Team Paragon: An Introduction

by Cobalt Jade

The story behind the story of "Paragon vs. Plastica" is a long and twisted one. About three years ago I became obsessed by the idea of writing a superheroine bondage story. I'd done bondage fiction before, but the advantage of having superheroes as protags means the perils could be made more fantastic and life-threatening than normal. I was inspired by, and would like thank, CMQ for his Fem-Fantastique series of stories; other influences include S. Sneakley, Ann Douglas, and XX.

To keep things from getting confusing I've included a rundown on the gals and their powers.

Members of Team Paragon:

Arctica (Real name: Lori Olson)
Power: To freeze things, create icestorms, fly. The team's newest and youngest member. Her mundane identity is a grad student.

Xenon (Real name: Shana Pangborn)
Power: Like Batgirl, she has a utility belt, and is the team's chemical and electronics expert. She founded the team along with Scirocco. She is also the oldest (in age.) Her mundane identity runs a streetside latte stand.

White Rose (Real name: Allison Cope)
Power: Telepathy, force fields. She has a magic ivory pendant that can turn into a full-sized winged lion that she rides. Her mundane identity drives a cab.

Chrystar (Real name: Gina Lubinski)
Power: Strength and hardness, invisibility. She can alter her molecular structure into a diamond-like substance that is practically transparent. Her mundane identity is a makeup artist for the movies.

Blue Cymbidium (Noelani Walker)
Power: Control over plants. Can take on flower petal form to escape from tight places. Half-Hawaiian, half-black. Her mundane identity is a social worker.

Scirocco (Real name: Cinnabar Steele)
Power: The desert storm. She can also call up a powerful sword, Sabreglass, that is bonded to her. The leader of the team, she is the second oldest, a slim, athletic build, and long curly auburn hair. In mundane life she's an archaelogical researcher.

Cosmic Girl (Darlene Wilson)
A member of the Fem-Fantastique superheroine team who has been called in to help with a special project. Power: Superhuman strength and endurance, the ability to throw off bolts of cosmic force. Very resistent to injury and can survive in situations most normal people could not.

NOTE: The Adventures of Fem-Fantastique, Inc. can be read at The Legacy of Timeless Beauty. Special thanks to CMQ for loaning Cosmic Girl out to me.

The Villains:

Plastica (Dr. Polly Mehr) A resins and plastics expert, MIT graduate. She has two alternate identities: Polly Jean Estes, VP of Merchandising for the Sexateria chain of stores, and Vi (Vivian) Nyll, who runs a modeling agency called Plastic Fantastic.

Iza, Phanxine, and Tiger, her criminal assistants.

Kylasha, an immortal sorceress.

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