Giving him a Shampoo-like glomp wasn't one he expected!

"YOU KNOW!!!" she cries out joyfully as she squeezes all the air out of her fiance's body, then starts showering him with kisses. "Oh, Ranma, you know now!!! I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you...!!!"

Ranma freezes up like a statue as this most UN-Akane like expression deluges him, then as Akane gives him a very deep, warm kiss, shudders as his arms reach up to draw her close. Ukyou remains in place, smiling as her half-nude fiance/best friend finally gets a chance to show his feelings for her sister android/ex-rival. Akane playfully purrs as they continue to kiss, her arms roaming up and down his back. They stop on feeling the cold skin under his shirt, then make a dancing circle over his buttocks.

"Um, Ranma...?" she whispers as they pull apart.


"Would you want to put your pants back on?"


"Ah, r-right!" Ranma's cheeks flame as they pull apart, then he dresses before staring once more on the youngest Tendou. "Akane...?"


"Are you...?"

"An android?"

Ranma nods. Akane gazes at him, then in response, reaches up to her jumper. Slipping the shoulder loops off to expose her shirt, she unbuttons that, revealing a frilly, front-closing bra and flawless skin. One she has adjusted her shirt to expose a good portion of her upper chest, she reaches up to press into the U-shaped indent at the top of her breastbone.

Click! Ranma's eyes widen as a section of skin, shaped like an home plate pad used in baseball, appears over Akane's cleavage. It flips up to reveal a metal breastbone and ribs, plus flickering lights and glowing conduits under the ribs. A rectangular cavity is cut into the breastbone, it containing several single-prong plugs. Programming ports? Ranma wonders, memories of his computer classes -- perhaps the most boring school subject outside of math in the martial artist's mind -- coming forth.

Ignoring that, he reaches up to insert an index finger into Akane's circuit hatch. He pauses just as his fingertip is about to make contact, a questioning look now focusing on the youngest Tendou. She blinks, then nods, a smile crossing her face at his show of respect for her personal space. With that, Ranma presses in, touching her breastbone, then relaxes as his chi senses project forth. After a minute, he pulls his hand back, then shakes his head, his eyes misty. "It's really you..." he whispers.

"I'm surprised you didn't sense this before Ataru-kun came along and force the truth on you, Ran-chan," Ukyou muses as she slips on her panties and pants. "You've always been pretty good in sensing chi, you know..."

"I don't always check out people I know and care for, U-chan," Ranma sinks onto the bed. "It's like spying on them. It's not right." He then gazes on Akane. "Though I think I should've before this happened..."

"It's alright, Ranma," Akane chuckles as she walks up to stand in the space between her fiance's legs, uncaring that she is partially undressed and has a circuit hatch open as she squeezes his shoulders. "You're human. You make mistakes. And you couldn't begin to predict something like this."

He takes that in, then wraps his arms around her waist, leaning his head against her belly. "Thanks, Akane...! Hey!" he perks, then squeezes his ear against her skin. "I can hear your heart beat...!"

"That's Akane's main power pump, Ran-chan," Ukyou provides. "Works the same way as the human heart does: it sends plasma to help fuel our internal systems. You'll be surprised at how much our systems are designed to mimic the functions of an organic body. Though..." she sits behind him, then leans against his back, resting her chin on his shoulders.

"Though what?" he glances at her.

"There are a lot of things we can't do now," the android chef whispers, her eyes glistening with tears. "We don't age like people do..."

"We can't have children," Akane hoarsely adds, her own eyes tearing.

Ranma blinks, then pulls himself away from Akane as a finger comes up to trace around her navel. He doesn't press in enough to click open her abdominal panel, though. "It hurt you, didn't it?" he stares up at her.

"It hurt all of us," Akane nods, wiping her eyes. "Sayuri, Yuka, Mika, all the other girls at school, my sisters, Ukyou here..."

"Like Ataru-kun told you, Ran-chan. Every girl in Nerima from 14 to 45 was hit by this," Ukyou closes her eyes. "And now..."

"Now?" he prods.

"We have to find ways to get ourselves imprinted so we can't be used to hurt people," Ukyou pulls away from her fiance. "Believe me, even if we're androids meant primarily for intimate companionship, our martial arts skills have been seriously upgraded here. Given how strong I am now..."

"We can kill people easily," Akane finishes, then tilts Ranma's head around to place a warm kiss on his forehead. "And after seeing how you reacted to what you had to do to Saffron on Mount Phoenix, Ranma..."

"We're not going to go through that," Ukyou shakes her head.

Ranma considers that, then reaches up to close Akane's chest hatch before guiding her onto the bed beside him. "It goes away with time..."

"Not with us," Akane shakes her head. "Ranma, we have perfectly eidetic memories now. We can't forget anything we experience now."

"Unless you pour acid into our CPUs and melt them," Ukyou sighs.

Ranma winces. "That'd kill you!"

"My point," the chef mutters.

He gazes on her, then Akane. Seeing the raven-haired android nod in confirmation, he takes a deep breath, then sighs. "This sucks!"

"That it does," Akane gently hugs one of his arms. "All we can really do now is accept what's been done and make the best of it."

He considers that, then nods. It was one of the basic premises of Musabetsu Kakutou-ryuu: if you confront possible defeat, adjust to the situation to make it a victory. But to apply that to something as life-shattering as THIS...?! "Akane-chan?" he stares at her.


"Do you want me to...?"

"Imprint yourself on me? Hai, Ranma, I want that," she nods, then smiles. "Once you do that, you can adjust my programming any way you want. Heck!" she holds up a finger to emphasize her point. "You can help me learn how to cook and swim finally..." a sad look crosses her face, "...not to mention making me stop getting angry and hurting you all the time."

He blinks, stunned that Akane actually WANTED him to do THAT to her. "Akane..." he whispers, then blinks as she places a finger on his lips.

"I love you, Ranma," she leans up to gaze into his eyes. "Becoming this..." she indicates where her chest hatch is, "...hurt me a lot. It hurt us all a lot, Ranma. But it also made me realize something. It made me finally face up to all the things I've done wrong when it came to you. I don't want to do that to you anymore, Ranma. I don't. After all the crap you've been through, you don't deserve that! Not at all!!" Her hand drifts to his cheek. "I want to make it up to you, Ranma. Please let me."


Akane leans in to cut him off with another warm kiss. Ukyou keeps her peace as the others allow their feelings to flow forth through their lips, arms and tongues. Finally, they pull apart, then Ranma takes a deep breath. "Fix yourself up," he whispers, then stands up.

The youngest Tendou exchanges a curious look with Ukyou. Seeing the chef give her a "play along with it" look, Akane quickly buttons her shirt, then slips her jumper back into place. Once that is done, she gazes on Ranma -- who has now switched to his female body. "Ranma!!" she gasps.

"Feels nice to have some control over the curse, eh, Ran-chan?" Ukyou smirks, trying desperately not to fall off the bed laughing.

"Hai, that it does," Ranma winks, then lowers herself to her knees before prostrating herself before Akane. "Tendou-hime?"

Akane's jaw nearly drops into her lap at Ranma's display of profound respect, then she catches herself. "Hai, Saotome-sama?" she nods.

"Tendou-hime, you are an unbonded android, correct?"


"You desire my unworthy self to imprint myself on you, correct?"


"You realize that I've already imprinted myself on another android?"

An understanding nod tilts Akane's head. "Hai, I do."

"And this will not affect your decision?" Ranma stares at her.

She smiles. "No, Saotome-sama. I am not programmed to be jealous."

Ranma considers that, then bows her head once more. "Tendou-hime, I am also very inexperienced in matters of a..." she blushes, then mutters, "...sexual nature." A look at Akane. "Does this affect your decision?"

"No, it does not. I am programmed to compensate for this."

"What about other androids who want to be with me?"

"I am also programmed to be fully and functionally bisexual, Saotome-sama. I am properly equipped to be your intimate companion and function as same regardless of the situation," Akane smiles, then reaches down to draw Ranma up so they can gaze into the other's eyes. "Please, Ranma?"

Ranma blinks, then nods. "I can't say no to you, Akane-chan."

They kiss, then Akane rises, helping Ranma stand as she goes. Sensing what they might want to do, Ukyou also stands. "I'm gonna go down and clean up a bit before heading to school. You guys want to do it here?"

Ranma perks, then shakes her head. "Nah! It's your bedroom, U-chan! We'll go somewhere else," she then gazes on Akane. "The dojo?"

"Lucky thing our fathers were dragged off by Master Happousai on a training trip for the week," Akane chuckles, then kisses Ukyou's cheek. "I love you, Ukyou-chan. Tell Sensei what happened, okay?"

"Love you, too, Akane-chan," Ukyou returns her kiss. "Have fun!"

* * *

To be continued...

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